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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

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Clifton 1

: Clifton of Clifton Lancashire, Clifton of Lytham, Clifton of Westby
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
1. Walter d 1217
A. Sir William de Clifton d 1257
i. Richard de Clifton dvp
ii. Henry de Clifton b about 1250 d 1289
m Margery de Furness
a. Sir William de Clifton b about 1270 bur 1323
m Ailine
1 Sir William de Clifton b about 1310 ?Clifton Lancashire d 1365
m Margaret Sherburne dau of Sir Robert Sherburne "of Stonyhurst"?
A Sir Robert de Clifton b about 1335 d 1401
B Sir Nicholas de Clifton b about 1340 ?Clifton Lancashire a 1396
m Eleanor West b about 1340 dau of Sir Thomas West of Snitterfield
i Sir Thomas de Clifton of Clifton b about 1365 a 1415
m Agnes Molyneux dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton
a son
b Richard de Clifton of Clifton b about 1395 a 1442
m1 Alice Butler dau of John Butler of Rawcliffe
1 James de Clifton of Clifton b about 1425 d 1495
m 1457 Alice Laurence dau of James Laurence of Ashton
A Robert Clifton b about 1450 dvp
m Margaret Butler dau of Nicholas Butler of Bewsey
i Cuthbert Clifton of Clifton b about 1470 d 1512
m Alice Lawrence dau of Sir John Lawrence of Ashton
a Elizabeth Clifton
m1 Sir Richard Hesketh of Rufford dsp 1520
m2 Sir William Molyneux of Sefton
The estate of Clifton passed to the Molyneux family and then the Halsall family but came back into the Clifton family through the marriage of Ann Halsall with Thomas Clifton of Westby below.
ii William Clifton of Westby - continued below
m 1517 Isabell Thornborough dau of William Thornborough of Hampsfield
m2 Elizabeth
William Clifton of Westby d 1536 - continued above
m 1517 Isabell Thornborough dau of William Thornborough of Hampsfield
1. Thomas Clifton of Westby
m Ellen Osbaldiston dau of Sir Alexander Osbaldiston of Osbaldiston
A. Cuthbert Clifton of Westby d 1596
m1 Catherine Hoghton dau of Sir Richard Hoghton of Hoghton
i. Thomas Clifton of Westby
m Mary Norris dau of Sir Edward Norris of the Speke
a. Sir Cuthbert Clifton of Lytham and Westby d 1634
m1 Ann Tildesley dau of Thomas Tildesley of Mosley
1 Thomas Clifton of Westby
m 1618 Ann Halshall bur 16.04.1675, dau of Sir Cuthbert Halshall of Halshall and Clifton
A Cuthbert Clifton of Westby and Clifton dsp c23.01.1653
m 1641 Margaret Ireland dau of George Ireland of Southworth
B Sir Thomas Clifton, Bart of Westby, Clifton and Lytham b 07.07.1628, d 13.11.1694
m1 Bridget Heneage dau of Sir George Heneage of Hainton
i Mary Clifton
m Thomas Petre, 6th Lord bpt 05.12.1633, d 04/5.01.1705-6
ii+ other issue d young
m2 Bridget Hussey dau of Sir Edward Hussey, 1st Bart of Hunnington
iii Bridget Clifton d 20.09.1699
m Sir Francis Andrews, 4th Bart of Denton
Sir Thomas was succeeded by his nephew Thomas. BLG1952 does not spell out that Thomas was son of his younger brother John who is merely reported as having married and had issue but it seems reasonable to assume that Sir Thomas's successor was indeed son of ...
C John Clifton of Fairsnape b about 1630 d 1672
m Isabel Blackburn d 1676
i Thomas Clifton of Fairsnape bur 18.12.1720
m Eleonora Alathea Walmesley dau of Richard Walmesley of Dunkenhalgh
a Thomas Clifton of Westby, Clifton and Lytham bpt 30.08.1696, d 16.12.1734
m Mary Molyneux dau of Richard Molyneux, 5th Viscount Molyneux
1 Thomas Clifton of Westby, Clifton and Lytham bpt 09.06.1728, d 11.05.1783
m1 10.06.1750 Catherine Eyre dsp, dau of Thomas Eyre of Hassop
m2 Ann Haggerston dsps 22.02.1760, dau of Sir Carnaby Haggerston, 3rd Bart of Haggerston
m3. 29.09.1760 Jane Bertie d 14.02.1791, dau of Willoughby Bertie, 3rd Earl of Abingdon
A John Clifton of Westby, Clifton and Lytham b 25.01.1764, d 23.03.1832
m 22.11.1785 Elizabeth Riddell d 19.11.1825, dau of Thomas Horsley Widdrington Riddell of Felton Park and Swinburne Castle
i Thomas Clifton of Clifton and Lytham, Sheriff of Lancashire b 29.01.1788, d 07.1851 had issue
m 17.03.1817 Hetty Treves dau of Peregrine Treves of Calcutta
-1 Charles Frederick Clifton ABNEY-HASTINGS (1st Baron DONINGTON) b 1822 d 1895
m Edith Maud ABNEY-HASTINGS 10th Countess of Loudoun (Yorkist Pretender Heir of ENGLAND) b 1833 d 1874 Isle of Wight
-1-1 Paulyn Francis Cuthbert RAWDON-HASTINGS
-1-2 Flora Hastings
-1-3 Charles Edward Hastings (11th Earl of Loudon : Yorkist Pretender)
-1-4 Gilbert Hastings
-1-5 Henry Hastings
-1-6 Egidia Hastings
ii John Clifton of Lincoln's Inn b 20.05.1790, d 28.09.1843 had issue
m 28.04.1817 Maria Trafford dau of John Trafford of Trafford
iii Edward Clifton 'of London' b 17.02.1794, d 23.01.1850 had issue
m 15.01.1819 Elizabeth Eccleston, later Dicconson d 09.11.1862, dau of Thomas Scarisbrick, formerly Ecclestone, of Scarisbrick and Eccleston
iv Elizabeth Clifton d c06.1833
m 23.08.1814 Charles Thomas Conolly of Midford Castle
v+ other issue - William b 13.06.1791, d unm, Charles b 05.07.1796, d 12.1825, Mary d 05.07.1808, Harriet Jane d unm 1868
B Eleonora Clifton d 19.11.1825
m 19.04.1784 Thomas Scarisbrick formerly Ecclestone of Scarisbrick and Eccleston b 1752, d 01.11.1809
C Catherine Clifton d 05.1791
m 29.05.1789 John Joseph Talbot of Grafton Hall b 09.06.1765, d 08.08.1815
D Sophia Clifton
2 Mary Clifton b c1731, d 21.05.1770
m Sir John Stanley-Massey-Stanley, 6th Bart of Hooton d 24.11.1794
b Elizabeth Clifton 4th dau probably of this generation
m 1720 Sir William Gerard, 6th Bart of Bryn b 27.12.1697, d 09.12.1732
2 Cuthbert Clifton d 10.1642, Colonel
3 Elizabeth Clifton
m Sir William Gerard, 3rd Bart of Bryn and Garswood bur 07.04.1681
m2 Dorothy Smith dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Wootton Walwyns
4+ "numerous issue"
m2 before 09.1578 Alice Anderton dsp bur 1624, dau of Hugh Anderton of Euxton

Sources: BLG1952 Clifton of Lytham
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