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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
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Chichester 1

: Chichester of Raleigh, Chichester of Youlston
Sir Roger Chichester
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

1. John Chichester of Donwer
  m 1384 Thomasine Raleigh dau of Sir John Raleigh of Raleigh
  A. John Chichester of Raleigh, Sheriff of Devonshire d 14.12.1437
  m Alice Wotton dau of John Wotton of Widworthy
  i. Richard Chichester of Raleigh, Sheriff of Devonshire b 23.02.1423-4, d 24/5.12.1498
m1 Margaret Kaynes or Keynes dau of Nicholas Kaynes of Winkley or Keynes of Winkleigh
  a. John Chichester dvpsp 
  m Thomasine Steyning dau of William Steyning
b. Nicholas Chichester b 1452, dvp
  m Christina Paulett dau of Sir William Paulett of Sampford Peverell
  1 John Chichester of Raleigh d 22.02.1537
  m1 Margaret Beaumont dau of Sir Hugh Beaumont of Youlston
  A Hugh Chichester dvpsp 02.08.1517
B Edward Chichester of Hounditon, Sampton and Braunton dvp 07.1522
  m Elizabeth Bourchier d 23.08.1548, dau of John Bourchier, 1st Earl of Bath
  i Sir John Chichester of Raleigh and Youlston, Sheriff of Devonshire d 09.1569
  m Gertrude Courtenay d 04.1566, dau of Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle
a Sir John Chichester of Raleigh d 1585 - continued below
  m Anne Dennis dau of Sir Robert Dennis of Holcombe
  b Sir Arthur Chichester of Joymount, Lord Chichester of Belfast d 19.02.1624-5
  m Letitia Perrott d 27.11.1620, dau of Sir John Perrott of Haroldston, Lord Deputy in Ireland
  1 Arthur Chichester b 22.09.1606, dvp 30.10.1606 
c Sir Edward Chichester, 1st Viscount of Carrickfergus d 08.07.1648
  m1 04.07.1605 Anne Coplestone d 08.03.1616, dau of John Coplestone of Eggesford
  m2 Mary Denham d 02.02.1637, dau of _ Denham of Wortham
  d Susanna Chichester
  m John not William Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh
  e Elizabeth Chichester
  m Hugh Fortescue of Filleigh
f Eleanor Chichester
  m Sir Arthur Bassett of Heanton Court b 1540, d 1586 
  g Dorothy Chichester
  m Sir Hugh Pollard of Mymett
  h Mary Chichester
  m Richard Bluett of Holcombe Regis
i Cecil Chichester
  m1 Thomas Hatch of Alier
  m2 Lewis Pollard 
  j Bridget Chichester
  m Sir Edward Prideaux of Farway b 1554, d 23.03.1628
  k Grace Chichester
  m Robert Dillon of Chimwell
  l Ursula or Urith Chichester
  m John Trevelyan of Nettlecombe d 1623 
  m+ other issue - Charles, Thomas of Rathdonnell, Adrian, Sir John d 11.1597, Governor of Carrickfergus
  ii Edward Chichester dsp
iii Philip Chichester of Santon Court d 27.04.1583
  m Elizabeth Incledon dau of Lewis Incledon
  a Gertrude Chichester d unm 16.03.1638-9
  b Elizabeth Chichester
  m William Dillon 
  m2 Joan Brett sister of Robert Brett of Whitstaunton
  C John Chichester ancestor of Chichester of Widworthy
  D William Chichester of Alverton Gifford
  E Amyas Chichester of Arlington
  m Joan Giffard dau of Sir Robert Giffard of Brightley
  2+ other issue - Peter, William a 1570, rector of Sherwell and Arlington
  c. Hugh Chichester of Alverton Gifford dsp
  m Elizabeth Trenchard dau of John Trenchard
  d. Richard Chichester of Hall 5th son
  m 1461 Thomasyne Hall dau of Symon Hall of Hall
  m2 sp Elizabeth Sapcott dau of Sir John Sapcott
  ii. John Chichester
  BP1934 identifies John as ancestor of the Chichesters of Hall but BLG1952 Chichester of Hall reports otherwise, as shown above.
  m Elizabeth Dymock dau of Richard Dymock
Sir John Chichester of Raleigh d 1585 - continued above
m Anne Dennis dau of Sir Robert Dennis of Holcombe 
1. Sir Robert Chichester of Raleigh d 24.04.1624
  m1 Frances Harington dau of John Harington, 1st Lord of Exton
  A. Anne Chichester d 20.03.1627 
  m 04.07.1622 Thomas Bruce, 3rd Lord Kinloss, 1st Earl of Elgin b 02.12.1599, d 21.12.1663 
  m2 Ursula Hill dau of Robert Hill of Shilston
  B. Sir John Chichester, 1st Bart of Raleigh b 23.4.1623, d 1667
  m1 Elizabeth Rayney dsp 1654, dau of Sir John Rayney, Bart
  m2 18.07.1655 Mary Colley dau of Theodore Colley
i. Sir John Chichester, 2nd Bart of Raleigh b 1658, dsp bur 16.09.1680
  m 04.11.1679 Elizabeth Bickerstaffe dau of Sir Charles Bickerstaffe of the Wilderness, Sele 
  ii. Sir Arthur Chichester, 3rd Bart of Raleigh d 03.02.1717-8
  m Elizabeth Drewe dau of Thomas Drewe of The Grange
  a. Sir John Chichester, 4th Bart of Raleigh bpt 02.01.1688-9, d 02.09.1740
  m1 Anne Leigh bur 16.07.1723, dau of John Leigh of Newport
  The dates show that the sons were by the first marriage. It is a presumption that all the daughters were also.
  1 Sir John Chichester, 5th Bart of Raleigh, Sheriff of Devon bpt 26.03.1721, d 18.12.1784
  m Frances Chudleigh dau of George Chudleigh of Haldon
  A Sir John Chichester, 6th Bart of Raleigh, Sheriff of Devon d unm 30.09.1808
  2 William Chichester b 1722, d 09.1770, rector of Shirwell and Georgeham
  m 29.12.1748 Mary Bellamine dau of John Bellamine of Hart
  A John Chichester of Hart b 1752, d 01.08.1800
  m 26.06.1787 Elizabeth Cory of Heanton d 08.1837
  i Sir Arthur Chichester, 7th Bart of Raleigh, Sheriff of Devon b 25.04.1790, d 30.05.1842 had issue
  m 08.09.1819 Charlotte Williams d 18.08.1834, dau of Sir James Hamlyn Williams, Bart of Clovelly Court
  ii+ other issue including William b 1774, d 08.05.1838
B Frances Chichester
  m William Fray of Furze-in-Morwenston
  C Anne Chichester
  m Thomas Hote rector of Georgeham
  D Mary Chichester
  m Edward Vaughan of Barnstaple
  E Elizabeth Chichester
  m William Edwards of Barnstaple
  3 Anne Chichester 
  m William Sanford of Nynehead d 1770 
4 Katherine Chichester 
  m1 George Musgrave of Nettlecombe
  m2 J. Sanford rector of Georgeham
  5+ other issue - Florence, Elizabeth d 03.1740, Charlotte
  m2 1733 Frances Quicke dau of Andrew Quicke of Newton St. Cyres
  b. Florence Chichester
  m William Northmore 
  c. Anne Chichester
  m Francis Fulford b 1704, d 1748 
  d.+ 5 daughters
  iii. Henry Chichester
  m Dorothy Carew dau of Sir Henry Carew
  iv. George Chichester b 06.01.1668, d 08.05.1680
  C. Mary Chichester d unm 08.08.1623
2. Elizabeth Chichester probably of this generation 
  m William Coryton of Coryton and West Newton b 1579, d 1651 
3. Gertrude Chichester probably of this generation 
  m Amias Coplestone of Coplestone b c1581, a 1620

Source: BP1934 Chichester
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