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Cary 1: Cary of Clovelly, Cary of Cockington, Carey of Dover, Carey of Hunsdon, Carey of Monmouth
Although BP1934 Falkland also reports that the progenitor of this family was Adam de Karry, it shows different ancestors of the Sir Robert Cary who married Margaret Courtenay. We show both alternatives, starting with that shown by BE1883 Carey of Hunnsdon, Rochfort and Dover.

The original Cary coat of Arms did not have the anchor in the box at the upper right which was added for the Bristol branch of merchants, probably beginning with Ca14.
Ca26. Adam de Karry of Castle Karry/Kari a 1198 = b c 1170
m Anne Trevet b c 1200 dau of William Trevet
The castle was originally fortified in the time of the Saxons. About the year 1125, Lord William Percival named 'Lovel the Wolf" erected strong fortifications at Kari from which the name is taken. Much of the time during the reign of King Steven (1135-1154) the Barons were divided into two parties, Lord Kari being opposed to the King. He made so much trouble that Stephen turned his whole attention to Castle Kari and took it. In 1153, it was beseiged again and nearly ruined. Adam was granted command of the castle during the Reign of Henry II and Richard I. The Manor House stands on the east side of the street and was a stately edifice. When the Royalist army was defeated by Cromwell at the Battle of Worchester, Charles II in disguise slept at Castle Cary on the night of 3 Sept. 1651.
Ca25 John Karry b c 1220
m Elizabeth Stapleton b c 1230 dau of>
+1 Sir Richard Stapleton b c 1160
Ca24 William Karry of West Polworth a 1303 = b c 1250
m Alice Beaumont b c 1260 dau of Sir William Beaumont
Ca23 Sir John Carey b c 1270
m1 Agnes Stafford dau of Lord Stafford
m2 Margaret Holwell + ch dau of William Holwell of Holwell (Holeway ?= Holwell? There is a ganeration gap problem in reports on the early Cary descent indicating that this marriage took place two generations later. Although it is possible that this John had his children by a second marriage with a Howell and his grandson his grandson by a Holeway/Holloway, the similarity in names combined with a generation gap suggest a reconciliation by presuming a memory gap and some jumbling of data while supplying the visiting Harold with ancestral information. In those days the years were numbered by the year of the reign of a king - if at all - so the Harold could not recognize the implausibility of what he was writing down. Nonetheless even jumbled details can be unravelled and put in place. The generation coding and reddening here show the author's "guesstimated corrections.)
Ca22 John de Karry b 1270 in Castle Karry
m Phillippa Archdeacon dau of Warren Archdeacon
Ca21 William Kary b 1300 in Castle Kary, Somerset,
m Margaret Bosun/Bozon/Bozume) b in Clovelly of Devon
Ca20 John Cary b 1325 in St.Giles-in-the-Heath, Devon
m Jane de Bryen dau of->
+1 Guy de Bryen
m1/?2 Wenthlian Lloyd dau of Sir Griffith Lloyd of Anglesea
m2/?1 before 1343/4 Ann or Alice Holway (a 1343/4, dau of William Holway of Holway
Ca19 John Cary b 1350 in England d: 1404 in Waterford, Ireland
m Margaret Holway (see above)
Ca18 Sir Robert Carey b by 1435 - continued below under alternative ancestry
m1 Margaret Courtenay dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham
m2 ??Jane Hanchford Father: William Hanchford
Ca18-2 John Cary, Bishop of Exeter a 1419
BP1934 Falkland reports that descended from Adam de Karry of Castle Cary a 1198 was ... The generation gap has been reconciled as indicated above by
Ca20. Sir John de Cary of Cary b c 1315
Ca19. Sir John de Cary of Upper Cary b c 1340 d 1404
m 1376 Margaret Holeway dau of Richard de Holeway of Northlaw, etc. (Holeway ?= Holwell? s.a.)
Ca18. Sir Robert Cary of Cockington and Clovelly d before 1435 - see alternative ancestry above
m1 Margaret Courtenay dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham
Ca17 Philip Cary of Cockington d 1437
m about 1436 Christian Orchard dau of William Orchard of Holway Devon
Ca16 Sir William Cary of Cockington b 12.04.1437, d 06.05.1471 at Tewkesbury
m1 Elizabeth Paulet dau of Sir William Paulet of Hinton St. George
Ca15 Robert Cary of Cockington b 1457 d 15 Jun 1540
m1 Jane Carew dau of Sir Nicholas Carew
?m2 c 1500 Margaret Fulkeram dau of William Fulkeram,
Ca14-1 John Cary of Kegbear b 1502 had issue
m Jane Devick dau of Edmund Devick of Okehampton
Ca14-2 Thomas Cary of Cockington and Chilson d 27.03.1567
m Mary Southcot dau of John Southcot of Bovey Tracey
Ca14-2-1 Sir George Cary of Cockington d 19.02.1616/7
m1 Wilmot Giffard d 22 Jun 1581, dau of John Giffard of Yeo
a Anne Cary dsp 01.1625
m Sir Richard Edgcombe of Mount Edgcombe
m2 Lettice Rich dau of Robert Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick
Ca14-2-2 Gregory Cary
m Joan Cooke dau of John Cooke
a daughter
Ca14-2-3 John Cary of Dudley a 1622
m _ Norton
Ca14-2-3-1 John Cary of Long Melford bur 09.11.1639
1+ 5 sons and 5 daughters
Ca14-2-3-2 Sir Edward Cary of Cockington and Marldon d 14.06.1654
m1 ??
Ca14-2-3-2-1 daughter
m2 Margaret Blackhurst d 14.06.1654, of Lancs.
Ca14-2-3-2-2 Sir George Cary, 1st of Torre Abbey d 27.05.1678
m1 Anne Manners dau of Sir Charles Manners
m2 x Browne of Southampton
m3 Elizabeth Wells dau of Thomas Wells of Brambridge
-1 Constantia Cary m George Blount of Mawley Hall d 20.05.1702
-2 Edward Cary d. 15 Jul 1718
-1-1 Sir Edward Blount, 4th Bart of Sodington (d 16.02.1758 m 1722 Apollonia Throckmorton d 19 Jan 1749, dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton, 3rd Bart
-1-2 Constantia Blount m 1719 Sir John Smythe, 3rd Bart of Acton Burnell d 17.09.1737
-1-3 Mary Blount d 17.10.1744 m 7.2.1722 Edward Dicconson of Wrightington
Ca14-2-3-3 Thomas Cary of Moushall ancestor of Carys of Oxfordshire
m Martha Stewart dau of William Stewart of Rowley
Ca14-2-3-4 George Cary of Cockington bur 23.07.1643
m Elizabeth Seymour dau of Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy
Ca14-2-3-4-1 Sir Henry Cary of Cockington b 1613, Sheriff of Devon a 1643 had issue
m Amy Bagge dau of James Bagge
Ca14-2-3-4-2 Robert Cary, Archdeacon of Exeter bur 19.09.1688 had issue
Ca14-2-3-4-3 Theodore Cary d 1683, Colonel
m 1676 Dorothy Wade
Ca14-2-3-5 Dudley Cary of Livermead had issue
m1 Dorothy x bur at Cockington 9th Sep 1634 + 3 sons
m2 Anne x +3 sons 2 daus
Ca14-2-4 Robert Cary of Bradford bur 22.04.1610 had issue
m Dorothy
Ca14-2-5 Elizabeth Cary
m Richard Kirkham
Ca14-2-6 Grace Cary
m Sir William Kirkham of Blagdon
Ca14-2-7 Joan Cary
m William Weekes of Bindon
Ca14-2-8+ other issue - Richard dsp c1622, Arthur dsp, Ca14-2-11 Margaret
m2 Agnes Hody dau of Sir William Hody of Pillesdon
Ca14 William Cary b 1492 d 1572 He was Sheriff of Bristol England in 1532 and mayor in 1546 during the reign of Henry VIII.
m Joan Herle in England
(Ancestry derived from pedigree registered in 1699 in Heralds’ College of Arms, London, by John Cary of Bristol gentleman, and his brother, Richard Cary, Alderman of London.)
Ca13-1 Richard (Robert) Cary b 1515 Bristol, England d June 17,1570 England buried at St. Nichaolas Church
Ca13-2 Agnes Cary b c 1517 Bristol d by 1548 Tewkesbury
m1 c 1544 Bristol Humphrey Cooper b c 1515
m2 Thomas Dickinson
Ca13-3 Susan Cary b c 1519 Bristol m 1571 John Lacy 1571 in Bristol, England
Ca13-4 William Cary b c 1520 Bristol d c 1572 Bristol
m Jane Gough
Ca13 Richard Cary b England d Aug. 11, 1569 Bristol, England
m1 Elizabeth ? Christian Dennis m2 Joan Holton
m1 Christian Dennis
Ca12-1 Richard Cary bap Aug. 18, 1542 St Nicholas Church, Bristol d June 14, 1591 Engl bur St Nicholas Church
Ca12-2 Lettice Cary b 1543 Engl d abt 1570 Engl
Ca12-3 Mary Cary b 1544 England  d y
Ca12-4 Mary Cary b 1546 Engl d abt 1570 Engl
Ca12-5 Elizabeth Cary b 1548 Engl d y
Ca12-6 Frances Cary b 1549 Engl d Engl
Ca12 William Cary b 3 Oct1550 Engl d 1 Mar 1632 Bristol, England
Ca12-8) Elizabeth Cary b 1551 Engl d Engl
Ca12-9 Agnes Cary b abt 1555 England d Engl
Ca12-10 Martha Cary b 1558 Engl d y
m2 Joan Holton
Ca12-11 Martha Cary b 1562 Engl d Engl
Ca12-12 Anne Cary b 1564 Engl
Ca12-13 x Cary b 1565 Engl d y
Ca12-14 x Cary b 1567 Engl d y
Ca12-15 Christopher Cary b 1568 Bristol, Engl d May 1626 St. Stephens, Bristol, Engl He was Sheriff of Bristol England in 1612
Ca12-16 x Cary b 1569 Engl d y
m3 Margaret Fulkreham dau of William Fulkreham of Dartmouth
Ca14-3 Robert Cary of Clovelly b 1513 d 1 April 1586 M.P. for Barnstaple in 1553
m1 Margaret Milliton + 5 ch dau of John Milliton
m2 Alice Fulford dau of Sir Baldwin Fulford of Dunsford
-1 Robert Cary
-2 Gabriel Cary
-3 Thomas Cary
-4 George Cary b 1543, d 10 Jul 1601
-5 James Cary of Bideford Devon b c 1550, d Sep 1632 m Catherine Basset, dau of George Basset

-5-1 James Cary b. 1597 m 21 Nov 1615 Elizabeth Grenville, dau of Thomas Grenville
-5-2 Mary Cary b. 1599
-5-3 Thomas Cary b. 1600
-5-4 Alice Cary b. 1602

-5-1-1 Francis Cary b 1616 ?d y
-5-1-2 Timothy Cary b 1617
-5-1-3 James Cary b 1622, d. 1694
-5-1-4 Julian Cary b 1624
-5-1-5 Francis Cary b 1628 d 1680
-5-1-6 Reverend John Cary b 1629 d Nov 1683 m Mary Yeo dau of John Yeo

-5-1-6-1 Nathaniel Cary b. 1661 m Margaret Rolle
-5-1-6-2 Ann Cary b 1662
-5-1-6-3 Rebecka Cary b 1665 m William Williams Vicar of Hatherleigh Devon

-5-1-6-1-1 Rolle Cary b 1690 m 1720 Mary Wilky

-5-1-6-1-1-1 Nathaniel Cary d Jul 1779 m Sarah Pardew
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1 William Cary b 1747, d Oct 1833 m 20 Jan 1772 Elizabeth Pentreath
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1 William Cary b 1774 m 23 Dec 1795 Anne Trethewy
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1 George Rolle Cary b c 1807 d 21 Feb 1873 m in 1831 Elizabeth White, dau of Frederick White
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Cary b 1833
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Mary Ann Cary b 18 Nov 1839
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 William Cary of Camberwell Surrey b 5 Dec 1841 d 29 Oct 1901 m on 6 May 1866 Isabella Ann Shilson, dau of Thomas Shilson,
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-3-1 Isabel Ann Cary b 24 Feb 1867 d 18 Dec 1952
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-3-2 William Richard Cary b 28 Jun 1869 d 16 Jun 1877
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-3-3 Robert Cary b 2 Dec 1871, d 4 Apr 1958
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-3-4 Alice Cary b 2 Jan 1875
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-4 Frederick Cary b 26 Apr 1845
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-5 Charles Cary b 22 Jan 1849 m 26 Nov 1875 Alice Jane Gaffe
-5-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-5-1 George Rolle Cary b 24 May 1876 d 5 Aug 1886
-5-1-6-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Cary b 1749
-5-1-6-1-1-1-3 Mary Cary b 1752 d Jul 1754
-5-1-6-1-1-1-4 Mary Cary b 1760 d 1770
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5 Roulle Cary of Mousehole Cornwall b 1763 d 3 Feb 1846 sailor m 14 Apr 1783 Jane Harvey
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-1 Charles Henry Cary of Paul Cornwall b 1785
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-1-1 Nathaniel Cary b 2 Jun 1832 d 1860
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-2 Nathaniel Cary b 1786 d Feb 1805
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-3 Roulle Cary of The Gurnick Mousehole Cornwall b 31 Jan 1790 d 20 Oct 1876 master mariner m 25 Dec 1818 Ruth Trewavas
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-3-1 Charles Henry Cary d. 1860
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-3-2 Rolle Cary b 29 Dec 1819 d 23 Mar 1866
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-3-3 Obed Cary b 14 Apr 1830 d 1862
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-3-4 Joseph Beardon Cary b 4 Jul 1833 d 28 Nov 1852
-5-1-6-1-1-1-5-3-5 Richard Harvey Cary b 18 Jan 1836 d 12 Dec 1923
Ca15-2 Thomas Cary of Chilton Foliot d before 21.06.1536
m Margaret or Eleanor Spencer dau of Sir Robert Spencer of Spencer Coombe
Ca15-2-1 Sir John Cary of Plashey and Thremhall Priory b c1495, d 09.09.1552
m Joice Denny d 1560/1, sister of Sir Anthony Denny
i Sir Wymond Cary of Snettisham b 06.03.1538, dsp 13.04.1612
m 12.03.1589 Catherine Jernegan dau of John Jernegan of Somerleyton
ii Sir Edward Cary of Aldenham and Berkhampstead b c1540, d 18.07.1618
m Catherine Knyvett d 20.12.1622, dau of Sir Henry Knyvett of Buckenham
a Sir Henry Cary, 1st Viscount Falkland b c1576, bur 25.09.1633
m mcrt 27.06.1602 Elizabeth Tanfield d 10.1639, dau of Sir Laurence Tanfield
b Adolphus Cary of Berkhampstead dsp 10.04.1609
m 09.08.1596 Anne Corbet d 1601, dau of Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet
c Sir Philip Cary of Caddington or Hunslet bur 13.06.1631 had issue
m Elizabeth Bland dau of Richard Bland of Carleton
1 Anne Carey bpt 10.06.1615, bur 12.01.1671/2, 3rd dau
m William Willoughby, 6th Lord of Parham b c1616, d 10.04.1673
-1 George Willoughby, 7th Lord of Parham d 1674 m Elizabeth Fiennes or Clinton dau of Henry Fiennes or Clinton of Kirkstead
-2 John Willoughby, 9th Lord of Parham b 1643 dsp 1678 m Anne Bolterton d 1582
-3 Charles Willoughby, 10th Lord of Parham b 1650 dsp 09.12.1679 m Mary Dixie dau of Sir Beaumont Dixie, Bart of Bosworth
-4 Frances Willoughby b 12.11.1642, dsp 25.05.1714 m1 Sir John or Henry Harpur of Swarkeston bur 20.02.1678/9 m2 25.08.1679 Charles Henry Kirkhoven, Lord Wotton of Wotton, Earl of Bellamont b c1636, dsp 05.01.1682/3 m3 03.07.1684 Henry Heveningham of Heveningham d 21.11.1700
-5 Anne Willoughby b 1642/?52 m Sir John Harpur, Bart of Calke b 1645 d 1681
-6 Catharine Willoughby d 11.02.1668-9 m 26.12.1678 Charles Cockayne, 3rd Viscount Cullen b 15.11.1658, d 30.12.1688
-7 William Willoughby b 1641 d a 07.1668
-8 Henry Willoughby Governor of Antigua b 1640 d 1669
-9? Edward Willoughby b 1639 ?d y
-10? James Willoughby b 1647 d 1669
-11? Carey Willoughby b 1649 d 1676
-1-1 John Willoughby, 8th Lord of Parham b 1669 d unm 1677/8
-1-2 Anne Willoughby d young
-1-3 Elizabeth Willoughby b 1673 d 26.09.1716 m 05.01.1691/2 James Bertie of Stanwell b 13.03.1673, d 18.10.1735
-5-1 John Harpur b 1680 Calke Abbey Derbyshire d 1741 Derby m Catherine Crewe b 1682 d 1745
-6-1 Catherine Cockayne b 1687
-1-3-1 John, Bertie b London 1696 d 1774
-1-3-2 Bridget Bertie b Dec. 13, 1696 d Aug. 9, 1734 m Robert Coetmor b 1691 d 1725
-1-3-3 Willoughby Bertie, 3rd Earl of Abingdon b Lindsey House, Westminster, London Nov. 28, 1692 d Rycote, Oxford Jun. 10, 1760 m Anna Collins b 1708 d 1763
-1-3-4 Edward Bertie b 1693 d 1733
-5-1-1 Jemima Harpur b 1706 d 1763
-5-1-2 Henry Harpur b 1708 d 1748
-5-1-3 John Harpur b 1711 d 1780
-5-1-4 Crewe Harpur b 1711 d 1724
-5-1-5 Anne Harpur b d 1717
-5-1-6 Catherine Harpur b 1721 d 1740
-5-1-7 Mary Harpur b 1725 d 1752

-1-3-3-1 Mary Bertie b 1746 d 1826
-1-3-3-2 James Bertie b 1735 d 1745
-1-3-3-3 Peregrine Bertie b 1741 d 1790
-1-3-3-4 Willoughby Bertie b 1740 d 1799
d Elizabeth Cary
m 20.11.1586 Sir John Savile, Lord of Pomfret b 1556, d 31.08.1630
e Frances Cary a 03.1644
m1 Ralph Baesh
m2 03.03.1605 George Manners, 7th Earl of Rutland b 1580, sp 29.03.1641
f Katherine Cary
m 15.01.1597 Sir Henry Longueville of Wolvercot d 17.05.1621
g Muriel Cary
m 23.10.1597 Sir Thomas Crumpton of Skerne and Hounslow d 16.05.1659/60
h Jane Cary bur 02.01.1632-3
m 17.10.1627 Edward Barret, Lord Newburgh dsps bur 02.01.1644-5, Chancellor
i Anne Cary bpt 10.08.1585, d before 1660
m 16.09.1607 Sir Francis Leke, Earl of Scarsdale d 09.04.1655
Ca15-2-2 William Carey d 22.06.1528 continued his mother's tradition of horse breeding as did his daughter Mary
m Mary Boleyn dau of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Viscount Rochford, Earl of Wiltshire, Earl of Ormond
Ca15-2-2-1 Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon b 04.03.1526, d 23.07.1596 natural son of King Henry VIII
m 1545 Anne Morgan d 19.01.1606/7, dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Arkestone by Ann Whitney
Ca15-2-2-1-1 George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon d 09.09.1603
m Elizabeth Spencer bur 02.03.1617/8, dau of Sir John Spencer of Althorp
1 Elizabeth Carey
m Sir Thomas Berkeley b 11.07.1575, dvp 22.11.1611
Ca15-2-2-2 Sir John Carey, 3rd Lord Hunsdon bur 07.04.1617
m Mary Hyde bur 07.04.1627, dau of Leonard Hyde of Hyde Hall and Throckyng
1 Henry Carey, 4th Lord Hunsdon, 1st Earl of Dover d 1668
m1 Judith Pelham dau of Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bart of Laughton
A John Carey, 2nd Earl of Dover, 5th Lord b c1608, d 1677
m1 Dorothy St. John dau of Oliver St. John, Earl of Bolingbroke
m2 Abigail Cokayne dau of Sir William Cokayne, alderman of London
i Mary Carey bpt 06.10.1631, d 19.01.1695/6
m William Heveningham of Heveningham & Ketteringham d 20.02.1677
ii other d infant
B Sir Pelham Carey dsp
m 24.06.1630 Mary Jackson dau of John Jackson
C Mary Carey
m Sir Thomas Wharton of Edlington b 1615, d 1684
D+ other issue - Henry d 01.1620-1, George dsp, Judith d unm, Philadephia d unm
m2 Mary Morris dau of Richard Morris
2 Charles Cary
3 Anne Cary
m Sir Francis Lovell of East Harlyng
4 Blanch Cary
m1 Christopher Peyton
m2 16.06.1605 Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberley d 18.03.1658
Ca15-2-2-3 Sir Edmund Carey of Moulton Park b c1558, d 1637
m1 Mary Crocker dau of Christopher Crocker of Croft
m2 Elizabeth Nevill bur 24.06.1630, dau of John, Lord Latimer
m3. Judith Humphrey dau of Lawrence Humphrey
Uncertain which wife was the mother of ....
1 Sir Robert Carey bpt 21.03.1582/3
m Aletta Hogenhove dau of Mynheer Hogenhove
A Sir Horatio Carey
BE1883 identifies Horatio's wife as Petronilla, daughter of Robert Conyers. TCP identifies her as ...
m Pernel Harrington dau of Robert Harrington of Durham
i Robert Carey, 6th Lord Hunsdon dsp 1692
m Margaret Clifton bur 14.02.1697/8, dau of Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart
B Ernestus Carey of Great Shelford d 1680
m St. John Salveyn d 1649, dau of Thomas Salveyn of Croxdale
i Robert Carey, 7th Lord Hunsdon d unm 11.09.1702
C Ferdinand Carey d 1663, Colonel
i William Carey of Maastricht d 07.11.1683
m Gertrude Van Ousthoorn dau of Cornelius Van Ousthoorn
a William Ferdinand Carey, 8th Lord Hunsdon bpt 14.01.1684, dsp 12.06.1765
m 11.01.1717/8 Grace Waldo b c1684, d 09.05.1729, dau of Sir Edward Waldo of Pinner
2 Sir Ferdinando Carey
m Philippa Throckmorton dau of Sir William Throckmorton
A Philadephia Carey d 04.05.1696, 5th daughter
m before 21.03.1657/8 Thomas Wentworth, 'Lord Wentworth of Nettlested' bpt 02.02.1612/3, dvp 01.0.1664/5
3+ 1 son and 2 daughters
Ca15-2-2-4 Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth b 1560, d 12.04.1639
m 20.08.1593 Elizabeth Trevanion d by 07.1641, dau of Sir Hugh Trevanion of Correheigh
1 Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth bpt 27.01.1595/6, d 13.06.1661
m 1619/20 Martha Cranfield bpt 12.07.1601, d 10.04.1677, dau of Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex
A Lionel Carey, 'Lord Leppington' dvp unm Marston Moor 1644
B Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' dvp 1649
m Mary Scrope d 01.11.1680, dau of Emmanuel Scrope, 11th Lord of Bolton, Earl of Sunderland
i Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' bur 24.05.1653
C Anne Carey d 25.01.1689
m1 James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Clanbrassill d 20.06.1639
m2 1668 Sir Robert Maxwell of Waringstown, 2nd Bart dsp 1693
D Elizabeth Mary Carey dsp 09.12.1719
m William Feilding, 2nd Earl of Desmond, 3rd Earl of Denbigh b 29.12.1640, d 23.08.1685
E Martha Carey
m 16.12.1667 John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton b c1608, d 1673
F+ other issue d unm - Philadephia, Theophila, Magdalen
2 Thomas Carey b c1617, d 1649
m Margaret Smith dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Parsons Green
A Elizabeth Carey b c1632, d 05.04.1679
m c1656 John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount of Avalon b 18.06.1626, d 05.06.1675
Their eldest son became Earl of Monmouth.
3 Philadelphia Carey
m 11.04.1611 Sir Thomas Wharton of Easby b 1587, dvp 17.04.1622
Ca15-2-2-5 Catherine Carey d 25.02.1602-3
m 07.1563 Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham b 1536, d 14.12.1624
Ca15-2-2-6 Philadephia Carey d 03.02.1626/7
m before 1584 Thomas le Scrope, 10th Lord of Bolton b c1567, d 02.09.1609
Ca15-2-2-7 Margaret Carey
m Sir Edward Hoby
Ca15-2-2-2 Catherine or Mary Carey d 15.08.1568 continued her grandmother's tradition of horse breeding as did her son Henry and granddaughter Elizabeth Knollys.
m Sir Francis Knollys d 1596
-1 Sir Henry Knollys of Kingsbury
m Margaret Cave d 15.08.1600, dau/heir of Sir Ambrose Cave
-2 William Knollys of Rotherfield Greys, Viscount Wallingford, 1st Earl of Banbury b c1547 d 25.05.1632, Treasurer of the Household m1 Dorothy Braye d 31.10.1605, dau of Sir Edmund Braye, 1st Lord
-3 Sir Robert Knollys m Joan Higham
-4 Richard Knollys
-5 Sir Francis Knollys of Battel 'of Reading Abbey' m Lettice Barret dau of John Barret of Hanham
-6 Sir Thomas Knollys m Odelia de Morada dau of John de Morada, Marquess of Bergen
-7 Lettice Knowles m1 Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex b c1553, d 22.09.1576 m2 21.09.1578 Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester b 24.06.1532/3, d 04.09.1588 m3 before 08.1589 Sir Christopher Blount d 18.03.1600/1
-8 Anne Knollys m 19.11.1571 Thomas West, 2nd Lord De La Warr b c1556, d 24.03.1601-2
-9 Cecilia/Elizabeth Knollys m Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckenham, Governor of Jersey
-10 Catherine Knollys bur 20.12.1632 m1 10.1578 Gerald FitzGerald, Lord Offaly b 28.12.1559, dvp 06.1580 m2 Sir Phillip Boteler of Watton Woodhall d 01.1591/2
-1-1 Elizabeth Knollys b c1579 m Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley b c1579, d 20.11.1649
-1-2 Lettice Knollys d 1655 m before 19.06.1602 William Paget, 4th Lord of Beaudesert b 1572, d 29.08.1629
-3-1 Sir Robert Knollys 'of Gray's Court' m Johanna Wolstenholme (+ 2 sons 3 dau) dau of Sir John Wolstenholme
-3-2+ Francis and Lettice
-4-1 Francis Knollys bur 04.08.1640 m1 x Wiseman dau of Sir Charles Wiseman m2 Alice Beecher + 2 sons and 1 dau dau of Sir William Beechey of Middlesex
-5-1 Sir Francis Knollys 2nd son m Ellen Milles dau/heir of Richard Milles of Lower Winchendon
-5-2+ Sir Robert dsp, Anne, Lettice, Elizabeth, Frances
-6-1 Penelope Knollys m William Le Hunt
-6-2 Elizabeth/Lettice Knollys possibly of this generation dvp? m Sir Rowland Rugeley of Dunton d 1629
-1-1-1 Mary Willoughby b 24.05.1605, dsp m Sir Henry Griffith, 1st Bart of Burton Agnes a 1627
-1-1-2 Frances Willoughby b 14.10.1607, d unm
-1-1-3 Anne Willoughby m1 Anchitel Grey of Risley dsps 09.07.1602 m2 Sir Thomas Aston, 1st Bart of Aston d 24.05.1645
Ca15-2-3 Mary Carey
m Sir John Delaval of Seaton Delaval
Ca15-2-4 Margaret Carey
Ca15-2-5 Ann Carey
Ca15-3 Mary Cary
m Sir John Delaval
m2 Jane Hangesford/Hankeford d 04.12.1449, dau of Sir William Hangesford

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