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Capet 1

The early ancestry of the Capetians, before Robert 'the Strong' 820-866, is given differently by different sources. This is the ancestry shown by 'Holdt', see also 'Royal Genealogies' ROYL
Charibert a 636

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1. Chrodobertus (Robert) b about 630 probably of the Frankish Robertine family, Bishop of Tours from 660 till 695, Bishop pf Paris 656 till 663
A. Lambert I a 650
i. Chrodobertus (Robert), Count a 678
m Doda
a. Lambert II, Count a 741
1 Robert I, Duke in Haspengau a 764
m c730 Williswint a 768, dau of Count Adalheim
A Robert Cancor, Count in Breisgau a 782
m Angila
i Heimrich, Count in Oberrheingau d 05.05.795
a Robert, Count d c805
1+ issue - Cancor a 812, Robert a 817
b Heinrich, Count a 812
m Hadaburg
1 Poppo I, Count in Saalgau
A Henry I, Duke of Austrasia d by 08.886
i Henry II, Count d 902/3, 3rd son
a Henry III, Count d c935
1 Henry IV, Archbishop of Trier d 964
2 Berthold von Nordgau, Count d 980
m Eiliswinth von Walbeck
3 Poppo de Austrasia, Bishop of Wurzburg d 961
b Hadui d 903
m 869/70 Otto, Duke of Saxony d 912
ii+ other issue - other issue - Adalbert d 09.06.906, Count, Adalhard d 903, Count
B Poppo II, Duke of Sorbenmark a 906
i+ issue - Adalbert a 915, Count of Grabfield and Tullifeld, Poppo III d 945, Count
2 Heimerich, Count d 836
ii+ other issue - Rachilt nun, Euphemia nun
B Thuringbert a 06.770, 4th son
i Robert II, Count in Wormsgau d 12.07.807
m1 Theoderata
m2 Isengarde
Unsure who was the mother of ...
a Robert III, Count in Wormsgau d c 834
m c 808 Wiltrud dau of Hadrian, Count of Orleans
1 Guntram, Count a 837
2 Robert I 'the Strong', Count of Paris b 820, d 15.09.866
An alternative ancestry for Robert the Strong, as provided by 'Royal Genealogies', is shown in 'Saxons05'.
m1 Agane
A a son who inherited estates in Burgundy
B Richildis
m Theobald, Count de Tours d c942
m2 864 Adelaide a 866, dau of Hugo, Count de Tours
C Eudes Odo, Count of Paris, King of France b c865, d 15.06.923
m c881 Theoderata de Troyes
i Raol, King of Aquitaine b c882, a 898
ii ? Oda b c883, a 952 parentage not proven
m c897 Zwentibold, King of Lorraine d 900
iii+ other issue - Arnulf b c885, d 898, Guy b c888, a 903
D Robert I, King of France b 866, d 15.06.923
m1 Aelis d by 930
i Liegarde Hildebrande b 895, d 931
m by 907 Heribert II, Count of Vermandois b 884, d 943
ii Emma b c894, d 935
m 910 Raol of Burgundy, King of France b 890, d 15.01.936
m2 Beatrix de Vermandois b 880, a 931, dau of Herbert I
iii Hugues I, Count of Paris b c895, d 16.06.956
m1 922 Judith d 925
m2 926/7 Edhild d 937, dau of Edward 'the Elder', King of England
m3. 938 Hedwig of Saxony b 922, d 10.05.965, dau of Henry I, Duke of Saxony, King of Germany
a Hugh Capet, King of France b 941, d 24.10.966
m 968 Alice/Adela of Rouen b 950, d 1006
b Eudes, Duke of Lower Burgundy b c944, d 965
m 9855 Luitgard de Vergy dau of Gilbert d'Autun
c Henri, Duke of Lower Burgundy b c946, d 15.10.1002
m1 c 972 Gerberga d 986/91, dau of Otho/Leotald de Macon
Henri's stepson, Otho Guillaume Gerberga's son by her first marriage, became Count of Burgundy.
m2 by 992, div 996 Gersende dau of Guillaume, Duke of Gascogne
m3. 998 Matilda dau of Lambert, Count de Chalon
1 Aramburge de Bourgogne b c999, d c1015
partner unknown
2 Eudes, Viscount de Beaune
m by 1012 Inga
A+ issue a 1042 - Aguion, Jean
d Beatrix b c939/40, a c1000
m 954/5 Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine b c912, d 18.05.978
e Emma b c943, a 03.968
m Richard I, Duke of Normandy b 933/4, d 22.11.996
partner unknown
f Heribert, Bishop of Auxerre d 964
3 Oda
m Walaho IV, Count in Wormsgau
C+ other issue - Anselm d 778, Count, Rupert a 779, abbott
2.+ other issue - Albert, Erlebert

Main sources: HOLDT, ROYL, GenEU Capet1, 2, 3
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