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Capet 3: Capetian Kings of France
Philippe II Auguste, King of France b 22.08.1165, d 14.07.1223
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
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m1 28.04.1180 Isabelle, Countess of Artois b 1170, d 15.03.1190, dau of Baldwin, Count of Hainault and Flanders
1. Louis VIII 'the Lion', King of France b 03.09.1187, d 08.11.1226
m 23.05.1200 Blanca of Castile b 04.03.1188, d 26/27.11.1252, dau of Alfonso VIII 'el Noble', King of Castile
A. Philippe of France b 1209, d 1218
B. Louis IX 'Saint', King of France b 25.04.1215, d 25.08.1270
m 27.05.1234 Marguerite of Provence b 1221, d 21.12.1295, dau of Raimund Berengar I, Count of Provence and Forcalquier
i. Louis of France
ii. Philippe III 'le Hardi', King of France b 01.05.1245, d 05.10.1285
m1 28.05.1262 Isabella of Aragon b 1247, d 28.01.1271, dau of Jaime I 'el Conquistador', King of Aragon
a. Louis of France b 1265, d 1276
b. Philippe IV 'le Bel', King of France b 1268, d 29.11.1314
m 16.08.1284 Juana I, Queen of Navarre b 14.01.1273, d 02.04.1305, dau of Henry I, King of Navarre
1 Louis X 'le Hutin Quarrelsome', King of France and Navarre b 04.10.1289, d 05.06.1316
m1 23.09.1305 Marguerite de Bourgogne b 1290, d 1315, dau of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy
A Jean I 'le Posthume', King of France b 15.11.1316, d 19.11.1316
B Joanna II, Queen of Navarre b 28.01.1311, d 06.10.1349
m 27.03.1329 Philippe III, Count of Evreux, King of Navarre b 1301, d 1343
m2 19.08.1315 Clemence of Hungary b 1293, d 12.10.1328
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C Eudeline, Abbess of St. Marcel b 1305, d after 1330
2 Philippe V 'le Long', King of France and Navarre b 1291, d 03.01.1322
m 01.1307 Jeanne I d'Artois b 1291, d 17.01.1329, dau of Otto V de Chalon, Count of Burgundy
A Louis of France b 09.1315, d 08.02.1316
B son d young
C Jeanne II d'Artois b 1308, d 1347
m 18.06.1318 Eudes IV, Duke of Burgundy b 1295, d 1350
D Marguerite d'Artois b 1310, d 09.05.1382
m 1317/1320 Louis I, Count of Flanders, of Nevers et de Rethel b c1304, d Crecy 1346
E Isabelle of France b 1312, d 1348
m1 17.05.1323 Guigues VIII de la Tour du Pin, Dauphin de Viennois b 1309, d 1333
m2 before 1336 Jean III de Faucogney
F Blanche of France, a nun b 1314, d 26.04.1358
3 Charles IV 'le Bel', King of France and Navarre b 1295, d 01.02.1327
m1 c1307, div 09.1322 Blanche de Bourgogne b 1295, d 1325/6, dau of Otto V de Chalon, Count of Burgundy
A+ issue - Louis b/d 1324, Philippe b c05.01.1314, d 24.03.1322, Jeanne b 1315, d 17.05.1321
m2 21.09.1322 Marie de Luxembourg b 1305, d 26.03.1324, dau of Emperor Heinrich VII
m3. 1325 Jeanne d'Evreux b 1310, d 04.03.1370
D Blanche of France, Countess de Beaumont b 01.04.1327/8, d 08.02.1392
m 18.01.1344 Philippe, Duke of Orleans b 1336, d 1375
E other issue - Jeanne b 1326, d 1326/7, Marie b 1327, d 1341
Ca21=23 Isabella of France b 1292, d 22.08.1358 ancestors line W part
m 25.01.1308 Edward Plantagenet, King Edward II of England b 25.04.1284, d 21.09.1327
5+ other issue - Robert b 1297, d 1308, Marguerite b 1288, d 1300, Blanche b 1290, d 1294
c. Robert of France b 1269, d young
d. Charles, Count de Valois et d'Alencon, etc b 12.03.1270, d 16.12.1325
m1 16.08.1290 Marguerite d'Anjou b 1273, d 31.12.1299, dau of Charles II, King of Naples @@ below
m2 1302 Catherine I de Courtenay, Empress of Constantinople b 1274, d 1308, dau of Philippe de Courtenay
m3. 1308 Mahaut de Chatillon b 1293, d 03.10.1358, dau of Guy III de Chatillon, Count de St. Pol
m2 27.08.1274 Marie of Brabant b 1256, d 12.01.1321, dau of Henry III, Duke of Brabant
e. Louis, Count d'Evreux, d'Etampes, de Meulan, etc b 1276, d 1319
m 1301 Marguerite d'Artois b 1285, d 1311, dau of Philippe d'Artois, Sn de Conches
f. Marguerite of France b 1275, d 14.02.1317
m 08.09.1299 Edward Plantagenet, King Edward I of England b 17.06.1239, d 08.07.1307
g. Blanche of France, Countess of Alsace b 1278, d 14.03.1305
m 1299 Rudolf III, Duke of Austria, King of Bohemia b 12853, d 1307
iii. Jean of France b 1247, d 10.031248
iv. Jean Tristan, Count de Nevers, de Valois et de Crecy b 1250, d 03.08.1270
m 06.1265 Yolande, Countess of Nevers b 1247, d 02.06.1280
v. Pierre, Count of Alencon, de Blois et de Chartres b 1251, d 06.04.1284
m 1272 Jeane de Chartres b 1258, d 19.01.1291, dau of Jean I de Chatillon, Count de Blois, etc
a.+ issue - Louis b 1276, d 1277, Philippe b 1278, d 1279
vi. Robert of France, Count de Clermont, Sn de Bourbon b 1256, d 07.02.1317
m 1272 Beatrix, Dame de Bourbon b 1257, d 01.10.1310, dau of Jean de Bourgogne, Sn de Bourbon
vii. Blanche of France b 1240, d 29.04.1243
viii. Isabelle of France b 02.03.1242, dsp 17/27.04.1271
m 1258/06.04.1255 Thibaut II, King of Navarre b 1238, d 04.12.1270, of Blois family
ix. Blanche of France b 1253, d 1320
m 1269 Fernando de la Carda, Infant of Castile b 1253, d 1275
x. Marguerite of France b 1255, d 1271
m 1270 Jean I, Duke of Brabant and Limburg b 1253, d 03.05.1294
xi. Agnes of France b 1260, d 1327
m 1272/9 Robert II, Duke of Burgundy b 1248, d 03.1305
Ar23 Robert I, Count of Artois b 09.1216, d 08.02.1250
m 14.06.1237 Matilda of Brabant b 1224, d 29.09.1288, dau of Henry II, Duke of Brabant
i. Robert II 'le Noble', Count of Artois b 09.1250, d Kortrijk 11.07.1302 had issue
m1 1262 Amicie de Courtenay of Conches b 1250, d 1275
m2 1277 Agnes de Dampierre of Bourbon b 1237, d 07.09.1288, dau of Archambaut IX de Dampierre, Sn de Bourbon
m3. 18.10.1298 Marguerite de Hainault d 18.10.1342, dau of Jean II d'Avesnes
Ar22 Blanche of Artois, Regent of Navarre b 1248, d 02.05.1302
m1 1269 Enrique Henry I, King of Navarre, Count de Champagne et de Brie b c1244, d 22.07.1274
m2 03.02.1276 Edmund Plantagenet of Woodstock, 'Crouchback', Earl of Lancaster, etc b 16.01.1245, d 05.06.1296
D. Jean, Count d'Anjou et du Maine b 1219, d 1232
E. Alphonse III, Count of Poitiers et Toulouse, Duc d'Auvergne b 1220, d 1271
m 1241 Jeanne of Toulouse b 1220, d 1271, dau of Raimond VII, Count of Toulouse
F. Charles, Count d'Anjou et du Main, King of Sicily and Naples, King of Jerusalem b 03.1226, d 07.01.1285
m1 1246 Beatrice de Provence b 1234, d 1267, dau of Raimund Berengar I, Count of Provence
i. Charles II, King of Naples, Sicily and Jerusalem, Count of Provence b 1254, d 06.05.1309
m 1270 Maria of Hungary b c1257, d 25.03.1323, dau of Stephen V, King of Hungary
a. Marguerite, Countess of Anjou b 1273, d 31.12.1299
m 16.08.1290 Charles, Count de Valois et d'Alencon, etc b 12.03.1270, d 16.12.1325 @@ above
b. Blanche of Anjou b 1280, d 14.10.1310
m 29.10.1295 Jaime II, King of Aragon, Sicily, etc b 10.08.1267, d 02.11.1327
c. Leonora of Anjou b 1289, d 1341
m 1302 Frederigo, King of Sicily b 1272, d 1336/7
d.+ other issue
ii. Philip, Prince of Achaia, King of Thessalonica b 1256
m 28.05.1271 Isabella de Villehardouin, Princess of Achaia and Morea b 1263, d 1312, dau of Guillaume II de Villehardouin
iii. Blanche b 1250, d 1269
m 1265 Robert III, Count of Flanders b 1249, d 17.09.1322
iv. Beatrix b 1252, d 1275
m 1273 Philippe de Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople d 1283
v. Elizabeth or Maria b 1261, d 1290/1304
m 1272 Ladislas IV, King of Hungary b 1262, dsp 10.07.1290
vi.+ other issue - Louis b/d 1248, Robert b 1258, d 1265
m2 1268 Marguerite de Tonnerre b 1250, d 1308, dau of Eudes de Bourgogne, Count de Nevers, Auxerre et Tonnerre
G.+ other issue - daughter b 1205, d 1206, daughter b 1207, d young, daughter b 1213, d young, Philippe b 1218, d 1220, Philippe / Dagobert b 1222, d 1232, Etienne b 1225, Isabelle b 1224, d 1269, nun
2+. other issue - twins b/d 1190
m2 14.08.1193, div 1193, rem 1200 Ingeborg of Denmark b 1175, d 1236
m3. 06.1196, div 1200 Agnes von Andeche d 1201
4. Philippe 'Tristan Hurepel', Count de Clermont, d'Aumale et de Dammartin b 1200, d 1234
m 1216 Mahaut de Dammartin et Boulogne b 1202, d 1262, dau of Renaud, Count of Dammartin
A. Alberic, Count de Clermont, d'Aumale et de Dammartin b 1222, d after 1284
B. Jeanne Hurepel , Countess de Clermont, d'Aumale et de Dammartin b 1219, d 1252
m 1241 Gaucher de Chatillon, Sn de Montjay d 1250
5. Maria of France b 1198, d 15.08.1223
m 22.04.1213 Henri I, Duke of Brabant b 1165, d 05.09.1235
partner unknown
6. Pierre Charlot, Bishop of Noyon b c1208, d 1249

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2 Debrett's "Kings and Queens of Europe" by David Williamson. Published by Webb & Bower, 1988, ISBN 0-86350-194-X.
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