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Calthorp 1: Calthrop Calthorp or Calthorpe of Burnham Thorpe, Calthrop Calthorp of Erwarton
The 'correct' spelling of this family name seems to vary depending on the time and branch. It appears in two main forms - Calthrop or Calthorpe. Calthrop is used on this page as it is used in the Visitation records but Calthorp is used in the second page.
Tudor Place shows the origin of this family (G25+) as follows:
Ca30. Goderic Dapifer b c 1050 (dapifer is the title of the royal steward)
m Lescila

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Herman Dapifer b 1093 Calthorp Norfolk d 1135
Ca28 William de Calthorpe b 1126 Calthorpe
Ca27 William de CALTHORPE b 1169 Hautbois Norfolk
Ca26 Walter de calthorpe b 1194 Calthorpe d 20 May 1257
Ca25 Roger de CALTHORPE of Hales b 1220 Hales Norfolk
Ca24 William de CALTHORPE b 1241 Calthorpe d aft 1306 continued below
m 1266 Burnham thorpe Norfolk Cecilia Warren dau of Phillip Warren of Burnham and Emma le Strange
Ca24-2 Ela de CALTHORPE
Ca24-3 Walter de CALTHORPE b 1245- d. 1270)
Ca24-4 Henry de CALTHORPE b 1247 - d. 1303
Ca25-2 Hamon De CALTHORPE of Belton b 1222 - d. 1257
Ca25-3 Ela De CALTHORPE b 1224
Ca25-4 Walter De CALTHORPE b 1226
Ca25-5 William De CALTHORPE b 1230 - d. 1260
Ca27-2 Peter De CALTHORPE b 1171 d. 1247
Ca27-3 Walter De CALTHORPE b 1173
Ca28-2 Peter de Calthorpe b c 1129 Calthorp d 1209
Ca28-2-1 Bartholomew de Calthorp b c 1183 Calthorp d aft 1263
m Elizabeth x
Ca28-2-1-1 Roger de Calthorp b c 1213 Calthorp d aft 1295
m c 1243 Catherine x
Ca28-2-1-1-1 Bartholomew de Calthorp b c 1244 Calthorp
m c 1268 Catherine x
Ca28-2-1-1-1-1 Bartholomew de Calthorp b c 1318 Calthorp
m c 1343 in Antingham Norfolk Elizabeth de Gestingthorpe dau of Sir John de Gestingthorpe
Ca28-2-1-1-1-1-1 Catherine Calthorpe b c 1344 Calthorp
m c 1365 Calthorpe Sir John de Harsyck b 1342 d 2 Sep 1389 son of Sir Joh de Harsyck and Margery de Driby
-1 John HARSYKE (Sir) (b. 1368 - d. 1401) (m. Agnes Caley)
-2. Eudo HARSYKE
-3. Brian HARSYKE
Ca28-3 Adam de Calthorpe b 1129 d 1216
Ca24. Sir William Calthrop b 1241 Calthorp Norfolk d aft 1306 continued from above
m Cicely/Cicilia (or Sibbell) Warren dau of Philip Warren of Burnham and Emma le Strange St29-2-1-1
Ca23 Sir Walter Calthrop b 1269 Burnham Thorpe Norfolk d 1324
m 1294 in Wells Norfolk Elle/Ela dau of either Sir Hervey of Stanhow/Stanhoe or Henry Welles
Ca22 Sir William Calthrop b 1295 Seething Norfolk d there 1360
m 1331 in Titchmarsh Norfolk Isabel Lovell dau of John Lovell
Ca21-1 Ela CALTHORPE b 332 Burnham thorpe
m c 1353 Sir John FitzSimon de Perpoint
Ca21-2 Sir Walter CALTHORPE b 1334 Burnham thorpe
m c 1361 in Burnham Thorpe alice Crophill
Ca21-3 John CALTHORPE b 1336 - d AFT 1360
Ca21. Sir Oliver Calthrop of Burnham Thorp
m 1366 in Bacon thorpe Norfolk Isabell Bacon dau of Robert Bacon
Ca20-1 John calthorpe b 1354 Burnham thorpe
m Elizabeth Erghom dau of William Erghom
Ca20-1-1 Eustace Calthorpe b c 1380 Calthorpe Yorkshire
m c 1401 Richard Fairfax
-1 Sir William FAIRFAX
-2 Brian FAIRFAX
-3 Sir Guy FAIRFAX
-4 Sir Nicholas FAIRFAX
-5 Miles FAIRFAX
-6 Margaret FAIRFAX
-8 Ellen FAIRFAX
Ca20 William Calthrop b c 1370 d
m Elenor Mawtby/Mautby b 1369 d 1398 dau of Sir John Mawtby
Ca19 Sir John Calthrop b c 1390
m Anne Withe dau of John Withe or Wythe of Smallburgh
Ca18 Sir William Calthrop of Burnham Thorpe b 30.01.1409/10, d 15.11.1494
m1 Elizabeth Grey b 1414 wid of William de Lucy dau of->
+1 Lord Grey of Ruthyn
Ca17-1 John Calthrop of Burnham Thorpe b c 1435
m Elizabeth Wentworth dau of Roger Wentworth
Ca17-1-1 Sir Philip Calthrop b c 1460 d by 1535
m1 Mary Say sister of Sir William Say
Ca17-1-1-1 Sir Philip Calthrop of Erwarton b c 1485 d 07.04.1549
m Amy or Anne Bullyne dau of Sir William Bullyne, 'Earl of Ormond'
Ca17-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Calthrop b 1521 d 26.05.1578
m1 by 1549 Sir Henry Parker dvp 06.01.1551/2 (from Jamie Vans's tree) son of Henry Parker d 1556 and Alice St John d 1553 grandson of William Parker and Alice Lovel
-1 Phillip Parker m Catherine Goodwin
-2 Margaret Parker m Sir John Shelton b c 1500 Shelton Norfolk d 15 Nov 1558
-1-1 Calthorpe Parker m Mercy Soame
-2-1 Ralph Shelton b 1530 d 1580 m Mary Wodehouse b 1534
-2-2 Anne Shelton
-2-3 Alice Shelton
-2-4 Mary Shelton
-2-5 Thomas Shelton
-1-1-1 Sir Phillip PARKER, M.P. for Suffolk in the Short Parliament
-1-1-2 Mary Parker m Richard Saltonstall
-2-1-1 Ralph shelton b 1560 d 1628 m1 Jane Wast b 1558 + 2 ch m2 Dorothy Jermyn
-2-1-2 Alice Shelton
-2-1-3 Margaret Shelton b 1556 d 1623
-2-1-4 Thomas Shelton b 1556 d 1595
-2-1-5 John shelton b 1559
-1-1-1-1 Mary Saltonstall m Ralph Bridgeoak b 31 Jan 1613 Manchester Lancashire d 1678
-2-1-1-1 Thomas Shelton
-2-1-1-2 James Shelton d 1668 m Ann Herbert
m2 Sir William Woodhouse of Hickling d 11.1563
m3. Dru Drury of Norwich b c1518, d 1617
Ca17-1-1-2+ other issue - Dorothy nun, Elizabeth d young
m2 Jane Blenerhasset d 27.04.1550, dau of John Blenerhasset
Ca17-1-1-4 Henry Calthrop dsp
Ca17-1-1-5 Thomas Calthrop dsp
m Alice Lestrange dau of Thomas Lestrange
Ca17-1-1-6 Katherine Calthrop
m Anthony Heveningham
Ca17-1-1-7 Anne Calthrop
m before 21.11.1538, div 11.1555 Henry Ratcliffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex b c1507, d 17.02.1556/7
Ca17-1-2 Ann Calthrop
m1 John Cresnor
m2 Edward Knevett
Ca17-1-3 Agnes Calthrop
m1 William Curson
m2 John Crane d c1505
Ca17-1-4 Margaret Calthrop Abbess
Ca17-2 William Calthrop of Poke
a Anne or Amie Calthrop
m Robert/Roger Jennyson of Barnham Nethgate
Ca17-3 Anne Calthrop
m William Gorney
m2 Elizabeth Stapleton d 18.02.1504/5, dau of Sir Myles Stapleton
Ca17-4 Edward Calthrop
m x Cromer
Ca17-5 Francis Calthrop 'of Ingham, Norfolk'
m Elizabeth Wyndham dau of Sir John Wyndham
Ca17-5-1 William Calthrop
m Thomazine Tindall dau of Sir Thomas Tindall
Ca17-5-2 Charles Calthrop
Ca17-5-3 Bridget Calthrop
m Edward Eden of Martham
Ca17-6 John Calthrop or Calthorpe of Cockthorp or Cockthorpe
m _ Ermingland
Ca17 Anne Calthrop
m Sir Robert Drury
Ca17 Elizabeth Calthrop
m Francis Haselden
Ca18-2 Joan or Anne of Mary Calthrop or Calthorpe
m Thomas Bruse of Wenham d 17.06.1482
Ca19-2 Anne CALTHORPE b c 1398
m William Denston of Besthorpe b c 1395
-1 Felice Denston m Roger Drury of Hawstead
-2 Elizabeth Denston m Reginald Rous
Ca19-3 Margaret CALTHORPE b c 1391 Burnham thorpe d 1427
m c 1412 in Burnahm thorpe Sir John Hervey of thurley b c 1384
-1 Thomas Hervey of thurley m Jane Paston
m2 Sibyl St. OMER (dau. of Edmund St. Omer) (w. of John Whyte) 1399, Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England
Ca19-4 this branch is reported by Tudor Place
Richard CALTHORPE of Cockthorpe Esq. of Cockthorpe Norfolk b 1400 Cockthorpe d 23 Feb 1438 Cockthorpe bur 25 Feb 1438 Cockthorpe Church
m 1430 in Stiffkey Norfolk Margaret Ermingland b 1411 d aft 20 Feb 1478 dau of William Ermingland
Ca19-4-1 John CALTHORPE of Cockthorpe b 1431 Cockthorpe d 22 Aug 1503 bur Carmelites Church blackney Norfolk
m 1453 in Melton Constable Suffolk Alice/?Catherine Ashley
-1 Oliver CALTHORPE b 1454
-2 Christopher CALTHORPE
-3 Richard CALTHORPE b 1468 Cockthorpe d 20 Jan 1554 Antingham left a Will which benefited his son-in-law Robert Jermy and/or the latters children quite well. On Robert's death, the manor apparently went to Anne and thence to her 3rd husband John Kempe by the mid 1560s m 1499 Overstrand Norfolk Anne Hastings
-4 Margaret/?Mary CALTHORPE b 1470 Cockthorpe m Robert Symonds
-5 Anne CALTHORPE b 1472 cockthorpe m Thomas Broome
-6 Jane CALTHORPE b 1474 cockthorpe m y Mountney
-7 James CALTHORPE b 1476 Cockthorpe m x Sparrow
-8 Bartholomew CALTHORPE b 1478 Cockthorpe m x Yelverton

-3-1 Edmund/Edward CALTHORPE b 1500 d 22 Jul 1581 m1 Elizabeth Wood d by 1550 m2 Mary Levisson + 1 ch dau of Nicholas Leveson and Dionysia Bodley
-3-2 John CALTHORPE b 1504 d. AFT 1593
-3-3 Henry CALTHORPE b 1510
-3-4 George CALTHORPE b 1511
-3-5 Anthony CALTHORPE b 1517 Antingham d 19 Jul 1594 Bromley Kent bur there m 1 Feb 1547/8 St Michael Bassishaw London Joan Harris b 1526 d
-3-6 Thomas CALTHORPE b c 1517 Antingham d 1587 bur St Benet Finl London
-3-7 Sir Martin CALTHORPE b 1520 London d 3 May 1589 London 10 year Alderman for Aldersgate Ward and later in Cheap Ward Lord Mayor of London in 1588 d in office m Joan/Jane Heath b 1524 d 10 Mar 1592 dau of Robert Heath and Thomasine Seyliard
-3-8 William CALTHORPE b 1520
-3-9 Mary CALTHORPE b 1523 m Edward Basset
-3-10 Elizabeth CALTHORPE b 1525 d aft 1554
-3-11 Alice CALTHORPE b 1526 m Thomas Aldersey
-3-12 Bartham CALTHORPE
-3-13 Anne CALTHORPE b 1529 d 1610 m1 Robert Raymes of Overstrand Esq m2 Robert Jermy son of Robert Jermy and Eleanor Browne m3 John Kempe
-3-14 Frances CALTHORPE b 1532
-7-1 Christopher Calthorpe b c 1507

-3-1-1 Dionysia Calthorpe b c 1551 Antingham m Robert Woodruff son of Sir David Woodruff and Elizabeth Hill
-3-5-1 Clement CALTHORPE b c 1547 St Michael Bptist London bur by 20 Jun 1598 Bromley m c 18 Jun 1578 Jane Sampson
-3-5-2 Susan CALTHORPE b c 1551 Bromley d aft 1596 m1 c 1572 Bromley y Jennings m2 Matthew Lowe
-3-5-3 Judith CALTHORPE b c 1553 Bromley m c 1574 William Higgs
-3-5-4 Henry CALTHORPE b 1560 bap 3 Mar 1560 Bromley d aft 1605 m c 1585 in Hampshire x Lambert
-3-5-5 Joan CALTHORPE b 1565 London d aft 2 Jul 1605 m 1 Oct 1588 William Dilke
-3-7-1 Anne CALTHORPE b 1552 London d 1592 m 26 Mar 1573 Sir thomas Peyton b 31 Mar 1540 d 1611 son of John Peyton and Dorothy Tindall
-3-7-2 Martin CALTHORPE
-3-7-3 John CALTHORPE b 1555
-3-7-4 Thomasine CALTHORPE b. 1557
-3-7-5 Judith CALTHORPE
-3-7-6 Roger CALTHORPE b 1562
-3-7-7 Richard CALTHORPE
-3-7-8 Phillip CALTHORPE b 1566
-3-13-1 William JERMY b 1553 d 12 Dec 1606
-3-13-2 John JERMY Esq b 1555
-3-13-3 Anne JERMY
-3-13-4 Eleanor JERMY
-3-13-5 Thomas JERMY Esq b 1560

-3-1-1-1 Sir David Woodruff b 1587 m Lettice Duncombe
-3-5-1-1 Sampson CALTHORPE b c 1578 Bromley d aft 1622 m1 Bridget Beckingham m2 Susan Humphrey + 1 ch
-3-5-1-2 Anthony CALTHORPE b c 1580 d aft 1605)
-3-5-1-3 Clement CALTHORPE b ABT c 1582/3 d aft 1605
-3-5-1-4 Mary Calthorpe b c 1578 Bromley d aft 1622 m c 1605 in Bromley y Edwards
-3-5-1-5 Elizabeth CALTHORPE b c 1578 Bromley d aft 1622 m c 1607 in Bromley y Appleby
-3-5-1-6 Judith CALTHORPE b c 1578 Bromley d aft 1622 m c 1609 in Bromley Reginald Gleydel
-3-5-1-7 Elizabeth CALTHORPE b. ABT 1590
-3-5-4-1 Barbara Calthorpe b c 1586 Bromley m 13 Jul 1607 in Bromley Egrmont Thynne son of Sir John Thynne and Christian Gresham
-3-5-4-2 Joan/Jane Calthorpe b c 1585 Bromley m c 1609 William Norton
-3-7-1-1 Alice PEYTON b c 1572 d 16 Jul 1613
-3-7-1-2 Sir Samuel PEYTON b 1574 d 1623 m. Mary Aston

-3-5-1-1-1 Henry Calthorpe bap 4 Mar 1609 bur 23 Oct 1661
Ca19-4-2 Anne CALTHORPE b c 1433 Cockthorpe d 1503
m Edward Braunch
Ca19-4-3 Oliver CALTHORPE b c 1435 Cockthorpe and Booton d aft 1493
m c 1460 in Salle Norfolk Agnes Briggs dau of William Brigge and Catherine x
Ca19-4-4 William CALTHORPE (b. ABT 1437 - d. 1477)
Ca19-4-5 John CALTHORPE b c 1454
Ca19-5 William CALTHORPE
Ca21-5 Thomas CALTHORPE b 1342
Ca21-6 William CALTHORPE b 1343 Burnham thorpe
m c 1368 in Burnham thorpe Cecily de Gourney
Ca21-7 Richard CALTHORPE b 1344 d 1361
Ca21-8 Phillip CALTHORPE b 1346
Ca21-9 Edmund CALTHORPE b 1348
Ca21-10 Robert CALTHORPE b 1350 d 1367
Ca22-2 Henry CALTHORPE b. 1297
Ca22-3 Filia CALTHORPE b c 1299 Seething Norfolk
m Sir William Skipworth
Ca22-4 Peter CALTHORPE b. 1301
Ca22-5 Walter CALTHORPE b. 1303
Ca23-2 Phillip Calthrop b 1271
Ca23-3 Isabell Calthrop
m cc 1287 at Hengrave Hall Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Thomas/?Edmund Hengrave b c 1268 son of Thomas
Ca23-3-1 Cecily Hengrave b 1287
m Hugh Berry
Ca23-3-2 Beatrice De HENGRAVE b c 1297 d. 4 Jul 1361
m Robert De Thorpe, 2 Baron Thorpe
Ca23-3-3 Sir Edmund de HENGRAVE b c 1321 d 4 Feb 1378
m Alice/?Joan de Lisle
Ca23-4 William Calthorpe b 1273

Sources: Visitation Norfolk, 1563/1589/1613, Calthrop
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