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Burgundy 2

: Dukes of Burgundy Bourgogne
Robert I 'the Old', Duke de Bourgogne b 1011, d 31.03.1076
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
m1 c1033, div 1046 Helie de Semur b c1016, dau of Damas de Semur
1. Hugues de Bourgogne b c1034, d 1059/60
2. Henri de Bourgogne b c1035, dvp 1066
m c1056 Sibylle of Barcelona b 1035, d after 1074, dau of Berenguer Ramon 'el Cuervo', Count of Barcelona, etc
A. Hugues I, Duke of Burgundy b c1057, d 1093
m c1075 Yolande of Nevers b 1058, d 1078, dau of Guillaume I, Count of Nevers
B. Eudes I Borel, Duke of Burgundy b c1058, d 1103
m 1080 Sibylle de Bourgogne b 1065, d after 1103, dau of Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon
i. Hugues II Borel, Duke of Burgundy b 1084, d 1143
m c1115 Matilda de Mayenne d after 1162
a. Eudes II, Duke of Burgundy b 1118, d 1162
m 1145 Marie de Blois b 1128, d c1190, dau of Thibaut IV, Count de Blois, Troyes, etc
1 Hugues III, Duke of Burgundy b 1148, d 25.08.1192
m1 1165, div 1183 Adelheid/Alix de Lorraine b c1145, d 1200, dau of Matthias I, Duke of Lorraine
A Eudes III, Duke of Burgundy b 1166, d 06.07.1218
m1 1194, div 1195 Matilda of Portugal b 1157, d 16.05.1218
m2 1199 Alix de Vergy b 1182, d 08.03.1252, dau of Hugues de Vergy
i Hugues IV, Duke of Burgundy, King of Thessalonika b 09.3.1212, d 1272
m1 1229 Jolanta Yolande de Dreux b 1212, d 1248, dau of Robert III, Count of Dreux
a Eudo of Bourgogne b c1234, dvp 1269
m 1237/48 Mathildis/Mahaut of Bourbon dau of Archembauld, Lord of Bourbon
1 Johanna of Bourgogne d unm
2 Alisa of Bourgogne, Countess of Auxerre
m John, Count of Challon
3 Margaret of Bourgogne, Countess of Tonnerre d 05.09.1368
m Charles I, King of Sicily
4 Jolanta of Bourgogne, Countess of Nevers d 11.06.1280
m1 1265 John of France
m2 1271/2 Robert, Count of Flanders b c1249, d 17.09.1322
b Alissa Adelaide of Bourgogne d 23.10.1273
m Henry III, Duke of Brabant d 28.02.1261
c Robert II, Duke of Burgundy b 1248, d 03.1305
m 1272/9 Agnes of France b 1260, d 1327, dau of Louis IX 'the Saint', King of France
1 Jean of Bourgogne dsp
2 Hugues VI, Duke of Burgundy d unm
3 Louis of Bourgogne dsp
m Bechtild of Holland dau of Floris V, Count of Holland
4 Robert of Bourgogne b 1298, dsp 1334
m Johanna
5 Eudes IV, Duke of Burgundy b 1295, d 1350
m 18.06.1318 Jeanne II d'Artois b 1308, d 1347, dau of Philippe V 'le Long', King of France
A Philippe of Bourgogne dvp 1346
m 1338 Johanna of Boulogne dau of William X, Count of Boulogne and Auvergne
i Philippe, Duke of Burgundy b 1345, dsp 1361
ii other issue - Johanna, Margaret d young
B Jean of Bourgogne d infant
6 Biancha of Bourgogne d 1348
m 1307 Edward, Count of Savoy
7 Marguerite de Bourgogne b 1290, d 1315
m 23.09.1305 Louis X, King of France b 04.10.1289, d 05.06.1316
8 Mary of Bourgogne
m Edward I, Count of Barr d 1336
9 Johanna/Jeanne of Bourgogne b 1294, d 12.09.1348
m 07.1313 Philippe VI 'le Pious', King of France b 1293, d 22.08.1350
d Jean of Bourgogne, Lord of Bourbon dvp 09.1267
m 1248 Agnes of Bourbon b c1237, d 07.09.1288, dau of Archembauld, Lord of Bourbon
1 Beatrix, Countess of Bourbon b 1257, d 01.10.1310
m Robert, Count of Clermont b 1256, d 07.02.1317
e Margaret of Bourgogne
m1 William III of Mount St. John
m2 Guido, Viscount of Limoges
m2 11.1258 Beatrix of Navarre b 1242, d 07.1295, dau of Theobald I, King of Navarre, Count de Champagne
f Beatrix of Bourgogne
m 1276 Hugues XIII of Lusignan, Count de la Marche d 1328
g Agnes or Isabelle of Bourgogne
m1 1284, sp Rudolf von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor b 01.05.1218, d 15.07.1291
m2 Pierre de Chambly, Sn de Neaufle
ii Jeanne de Bourgogne b 1200, d 1223
m 1222 Raol II de Lusignan, Count d'Eu d 1250
iii Alix de Bourgogne b 1204, d 1266
m Robert I de Clermont d 1252
iv Beatrix de Bourgogne b 1216
m Humbert III de Thoire d 1279
B Alexandre de Bourgogne, Sn de Montagu b 1170, d 06.09.1205
m c1195 Beatrix de Rion, Dae de Gergy d after 12.01.1221
C Marie-Ducissa de Bourgogne b 1175, d after 1219
m 1196 Simon I de Semur, Sire de Luzy d 1219
D Alix de Bourgogne b 1177
m Beraud VII de Mercoeur b by1151, d c1208
m2 1183 Beatrix d'Albon, Countess of Grenoble b 116, d 1228
E Andre / Guigues VI, Dauphin de Viennois, Count de Grenoble, etc b 1184, d 1237
m1 06.1202, div 1215 Beatrix de Sabran b 1182, d after 1248, dau of Renier I de Sabran
i Beatrix de Viennois b 1205, d after 1248
m 1214/22 Amaury VII, Count de Montfort
m2 c1211 Semnoresse de Poitou, Count de Valentinois d c1223
m3. 1219 Beatrix of Montferrat b c1210, d 1274, dau of Guillaume, Margrave of Montferrat
ii Guigues VII, Dauphin de Viennois b 1225, d 1269/70 had issue
m 1253 Beatrix of Savoy b 1237, d 1310
F Mahaut de Bourgogne b 1190, d 26.03.1242
m 01.1214 Jean I of Burgundy, Count de Chalons et d'Auxerre b 1190, d 30.09.1267
G Ann / Marguerite de Bourgogne b 1192, d 1243
m 1222 Amadeus IV, Count of Savoy, Duke of Chablais and Aosta b 1197, d 1253
2 Alix de Bourgogne b 1146, d 1192
m1 c1164 Archambaud, Lord of Bourbon d 1169
m2 Eudes de Deols, Sn de Chateau-Roux
3 Mahaut de Bourgogne, Dame de Limais d 1202
m Robert IV, Count d'Auvergne d 1194
4 daughter
m Robert de Boisleux
b. Hugues le Roux de Bourgogne, Sn de Chalon b 1121, d 1171, 3rd son had issue
m1 c1149 Isabelle de Chalon dau of Guillaume de Thiern, Sn de Chalon
m2 c1166 _ de Navilly
c. Raimond de Bourgogne, Count de Grignon, Sn de Montpensier b 1125, d 1156, 6th son
m c 1145 Agnes de Montpensier dau of Guy de Thiern, Sn de Montpensier
1 Hugues b 1147, d c1156
2 Matilda de Bourgogne, Dame de Montpensier b 1150, d 1192
m1 before 15.04.1165 Eudes III d'Issoudun d 1167
m2 c1168 Guy I, Count de Nevers et de Tonnerre d 1175
A Agnes de Nevers, d'Aucerre et de Tonnerre b 1170, d 1192
m 1184 Pierre de Courtenay, Count of Nevers, etc, Emperor of Constantinople b 1155, d after 06.1219
m3. 1175/6 Pierre of Flanders, Count de Nevers d 1176
m4. 1178, div 1181 Robert II, Count de Dreux d 1218
d. Aigeline de Bourgogne b 1116, d 1163
m c1130 Hugues I, Count de Vaudemont d 1155
e. Clemence de Bourgogne b 1117
m Henry III de Donzy d 1187
f. Sibylle de Bourgogne b 1126, d 1150
m 1149 Roger II, King of Sicily d 1154
g. Ducissa de Bourgogne, Dame de St. Julien b 1128
m Raymond de Grancey
h. Matilda de Bourgogne b 1130
m 1157/9 Guillaume VII de Montpellier
i.+ other issue - Gauthier b 1120, d 1180, Archbishop of Besancon, Robert b 1122, d 1140, Bishop of Autun, Henri de Flavigny b 1124, d 1170, Bishop of Autun, Aremburge b 1132, nun
ii. Henri de Bourgogne b 1087, d 1131
iii. Aliss/Helie de Bourgogne 'Ela Borel' b 1080, d 1142
m1 16.06.1095 Bertrand II, Count of Toulouse, etc b before 1080, d 01.1112
m2 1115 William Talvas 'of Shrewsbury', Count of Ponthieu b c1106, d 30.06.1171
iv. Florine de Bourgogne b 1083, d 1097
m Sven, Prince of Denmark d 1097
C. Henri de Bourgogne, Count of Portugal b 1066, d 1112, 5th son
m 1093/5 Teresa de Castile, Infanta of Leon and Castile, Queen of Portugal b 1070, d 01.11.1130
D. Beatrix de Bourgogne b 1063
m Guy I de Vignory
E.+ other issue - Robert b 1059, d 1111, Bishop of Langres, Renaud b 1065, d 1092, Abbot of St. Pierre, Helie b 1061, nun
3. Robert de Bourgogne b 1040, d 1113
m daughter of Count Roger of Sicily
4. Simon de Bourgogne b 1040/5, d after 1087
5. Constance de Bourgogne b 1046, d 1093
m1 Hugues II, Count of Chalon d 1078
m2 08.05.1081 Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon b before 06.1040, d 29.06.1109
m2 c1048 Ermengarde/Blanche d'Anjou b c1018, d 18.03.1076, dau of Fulk 'the Black, Count of Anjou
6. Audearde/Hildegard de Bourgogne b c1050, d after 1104
m 1068/9 Guy-William/Guillaume VI/VIII, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine b c1025, d 25.06.1086

Sources: 'Royal Genealogies', GenEU Capet9, 10.
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