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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
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Burgundy 1

Conrad I, Count of Paris and Auxerre d after 862
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
m Aelis of Tours dau of Hugo, Count of Tours
1. Conrad, Count of Auxerre
m Waldrada
A. Rudolf I, King of Upper Burgundy d 912
m 888 Willa of Provence b 12.873, d by 14.06.929, probably dau of Boso Boson V, King of Provence, King of Aquitaine, etc
i. Rudolf II, King of Burgundy, King of Italy d 937
m c 922 Bertha of Swabia dau of Burchard II, Duke of Swabia
a. Conrad 'the Peaceful', King of Burgundy b c925, d 10.10.993
m1 Adelana
1 Kuno of Burgundy d after 966
2 Gisela of Burgundy b 955, d 1006/7
m 972 Henry II 'the Quarrelsome', Duke of Bavaria b 946, d 28.08.995
m2 c964 Matilda of France b c943, d 982/991,dau of Louis IV 'd'outre mer', Emperor
3 Rudolf III, King of Burgundy d 06.09.1032
m1 before 994 Agaltrudis d 1008/11
m2 1011 Ermengarde d after 1057, widow of Rotbald, Count of Provence
partner unknown
A Agnes of Burgundy shown by ROYL but not by GenEU
m Berthold III, Duke of Zaringen
4 Matilda of Burgundy
5 Bertha of Burgundy d after 1016
m1 Eudes I, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc b 950, d 995
m2 997, div 1003-5 Robert II 'the Pious', King of France b 27.03.972, d 20.07.1031
6 Gerberga of Burgundy b before 971, d after 1016
m1 either Bernhard I, Count of Werl d c982 or his son Hermann of Werl
m2 c998 Hermann II, Duke of Swabia
p. Aldiud
7 Bouchard, Archbishop of Lyon d 1030
b. Rudolf of Burgundy a 961
c. Bouchard of Burgundy, Archbishop of Lyon d 957/9
d. Adelaide of Burgundy b 931, d 16/7.12.999
m1 947 Lothar II, King of Italy b 915, d 11.950
m2 950 Adalbert of Ivrea
m3. 951,sp Otto I 'the Great', Duke of Saxony and Thuringia, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor b 22.11.912, d 07.05.973
ii. Ludwig, Count in Thurgau
m Edgifa of England dau of Edward I, King of England ??
a. Heinrich, count in der Vaud
iii. Waldrada
m 923 Bonifacius, Duke of Spoleto d 953 shown by some web sites as parents of ...
a. Willa de Camerino of Spoleto
m1 Umberto, Marquis of Tuscany, Duke of Spoleto d 961
m2 Humberto I, Count of Lucca d 15.10.975
iv. Judith
B. Adelaide
m Richard II 'the Justiciar', Duke of Burgundy, etc b 868, d 01.01.921
'ROYL' shows Richard as son rather than son-in-law of Conrad of Auxerre.
2. Hugo Abbas, Count of Auxerre, Tours, etc d 886
3. Welf, Count in Argengau and Linzgau d before 876
That this Welf was son of Conrad is reported by GenEU with a note that according to Europaeische Stammtafein his parentage cannot be proved "but that it is extremely likely that he was son of Conrad or, if not, of Conrad's brother Rudolf".
A. Conrad, Count in Linzgau
B. Eticho, Count in Ammergau d after 911
m Egila
i. Count Heinrich "with the Golden Wagon"
m Atha von Hohenwart d after 975
a. Eticho, Count in Bavaria
b. Conrad, Bishop of Constance b 892, d 25.11.976
c. Count Rudolf
1 Rudolf II, Count in Altdorf
m Ita dau of Kuno, Count of Ohningen
A Heinrich, Count in Altdorf d c1000
B Welf II, Count in Altdor and Lechrain d 10.03.1030
m c1015 Irmtrud of Luxemburg
i Welf III, Duke of Carinthia d 13.11.1055
ii Kunigunde b c1020, d before 1055
m c1035 Azzo II, Marchese d'Este d 1097
C Richardis d 1045
m Adalbero von Ebersberg d 1045
2 Eticho, Bishop of Augsburg d 988
4. Rudolf, Abbot

Sources: GenEU Welf1, 'Royal Genealogies' 'ROYL'
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