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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Brooke 1: Broke of Leighton, Brooke of Norton
Adam, lord of Leighton b about 1155
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1. William del Broke b ac 1180
A. William Broke of Leighton b c 1205 a 1249
i. Richard del Broke de Leighton b c 1225 a 1291
a. John del Broke b about 1245 dvp
1 Thomas del Broke of Leighton b about 1265
m Felicia Crowmarsh dau of R. Crowmarsh
A Richard del Broke b c 1290 a 1332
i Nicholas de la Broke of Leighton b about 1315 a 1362
a Ralph de la Broke of Leighton b about 1340 a 1374
1 Roger de la Broke of Leighton b about 1365 a 1404
A John Broke b about 1390 dvp
i Thomas Broke of Leighton b about 1415 a 1460
m Agnes Venables
a Thomas Broke of Leighton b about 1440
m x Parker dau of John Parker of Cuerden or Copen Hall
1 John Broke of Leighton b about 1465 - continued below
2 Ralph Broke, Governor of Calais ancestor of Broke of Nantwich
3 Sir Richard Broke d 1529, chief baron of the Exchequer, 4th son
m. Anne Leeds dau of William Leeds of Steyning
4 other issue - Robert, Henry
2 possibly of this family and branch was:
Richard Brooke b c 1275
2-1 Joanne Brooke b c 1302 Devon
m Warren Hampton b 1300 Devon
+1 Warren Hampton b 1276 Devon
m Phillippa Orway b 1274 Orway Devon
+2 y Hampton b 1250 Devon
+2 Thomas Orway b 1247 Orwey Devon
+3 y Hampton
+3 John Orway b c 1220 Cullompton Devon
m Hawisa la Ford b 1226 Orwey Devon
+4 y Hampton
+4 Henry la Ford b 1200 Orwey Devon
m Margarie Vere b c 1204
+5 Alexander la Ford b 1175 Orwey Devon
+5? Sir Walter de Vere or de Drayton of Drayton d 1210/1
m Lucy Basset dau of Gilbert Basset of Weldon
2-1-1 Anne Hampton b 1328 Devon
m John Billett of Ashe b 1324 Devon
2-1-1-1 Christiana Billett b 1354 Otterton Devon
m John Drake b 1350 Exmouth Devon England d 1420 Ashe Devon
2-1-1-1-1 John Drake b 1388 Otterton Devon England d 1418 Otterton Devon
m Christian Antage b 1392 Otterton Devon d 1418 Otterton Devon
+1 John Antage
2-1-1-1-1-1 John Drake b 1418 Otterton Devon England d 1448 Otterton Devon England
m Alice Jane Cruwys b 1422 Cruwys Morchard Devon d 1449 Otterton Devon
+1 John Cruwys/Crewse
2-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Drake b 1448 Otterton Devon d 1533 Otterton Devon
m Agnes Kelloway b 1452 Otterton Devon d 1474 Otterton Devon
+1 John Kelloway b 1427 Otterton Devon England d 1452 Otterton Devon
m Margaret Cole b 1427 Otterton Devon
ii. Also connected to this family, but in ways not yet known, were the Brookes, Lords Cobham, and the Brookes of Oakley, presumably of this generation and branch was:
William de la Brooke in Somerset b c 1230
John Broke of Leighton b about 1465 - continued above
1. Thomas Broke of Leighton b about 1490
A. Thomas Broke of Leighton b about 1515
B. Richard Brooke of Norton, Sheriff of Cheshire b about 1520 d 1569
i. Thomas Brooke of Norton, Sheriff of Cheshire b about 1545 d 1622
m1. Anne Touchet dau of Henry Touchet, Lord Audley
a. Sir Richard Brooke of Norton b about 1570 d 10.04.1632
m1. Jane Chaderton dau of William Chaderton, Bishop of Chester
m2. Catherine Nevill dau of Sir Henry Nevill of Billingbere
1 Sir Henry Brooke, Sheriff of Cheshire, 1st Bart of Norton b 1611, d 1664
m. Mary Pusey dau of Timothy Pusey of Selston
A Sir Richard Brooke, Sheriff of Cheshire, 2nd Bart of Norton d 02.1709-10
m. 04.1656 Francisca Posthuma Legh dau of Rev. Thomas Legh
i Sir Thomas Brooke, Governor of Chester Castle, 3rd Bart of Norton d 1739
m. 12.07.1688 Grace Wilbraham dau of Roger Wilbraham of Townsend, Natnwich
a Richard Brooke dvp 1720
m. Margaret Hill dau of John Hill of Hawkstone
1 Sir Richard Brooke, 4th Bart of Norton d 06.07.1781
m. 1752 Frances Patton d 12.02.1778, dau of Thomas Patton of Bank
A Sir Richard Brooke, 5th Bart of Norton d 06.03.1795
m. 04.05.1780 Mary Cunliffe d 13.04.1825, dau of Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart of Acton Park
i Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bart of Norton b 18.08.1785, d 11.11.1865 had issue
m. 04.12.1809 Harriot Cunliffe d 13.04.1825, dau of Sir Foster Cunliffe, Bart
ii Mary Brooke d 30.01.1866
m. 27.03.1822 Sir James M. Riddell, Bart
iii+ other issue - Thomas d 15.05.1870, Colonel, Charlotte Frances d 13.05.1868
B Thomas Brooke of Church Minshull b 1760, d 16.12.1826
m. 02.05.1780 Margaret Cunliffe d 16.12.1826, dau of Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart
i Henry Brooke of Ashbrook Hall, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1798, dsp 1884
ii Frances Brooke
m. 22.02.1822 Rev. Charles Luxmoore d 15.02.1863
iii Emily Brooke d 09.03.1878
m. 09.07.1825 Sir Henry Shiffner, Bart dsp 18.03.1859, Vice Admiral
iv Harriet Brooke
m. 21.12.1816 Robert Robert Townley-Parker of Cuerden Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire b 27.08.1793, d 11.08.1879
C Margaret Brooke
m. 1782 Rev. Thomas Blackburne
D Letitia Brooke
m. William Assheton of Downham b 1758, d 1833
E Frances Brooke
m. 1783 Robert Denison of Kilnwick Percy
i Harriet Denison
m. 10.05.1824 Philip Saltmarshe, 17th of Saltmarshe b 15.03.1780, d 28.11.1846
b Elizabeth Brooke dsps
m. 1731 Roger Wilbraham of Nantwich d 1745
c Henry Brooke probably of this generation
m. Jane Hesketh dau of Thomas Hesketh of Rufford
d+ other issue - 4 sons and 1 daughter
ii Mary Brooke
m. Randle Wilbraham of Nantwich, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1732
iii Letitia Brooke d 1758
m. 17.10.1701 Henry Legh of High Legh bpt 06.01.1680, d 11.1737
iv Frances Brooke
m. Silvester Richmond
v 1 son
v other issue - 3 sons, Sarah d unm
2 Christian Brooke 3rd dau apparently of this generation, of this marriage
m 14.08.1642 Huntingdon Plumptre of Nottingham bpt 05.02.1601, d 06.1660
m2 b about 1573 Elizabeth Merbury sister of Thomas Merbury of Merbury
b. ? y Brooke b about 1574 father or grandfather of ...
1 William Brooke of Dromavana a 1685
1 possibly: Henry BROOKE , b about 1620 the progenitor of the Virginia family, patented land in then-Northumberland (later Westmoreland) on 31 May 1650, on land adjacent to Nathaniel Pope I and Hercules Bridges
m Jane x
m3 Elinore Gerard
c. Sir Peter Brooke of Mere, Sheriff of Cheshire a 1660
Probably of this generation but not known by which marriage were ...
d. Townsend Brooke b about 1576
m. 06.12.1596 Thomas Legh of High Legh bur 04.02.1628
e. Frances Brooke b about 1578
m George Legh of Barton
f. Alice Brooke brooke b about 1580
m John Brooke
g. Christian Brooke
m. Richard Starkey dvp 1621-2
ii. Christian Brooke probably of this generation
m. Richard Grosvenor of Eaton, Sheriff of Chester d 18.09.1619
iii. Martha Brooke probably of this generation
m. Hugh Starkey

1 BEB1841 Broke of Nacton
2 BP1934 Brooke of Norton Priory
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