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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Brooke 3: Broke of Broke Hall, Brooke of Dromavana, Brooke of Mere, Broke of Nacton, Brooke of Rantavan
Sir Richard Broke d 1529, chief baron of the Exchequer
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m. Anne Leeds dau of William Leeds of Steyning
1. Sir Robert Broke of Nacton d 1558
m. Elizabeth Holgrave dau of John Holgrave of Walton-on-Thames
A. Sir Richard Broke of Nacton d 1605
m. Elizabeth Jermy dau of Sir John Jermy of Brightwell
i. Robert Broke of Nacton d 1626
m. 1602 Elizabeth Waters dau of William Waters of Wimbledon
a. Sir Richard Broke of Nacton b 1603, d 1639
m. 1620 Maria Packington dau of Sir John Packington of Hampton Lovett, Bart of Westwood
1 Sir Robert Broke, Bart of Nacton b 1622, d 25.02.1693
m. 1642 Anne Tollemache dau of Sir Lionel Tollemache or Talmarsh, Bart of Bentley
A Elizabeth Broke
m. Edward Kynaston of Salop
B Mary Broke
m. Thomas Walgrave of Wallbridge
C Anne Broke
m. sps Robert Broke, later of Nacton just below
2 Richard Broke
3 William Broke of Dartford d 1660
m. Priscilla Fielder
A Robert Broke, later of Nacton d 1714
m1. sps Anne Broke dau of Sir Robert Broke, Bart of Nacton just above
m2. Elizabeth Hewett dau of Sir John Hewett or Hewytt, 1st Bart of Waresley
i Philip Broke of Nacton b 1702, d 1762
m. 1732 Anne Bowes dau of Martin Bowes of Bury St. Edmunds St. Edmundsbury
a Philip Bowes Broke of Nacton and Broke Hall b 18.05.1749, d 22.08.1801
m. 1771 Elizabeth Beaumont b 1748, d 25.06.1822, dau of Rev. Charles Beaumont of Witnesham
1 Sir Philip Bowes Vere Broke, 1st Bart of Broke Hall b 08.09.1776, d 02.01.1841, Rear Admiral had issue
m. 25.11.1802 Sarah Louisa Middleton d 1843, dau of Sir William Fowle Middleton, Bart of Shrubland Hall
2 Sir Charles Broke, later Vere-Broke b 21.02.1779, d 03.04.1843, Major General
3 Horatio George Broke b 04.06.1790, d 30.08.1860, Lt. General had issue
m. 1825 Frederica Sophia Mure dau of James Mure of Cecil Lodge
4 Elizabeth Broke d 1801
m. 07.05.1795 Edmund Turnor of Stoke Rochford
5 Isabella Mary Broke d 28.05.1817
m. 27.12.1796 John Leveson-Gower b 25.06.1774, d 03.09.1816, General
6+ other issue - Thurland d unm 1805, Anna dsp, 2 daughters dsp
2. Margaret Broke or Brooke b c1509, d 1589probably of this generation
m1. William Whorwood Attorney General to King Herny VIII
m2. William Sheldon of Belley or Beoly d 23.12.1570
William Brooke of Dromavana a 1685
1. William Brooke of Rantavan House a 1691, rector of Killinkere, Mullagh, etc
m about 1717 Lettice Digby dau of Simon Digby, Bishop of Elphin
A. Henry Brooke of Rantavan b 1704 Since his aunt did not marry until 1720 this may have been 1719 instead.
m. Catherine Meares of Meares Court cousin
i.+ issue - Arthur d young, Charlotte d 1792, author, 20 others dvp
B. Robert Brooke b about 1720
m. Honor Brooke dau of Rev. Henry Brooke below
i. Henry Brooke of Dublin b about 1745
a. William Brooke of Hastings b about 1770
b. daughter b about 1772
m y Dolier
ii. Thomas Digby Brooke b about 1747
a. Thomas Digby Brooke in St. Helena b about 1775 had issue
m x Wright
a. probably here was Henry Daniel/Digby Brooke b about 1781
m Lucinda Dobbyn,
b. Francis Digby Brooke of Bath Major b about 1777
iii. Henry Digby Brooke of Coolock House b about 1750, This may be the same as Henry Daniel Brooke or more likely his uncle
m. Lucinda Dobbyn
a. Joseph Brooke b about 1775
b. Henry Brooke b about 1777
c. Leonard Brooke b about 1780
d. William Brooke b about 1785
e.+ 5 daughters Brooke b between 1774 and 1790
iv. Digby Brooke b about 1752
v. Robert Brooke of Prosperous,b about 1754 Governor of St. Helena a 1799, Colonel
m x Mapletoft Mrs. Wynne
a. James Brooke Major b about 1790 had issue
m x Patton dau of Governor Robert Patton
b. Elizabeth Brooke
m. H.A. Marshall of Ceylon
2. Alexander Brooke of Dromavana
m. 07.1713 Catherine Young dau of Richard Young of Drumgoon
A. William Brooke of Dromavana and Firmount b 1720, rector of Union of Granard
m. Elizabeth Young dau of Mathew Young of Lahard, cousin
i. Richard Brooke of Dromavana dsp 1818, rector of Ballyconnel
ii. William Brooke of Dromavana b 1769
m. Angel Perry dau of Capt. Edward Perry
a. William Brooke of Dromavana b 22.07.1796, d 19.08.1881 had issue
m1. 26.08.1819 Emily Margaret Wilmot d 1850, dau of Robert Rogers Wilmot of Cork
m2. sp Catherine Bradford dau of Rev. William Bradford
b. Edward Perry Brooke rector of Magheralin had issue
m. Lucie Saurin dau of James Saurin, Bishop of Dromore
c. Richard Sinclair Brooke b 1802, d 06.08.1882, rector of Wyton had issue
m. Anna Stopford dau of Rev. Joseph Stopford
d. Margaret Brooke
m. Thomas Atkinson of co. Donegal
e.+ other issue - Irwin Alexander, George Perry d 1844, Captain, Elizabeth, Catherine, Frances
iii. Honor Brooke
m. Eyles Irwin of Bellevue
3. Henry Brooke a 1700, rector of Kinawley b about 1680
m. Thomasine Tucker dau of Rev. Thomas Tucker
A. Henry Brooke, Governor of Madras, later of Kilcoffin b about 1720
i. William Brooke dsp, Lt. General, 2nd son
m. Mary Nicholls dau of Lt.Gen. _ Nicholls
ii. Robert Brooke of Bath
m1. Anne Ram dau of Stephen Ram of Ramsfort by Charlotte Slopford
m2. _ Sill dau of Rev. H. Sill
Not sure by which wife was ...
a. Henry Brooke
m. _ Ponsonby dau of Myles Ponsonby of Hale Hall
iii.+ other issue - Henry, Sally, Mary
B. Honor Brooke b about 1725
m. Robert Brooke above
Sir Peter Brooke of Mere, Sheriff of Cheshire a 1660
Sir Peter married 3 times. By his first wife were ...
1. Thomas Brooke of Mere
m1. Margaret Brereton dau of Henry Brereton of Eccleston
A. Peter Brooke of Mere
m. Elizabeth Venables dau of Peter Venables of Over Street
i. Peter Brooke of Mere, Sheriff of Cheshire b c1697, d 1766
m. Frances Hollingshead dau of Francis Hollingshead of Wheelock
a. Peter Brooke of Mere, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1793
m1. Anne Meriel Leigh b c1719, dsp 1740, dau of Fleetwood Leigh of Bank, younger of Lyme
m2. Elizabeth Langford b c1734, d 15.10.1809, dau of Jonas Langford of Antigua
1 Jonas Langford Brooke of Mere d unm 1741-2
2 Thomas Langford Brooke of Mere d 21.12.1815
m. Maria Broughton d 16.06.1841, dau of Sir Thomas Broughton, Bart of Broughton and Doddington
A Peter Langford Brooke of Mere, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1793, dsp 09.01.1840
m1. 1818 Elizabeth Sophia Rowley dau of Vice Admiral Sir Charles Rowley
m2. 1836 Julia Seymour Buccleuch Campbell d 08.09.1858, dau of Col. John Campbell of Shawfield
B Thomas Langford Brooke of Mere b 03.09.1794, d 24.01.1848 had issue
m. 03.06.1817 Eliza Clough dau of John William Clough of Oxton Hall
C Maria Elizabeth Brooke
m. 1810 Meyrick Bankes of Winstanley Hall
D Jemima Brooke
m. Sir Jeremiah Dickson
E+ other issue - William Henry Langford d unm 1839, Jonas Langford
3 Elizabeth Brooke
m. Randle Ford of Wexham
A Maria Ford youngest dau, co-heir
m. 25.10.1808 William Hulton of Hulton Park b 23.10.1787, d 31.03.1864
4 Frances Brooke
m. Thomas Oliver
5 Jane Brooke
m1. 23.08.1785 William Hulton of Hulton b 28.05.1762, d 24.06.1800
m2. William Tyrell or Thomas William Boyce Major
b. Felicia Broke
m. George Heron
c. Elizabeth Broke
m. Thomas Patten rector of Childrey
d.+ other issue d unm - John d 1780, Frances
ii. Margaret Broke
iii. Elizabeth Broke
m Thomas Ravenscroft of Pickhill
2. Richard Brooke ancestor of Brooks of Astley

1 BLG1952 Broke formerly Adlington of Holme Hale Hall, BEB1841 Broke of Nacton, BP1870 Broke-Middleton
2 BLG1886 Brooke of Mere.
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