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: Counts of Brienne, Seigneurs of Ramerupt
GenEU reports that "The earliest proven ancestor is one Engelbert III de Brienne, ca 1004/18" but also shows in file 'Flanders 1' an Engelbert I de Brienne who d after 1068 as a son of Eudes of Cambrai, younger son of Arnulf II, Count of Flanders. 'Mathematical' provides an intervening Engelbert II between that Engelbert I and Engelbert III. However, the dates make this look very unlikely and instead suggest that 'Engelbert III' was in fact the first Engelbert of Brienne in this family and that any earlier Engelberts of Brienne were of a different family, perhaps linked by marriage. It is possible, of course, that both are wrong and that the Brienne family were not descended from the early Counts of Flanders at all. We assume that the connection is valid but, to avoid losing the data provided by 'Mathematical' show that data separately from the connected genealogy as follows ...
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Br31 =32. Eudes, Count of Cambrai
m Odele of Bois Ferrand dau of Thibaud, Sn de Bois-Ferrand
Br30 =31 Engelbert I, Count of Brienne b c 880, d before 968
A. Engelbert II, Count of Brienne d c 980
i. Engelbert III, Count of Brienne d before 1039
m Windesmode of Salins dau of Gui II de Tonnerre
b. Engelgrdue b c900
m Milo III, Count de Tonnerre b c890, d c987
Br30-1. Roger, Count of St. Pol
We now show the connection as reported by GenEU ...
Br31 =32. Eudes, Count of Cambrai
m Odele de Bois Ferrand
Br30-1. Roger I, Count de St. Pol d 13.06.1067
m Hadwige / Hedwig of Houchin
Br30 =31 Engelbert I de Brienne a 1068
whom we are assuming to have been the same person as ...
Engelbert III de Brienne a 1004/8
m1. Windemondis
Br29 =30 Engelbert IV de Brienne
m Petronilla
Br28 =29 Gautier I, Count de Brienne d c1090
m Eustachie, Countess of Bar-sur-Seine dau of Milon, Count of Tonnerre and Bar-sur-Seine
Br27-1 Engelbert de Brienne, a monk
Br27 =28 Evrard I, Count de Brienne, Sn de Ramerupt a 1113
m Alix de Montdidier dau of Andre de Montdidier, Sn de Ramerupt
Br26 =27 Gautier II, Count de Brienne, Sn de Ramerupt d c1161
m1. Adele de Beaumont dau of Andre de Beaumont
m2. _ de Soissons probaby dau of Jean, Count of Soissons
Br25 =26 Guy de Brienne a 1143
Br25-2 Eustache de Brienne possibly ancestor of Sires de Conflans
Br25 Evrard II, Count de Brienne d Acre 08.02.1191
m before 1166 Agnes de Nevers dau of Guiillaume III de Nevers, Auxerres, et Tonnerre
Br24-1 Gautier III, Count de Brienne, Prince of Tarento d 1205
m 1200 Elvira d after 1216, dau of Count Tancredo de Lecce, King of Sicily
a Gautier IV 'le Grand', Count of Jaffa b 1205, d 1244/7 had issue
m 1233 Maria de Lusignan b 1215, d c1252, dau of Hugues I de Lusignan, King of Cyprus
b Marguerite de Brienne
m Balian, lord of Sayette
Br24-2 Guillaume de Brienne d c1200
m before 1189 Eustache de Courtenay d after 1235, dau of Pierre de Courtenay
a Andrew de Brienne d c1215
b Elvis de Brienne
m Jean, Count de St. Florentin d c1235
Br24-3 Andrew de Brienne a 1181
Br24 Jean de Brienne, King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople d 1237
m1. 1210 Maria of Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem b 1191, d 1212
a Yolande or Isabella II, Queen of Jerusalem b 1211, d 1228
m 1225 Frederick II, Duke of Swabia, King of Germany, King of 2 Sicilies, Emperor b 26.12.1194, d 13.12.1250
m2. before 05.1214 Stephanie of Armenia d 1219, dau of Leon I, King of Armenia
b John de Brienne, Prince of Armenia d 1220 ?
m3. 1224 Berenguela of Castile b 1198/9, dau of Alfonso IX, King of Leon
Br23-3 Alphonse de Brienne of Acre, Count of Eu d 1270
m before 1250 Marie d'Eu d 1260, dau of Raoul II, Count of Eu et Guines
-1 Jean de Brienne, Count of Eu d 1294 had issue
m Beatrix de Chatillon d 1304, dau of Guy de Chatillon, Count de St. Pol
-2 Blanche de Brienne d c1328, Abbess m William 2nd Baron Fiennes and had issue
Some web sites suggest that Alphonse had another son, Guy de Brien, but we have seen no evidence to support this.
Br=Be23 Louis de Brienne of Acre, Viscount de Beaumont b c1225, d after 01.09.1297
m Agnes, Countess de Beaumont d 09.05.1301, dau of Raoul VIII de Beaumont, Vicomte de Maine and Beaumont
-1 Jean de Beaumont b 1306 had issue
m1. after 26.09.1265 Jeanne d after 29.01.1290, dau of Geoffroy, Sn de la Guerche
m2. c1305 Marie de Chantoce d 28.09.1306, dau of Walter VII Verthout, Sn de Malines
-2 Louis de Beaumont, Bishop of Durham d 25.09.1333
Be22 Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, Earl of Buchan, Justiciar of Scotland d c03.1340
m before 14.03.1310 Alicia Comyn, Countess of Buchan dau of Sir Alexander Comyn
-4 Marguerite de Brienne d 1328
m Bohemund VII de Poitiers d c1287
-5 Marie de Brienne
m Henri d'Avaugour, Sn de Mayenne d 1301
-6 Isabelle de Brienne d before 01.11.1334
m 1279 John de Vesci of Alnwick b 18.07.1244, dsp 1288-9
-7 Jeanne de Brienne d 1323
m 1286 Guy VIII de Laval b 1240, d 1295
Br23-5 Jean de Brienne of Acre, bouteiller de France d 1296
m1. Marie de Coucy dau of Enguerrand de Coucy
m2. 1251 Jeanne de Chateau-du-Loir dau of Geoffroy, Vcte de Chateaudun
-1 Blanche de Brienne of Loupelande
m c1266 Guillaume de Fiennes presumed to be William, 2nd Lord of Fiennes
Br23-6 Maria de Brienne of Acre, Regent of Constantinople and Namur b 1225, d after 05.05.1275
m 1234 Baldwin de Courtenay II, Emperor of Constantinople b 1218, d 1273
Br24-5 Ida de Brienne
m Arnoul de Reynel, Sn de Pierrefitte et de Cirey d c1228
Br25-4 Andre de Brienne, Sn de Ramerupt d Acre 1189 had issue
m before 1167 Adelais, Dame de Venisy d 1221/2, dau of Anseau de Venisy
Br25-5+ other issue
m3. 1137 Humbeline de Troyes
m4. 1146 Adelais
Br27-3 Milon de Brienne, Count of Bar-sur-Seine d c1126
m before 1103 Matilda de Noyers dau of Miles de Noyers
1 Guy de Brienne, Count of Bar-sur-Seine
m Petronille Elizabeth de Chacenay dau of Anseric de Chacenay
A Ermesinde de Brienne d after 1211
m1 Anseau de Trainel d 1188/9
m2 1189, div c1195 Theobald I, Count of Bar b c1158, d 13.02.1214
B+ other issue - Milon, Guillaume, Gui, Manasses, Thibaut
2 Renaud de Brienne d 1150, Abbot of Citeaux
Br27-4 Mantia de Brienne
Br27-5 daughter
m div, sp Fulk IV 'le Rechin', Count of Anjou b 1043, d 14.04.1109
Br29-2. Guy de la Pione had issue
m2 Alix de Sens dau of Renaud, Count de Sens
Br29-3. daughter
m Etienne de Joinville

Sources: GenEU Brienne1, 2.
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