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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

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Bourbon 1: Dukes of Bourbon and Auvergne
Robert of France, Count de Clermont, Sn de Bourbon b 1256, d 07 Feb 1317
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
m 1272 Beatrix, Dame de Bourbon b 1257, d 01 Oct 1310, dau of Jean de Bourgogne, Sn de Bourbon
1. Lous I 'le Bouteux', Duke of Bourbon, Count of Clermont b 1279, d 29 Jan 1342
m 1310 Marie d'Avesnes b c1280, d 1354, dau of Jean II d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault and Holland
A. Pierre I, Duke of Bourbon b 1311, d Poitiers 1356
m c1336 Isabelle de Valois b 1313, d 26 Jul 1383, dau of Charles, Count de Valois et d'Alencon
i. Louis II, Duke of Bourbon b 1337, d 1410
m 1371 Anne d'Auvergne, Countess de Forez b 1358, d 1417, dau of Berauld II, Dauphin d'Auvergne
a. Jean I, Duke of Bourbon et d'Auvergne b 1381, d 1434
m 1400 Marie de Berry et d'Auvergne b 1367, d 1434, dau of Jean , Duc de Berry et d'Auvergne
1 Charles I, Duke of Bourbon et d'Auvergne b 1401, d 1456
m 17 Sep 1425 Agnes de Bourgogne b 1407, d 01 Dec 1476, dau of John 'Intrepidus', Duke of Burgundy
A Jean II, Duke of Bourbon et d'Auvergne b 1426, d 1448
m1 1447 Jeanne of France b 1430, d 1482
m2 1484 Catherine of Armagnac d 1487, dau of Jacques d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours
m3. 1487 Jeanne b 1465, d 1512, dau of Jean de Bourbon, Count de Vendome
i+ other issue d infant - Jean b/d 1487, Louis b/d 1488
B Philippe, Sn de Beaujeu b 1430, d 1440
C Charles II, Duke, Cardinal, Archbishop of Lyon b 1434, dspl 1488
D Louis, Bishop of Liege b 1438, d 1482
p. Katharine von Egmont, Regent of Geldern b 1439, d 1496
i Pierre de Bourbon, Baron de Busset b 1464, d 1529
m 1498 Marguerite de Tourzel dit d'Alegre, Dame de Busset d 1531, dau of Bertrand of Busset
ii Louis b 1465, d after 26 Jun 1500
iii Jacques, Grand Prior of Jesuits b 1466, d 1537
E Pierre II, Duke of Bourbon et d'Auvergne b 1438, d 1503
m 1473 Anne of France b 1462, d 1522
i Charles, Count de Clermont b 1476, d 1498
ii Suzanne, Duchess of Bourbon et d'Auvergne b 1491, d 1521
m 1505 Charles III, Duke of Bourbon
D Jacques of Bourbon b 1445, d 1468
E Marie of Bourbon b 1428, d 1448
m 1444 Jean d'Anjou, Duke of Lorraine b 1425, d 1470
F Isabelle of Bourbon b 1436, d 25 Sep 1465
m 1454 Charles, Duke of Burgundy d 1477
G Catherine of Bourbon b 1440, d 05.1469
m 28 Dec 1473 Adolf von Egmond, Duke of Geldern b 1438, d 22 Jul 1477
H Jeanne of Bourbon b 1442, d 1493
m 1467 Jean II de Chalon, Prince of Orange d 1502
I Marguerite of Bourbon b 1444, d 1483
m 1472 Philip I, Duke of Savoy d 1497
2 Louis, Count de Forez b 1403, d 1412
3 Louis 'le Bon', de Bourbon, Count de Clermont, etc d 1486 had issue
m1 1428 Jeanne, Countess de Clermont-en Auvergne et de Sancerre, Dauphine d'Auvegne d 1436
m2 1443 Gabrielle d 1486, dau of Bertrand de la Tour, Count d'Auvergne et de Boulogne
b.+ other issue - Louis de Beaujolais b 1388, d 1404, Catherine b 1378, d young, Isabelle b 1384, d after 1451
ii. Jeanne of Bourbon b 1339, d 1378
m 1350 Charles V 'le Sage', King of France b 21 Jan 1337, d 1380
iii. Blanche of Bourbon b 1339, dsp 1361
m 1353 Pedro I 'the Cruel', King of Castile and Leon b 1334, d 1369
iv. Bonne of Bourbon b 1341, d 1402
m 1335 Amadeo VI, Count of Savoy d 01 Mar 1383
v. Catherine of Bourbon b 1342, d 1427
m 1359 Jean VI, Count of Harcourt d 1388
vi. Marguerite of Bourbon b 1344, d after 04 Jan 1416
m 04 May 1368 Arnauld VIII Amanjeu d'Albrey, Viscount de Tartas b 1338, d 1401
vii.+ other issue - Isabelle b 1345, Marie b 1347, d 1401, Prioress of Poissy
B. Jacques of Bourbon b/d 1318
C. Jacques I de Bourbon, Count de la Marche et de Ponthieu b 1319, d 1362
m 1335 Jeane de Chatillon-sur-Marne b 1320, d 1371, dau of Hugues de Chatillon-sur-Marne
D. Jeanne de Bourbon b 1312, d 1402
m 1324 Gugies VII, Count de Forez b 1299, 1357
E. Marguerite de Bourbon b 1313, d 1362
m1 06 Jul 132 Jean II de Sully d 1343
m2 1346 Hutin de Vermeilles
F. Marie of Bourbon, Princess of Aschia b 1315, d 1387
m1 1330 Guy de Lusignan, Prince of Galilee d 1343
m2 1347 Robert II, Prince of Tarento b 1299, d 1364
G. Philippe of Bourbon b 1316, a 1327
H. Beatrix de Bourbon b 1320, d 23 Dec 1383
m1 Jean, Count of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia b 10 Aug 1296, d Crecy 26 Aug 1346
m2 c1347 Eudes II de Grancey
2. Jean, Baron de Charolais b 1283, d 1316
m c1309 Jeanne d'Argies d after 1348, dau of Renaud d'Argies
A. Beatrix, Dame de Charolais b 1310, d 1364
m 1327 Jean I, Count d'Armagnac et de Fezensc d 1373
B. Jeanne, Dame de St. Just b 1312, d 1383
m 1328 Jean I, Count d'Auvergne et de Boulogne d 1386
3. Blanche b 1281, d 1304
m 1303 Robert VII, Count d'Auvergne et de Boulogne d 1325
4. Marguerite b 1289, d 1309
m 1308 Jean I, Margrave of Namur b 1267, d 1330
5.+ other issue - Pierre b 1287, d after 1330, priest, Marie b 1285, d 1372, Prioress of Poissy

Sources: GenEU Capet22.
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