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: Berney Barney of Gunton, Berney Barney of Reedham, Barney of Wichingham
1 Visitation 1563+1589+1613 spells the family name "Barney" but Visitation 1664, BP1934 & BLG1886 show it as "Berney".
2 BP1934 reports that the family is thought to be of Saxon or Norse origin. It starts with Sir Thomas who married Margaret, heiress of Reedham "whither he removed from Witchingham in the time of Edward III". From this we presume that the later Barneys/Berneys of Wichingham were of the same family as those of Reedham.
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Be23 =29. Sir Thomas Barney or Berney of Redham Reedham, Norfolk b c 1325 a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377
m. Margaret de Reedham dau of William de Reedham of Reedham
Be22 =28 John Barney or Berney of Reedham b c 1350 BP1934 reports that son of the above Sir Thomas and great-great-great-grandfather of the undermentioned Henry m. Alice Apleton was John. Visitation 1563 names him Thomas. Noting that we presume to show below another son of Sir Thomas as Thomas, we follow BP1934.
m. _ Heveningham dau of _ Heveningham of Heveningham
Be27. Thomas Barney or Berney of Reedham b c 1375
m. Elizabeth Clipsby dau of John Clipsby of Clypsby
Be26. John Barney or Berney of Reedham b c 1400
m. Elizabeth Mundeford dau of Osbert Mundeford of Hockwold
Be25. John Barney or Berney of Reedham b c 1430
m. Alice Southwell dau of Richard Southwell of Woodrising by Amy, dau of Edmond Wichingham by Alice Fastolfe
Be24 John Barney or Berney of Reedham b about 1460
m Margaret Wentworth dau of Sir Roger Wentworth of Codham
Be23 John Barney or Berney of Reedham b c 1500 d by 1558
m Margaret Read dau of William Read
Be22 Henry Barney or Berney of Reedham b c 1540 d 1584 BP1934 'restarts' with this Henry.
m Alice Appleton dau of Roger Appleton of Dartford and Comb
Be21-1 Sir Thomas Berney of Park Hall in Reedham, Sheriff of Norfolk b c 1556 d 1616
m. Juliana or Mary Gawdy dau of Sir Thomas Gawdy of Redenhall or Rednell
Be21-2 Henry Barney or Berney of Hadockstone, Yorkshire
m Elizabeth Tirwhitt
1+ issue - Thomas, Robert, John, Alice, Mary, Anne, Margaret, Elizabeth, Agatha
Be21-3 John Barney or Berney 'of London'
m. Mary Cursoun dau of Sir Francis Cursoun of Walter Pury
1 Thomas Barney
Be21-4 Anne Berney
m Thomas Gybbon of Norfolk
Be21 Margaret Berney b c 1566, d before 06.03.1640-1
m m Edmond Paston of Appleton d before 06.05.1630
Be21-6 Mary Berney
m. Thomas Eltofts of Farnhill
Be22-2 Robert Barney dsp
Be22-3 Mary Barney
m. William Denny of Heringfleet
The following comes from Visitation London, 1568, Barney.
Be23-2 Robert Barney of London d by 1571
m. Margaret Kenryk widow of Edmond Garway of London
i+ issue - Anne b c1565, Margaret
Be23-3 Mary Barney Berney
m1. Robert Jeny d 1559
m2. Henry Brampton 'of Fritton'
Be23-4 Amy Barney
Be24-2 Mary Barney possibly of this generation
m. Edmund Style of Langley b 27.03.1538
Be26=. Elizabeth Berney of Reedham b 1402
m Sir Osbert Mondeford of Feltwell, Norfolk
-1 Sir John Tyndale of Hockwold b 1477 "... of Hockwold K., was one of ye Knights of the Bath at ye coronation of Queen Anne BOLLEN."
m Amphillis Coningsby Co14=17 dau of Sir Humphrey Coningsby "one of ye Judges of ye K. Bench."
Be27=21. Margaret Barney possibly of this generation b about 1380
m. John Mawtby
BP1934 starts with the above Sir Thomas who married Margaret, heiress of Reedham "whither he removed from Witchingham in the time of Edward III". From this we presume that the later Barneys/Berneys of Wichingham were of the same family. Noting that Visitation Norfolk, 1563, Sowthwell shows the Alice who married John Barney of Redeham as sister of the Amy who married Rafe Barney of Wychingham, which gives us a rough fix on the generations, we presume to show the following Sir Thomas, the first mentioned in the entry on the Barneys of Wichingham, as younger son of the above Sir Thomas. It should be noted that Visitation does not show any connection between the following and the above whilst BP1934 makes no mention at all of the following family.
Be28-2. Sir Thomas Barney
m. _ Argentyne dau of Sir _ Argentyne
Be28-2-1 Sir Robert Barney of Wichingham
Visitation identifies Sir Robert's wife as a daughter of Sir Walter Walcott. We have seen her identified on a web site as ...
m. Margaret Walcott dau of Sir Walter Walcott of Walcott & Gunton
i. John Barney of Wichingham and Gunton
m. _ Allington dau of Sir Robert Allington
a. Robert or Rafe Barney of Wichingham
Visitation Barney identifies Robert's wife as Amy, dau of Sir Robert Southwell. As mentioned above, Visitation Norfolk, 1563, Sowthwell shows an Amy as married to Rafe Barney of Wychingham, whom we presume to be this Robert, as follows. We have seen on a web site reference to Ralph, brother/heir of Robert Berney of Gunton, so we presume that there was/is some confusion between the brothers.
m. Amy Southwell dau of Richard Southwell of Woodrising by Amy, dau of Edmond Wichingham
1 Robert Barney of Wichingham
m. Susan Farmor dau of Sir Henry Farmor
A Martin Barney of Gunton, Norfolk
m. Margaret Flint dau of Robert Flint of Suffolk
i Elizabeth Barney presumably the Elizabeth d 1603 who married ...
m. Christopher Grimston b c1564
ii+ other issue - Robert, Henry, Frances, Temperance, Margaret
2 John Barney
A Richard Barney of Langley
3 Francis/es Barney dsp
Daughter of Ralph Berney of Gunton was ...
4 Jane Barney
m. John Corbet of Sprowston
Be28-3 Walter Berney represented London in Parliament in 1361 was probably of this family and generation

Sources: Visitation Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Barney, BP1934 Berney
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