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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Be30.John de Malebisse b 989 Normandy
Be29 Sir Hugh de Malebisse b 7 May 1030 Normandy d 1106 Yorkshire
Be28-1 Richard de Malebisse b 1070
Be28-3 Galfred de Malebisse b 1075 Yorkshire d 1142
Be28 Sir Hugo de Malebisse b 12 Oct 1072 Acaster Malbis York d 1140
m Emma de Percy dau of
+1 William de Percy b c 1034 d c 1096
m Emma de Port St27 dau of
+2 Geoffrey de Percy b c 1005
+2 Hugh de Port of Basing
+3 Mainfred de Percy b c 980 +4 Rollo Rollosson b c 945 +5 Rollo Thurstan Brico b c 885 m Gerlotte de Blois dau of Theobald de Tours +6 Hrollaug of Iceland b c854 +7 Ragnvald I 'the Wise', Jarl of More (b c830 , d c890/4)
m. Ragnhild b c848, dau of Rolf Nefia
+8 Einstein or Eystein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More m. (c846) Ascriba (dau of Rognvald Olafsson of Westfold/Agder) +9 Ivar, Jarl of the Uplands b after 770)
m. daughter of Eystein 'Glumra' Hognasson
Be27 Hugo de Malebisse b 12 Oct 1103 d 1138
Be26 Simon de Malebisse b 1123 d 1208
m x Methley
Be25 Sir Hercules Beckwith de Malebisse b c 1208/?1170 d 1232 (source date implausible)
m x de Bruce of Uglebarnby
Be24 Sir Hercules Beckwith Baron de Clint b 1200 Methby York d 1285 Ugleby York
m x de Ferrers b 1235 d 1300
Be23 Nicholas Beckwith b 1260 Beckwith Yorkshire d 1339
m x Chaworth b 1270 Tamworth Castle Yorkshire d 1358
+1 John Chaworth b c 1235
Be22 Hamon Beckwith b 7 Dec 1310 Clint d there 1368
m Anne Tilney b c 1330 d 1390
Be21 William Beckwith b 2 Feb 1345 Beckwith York d there 1395
m Joan Usfleet b c 1359 Wighill York d 1420 Beckwith
+1 Sir Girard Urfleet/Usflete/Ousflete b 1325 Wighill York
Be20 Thomas Beckwith b 29 Aug 1375 Clint d c 1430 Thirsk York
m x Sawley b c 1380 Saxony d 1417 dau of John Sawley
Be19 Adam Beckwith de Clint b c 1405 Clint d there c 1480
m Elizabeth de Malebisse b c 1406 d c 1479 dau of
+1 Thomas de Malebisse b 1340 d 1407
m x Palmer b c 1350
+2 William de Malebisse b c 1295 Yorkshire d c 1350
+2 Francis Palmer b c 1330
+3 John de Malebisse b 1264 Yorkshire d 1305
m Agness Willstrope b 1269 d 1310
+4 Richard de Malebisse b 1223 d 1277
Be18 Sir William Beckwith b c 1425 Clint York d there 15 Oct 1481
m1 Elizabeth Baskerville b 1428 Eardsley d 1500 + 1 ch
m2 Sibyl
+1 Sir John Baskerville of Combe b 12 Feb 1408 Eridisley Hereford d 23 Dec 1455 Erdisley Castle Kington Hereford
m Elizabeth Touchet b 1406 Heleigh Stafford d 1499 Somerset
+2 Sir John Baskerville
m Elizabeth or Joanna Brugge b 1399 Ross Hertford d 1430 Erdisley
+2 John Touchet, Baron Audley of Heleigh b 23 Apr 1371 d 19 Dec 1408
m >Isabell de Stafford b c 1380
+3 Sir John Brugge
m Joane Pyne
+3 Sir Humphrey Stafford, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset b c 1375/?65
+4 Sir Baldwin de Brugge b 1368 Staunton Hereford
m Isabel Grandison b c 1340 Ashperton Hereford d 14 Apr 1406 Herford
+4 Myles Pyne
+4 Sir Humphrey Stafford b c 1343 d 31 Oct 1413 bur Chapel of St Andrew Abbotsbury Abbey Dorset
m before 1365 Elizabeth Greville dau of Adam Greville
+5 Sir John Stafford of Sandon = Sir John Stafford of Bromshull
m2 Margaret Stafford dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford
Be17 Thomas Beckwith b 1445 Clint York d there 15 Oct 1495
m Elizabeth Heslerton b c 1440 Filey York d c 1491 Clint York
+1 Sir William Bradford Heslerton b c 1400 North Yorkshire
m Havisia de Neville
+2 Sir William Bradford Heslerton
m Elizabeth Touchet dŽAudley b c 1373
Be16 John Beckwith b c 1468 Broxholme Lincoln d c 1553
m Elizabeth
Be15 Robert Huntington Beckwith of Thorpe b c 1495 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk
m1 Jennet m2 Constance
Be14 John Beckwith of Thorpe b c 1515 Broxholm York d there c 1590
Be13 Robert Beckwith of Alderbourogh b c 1540 Clint York d c 1585 Thorpe York continued below
m Elizabeth Jennings b c 1540
Be13. Robert Beckwith of Alderbourogh b c 1540 Clint York d c 1585 Thorpe York continued from above
Elizabeth Jennings b c 1540
Be13 Marmaduke Beckwith b c 1568 Ayxlesbury Bucks d 1625 Wembley n London
June Dyneley b 1567 dau of
+1 y Dyneley
Be12 Thomas Beckwith b 1584 Clint North Yorkshire d 1625 Bradford West Yorkshire
m Anne Dynley b 1588 York d 1615 she m1 Sir Marmaduke Beckwith
Be11-1 Thomas Beckwith
Be11-2 Roger Beckwith, of Northcot and ...
Be11-3 Alice Beckwith
Be11-4 William Beckwith
Be11-5 Jane Beckwith daughter Thomas Beckwith husband Matthew Beckwith, Sr. son William Beckwith +1