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Beauchamp Beauchamp of Alcester, Beauchamp of Bletsho, Beauchamp of Powyke, Beauchamp of St. Amand
Be26. Walter de Beauchamp of Powick or Powyke and Alcester d 1303
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m Alice de Toeni
Be25-1. Walter de Beauchamp of Powyke dsp 1328
Be25-2. William de Beauchamp of Powyke, Sheriff of Worcestershire dsp
Be25 Giles de Beauchamp of Alcester, later of Powyke d 10.1361
m 1329 Catherine de Bures dau of Sir John de Bures
Be24=21. John de Beauchamp of Powyke d before 1401
m Elizabeth d 1411
Be20-1 Sir William de Beauchamp of Powyke d before 1431
m Catherine de Ufflete dau of Sir Gerard de Ufflete
a. Sir John de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Powyke d 1475
m before 1448 Margaret Ferrars sister of Richard Ferrars
1 Sir Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Powyke d 19.01.1502-3
m Elizabeth Stafford dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford
A Elizabeth Beauchamp
m Robert Willoughby, 2nd Lord de Broke d 1522
Recent Earls of Warwick are descended from Elizabeth Willoughby, Elizabeth's granddaughter.
B Anne Beauchamp d 1535
m Richard not Thomas Lygon ancestor of extant Earls Beauchamp
C Margaret Beauchamp
m Richard Rede
Be20 Sir Walter de Beauchamp
m Elizabeth Roche dau of Sir John Roche of Brohau or Bromham
Be19-1 William de Beauchamp, 1st Lord St. Amand d 19.03.1457
m Elizabeth de Braybrooke dau of Gerard de Braybrooke
Elizabeth's father's mother was Eleanor, dau of Amauri St. Amand, 3rd Lord.
1 Richard de Beauchamp, 2nd Lord St. Amand b 1453, dspl 1508
m Anne
Be19-2 Richard de Beauchamp, Bishop of Salisbury
Be19 Elizabeth de Beauchamp
m Sir Richard Dudley d c1465
Be20-3. Alice de Beauchamp d 08.02.1442-3 connection possibility reported by TCP Sudeley
m1 Thomas Boteler of Sudeley d 21.09.1398
m2 Sir John Dalyngrigge of Bodiam Castle dsp
Be24. Roger de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Bletsoe or Bletsho, Bedfordshire d 03.01.1379/80
TCP Beauchamp of Bletsoe reports that none of his successors were ever summoned to Parliament and so does not designate them as Barons.
m1 before 1336/7 Sibel de Pateshulle a 10.1351, dau of Sir John de Pateshulle of Pattishall, Bletsoe and Crawley
Be23 Roger de Beauchamp dvp
TCP reports but BE1883 omits this generation. TCP does not identify his wife but Visitation Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Paston shows her as follows although there is a concern that this is a confusion with his son's wife whose father was probably a William also.
m Joane dau of William Clayton or Claxton mother of Margaret, presumed mother of ...
Be22-1 Roger de Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Bletsho b c1363, d 03.05.1406
m Johanna Clopton
1 John de Beauchamp, '3rd Lord' of Bletsho d by 1413
m1.Margaret Holand dau of Sir John Holand
m2. Edith Stourton dau of Sir John Stourton
A John de Beauchamp, 4th Lord of Bletsho b c1411, dsp
B Margaret de Beauchamp b 1410, d 08.08.1482
m1 Sir Oliver St. John of Penmark, later of Bletsho d 1437
m2 c1442 John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset b before 25.04.1404, d 27.05.1444
m3. c04.1447 Sir Lionel Leo de Welles, 6th Lord, Lieutenant of Ireland b 1406, d Towton 29.03.1461
Be22 Margaret Beauchamp
m Robert Mawtby
m2 Margaret
Be25 Margaret de Beauchamp
m before 03.05.1318 Robert de Lisle, 1st Lord b 20.01.1287/8, d 04.01.1343/4

Sources: BE1883 Beauchamp of Bletsho, BE1883 Beauchamp of Powyke, BP1934 Beauchamp.
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