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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Aldburgh Aldeburgh of Aldburgh Aldborough of Aldborough or Aldeburgh or Aldbrough or Audburgh of Audburgh, Atkins of Clapham

Sir Ives de Aldeburgh of Aldeburgh
m Mary
1. Sir William Aldeburgh of Aldeburgh & Harewood, 1st Lord d 01Apr1388
m Elizabeth d by 1378, probably sister of John de l'Isle of Rougemont, father of Robert
A. Sir William Aldeburgh of Aldeburgh, 2nd Lord dsp 20Aug1391
mMargery de Sutton d 10.10.1391, dau of Thomas de Sutton of Branceholme Castle and Sutton in Holderness
B. Elizabeth Aldeburgh d 21Dec1417
m1. Sir Brian Stapleton dvp 1391, son of Sir Brian of Carlton
m2. before 16.07.1399 Sir Richard Redman of Levens d 22May1426
B. Sibyl Aldeburgh d 03.09.1439
m Sir William Ryther of Ryther d c1426
Rychard Audburgh or Aldborough
m Margaret Roclyff dau of Sir Robert Roclyff, son of Sir Rychard
1. Rychard Audburgh
A. Sir Richard Audburgh
m1. Agnes Plumpton dau of William Plumpton of Plumpton
i. Sir Richard Audburgh of Audburgh
m Jane Fairfax dau of Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton
a. Richard Audburgh or Aldeborough of Ellenthorpe bur 06Sep1613
Richard's burial date is given in a note to the Visitation, along with the description of him as 'of Ellenthorpe'. Either he was very old when he died or the date should have been attributed to his son.
m1. Jane Malyverer dau of James Malyverer of Wotersome
1 Richard Aldeborough of Aldeborough
m Elionor Goldesborough dau of Thomas Goldesborough of Goldesborough
A William Aldeborough of Aldeborough bpt 14.03.1556-7, bur 25.01.1627-8
m1. Ann Kaye bur 15.07.1595, dau of Arthur Kaye or Key of Wodsome
i Richard Aldeborough b c1585, bur 17.01.1587-8
The Visitation ends with this Richard but a note reports his early death and mentions ...
ii Arthur Aldeborough or Aldburgh of Aldeborough/Aldburgh bpt 25.07.1585
a William Aldburgh of Aldburgh possibly fits here, mentioned in FMG Sykes
m Elizabeth Sykes d 1671, dau of John Sykes of Leeds
1 Elizabeth Aldburgh a 1712, unm
b Elizabeth Aldburgh d 1675 probably of this generation
m John Wentworth of Woolley b 1607, d 22.02.1682
iii Dorothy Aldborough probably of this generation, presumed by this marriage
m Francis Rawdon of Rawdon a 1612
m2. Mary Burdett bur 11.06.1623, dau of Thomas Burdett of Burthwaite
B Elionor Aldeborough
m William Mauliverer of Wodersome
C+ other issue - Anne, Catheryn
2 Jane Aldeborough
The Visitation first identifies Richard's 2nd wife as Katherine, dau of Sir Thomas Malyverer of Allerton, but then, in a note, identifies her as Lucy Bourchier whose sister Katherine married Sir Richard Malyverer of Allerton.
m2. Lucy Bourchier bur 08.11.1641, dau of Sir Ralph Bourchier of Beningborough
3 Ursula Aldeborough
b.+ other issue - Thomas, Raff, Elsabeth, Doraty
m2. _ Ward dau of Sir Richard Ward
ii. Isabella Audburgh
m Sir _ Ollerton
Possibly of this generation, but if so by which wife is not known, was ...
iii. Ursula Audburgh d before 1550
m 04.07.1547 Dionisius Denis Plumpton
Richard Atkins of Berkhampstead St. Peters
1. Henry Atkins a 1634, physician to King James I/VI
m Mary Pigott dau of Thomas Pigott of Dodershall
A. Sir Henry Atkins 'of Clapham' a 1634
m Annabella Hawkins dau of John Hawkins of Chiddingstone by Anne Bay
i. Sir Richard Atkins, 1st Bart of Clapham d 19.11.1689, 2nd son
m Rebecca Wright dau of Sir Edmund Wright of London
a. Sir Richard Atkins, 2nd Bart of Clapham d 28.11.1696, Colonel
m Elizabeth Byde dau of Sir Thomas Byde of Ware Park
1 Sir Henry Atkins, 3rd Bart of Clapham d 1712
m Rebecca Maria Dixie d 26.08.1731, dau of Sir Wolstan Dixie, 3rd Bart of Market Bosworth
A Sir Henry Atkins, 4th Bart of Clapham d 1728
m 10.1723 Penelope Stonhouse d 19.08.1734, dau of Sir John Stonhouse of Radley
i Sir Henry Atkins, 5th Bart of Clapham b c1726, d 01.09.1742
ii Sir Richard Atkins, 6th Bart of Clapham d unm 19.06.1756
iii Penelope Atkins
m 05.01.1745-6 George Pitt, 1st Lord Rivers d 07.05.1803
B Rebecca Maria Atkins
m 1730 Thomas Polkes
2+ other issue - Ralph, Richard, Annabella
b. Mary Atkins
m William Moreton, Bishop of Meath
1 Richard Moreton dsp
2 Annabella Moreton d 1774
m William Taylor of Dublin
A Richard Taylor, later Moreton of Little Moreton had issue
c. Agnes Atkins
m Edward Atkins brother of Sir Robert
d. Elizabeth Atkins
m Thomas Tooke of Wormley
e. Rebecca Atkins bur 22.12.1744
m 10.12.1685 Sir Wolstan Dixie, 3rd Bart of Market Bosworth bpt 25.03.1657, d 10.12.1713
f.+ other issue d unm - Henry b c1652, d 15.02.1677, Annabella, Rebecca
ii. Mary Atkins apparently the Mary who married ...
m1/2. William Halford b c1615
m2/1. Sir John Norwich, 1st Bart of Brampton b 14.09.1612, d 10.1661
iii.+ other issue - John, Henry, Thomas

1 For upper section uploaded 14.04.06 : TCP Aldeburgh or Aldebrough
2 For middle section uploaded 03.06.05 : Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Aldburgh
2 For lower section uploaded 31.08.05 : BEB1841 Atkins of Clapham, Visitation London, 1634, Atkins
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