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Arundell 3

: Arundel of Kenelhelwas, Arundel of Menedarva, Arundel of Trengwaiton, Arundel of Trerice

(1) Whilst it is believed that this family descended from the Arundells of Lanherne, the connection has not yet been proven to our satisfaction. Commoners suggests that the Thomas who is shown below as possible progenitor of the family was second son of Sir John of Lanherne by Eleanor Lamborne. But BP1934 (Arundell of Wardour) indicates that the Thomas who was that second son was 'of Lanhadron' and, whilst mentioning that he was ancestor of the Arundells of Tolverne, shows different wife/wives and does not mention the Arundels of Trerice. We therefore view that connection as unlikely.
(2) As mentioned above, Commoners shows Sir John of Lanherne's second son as ...
Thomas Arundel of Kenelhelwas
m. Mary Durnford dau of _ Durnford of Durnford
1. Sir Oliver Arundel of Carshay
Commoners identifies Sir Oliver's wife as Margery, daughter of Ralph, Lord of Albominster, son of George, Lord Arundel, by Maud. Not being certain as to which family she belonged to, we show her as just ...
m. Margery
A. Ralph Arundel of Kenelhelwas see probable duplication just below
m. (1422) Joan Trerice (dau of Michael Trerice)
BE1883 shows different parents for the Ralph who married Joan/Jane Trerice, as follows ...
Randel Arundel
m. Elizabeth Steward (dau of John Steward)
1. Ralph Arundel (a 1358) see probable duplication just above
BE1883 reports that this Ralph was "living in the 31st of Edward III" (ie. 1358) which looks odd given that Commoners reports that he married Joan Trerice in 1422. There is clearly something wrong with this but hereafter we generally follow BE1883 until it separates from the information provided by Commoners.
m. Jane Trerice (dau of Michael Trerice)
A. Nicholas Arundel
Commoners identifies Nicholas's wife as Jane, daughter of Peller, Lord of Peller. BE1883 identifies her as ...
m. Elizabeth Pellocer (dau of John Pellocer)
i. Sir John Arundel of Trerice
m. Joan Durant (dau of John Durant)
a. Nicholas Arundel
m. Jane St. John (dau of Edward St. John)
(1) Leonard Arundel (dvpsp)
(2) Sir John Arundel of Trerice
m1. Margaret Courtenay (dau of Sir Hugh Courtenay)
(A)+ 2 sons (d young)
m2. Anne Moyle (dau of Sir Walter Moyle)
(C) Sir John Arundel of Trerice, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1524)
m. Joan Greenvil (dau of Thomas Greenvil)
(i) Sir John Arundel of Trerice
m1. Mary Beville (dau of John Beville of Gwarnick)
(a) Elizabeth Arundel
m. Robert Tredenham
(b) Catherine Arundel
m. Richard Prideaux of Thuborough
(c) Jane Arundel
BE1883 identifies Jane's husband as William Wall but this appears to be the Jane who, according to Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Trevelyan) which reports their daughter Dorothy, married ...
m. William Viell of Trevarder
((1)) Dorothy Viell (coheir)
m. George Arundell
((2)) Grace Viellprobably of this generation
m. Sir George Smith of Exeter (d 1619)
m2. Julian Erisey (dau of Jacob Erisey)
(d) John Arundel of Trerice (d 1580)
m1. Catherine Cosworth (dau of John Cosworth)
((1)) Mary Arundel
m. Oliver Dynham
((2)) Dorothy Arundel
m. Edward Cosworth
((3)) Julian Arundel
m. Richard Carew of Antony
((4)) Alice Arundel
m. Henry Somaster of Painsford
m2. Gertrude Dennis (dau of Robert Dennis of Holcomb)
((5)) John Arundel of Trerice (d 05.12.1654, Colonel)
m. Mary Cary (dau of George Cary of Clovelly)
((A)) Richard Arundel, 1st Lord of Trerice (bur 10.10.1687)
m. (before 1648) Gertrude Bagge (b c1614, bur 28.11.1691, dau of Sir James Bagge of Saltram (Devon) (by Grace, dau of John Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh, widow of Nicholas Slanning of Bickley)
((i)) John Arundel, 2nd Lord of Trerice (bpt 01.09.1649, d 07.09.1697)
m1. (c05.1675) Margaret Acland (dau of Sir John Acland of Colomb John)
((a)) John Arundel, 3rd Lord of Trerice (d 24.09.1706)
m. Elizabeth Beaw (dau of William Beaw, Bishop of Landaff)
(((1))) John Arundel, 4th Lord of Trerice (b 21.11.1701, dsp 1773)
m. (1722) Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Sir William Wentworth of Ashby Puerorum)
((b)) Gertrude Arundel (d 23.09.1709)
m1. Sir Peter Whitcomb of Essex
m2. (02.10.1707) Sir Bennet Hoskins (dsp 1711)
m2. (14.02.1692-3) Barbara Slingsby (d 01.08.1722, dau of Sir Henry Slingsby of Scriven)
((c)) Richard Arundel (d 1759)
m. (02.09.1732) Frances Manners (dau of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland)
((B)) Mary Arundel
m1. John Trevanion, younger of Caerhayes
m2. Sir John Arundel of Lanherne
((C))+ other issue - John, William, Francis, Agnes
((6)) Thomas Arundel
((7)) Anne Arundel
m. William Cornfew of Bucclesly
((8)) Catherine Arundel
m. John St. Aubyn
(e) Margaret Arundel
m. Robert Beckett
(f) Jane Arundel
m. William Vyel of Treworder
(g) Grace Arundel
m. John Dinham
(h) Margery Arundel
m. John Trenhough
(ii) Juliana Arundell probably of this generation
m. Richard Carew of Antony, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 1555, d 06.11.1620)
BE1883 reports that Nicholas had a second (surviving) son by Anne Moyle. Commoners identifies him and his issue as ...
(D) Sir Robert Arundel of Menedarva (d 1580)
m1. (sp) Eleanor Southwood (dau of Robert Southwood)
m2. Elizabeth Clopton (dau of William Clopton of Warwick)
(i) Christopher Arundel of Menedarva
m. (1583) Katharine Chiverton (dau of William Chiverton of Paul)
(a) William Arundel of Menedarva (d 1631)
m. (1608) Dorcas Grosse (d 1644, dau of E. Grosse of Camborne)
((1)) Ezekiel Arundel of Menedarva
m. Margaret Bossaverne
((A))+ issue - William (bpt 11.08.1639, dsp 1692), Margery (bpt 07.04.1641)
((2)) Robert Arundel (4th son)
m. Elizabeth Pendarves of Roserawe
((A)) Nicholas Arundel (d 1683)
((i)) William Arundel of Menedarva (b c1680, d 1708)
m. (1700) Elizabeth Tremenheare
((a)) William Arundel of Menedarva and Trengwaiton
m1. (1724) Jane Harris (dau of John Harris of Hayne)
(((1))) William Arundel, later Arundel-Harris, of Menedarva and Trengwaiton (b 1725, d 1792)
m1. Wilmot Daniell of Crane
(((A))) William Arundel-Harris
m. (1793) Mary Beard (dau of John Beard of Hall Whyddon)
(((i))) William Arundel-Harris of Lifton Park b 17.09.1794, Sheriff of Cornwall had issue
m. Mary Lucinda Webber dau of William Webber of Exmouth
m2. Frances Nicholls
(((B))) John Arundel-Harris
m. Maria Sanders
(((i))) issue - William, Anna, Maria,
Lydia, Laura (dsp 1820)
(((C)))+ other issue - Arthur, Jane, Wilmot, Elizabeth, Wilmot, Lydia
(((2))) Jane Arundel
m. _ Sterner
m2. (sp) _ Pendarves (Mrs. Williams)
((b))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne
((ii)) daughter
((3)) Catherine Arundel
m. (13.04.1629) Richard Pendarves of Pendarves (b 1596, d 1674)
((4))+ other issue - William, John, Francis, James
(b) John Arundel
m. Anne Pendarves
((1))+ issue - John (bpt 07.09.1623), Elizabeth (bpt 23.05.1626)
(c) Margery Arundel
(d) Elizabeth Arundel
m. David Grosse
(ii) John Arundel
m. (1583) Elizabeth Trenwith
(iii) Jacquetta Arundel
m. _ Bosawsack of Bosawsack
(iv) Juliana Arundel
m. _ Carew of Antonie
(v)+ other issue - William, Richard, Mary, Blanche
(E)+ other issue (dsp) - Nicholas, Walter
(3) Alexander Arundel ancestor of Arundels of Leigh
m. Jane Lanyon (dau of William Lanyon)
(4) daughter probably of this generation
m. John Moyle of Eastwell
(5)+ 1 son and 3 daughters
b. Richard Arundel
(1) son (dsp)
(2) (Florence) Arundel
m. (Richard) Vyvyane of Trelowarren
c.+ other issue
ii. Thomas Arundel
iii. Jane Arundel
m. Robert Trevanion

Sources: BE1883 (Arundel of Trerice), Commoners (vol i, Arundel of Trerice)
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