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Aragon - Berenguer

: Kings of Aragon, Counts of Provence
Ramon Berenguer IV 'the Saint', Count of Barcelona, etc b 1113, d 06.08.1162
m 11.08.1137 Petronilla I, Queen of Aragon b 1135, d 17.10.1174, dau of Ramiro II, King of Aragon and Navarre
Be26-1. Pedro b 04.05.1152, d before 1167
Be26. Ramon, Alfonso II, King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona, Provence, etc b 25.03.1157, d 25.04.1196
m1 Mafalda/Matilda of Portugal b c1149, d 1173/4, dau of Alfonso I, King of Portugal
m2 18.01.1174 Sancha of Castile b 1155/7, d 1208, dau of Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon
Be25-1. Pedro II 'el Catolico', King of Aragon, etc b 1174/6, d 1213
m 1204 Marie, Dame de Montpellier
i. Sancha of Aragon b 1205, d 1206
ii. Jaime I 'el Conquistador', King of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, etc b 1207, d 1276
m1 1221, div 1229 Leonor of Castile b 1202, d 1244, dau of Alfonso VIII 'el Noble', King of Castile
a. Alfonso of Aragon b 1229, d 1260
m 1260 Constanza de Moncada, Countess of Bigorre d 1310
m2 08.09.1235 Yolande Violante of Hungary b c1215, d 12.10.1251, dau of Andrew II, King of Hungary
b. Pedro III 'el Grande', King of Aragon, Sicily, etc b 1239, d 1285
m 1261/2 Constance von Hohenstaufen b 1249, d 1302, dau of Manfredo, King of Sicily
1 Alfonso III 'el Liberal', King of Aragon, Sicilty, etc b 1265, dsp 18.07.1291
m Eleanor Plantagenet b 18.06.1269, d 29.08.1297, dau of Edward Plantagenet, King Edward I of England
2 Jaime II, King of Aragon, Sicily, etc b 10.08.1267, d 02.11.1327
m1 1291, div 1295 Isabel de Limoges dau of Sancho IV, King of Castile and Leon
m2 29.10.1295 Blanche of Anjou b 1280, d 14.10.1310, dau of Charles II, King of Sicily
A Jaime of Aragon b 1296, d 1334
m 1319 Leonor of Castile dau of Fernando IV, King of Castile and Leon
B Alfonso IV 'el Benigne', King of Aragon, etc b 1299, d 24.01.1336
m1 10.11.1314 Teresa of Urgel b 1300, d 1327, dau of Gombaldo, Baron de Entenza
i Pedro IV, King of Aragon, Duke of Athens, etc b 15.09.1319, d 01.1387, 2nd son
m1 1338 Marie of Navarre d 1347, dau of Philippe III, King of Navarre
a+ issue - Pedro b/d 1347, Constanza b 1340, d 1363, Juana b 1344, d 1385, Maria b 1345/6, d 1348
m2 1347 Leonor of Portugal b 1328, d 1348, dau of Affonso IV 'the Bold', King of Portugal
m3. 27.08.1349 Leonor of Sicily b 1325, d 20.04.1375, dau of Pietro II, King of Sicily below
e Juan I, King of Aragon b 1350, d 1395
m1 1373 Marie d'Armagnac d 1378, dau of Jean, Count of Armagnac
1+ issue - Jaime b/d 1374, Juan b/d 1376, Alfonso b/d 1377, Juana b 1375, d 1407, Leonor b/d 1378
m2 1380 Yolande de Bar d 1438, dau of Robert I, Duke of Bar
6 Yolande of Aragon b 1384, d 1443
m 1400 Louis II, King of Naples b 1377, d 1417
7+ other issue - Jaime b 1382, d 1388, Fernando b/d 1389, Pedro b/d 1394, Juan b c1392, d 1396, Antonia b/d 1392
f Martin I, King of Aragon, etc b 1356, d 1410 had issue
m1 1372 Maria de Luna d 1406, dau of Lope, Sn de Luna
m2 1409 Margarita de Prades b 1385, d 1422, dau of Pedro de Aragon, Cde de Prades
g Leonor of Aragon b 1358, d 13.08.1382
m 18.06.1375 Juan I, King of Castile b 20.08.1358, d 09.10.1390
h Alfonso of Aragon b 1362, d 1364,
p/m4. 1377 Sibila de Fortia d 1406, dau of Bernardo de Portia
i+ other issue - Alfonso b 1376, d young, Pedro b/d 1379, Isabel b 1380, d 2535
ii+ other issue - Alfonso b c1315, d c1317, Jaime de Urgel b 1321, d 1347, Fardique b c1325, d young, Sancho b/d 1327, Isabel b 1323, d 1327, Constanza b 1318, d 1346
m2 05.02.1329 Leonor of Castile b 1307, d 1359, dau of Fernando IV, King of Castile and Leon
viii+ other issue - Fernando de Tortosa b 1329, d 1363, Juan de Elche d 1358
C Juan of Aragon, Archbishop of Toledo and Tarragona, Patriarch of Alexandria b 1304, d 1334
D Pedro of Aragon, Count of Ribagorza, etc b 1305, d 1381 had issue
m 1331 Jeane of Foix d 1357/8, dau of Gaston I, Count of Foix
E Ramon Berenguer of Aragon, Count of Ampurias, priest b 1308, a 1364
m1 1327/8 Blanca d c1337, dau of Philip, Prince of Tarento had issue
m2 1338 Maria b 1310, d c1364, dau of Jaime of Aragon, Baron of Ejerica
F Maria of Aragon b 1299
m 1311 Inft Pedro of Castile b 1290, d 1319
G Constanza of Aragon b 01.04.1300, d 19.08.1327
m 1312 Juan Manuel 'el Scritor', Sn de Penafiel, Villena, etc b 05.05.1282, d 13.06.1348/50
H Isabel of Aragon b 1305, d 12.07.1330
m 1315 Friedrich I, Duke of Austria, German King b 1289, d 13.01.1330
I Blanca of Aragon, a nun b 1307, d 1348
J Violante of Aragon b 1310, d after 19.07.1353
m1 1328 Philip, Prince of Tarento d 17.05.1330
m2 1339 Loope de Luna, Sn de Segorbe d 1360
m3. 1315 Marie de Lusignan d 1322, dau of Hugo III, King of Cyprus
m4. 1322 Elisenda d 1364, dau of Pedro de Moncada, Sn de Aitona y Soses
3 Frederigo, King of Sicily b 1272, d 1337
m 1302 Eleonore of Anjou b 1289, d 1341, dau of Charles II, King of Sicily
A Pietro II, King of Sicily b 1304, d 15.08.1342
m 23.04.1322 Elisabeth of Carinthia b c1298, d after 1347, dau of Otto II, Count of Tirol
i Leonora of Sicily b 1325, d 20.04.1375
m 27.08.1349 Pedro IV, King of Aragon b 15.09.1319, d 01.1387 above
ii+ other issue
B Isabella or Elizabetta of Sicily b c1309, d 31.03.1349
m 27.06.1328 Stefan II, Duke of Lower Bavaria b 1317/9, d 10.05.1375
C+ other issue
4 Pedro of Aragon b 1275, d 1296
m 1291 dau of Gaston de Moncada, Vcte de Bearn
5 Isabel of Aragon 'the Saint' b 1271, d 1336
m 1282 Diniz I' the Just', King of Portugal b 1261, d 1325
6 Yolande/Violante of Aragon b 1273, d 1302/3
m 1297 Robert I, King of Naples b 1278, d 16.1.1343
partners unknown
7+ at least 7 natural children
c. Jaime II, King of Marjoca, etc b 1243, d 30.05.1311 had issue
m Esclaramunde de Foix b c1250, d after 22.11.1299, dau of Roger IV, Count of Foix
d. Violante of Aragon b 1236, d 1301
m 1248 Alfonso X, King of Castile b 1221, d 1284
e. Constanza of Aragon b 1239, d c1269
m 1260 Juan Manuel, Sn de Escalona, etc b 1234, d 25.12.1283
f. Isabelle of Aragon b 1247, d 28.01.1271
m 28.05.1262 Philippe III 'le Hardi', King of France b 01.05.1245, d 05.10.1285
g.+ other issue - Fernando b 1245, d 1250, Sancho b 1246, d 1251, Sancho b 1250, d 1275, Archbishop of Toledo, Maria b 1248, d 1267, nun, Leonor b 1251, d young
m3. Teresa dau of Juan de Vidaure
l.+ other issue - Jaime Fernandez of Ejerica b 1255/60, d 1285, Pedro of Ayerbe b 1259, d 1318
Be25. Alfonso II, Count of Provence b 1180, d 02.1209
m 1193 Gersende, Countess of Forcalquier dau of Rainon I de Sabran, Sn de Caylar
Be24 Raimund Berengar I, Count of Provence and Forcalquier b 1198, d 19.08.1245
m 05.06.1219/20 Beatrice of Savoy d 1266, dau of Tomaso I, Count of Savoy, etc
Be23-1 Raymond of Provence d young
Be23-2 Marguerite of Provence b 1221,m d 21.12.1295
m 27.05.1234 Louis IX 'Saint', King of France b 25.04.1215, d 25.08.1270
Be23 Eleanor of Provence b 1217/23, d 24.01.1291
m 14.01.1236 Henry Plantagenet, King Henry III of England b 01.10.1207, d 16.11.1272
Be23-4 Sancha of Provence b 1225, d 1261
m 1243 Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans b 05.01.1209, d 02.04.1272
Be23-5 Beatrice, Countess of Provence b 1234, d 23.09.1267
m 31.01.1246 Charles, Count of Anjou, King of Sicily b 21.03.1226, d 07.01.1285
Be24-2 Gersinde of Provence
m Guillaume, Vcts de Bearn
Be25-3. Constanza of Aragon b 1179, d 23.06.1222
m1 1198 Emmerich, King of Hungary b 1174, d 1204
m2 1210 Friedrich II, Emperor of Germany b 26.12.1197, d 13.12.1250
Be25-4. Leonor of Aragon b 1182, d 1226
m c1202 Raimund VI, Count of Toulouse d 1222
Be25-5. Sancha of Aragon b 1186, d c1242
m 1211, div 1241 Raimund VII, Count of Toulouse b 1197, d 1249
Be25-6.+ other issue - Fernando b 1190, d 1249, priest, Sancho d young, Ramon Berenguer d young, Dulcia b 1192, nun
3. Pedro/Raymund Berenger IV, Count of Provence and Cerdagne b 1158, d 05.04.1181
4. Sancho, Count of Roussillon and Cerdagne b 1161, d 1226 had issue
m1 before 1184 Ermesinda dau of Jofre de Rocaberti
m2 before 1185 Sancha Nunez de Lara d 1210, dau of Nuno Perez, Count of Lara
5. Dulcia of Barcelona b 1159/60, d 01.09.1198
m 1175 Sancho I Martino 'the Popular', King of Portugal b 1154, d 1212
partner unknown
6. Ramon Berenguer, Archbishop of Narbonne d 1212

Sources: GenEU Barcelona2 with some input from GenEU Barcelona3.
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