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Alpin 1

: House of Alpin of Scotland, Mormaers of Moray
Al38. Alpin, King of Scots b about 779 d 20 Jul 834 beheaded after battle with the Picts. The Gaelic King who ruled the territory of Dalriada which covered modern day Argyll, Kintyre, and various west-coast islands. He may have had a Norse wife and ruled for around 3 years. He was killed in AD834 on a raiding mission in Galloway.
m1 NN; Princess) of ARGYLL dau of Achalas King of Argyll
m2 Fergusia Princess of PICTS poss. dau of Ferat MacBARGOIT King of PICTS (? - 842)
m3 Drust IX (69th/103rd King) of PICTS, sister of
m4 Unuistic Fhinnon Princess of PICTS
(which due to Pictish matrilineal succession would explain and justify Kennth I's conquest of the Picts.)
For purposes further rights of succession it would be interesting to know which daughters issued from this marriage and whom they married. It would be reasonable to assume that the unnamed wives of some of the Scottish and Pictish Lairds of this periods were such daughters of Alpin and the Pictish princess. DNA analysis may in time reveal likely connections. comparison of the author'autosomal and highly orcadian DNA with that of other descendants of the other clan chiefs may shead some light on this question.
Al37 Kenneth I MacAlpin, King of Scots b 810 d 859/60 conqueror of the Picts and founder of the Kingdom of Alba, and, according to national myth, first king of Scots, earning him the posthumous nickname of An Ferbasach, "The Conqueror". Kenneth's undisputed legacy was to produce a dynasty of rulers who claimed descent from him and was the founder of the dynasty which ruled Scotland for much of the medieval period.
Kenneth is widely considered as the first King of the majority of the people in Scotland rather than king of just one of a few tribes. He reigned not in the right of Scot's inheritance, but in that of his Pictish Royal descent. The title "King Scots" originated much later.
Al36. Constantine I (or II), King of Scots d 877
Al35 Donald II, King of Scots d 900
Al34 Malcolm I, King of Scots (d 954)
Al33-1 Dubh (Duff), King of Scots d 967
Al33-1-1 Kenneth III, King of Scots d c25.03.1005
Al33-1-1-1 Gillacomean
Al33-1-1-2 Givic d 1005
Al33-1-1-3 Boedhe (Bode)
a son
1 son d 1032
b Gruoch
m1 Gillacomgan, Mormaer of Moray d 1032see 1 below
m2 MacBeth, Mormaer of Moray, King of Scots b c1005, dsp 15.08.1057see below
Al33-1-2 Malcolm, King of Strathclyde
For the record we note that a son of Duff, ie. "MacDuff", is often viewed as the progenitor of the early Earls of Fife. However, TSP (Fife) specifically discounts his existence as a literary creation and concludes "Of the existence, then, of Macduff, Thane or Earl of Fife, there is not a particle of proof." Dufagan (or Beth), whom we show as the first of the early Earls, is sometimes shown as son of MacDuff but that connection must be unsound if MacDuff himself did not exist !
Al33 Kenneth II, King of Scots b c 930 d 995
Al32-1 Dungal d 999
Al32 Malcolm II, King of Scots b c 954, d 25.11.1034
Al31 Bethoc b 984, d 1045
m. c 1000 Crinan, Thane, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld (b c975, d 1045) EGHJRSWY Ancestors of later Kings and Queens of the Scots.
Al31-2 Donada
m. Finlay MacRoray, Mormaer (Earl) of Moray (d 1020) see below
Al31-3 daughter
m 1005 Sigurd 'the Stout', Earl of Orkney d 23.04.1014
Al33-3 Beatrice
m Menyne or Crynyne, Abthane of Dull d c 960
Al36-2. Aedh, King of Scots d 878
i. Constantine II (or III), King of Scots d 942
a. Cellach d 937
b. Indulf, King of Scots d 962
(1) Olaf d 977
(2) Eochaid d 971
(3) Cuilean (Colin), King of Scots (d 971)
(A) Constantine III (or IV), King of Scots d 997
(B) Malcolm
c. daughter
m. Olaf, King of York d 941
d. Donald identified in Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (Macgregor of Macgregor)
(1) Malvina
m. Constantine (d c940) @4@ just below
ii. Donald, King of Strathclyde
Al36-3. daughter
m. Olaf the White, King of Dublin
Al36-4. daughter
m Aedh, King of Ireland
Al36-5 daughter
m. Rum, King of Strathclyde
i. Eocha, King of Scots d 889
Al37-2. Donald I, King of Scots d 863
A. Giric
The following connection comes from the article on 'Macgregor of Macgregor' in Sir Robert Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798).
Al37-3. Gregor MacAlpin
A. Dongallus (Doun-gheill) MacAlpin d c900
m. Spontona sister of Duncan, a king in Ireland
i. Constantine MacAlpin d c 940
m. Malvina (dau of Donald, son of Constantine II) see 4 just above
a. Gregor MacAlpin d 961, standard bearer
m. Dorvigella
(1) John ('Eion More') MacAlpin d c1004
m Alpina (dau of Angus/Aeneas) @5@ just below
(A) Gregor MacAlpin of Glenurchy (d 1040)
m. _ Campbell (dau of _ Campbell of Lochow)
(2) Malcolm
ii. Findanus ancestor of Macfindans, Macfingons and Mackinnons
B. Gorbreda of Corbredus ancestor of Macguaries/Macquaries in Scotland and Macguires in Ireland
Al37-4. Achaius MacAlpin -1 son -1-1 grandson -1-1-1 Angus or Aeneas -1-1-1-1 Alpina
m m Gregor MacALPIN of GLENURCHY ('Eion More') MacAlpin d c1004 see 5 above
Al37-2 daughter nic Alpine
m1 Godfrey (Gothfrith) MacFERGUS
m2 Maine MacGOFRAIDH
-1 ancestor of x S Columba
-2 Naillghusa MacGODFREY aka Niallgus MacMAINE
of probable though unestablished relation to the family of the ancient Mormaers (Earls) of Moray, some of whom were Kings of the Scots.
(A) Roray
(i) Finlay (Findlaech), Mormaer of Moray (d 1020)
m. Donada (dau of Malcolm II, King of Scots) @3@ above
(a) MacBeth, Mormaer of Moray, King of Scots (b c1005, dsp 15.08.1057)
m. Gruoch (dau of Boedhe) @2@ above
(ii) Maelbrighde
(a) Malcolm, Mormaer of Moray (d 1029)
(b) Gillecomgan, Mormaer of Moray (d 1032)
m. Gruoch (dau of Boedhe) see 1 above
((1)) Lulach, Mormaer of Moray, King of Scots (d 17.03.1058)
((A)) Malsnechtai (d 1085)
((B)) daughter
m. Eth (Aedh or Heth), Earl of Moray
((i)) Angus, Earl of Moray (d 1130)
((ii)) Malcolm, Earl of Ross
((a)) Donald
(((1))) Kenneth (d c1130)
((iii)) Gruaidh of Moray
m. William MacWilliam FitzDuncan of Egremont

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(2) "Monarchs of Scotland" by Stewart Ross. Published by Lochar Publishing Ltd, Moffat, in 1990. ISBN 0-948403-22-5 (0-948403-38-1 ppbk).
(3) BP1934 (Kings of Scotland), TSP (Moray).
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