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Guthenoc progenitor of la Zouche and de Grene : Viscounts of Porhoet, la Zouche, de Grene
Zo29 Guethenoc, Viscounte de Chateautro-en-Porhoet a 1021
m. Alarun de Cornouaille
Zo28 Josselin I de Porhoet, Viscounte de Bretagne et de Rennes d 1074
Zo27=Gr26 Eudon or Eon I de Porhoet et de Rennes a 1090
m1. Emme de Leon d c1092
Zo26=Gr25 Geoffroy, Viscount de Porhoet d 1141/2
m. Hawise of Brittany dau of Alain IV 'Fergent', Duke of Brittanythis marriage reported by TCP Zouche
Zo25-1 Eudon or Eon II, Viscount of Porhoet, 'Duke of Brittany' d 1170.
m. 1147 Berthe, heiress of Brittany d 1158/64, dau of Conon III 'le Gros', Duke of Brittany Conan III of Cornwall born c. 1093-1096; died 1148, Breton Konan III a Vreizh, and Konan Kerne was duke of Brittany, from 1112 to his death. He was son of Duke Alan IV and Ermengarde of Anjou.
Conan III allied himself with Stephen of England in his war against the dispossessed Empress Matilda. For his support, Stephen created for Conan's son-in-law Alan the ttile 1st Earl of Richmond. He married before 1113 to Maude, an illegitimate daughter of King Henry I of England. With Maude he had three children, Hoel, Bertha b.c. 1114, and Constance. Later, when his son-in-law Alan died in 1146, Bertha returned home from England. On his death-bed in 1148, Conan III disinherited Hoel from succession to the Duchy, stating that he was illegitimate and no son of his. By this surprise move Bertha became his heiress and successor. However, Hoel was to retain the county of Nantes.On Bertha's death Eudas denied her son Conan IV from his inheritance. Eudas allied with his brother-in-law Hoèl, Count of Nantes, in his effort to deny Conan III his succession.
Zo25-1-1 Eudon or Eon III, Viscount of Porhoet d 1234
Zo25-1-1-1 Matilda, Viscountess of Porhoet
m. Geoffroi I, Count de Fougeres d 1222
Zo25-1-1-2 Alienor de Porhoet of Lz Cheze, etc
m1. Alain V, Viscount of Rohan d 1242
m2. Pierre I de Chermille, Sn de Brochesac d after 1248
Zo25-1-1-3 Jeanne de Porhoet
m. Olivier de Montaubon
Zo25-1-1-4 Aelis de Porhoet d c1235
m. 1201 Gui VI Mauvoisin, Sn de Rosny d c1211
Zo25-1-2 Adelice, Abbess at Fomtevrault
Zo25=23 Alan la Ceoche or Coche, later Zouche of North Molton d 1190
m. Alice de Belmeis dau of Philip de Belmeis of Tong, Ashby, etc
Zo25-3 Joscius d after 1153
Zo25-4 Etienne a 1164
Zo25=Gr26=24 Amicie ?Gr24 Alexander de Grene
Zo26-2 Josselin II, Vcte de Porhoet d c1126
Zo26-3 Alain I 'le Noir' de Rohan, Vcte de Castelnoec b c1085, d 1128 had issue Viscounts of Rohan
m. Villana
m2. ??
Zo27-2+ other issue - Mainguy d 1081, Bishop of Vannes, son, daugher a nun

Sources: GenEU Rohan1
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