Zo24 Roger la Zouche

Zo24 Roger la Zouche of Petersfield and Maple Durham was the son of Alan la Ceoche (Zo25) and Alice de Belmeis, daughter of Philip de Belmeis of Tong, Ashby etc.
Married: Margaret about 1220
Died o
 Roger la Zouche and Margaret had children:
(Zo23) Sir Alan la Zouche of Ashby, m. Elena de Quincy (Qu23), daughter of Roger de Quincy
(Zo23=21) Eon (Eudes)la Zouche, m. Milicent de Cantelupe
(Zo23-3) William la Zouche
(Zo23-4) Alice la Zouche, m. 1250 Sir William de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt (1227 - 1270)
Source la Zouche Pedigree

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