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Ye12 Elizabeth Yelverton

(Ye12) Elizabeth Yelverton was the daughter of Sir William Yelverton Ye13 Bart. and Ursula Richardson
Born about 1620
Married: about 1638 Thomas Peyton Pe12
died on 3 Jun 1668. She was buried at Rougham, Norfolk, England
Pe11-1 William Peyton died in 1686; d.s.p. He resided at Dublin.
(Pe11) Major Robert Peyton
Pe11-3 Charles Peyton married Elizabeth Bladwell, daughter of William Bladwell.
He resided at Grimston, Norfolk, England.
Pe11-4 Yelverton Peyton married x Roberts.
Pe11-5 Ann Peyton married Thomas Wood; 2nd wife.

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Ye25 =24 =21. Thomas Yelverton b about 1281 d after 1315 son of John de Yelverton, married Maud.
Ye24 =22 =20. Andrew Yelverton b about 1307 d after 1403(a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327) married Bozu of Wissonett
Ye23 =22 =19 Robert Yelverton of Blackheath b about 1320
m Cecilia Bardolfe (dau of Sir Thomas Bardolfe 2nd Lord Bardolf and Agnes de Grandison)
Ye22 =21 =18 John Yelverton of Blackheath b about 1350
m1 Elizabeth Reade daughter of John Reade of Norfolk and Alice Rougham (There seems to be an error as to first wife)
Ye21-1 Robert Yelverton b about 1380 d c1420)
Ye21-1-1 Thomas Yelverton of Blackheath b about 1410 (dsp)
m2 Elizabeth Read (dau of John Read of Rougham)
Ye21 =20 =17 Sir William Yelverton b about 1390 d 10.1470, judge)
m Agnes le Gross (dau of Sir Oliver le Gross of Crostwick)
Ye20 John Yelverton of Blackheath b about 1425
m Margery Morley (dau of William Morley)
Ye19 Sir William Yelverton b about 1450 a 1474)
m1 Anne Paston (dau of John Paston of Paston Hall)
Ye18-1 William Yelverton b about 1475 dvpsp
Ye18-2 Anne Yelverton b about 1480
m Thomas Jermy (son of Sir John)
Ye18-3 Margaret Yelverton b about 1480
m John Palgrave of Norwood Barningham
(Ye18-4) Eleanor Yelverton b about 1482
m John Conyers (son of Sir Robert)
m2 Eleanor Brewse dau of Sir Thomas Brewse
Ye18 William Yelverton of Rougham and Blackheath b about 1485
m Catherine Randes dau of John Randes of Essex
Ye17 William Yelverton of Rougham b about 1510 d before 17.08.1541
m Margaret Gamond/ Gernon b 1490 London
Ye16 William Yelverton of Rougham
m1 Anne Fermor dau of Sir Henry Fermor of East Barsham
Ye15 Sir Henry Yelverton of Rougham b 1553 d 1601
m Bridget Drury (youngest dau of Sir William Drury of Hawsted) a prominent Catholic soldier, diplomat and landowner from Suffolk.
Ye14 Sir William Yelverton, 1st Bart of Rougham (a 1620)
m Dionesse Stubbs born about 1572 dau of Richard Stubbs of Sedgeford, b about 1546
Ye13 Sir William Yelverton, 2nd Bart of Rougham
m. Ursula Richardson dau of Sir Thomas Richardson, Speaker
Ye12-1 Sir William Yelverton, 3rd Bart of Rougham (dsp 15.11.1649)
Ye12 Elizabeth Yelverton b about 1618 in Rougham d 3 June 1668,
m Thomas Peyton (d 1683)
Ye12-3 Ursula Yelverton
Ye13-2 Sir Henry Yelverton
m. Alice Barlow (dau of William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln)
Ye13-3 Margaret Yelverton
m. Thomas Tyrrell of Gippinge
Ye15-2 William Yelverton V
m Grace Newport
Ye15-3 Sir Christopher Yelverton of Easton Mauduit (d 1607, Speaker of the House of Commons, judge) lawyer with thespian ambitions, rose to become Judge of the Court of King's Bench and Speaker of the House of Commons under Queen Elizabeth. He helped produce a number of plays for George Gascoyne and also wrote the Epilogue for Gascoyne's translation of Euripides' Jocasta. King James knighted him in 1601. Sir Christopher died in 1607 at his 70-room mansion, Easton Mauduit, Northamptonshire.
m. Mary Catesby (daughter of Thomas Catesby of Whiston, Northampton, and a cousin of Robert Catesby, the Gunpowder Plot conspirator.)
Ye15-3-1 Catherine Yelverton b about1560 m Sir John Bowyer of Knipersley (b 1557, d 1605-6)
Ye15-4 Winifred Yelverton
m. Owen Duckett of Worthing
Ye15-5 Anne Yelverton
m1. Thomas Reade of Wishbyche
m2. John Hawkins of Essex
Ye15-6 Martha Yelverton
m1. Thomas Fyncham of Fyncham
m2. John Higham of Gifford
Ye15-7+ other issue - Humphrey, Launcelot
m2 Jane Cocket b 1527 +1 Edward Cocket of Ampton and Anna Froxmere
Ye15-9 Jane Yelverton
m1. Edward Lummer of Mannington
m2. John Dodge of Wrotham
Ye15-10 Chrysold or Griselda Yelverton (d 04.08.1635)
m1. (25.07.1580) Thomas Le Strange of Hunstanton (dsp 01.02.1581)
m2. (22.12.1582) Sir Philip Wodehouse, Bart of Kimberley (d 30.10.1623)
Ye15-11 Edward Yelverton b 1570 Norfolk
m Nazareth Bedingfield b 1561 in Norfolk d 1622 Sandringham Norfolk dau of Edmund Bedingfield b 1534 in Eriswell, Suffolk d 24 Aug 1585 Oxborough Norfolk and Anne Southwell
-1 Elishua Yelverton b 1570 d 1599 m John Crowell b 1570 -1-1 Sarah Crowell b 1592 in Devon England d 8 Jun 1659 Sandwich Barnstable Co MA m1 Edmund Perry b 27 Jan 1599 Devon son of John Perry and Sarah Gibbons m2 John Crowell
Ye15-12 Charles Yelverton
Ye16-2 John Yelverton
Ye16-3 Mary Yelverton
m1. William Baker
m2. Henry Wayte
Ye16-4 Susan Yelverton
m1. Edward Eston of Rainham
m2. Edward Harvey
Ye16-5 Eleanor Yelverton
m. Richard Draper of Marham
Ye17-2 Anne Yelverton
m. Matthew Canne of Wessenham
Ye17-3+ other issue - John, Nicholas, Edward, Adam
(Ye19-2) Anne Yelverton
m. Thomas Farmey of Helmingham
Ye20 =16 Margaret Yelverton b about 1430, apparently of this generation
m1 m. Sir Thomas Tyndale of Deane
m2 John Palgrave Esq. and had Henry Palgrave Esq.
For Rougham history see