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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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    Wy12. Pieter Claesen Wyckoff of Brooklyn, NY.
    About 1625, Pieter Claesen was born in the village of Norden in the Holy Roman Empire (present day East Friesland, Germany). Pieter emigrated to America in 1636 when the 30 Years War had already been raging in the HRE for 18 years and driven many a German to the Netherlands, as an indentured servant to Killian Van Rensselaer, in Rensselearwyck (now Albany, New York). After Claesen worked off his indenture, he labored as a tenant farmer, leasing land from the Rensselaer patroonship.
    Buried: Long Island NY

    Died: - in 1694 and his body may be buried under the Flatlands Dutch Reformed Church at the juncture of Flatbush Avenue and Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

    Married: Mar 1645/49, Margrietje "Grietje" VAN NESS, b c 1627, Eberland, Netherlands, d, 1699/1703, Flatlands-Brooklyn, NY dau of Cornelius Hendrickse Van Ness b 1599 Nes Island of Armeland West Frisian Islands and Mayke Hendriieux van der Burghgraeff (dau of Hendrickva der Burchgraeff of Holland and Annetje Janse of Laeckervelt)
    (c. 1625-c. 1701) around 1645. Their first two children were born in Rensselearwyck but he moved to New Amersfoort (present day Flatlands, Brooklyn).
    His children include:

    Pieter Claesen Wyckoff (c. 1625 – June 30, 1694) was a farmer and landowner in Kings County, New York. All references to the name Wyckoff, including derivations in spelling, can be traced to his family.
    He was the son of Wy13 Claes Cornelisze Wyckoff born on 3 Apr 1597 in Boda On Oland 1 and died about 1674 1. Claes married Margaret Van Der Goes, daughter of Martyn Van Der Goes and Margaretha Tysen, on 9 Nov 1623 1. Margaret Van Der Goes died on 2 Aug 1631 in Zierickzee 1.

    He was the grandson of Wy14 Cornelius Petersson Wyckoff was born in 1550 in Walcheren, Holland 1 and died about 1599 1.  Cornelius married Johanna Van Der Goes, daughter of Jacob Van Der Goes, on 12 May 1593 1. (data from

    He was the great grandson of Wy15 Peter Ericksson (Wyckoff) and Matilda Van Houdes. (data from There are references indicating that Pieter Claesen signed a contract "to superintend the Bowery and cattle of Peter Stuyvesant in New Amersfoort" in 1655. When the British took over the Dutch colony in 1664, Pieter Claesen coined the family name of Wyckoff, because until then the Nordic tradition of Patronymics instead of family names had been observed while the English official needed family names for their records. Had he not given this name he and his children would have been Claesen, a colloquial Friesian form for son of Nicholas/Niklaus It is believed that this name was based on two Dutch words, "Wyk" means parish or magistrate and "hof" means court or farmyard.
    He came to America in 1636 on the schooner Rensselaerwyck, was an indentured servant at Rensselaer (Albany, NY) for six years later moving to New Amersfoort (Flatlands/Brooklyn, NY) where he took charge of Gov. Peter Stuyvesant's bowery (farm) later became a schepen/magistrate, landowner and rose to become one of the wealthiest men in New Amersfoort although he was illiterate and signed his name with a mark, never having learned to read or write.
    Notable Descendants
    Pieter was the common ancestor to a number of notable people, including: Lou Henry (wife of Herbert Clark Hoover), John Ellis Wool, Walter Percy Chrysler, William Cornelius Van Horne, Owen Young, the Wright Brothers, Earl Van Dorn, Marvin John Nance, Virginia Apgar, Willis Van Devanter, Benjamin Strong, Willard Frank Libby, Dixie Carter (wife of Hal Holbrook), Chuck Jones, Lee Van Cleef, Frank Wykoff, Georgia O'Keeffe (wife of Alfred Stieglitz), Garry Trudeau (husband of Jane Pauley), and Horatio Seymour. Other notables who married Wyckoff descendants are: Pearl Buck, Robert Ralph Young, Isaac Ferris, Charles S. Fairchild, Roscoe Conkling, Philip Freneau, and Baron Klemens August Freiherr von Ketteler.

    Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum
    The original Wyckoff family farmhouse is at 5816 Clarendon Road in Brooklyn. It is the oldest surviving structure in New York City and a National Historic Landmark. The museum's mission is to educate visitors about the diverse peoples of Brooklyn's Colonial farms.

    Nicholas Pieterse Wyckoff b 1646 at Beverwyck, NY d 1714/1730 at Flatlands Long Island NY.
    married c 1674 Sara Monfoort (1656-1704) daughter of Pieter Monfoort and Sarah De Plancken
    Wy10 Pieter Wyckoff b circa 1675 at Flatlands NY d circa 1759 moved to New Jersey, and lived in Middletown, Monmouth Co, but in 1714 he returned to the Wyckoff House, in Flatlands and married second d circa 1759 at Flatlands, NY.
    m1 in 1696 at Flatlands Willemtje Jansen Schenck + 7 ch dau of Jan Martense Schenck and Jannetje Stephens Van Voorhees, NY
    m2 on 5 Sep 1716 Ann Elizabeth Van Pelt + 2 ch
    Wy9 Nicholas Wyckoff b 1 Nov 1699 d 1778 Will dated 9 Apr 1774, Reading Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ proved 1 Sep 1778 d in 1778 at Readington Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ.
    m Elizabeth Maria Dildine/Delgyn b 1704 dau of Hans Jacob Dildine and Catharina x
    Wy8-1 Peter Wyckoff b 19 Mar 1724 at Hunterdon Co NJ d 7 Jan 1807 at Montoursville, Lycoming Co PA at age 82.
    m?1 Maria Delgyn b 1719 d 1758 + 1 ch
    m?2 ane Cornell b Oct. 18, 1727 d Jan. 16, 1775 + 1 ch
    -1 Margaret Wyckoff b 1769 Hunterdon Co d 1 Feb 1810 Ontario Co NY
    -2 ane "Jenny" Wyckoff b ?Hillsborough Twp Somerset Co NJ Sep. 18, 1767 d Aug 31, 1854 m Jockem Gulick b Sixmile Run, Somerset Co., NJ Sep. 20, 1764 d Fonda, Fulton Co., NY Feb. 4, 1840

    -2-1 Cornelia Gulick b 1787 d 1867 m John Winney
    -2-2 Cornelius Gulick b 1789 d 1869 m Ann Hartough b 1789 d 1874
    -2-3 Elizabeth Gulick b 1796 d 1822 m Matthias Mount
    -2-4 John Gulick b 1792 d 1828
    -2-5 Joseph Gulick b
    -2-6 Margaret Gulick b 1799 d 1853 m James Broadt
    -2-7 Peter Gulick b 1790 d 1863
    -2-8 William Gulick b 1801 d 1880 m Ann Parkes
    -2-9 Abraham Gulick b 1803 d 1879 m Rebecca Vedder
    -2-10 Jane Gulick b 1805 m John Casler
    -2-11 Willempty Gulick b 1807
    Wy8 Samuel Wyckoff b 9 June 1725 at Hunterdon Co, NJ d d in 1813 Loudoun Va
    m 25 November 1749 Geertje Wyckoff dau of->
    +1 John Simonse Wyckoff b 28 Apr 1708 d 1 Mar 1775 and Geertje Vliet +2 Simon Wyckoff and Geertje van der Vliet.

    The Wyckoff House of Brooklyn NY.
    Clarendon Road/ Ralph Avenue
    Wy7-1 Peter Wyckoff
    Wy7-2 Geertje Wyckoff b 7 Apr 1751
    Wy7-3Maria Wyckoff b 12 Nov 1752
    Wy7-4John Wyckoff b 9 Jun 1754 Readington Hunterdon NJ d 1 Sep Middleton Bourbon Co KY
    m Ursula ?Wyckoff b 24 Sep 1759 Bedminster Somerset NJ d 11 Sep 1825 Bourbon Co KY (data from Tyson Reichīs tree. He agrees with the authorīs data on the preceeding generation but differs somewhat on the earlier ones.)
    -1 Garrett Wyckoff b 19 May 1799 Williston Allegany Co MD d 23 Nov 1879 Littleton Schuyler Co IL m1 Agnes Nancy McKee b 1787 Cumberland PA d 24 Jul 1854 Cloverdale Putnam IN ?m2 Hannah Agnes Nancy McKee b 23 Feb 1808 Hardin KY d 31 Dec 1875 Littleton -1-1 John Wyckoff b 1824 d 1901
    -1-2 Jacob Wyckoff b 1826 d 1894
    -1-3 William Wyckoff b 1826 d 1904
    -1-4 James Wyckoff b 1829
    -1-5 Daniel Wyckoff b 1830
    -1-6 Cassey Wyckoff b 1831 d 1832
    -1-7 Lucinda Wyckoff b 1833 d 1916
    -1-8 Max Wyckoff b 1835
    -1-9 Hannah Wyckoff b 1837 d 1838
    -1-10 Leicester Wyckoff b 1840 d 1900/?20
    -1-11 Martha Wyckoff b 1842 d 1896
    -1-12 Julia Wyckoff b 1846 d 1905
    -1-13 Commodore Perry Wyckoff b 19 May 1851 Littleton d 18 Oct 1914 Jerome Lincoln ID m Alice Shanks b 1863 d 1940
    -1-14 Lurana Wyckoff b 1853 d 1923

    -1-13-1 Agnes Wyckoff b 1880
    -1-13-2 Lily Wyckoff b 1880 d 1922
    -1-13-3 Fred Wyckoff b 1883 d 1961 m1 Pearl Laforge d 1983 + ch m2 Cornelia Strayer b 1895 d 1971
    -1-13-4 Samuel Wyckoff b 1886 d 1961
    -1-13-5 Walter Wyckoff b 1888 d 1962
    -1-13-6 Rosa Wyckoff b 1891 d 1961
    -1-13-7 Daisy Wyckoff b 1893 d 1968
    -1-13-8 Ada Wyckoff b 1896 d 1986

    -1-13-3-1 Helen Wyckoff d 1978 m Emil Reich b 1911 d 1982
    -1-13-3-2 Maxine Wyckoff d 1995
    -1-13-3-3 Margaret Wyckoff d 1980
    -1-13-3-4 Inez Wyckoff b 1910 d 2002
    -1-13-3-5 Frederic Wyckoff b 1929 d 2003

    -1-13-3-1 Marvin Reich b 1937 d 1996 m Rosalie Heffington b 1940 d 2009 dau of David Heffington b 1920 d 1986 and Virginia Grigsby b 1924 d 2012
    Wy7 Elizabeth Wyckoff b 27 Oct 1749 in Readington, Hunterdon, NJ d 1823 in Paris, Bourbon Co Ky
    m Jacob Workman
    Jacob Workman and Elizabeth Wyckoff had issue:
    Wo6-1 Abraham Workman born 1779 in New Jersey; died 1838 in Bath Co Ky.
    Wo6-2 Isaac Workman born 1781 in Allegany Co., Maryland died 1838 in Sangamon Co Ill.
    Wo6-3 Jacob Workman born 1783 in Allegany Co Md reported by his nephew, Jacob L. Workman, in these words: "Jacob the third son, I never saw or heard of, only my father said he was a bully fighter."
    Wo6-4 Benjamin Workman born 1785 in Allegany Co., Md; died about 1838 in Illinois.
    Wo6-5 Mary Workman born in 1787 in Allegany Co., Md; married Isaac Bilyeu (born 1799 in Green Co Ky son of John Bilyeu) and had
    children: Jacob Bilyeu; John Bilyeu and several others. Her nephew, Jacob L. Workman, said: "They have travelled through many of the states of the Union. Isaac was a man of good moral character and steady habits; quite industrious, but poor because he moved from place to place, not remaining in one place long at a time. He has lived in almost every state in the United States. The last I heard of them they were in Missouri in good health."
    Wo6-6 John Workman born 8 April 1789 in Allegany Co Md died 21 April 1855 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Wo6-7 Samuel P. Workman born 25 March 1795 in Allegany Co Md died 15 Aug. 1869 in Red Rock, Marion, Iowa.
    Wo6 James Workman b 1797 in Allegany Co Md d near Bratton, Robertson, Ky m Christiana Fitzpatrick (born about 1799; d n Bratton Ky a very successful midwife and herb doctor
    Wo6-9 William Workman born 8 April 1799 in Allegany Co Md d 1 Jan 1876 near Loami, Sangamon, Illinois.
    Wo6-10 Stephen Workman born 5 June 1800 in Allegany Co Md died 30 April 1866 in Prairietown Twp Christian Co Ill.
    Wo6-11 Michael Workman born 1802 in Allegany Co Md died in Bourbon Co Ky.
    Wo7-12 David Workman born 10 Sep 1804 in Allegany Co Md died 20 Feb. 1865 in Sangamon Co Il
    Wo5-1 David Workman b c 1817 in Bourbon Co Ky d c 1877; m SOPHRONIA McDOWELL dau of Joseph McDowell
    Wo5-2 MARTHA or PATRICIA Workman b c 1820 in Bourbon Co Ky m JOSEPH CURTIS b c 1832 d 1865 n Nashville TN
    Wo5 SPENCER Workman b 4 Jul 1822 in Bourbon Co Ky d 23 Jan, 1893 near Mt. Olivet, Robertson Co. Ky
    Wo5-4 MINERVA WORKMAN b c 1824 in Bourbon Co Ky m Thomas Lee
    Wo5-5 Rebecca (Betsy) Workman b c 1830 in Bourbon Co. Ky d c 1856 m JAMES Curtis b 3 jan. 1834 in Pomersville, Bracken ky d 24 Sept. 1897 in Carlisle Nicholas Co Ky
    Wo5-6 WILLIAM (Stilts) Workman b July 1835 in Bourbon Co Ky d c 1904 near Oakland, Bourbon, Ky m Nancy Phillips b 7 Mar 1844 Mason Co Ky d 1906 Bratton Ky
    Wo5-7 CYNTHIA Workman b 10 Oct. 1838 in Pickaway Co Oh d 14 Sept. 1888 in Millersburg, Bourbon, Ky
    Wo4-1 Lucinda Workman b 8 Nov 1849 d in Oklahoma m Smith Jacobs lived Bratton Ky He m2 Dora Randall
    Wo4 Wo4 Christiana Workman b 6 March 1851 - 10 April 1932 m1 Garrett McConnell Mc4
    Wo4-3 James Walter Workman b 13 Oct 1852 d Mar 1929 m1 Susan Jane Browning dau of William Browning and Jane Jett
    Wo4-4 Nimrod Workman b 18 Jan. 1854 d Apr 1926 m Mollie Hitt
    Wo4-5 Wo4-5 William Workman b 13 Jan. 1855 d 7 May 1857
    Wo4-6 Joseph Neaves Workman b 21 Nov 1857 Bratton Robertson Co KY d 25 Jan 1914 Louisville bur Portland Cem m 20 Nov 1882 Carlisle Nichols Co KY Clara Meenach b 1847
    Wo4-7 Sarah Ann Workman b 24 Feb. 1860 m Frank Reid
    Wo4-8 Julia Workman b 1862 d m Joseph Gillham no ch
    Wo4-9 Martha Ann Workman b 31 Aug. 1864 d 29 Mar 1912 in Lexington Ky m Jack Jett
    Wo4-10 America Jane Workman b 1 May 1866 m William Thomas Hester
    Wo4-11 Priscilla Workman b 8 May 1869 d about 1879
    Wo4-12 Spenser Sherman Workman b 17 March 1871 d m 6 Sep 1894 in Petra Bracken Co Lucy May King b 20 Oct 1877 n Milford Ky
    Wo4-13 Ulyssis S. Grant Workman b 11 Feb. 1873 m1 cous Cora Kearns + 2 ch dau of John W. Kearns and Sally Workman dau of David Workman m2 Minnie Paymenter + 1 ch
    Wy7-6 Jacob Wyckoff b. circa 1759 NJ, d. circa 1803 first appears in the tax lists in year 1776, in the household of Samuel Wyckoff [Males were normally listed at starting at age 16, which would indicate he was born about 1759-60.] Samuel Wyckoff migrated with his young family from New Jersey to Loudoun County, VA. Samuel begins appearing in the annual Loudoun Co, tax records in 1768. Jacob is listed in the 1776, 1777 and 1778 tax lists. In 1779, Samuel sold the 345 acres of land and the family disappear from the Loudoun tax records. In 1788, Jacob is listed as one of the settlers west of Cumberland, about 2 miles south of the current town of Frostburg, MD. He is listed there in the Census and tax records until the year 1804, when his widow Barbara is listed. When his property is sold in 1815, his children are listed: William, Samuel, Jacob, Matthias, Hannah and Cornelius Wicoff. He married Barbara (---). He died circa 1803 at near Frostburg, MD.. (Comment: There is proof that Barbara is a wife of Jacob Waychoff, but there remains the possibility that she might have been his second wife. Family legend is that Cornelius was a step brother of the others. Note the gap in birth years between Cornelius and the others. Also, there is the unproven family legend is that there was a wife "Susan Frost," which suggests that possiblity that Barbara was a second wife of Jacob.). Children of Jacob Wyckoff and Barbara (---) -1 Samuel Wyckoff b. c 1780, d. c Jul 1843 moved from Greene Co, PA to Ohio in 1828. He settled in 1837 at Hocking Co, OH.. He died circa July 1843 at Green Twp, Hocking Co, OH m1 circa 1800 Saynay (---) + 2 ch m2 Catherine (---) + 3 ch
    -2 Mythias (Matthew) Wickoff+ b bt 1780/90 d bt 1818/20 m Elizabeth x
    -3 Hannah Wyckoff b. bt 1784 - 1790
    -4 William Wyckoff b bt 1785/90, d bt 1824/30 Muskingum Co OH m Mary Helm
    -5 Jacob Waychoff Jr. b c 1789, d. 17 Mar 1859 m Nancy Bonar, dau of William Bonar and (---) Estle, after June 1816 at Greene Co, PA
    -6 Cornelius Waychoff b 1796, d. 5 June 1859 at Jackson Twp, Greene Co m circa 1819 at Greene Co, PA Elizabeth Cage
    -1-1 Jacob Wyckoff+ b 20 Dec 1803 ?Ohio d 5 Oct 1851
    -1-2 Sarah Elizabeth Wyckoff b 1805, d a 1860
    -1-3 Barbara Wyckoff b 3 Jul 1811, d 17 Jul 1879
    -1-4 John Wyckoff b c 1815, d. c 1848
    -1-5 Rebecca Wyckoff b c 1820, d a Apr 1845
    -1-?6 possibly of this branch was: Samuel Wyckoff b about 1811 Oh and Elizabeth Cooper
    -2-1 Levi Wycuff+ b. 31 Jul 1809, d 7 May 1901
    -2-2 Joshua Wycuff+ b. 15 Apr 1817, d. 9 Jul 1889
    -4-1 Anna Wyckoff
    -4-2 Hannah Wyckoff
    -4-3 Elizabeth Wyckoff
    -4-4 Rachel Wyckoff b 4 Mar 1812 d 29 Nov 1897
    -4-5 Frederick Wyckoff b 1818 d Mar 1861
    -4-6 Susanna Wyckoff b 1823 d 10 Feb 1851
    -4-7 Josiah Wyckoff b 1824 d b 1860
    -5-1 William Waychoff+ b. 1818, d. fr 1870 - 1880
    -5-2 Malinda Waychoff+ b. 10 Apr 1820, d. 29 Dec 1886
    -5-3 Sarah Waychoff b. 1822, d. a 1885
    -5-4 Johnson Waychoff+ b. 4 Dec 1823, d. 24 Dec 1893
    -5-5 Jackson Waychoff+ b 1826, d. 2 Mar 1892
    -5-6 Charlotte Waychoff+ b c 1828, d. 3 Aug 1863
    -5-7 Henderson Waychoff+ b 6 Jun 1830, d. 20 Feb 1907
    -5-8 Anne Mariah Waychoff+ b. 13 Jun 1832, d. a 1883
    -5-9 Emaline B. Waychoff b 17 May 1834, d. 17 Nov 1910
    -5-10 Daniel Bonar Waychoff+ b 3 Jun 1837, d. 30 Jul 1920
    -5-11 John Davis Waychoff+ b. 4 Mar 1839, d. 5 Jun 1910
    -5-12 Rachel Waychoff+ b. Feb 1843, d. 16 Mar 1923

    -1-6-1 Roswell Crocker Wyckoff b 1850 Oh d 4 Jun 1874 and Mary C Hutt
    -1-6-1-1 Ona Alfreta Wyckoff b 10 Nov 1871 Vinton Co Oh d there 10 Oct 1930 m Charles Linley Wyatt b 5 Sep 1869 Vinton Co Oh d there 30 Jan 1922
    -1-6-1-1-1 Kenneth Wyatt b 17 Jun 1909 Vinton Oh d 4 Jul 1977 Pomeroy Oh father of Patricia Ann Pickens, author's DNA match
    Wy7-7 Samuel Wyckoff b 10 Jun 1760 d 11 Aug 1839
    m Marie BURGER/Berger
    -1 Mary Polly Wyckoff
    Wy7-8? Simon Wyckoff b 1780 VA d 8 Sep 1854 Fairfield Co OH
    m Isabelle Dennis b 1782 NJ d 8 Sep 1854
    -1 Matthew Wyckoff b 27 Aug 1813 d 25 Sep 1878 IL m Nancy Finkbone
    Wy8-3 Nicholas Wyckoff Sr b 7 Nov 1726 d 1808 possibly of this branch was:
    -1 ?Nicholas Wyckoff Jr b about 1750 NJ or PA (The DNA match of Krumrine with two Pyle descendants on chr 16 also lends credance to the theory that a son of this Nicholas married a Pyle descendant in Chester Co PA and moved to Fauquier Co Va).
    m about 1770 in Chester Co Pa Phebe? Pyle
    -1-1 ?Nicholas Wyckoff III b about 1770 NJ or PA Elizabeth Wyckoff b 7 Sep 1794 Va d 26 Sep 1877 m John Thorn (The appearance of the name Nicholas in the next generation supports the supposition that this Nicholas may have been the ancestor of the following generation.).
    -2-1 William Nicholas Thorn b 22 Feb 1832 Fauquier Co Va d 24 Mar 1900 Warrenton Va m Maria Louisa Cropp

    -2-1-1 Arabelle James Thorn b 22 Feb 1853 Goldvein Va d 5 Jan 1935 m Thomas Whiting Cowne b 25 Sep 1853

    -2-1-1-1 ancestor of Julie Krumrine, author's DNA match
    Wy8-4 William Wyckoff b 21 Jun 1728 d 1812
    Wy8-5 Grietie Wyckoff b 24 Jan 1730
    Wy8-6 Maritie Wyckoff b 16 Nov 1731
    Wy8-7 John Wyckoff b 16 Nov 1731 -1 Sarah Jane
    Wy8-8 Neeltje Wyckoff b 14 Sep 1733 d fr 1771 - 1772
    Wy8-9 Hannatie Wyckoff b 2 May 1735
    Wy8-10 Maratie Wyckoff b 20 Nov 1735
    Wy8-11 Jacobus Wyckoff b 10 Apr 1737
    Wy8-12 Hannatie Wyckoff b 2 Oct 1740
    Wy8-13 John Wyckoff b 20 Sep 1743 d 11 Mar 1832
    Wy8-14 Irastie Wyckoff b 14 May 1746
    Wy9-2 Pieter Wyckoff Jr.+ b 28 March 1704 at Flatlands NY d 14 Nov 1776
    m on 5 August 1727 Sarah Amerman, dau of Jan Derckse Amerman and Maria Wyckoff,
    -1 John Wyckoff b 26 May 1734 d 1812 m in 1757 Sarah Ammerman, dau of Nicholas Ammerman and Neeltje Polhemus,.
    Wy9-3 John Wyckoff b 1705
    Wy9-4 Jacobus Wyckoff b c 1708
    Wy9-5 Antje Wyckoff b 18 Feb 1711
    GEDmatch kit linked to this individual M416166
    Wy9-6 Jannetie Wyckoff b 31 Mar 1713
    Wy9-7 Cornelius Wyckoff b 16 Sep 1715
    Wy9-8 Sarah Wyckoff
    Wy9-9 Martin Wyckoff b 30 Jun 1718
    Wy10-2 Jacobus Wyckoff b 30 Sep 1676, d. 1720 m Sarah Amerman, dau of Jan Derckse Amerman and Maria Wyckoff, on 5 August 1727
    Wy10-3 Nicholas Wyckoff b. 16 Feb 1679
    Wy10-4 Sara Wyckoff+ b. 27 Feb 1681, d. a 1747
    Wy10-5 Cornelius Wyckoff b. 5 Aug 1683 Flatlands Kings Co NY d 1762 Flatlands
    m Adriantje Luyster b 1689
    -1 Cornelius Wyckoff b 1706 flatlands d 10 Sep 1759 Readington NJ m 1738 Mary x b 1713 -1-1 Adriantje Wyckoff b 1741 m William Van Fleet b 16 Aug 1730 NY d 1798 -1-1-1 Henry Fleet b 1791 NJ d 26 Jan 1859 Morristown NJ m Mary Wooley b 1790 d 1877 -1-1-1-1 Isaac Fleet b 10 Apr 1812 Morristown NJ d ther 11 Mar 1876 m Mary Bockhoven b 1815 d 1889
    Wy10-6 Antie Wyckoff b 1 Sep 1693 d 15 Jul 1766
    m Stephen Schenck
    Wy11-2 Margrietje Wyckoff b c 1648
    m Matthias Brouwer
    Wy11-3 Annetje Wyckoff b 27 Nov 1650, d 1698
    m Roeloff/Roeliff Schenck d 1704
    -1 Margaretta Schenck b 1678 m Cornelius Couwenhoven of Pleasant Valley b Nov. 1, 1672
    -2 Neeltje Schenck b 1682 d 1751 m Albert Willemse Couwenhoven
    -3 Mayken Schenck b 16 84 d 1766 m Jan Luycase VanVoorhees
    -4 Sarah Schenck b 1685 m Jacob Couwenhoven of Middletown NJ b 1679 d 1744
    Wy11-4 Mayken Wyckoff b 19 Oct 1653 d 1 Dec 1721
    m William Willemse
    Wy11-5 Willemtje Wyckoff b c 1654, d. c 6 Aug 1693
    Wy11-6 Cornelius Wyckoff b c 1656 at Amersfoot NY purchased from Symond Hansen Van Nostrand for 1600 gilders a farm consisting of about 195 acres, including Lots 30 and 31 and other land in the Patent of the New Lots of Flatbush, Long Island on 15 March 1678. His will is dated 4 Apr 1736 and was proved 10 May 1746. He died circa 1746 at Flatbush, Long Island, NY..
    m 12 Oct 1678 at Long Island, NY Gertje "Charity" Van Arsdalen, dau of Sijmon Janse Van Arsdalen and Pieterje Claesen van Schouw.
    Wy11-6-1 Peter Wyckoff b 14 Sep 1679
    Wy11-6-2 Mary Wyckoff b 11 Dec 1681
    Wy11-6-3 Simon Wyckoff b 23 Nov 1683 bap at Dutch Reformed Church, Flatlands, Long Island, NY
    m Geertje Van Der Vliet, dau of Jan Dirksen Van Der Vliet and Geertje Verkerk, circa 1706. He lived in 1744 at Six Mile Run, NJ.. Will dated 14 Jul 1759, proved 1765. He died before 1765 at Somerset Co, NJ..
    Wy11-6-3-1 Annatje Wyckoff b 1719
    m Jacobus van Duyn b 1715 d 1774
    -1 Peter van Duyn b 1756
    -1 Jacobus van Duyn b 1750 d 1772
    -3 William van Duyn b 1754 d 1790
    -4 John van Duyn b 1745 d 1825 m Christina Staats n 1742 d 1791
    -5 Cornelius van Duyn
    -6 Dennis van Duyn b 1741 d 1798
    Wy11-6-3-2 John Simonse Wyckoff bap 28 Apr 1708at New Brunswick NJ d 1 Mar 1775 lived at Readington NJ
    m1 Geertje Vliet + 5 ch dau of John Van Der Vliet and Vytie Van der Linde m2 Elizabeth Johnston on 17 August 1758 + 2 ch
    -1 Geertje Wyckoff b c 1730 d 1777 m Samuel Wyckoff b 9 June 1725 at Hunterdon Co
    -2 John Wyckoff b 1732 d 1806/?16 Hunterdon Co NJ m Katrina Sutphin b 1743 Redington NJ
    -3 Gitty Wyckoff b 1733
    -4 Jacob Wyckoff d Jun 1812
    -5 Simon Wyckoff d 1821
    -6 Cornelius Wyckoff b. 2 Jul 1760 d 27 Aug 1834
    -7 Joseph Wyckoff b 16 Jan 1765 d 16 Oct 1818

    -2-1 John Wyckoff b 8 Sep 1767 NJ d 1 Sep 1842 IL m Jane Barkley b 1770 d 1857

    -2-1-1 Nathan Wyckoff b 1 Mar 1795 d 2 Apr 1867
    Wy11-6-3-3 Sarah Ternune Wyckoff d 1 Aug 1762
    m Joseph Andreas Hegeman
    -1 Adrian Hageman b 1745 Monmouth NJ d 22 Jun 1821 Sharonville Hamilton Co OH m Jametje Lupardus dau of Rem Lupardus and Anatje Dorlandt -1-1 Adrian Hageman b 3 Dec 1771 d 1 Jul 1810 m Elizabeth Shank b 21 May 1769 -1-1-1 Simon Hageman b 5 Aug 1795 d 9 Feb 1872 m Elizabeth Shuff b 23 Mar 1802 d 21 Dec 1891
    -1-1-1-1 Thomas Jefferson Hageman b 18 Apr 1836 d 1906 m Ellen Thompson

    -1-1-1-1-1 Simon Sylvester Hageman b 6 Jul 1868 d 7 Aug 1948 m May Lorraine Rouse

    -1-1-1-1-1-1 Marian Emily Hageman b 3 Jan 1907 m Lester Benjamin Rhodes b 15 Dec 1897 d 3 Feb 1976 grandparents of Sheryl Jackson, authorīs DNA match
    Wy11-6-4 Jacob Wyckoff b 1686 d 1732
    Wy11-6-5 John Wyckoff b 1688 d 1746 m Neeltje Schenk b 1 Nov 1683 Long Island City d 1757 Somerset NJ
    Wy11-6-6 Greetje Wyckoff b 1691 d 1768
    Wy11-6-7 Permelia Wyckoff b 1692 d 1750
    Wy11-6-8 Charles Wyckoff b 1695 d 1757
    Wy11-6-9 Hannah Wyckoff b 1696 d 1719
    Wy11-6-10 Nicholas Wyckoff b 10 May 1700, d 1801
    Wy11-6-11 May Wyckoff b 1701
    Wy11-6-12 Jane b 1701
    Wy11-7 Hendrick Wyckoff b c 1658 d 6 Dec 1744
    Wy11-8 Geertje Wyckoff b 17 Mar 1660 NJ d 1744 NJ
    m Christoffel Romine/Romeyn b 1641 Kings Co NY d 1709 NJ
    -1 Peter Romine b 1688 NJ d 1764 Loudoun Co VA m Rachel Layton b 1688 Freehold Monmouth Co NJ -1-1 Peter Romine b 20 Oct Monmouth Co NJ d 1788 Loudoun Co VA -1-1-1 Layton Romine b 18 Apr 1766 Loudoun Co d 1836 Sevier Co TN m Rose Canterbury b 1770 d 1797 -1-1-1-1 William Romine d 15 Oct 1867 McNairy Co TN m Mary Calliahan b 1801 d 1860 -1-1-1-1-1 Milledge Romine b 1825 Lauderdale Co AL d 1862 m Martha Cole b 1825 d 1870
    Wy11-9 Garret Wyckoff b 1662 Flatlands Kings Co NY d there 12 Jun 1707
    m Catherine Johana Nevius b 16 Feb Kings Co NY d there 12 Jul 1707
    -1 Garrett Wyckoff b 1703 d 1770 m Altje Garritson b 1705 d 1739 -1-1 Samuel Wyckoff b 1732 d 1826 m Gertrude Shipman -1-1-1 Altje Wyckoff b 1760
    -1-1-2 Garret Wyckoff b 1762 d 1820 m Rachel Croxson b 1770 d 1857
    -1-1-3 Jacob Wyckoff b 1765 d 1827 m Alice Green b 1772 d 1837
    -1-1-4 Catherine Wyckoff b 1773 d 1847 m William Croxson b 1775 d 1857

    -1-1-2-1 Jacob Wyckoff b 1807 d 1894 m Ann Stryker b 1813 d 1899
    Wy11-10 Marten Wyckoff b 1663 NYC d 1707 Gravesend Kigs Co NY
    m Hannah Willemson b 1656 Flatlands d 30 May 1724 Long Island City Queens NY
    -1 Margaret Wyckoff b 1684 m Samuel Poling b 1680 d 1732 -1-1 Samuel Poland b 1725 d 1780 m Jackameinnte Jemima Hendrix b 1725 Monmouth Co NJ d 1805 Carter TN -1-1-1 Samuel Poland b 1750 somerset NJ d 4 Mar 1830 Greencastle Franklin PA m Elizabeth Bartley b 1751
    Wy11-11 Jan Wyckoff b 16 Feb 1665, d a 1730