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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Wyatt Families 1503 - 1980

Wiat, Wiatt, Wiet, Wiett, Wijett, Wiott, Wyat, Wyatt, Wyet, Wyett, Wyot, Wyott
Descendants of George Wyatt
  1. (1697-1887) Mary Lockwood

  2. Nathaniel4,3,2Wyatt, 1Edward1
  3. (203: 1503-1980) Elizabeth Brooke

  4. Thomas *Wyatt, 2Henry *
Wy18. Sir Henry WYATT of Allington Castle KENT
m Anne/?Jane SKINNER
Wy17. Sir Thomas WYATT, poet b 1503 Allington Castle, Boxley,KEN, Eng d: 11 Oct 1542 Boxley Parish, Kent ENG
m 1521 ENG Elizabeth BROOKE, b 1503 Cobham Hall KENT ENG d ~1560 ENG BROOK
Wy16 Sir Thomas WYATT, "the Rebel", b 1520-1521 Allington Castle, KENT ENG d 11 Apr 1554 London Tower, London, MDX, ENG † beheaded for instigating Wyatt's Rebellion against Queen Mary's papist policiy (250 Anglican martys burned at the stake)
m Lady Jane HAUTE, of Allington KENT b: 1522 Bishopsbourne and Wavering m: 1537 Boxley Manor, KENT, dau of
+1 Sir William HAWTE
Wy14-1 Richardus WYATT,
Wy14-2Carolus WYATT,
Wy14-3Arthur WYATT,
Wy14-4Henry WYATT,
Wy14-5Jocosa WYATT,
Wy14-6Ursula WYATT,
Wy14-7Thomas WYATT, b ~1538 Of, , Kent, England
Wy14-8Henry WYATT, b: ~1540
Wy14-9Charles WYATT, b: ~1541
Wy14-10Anne WYATT, b: 19 Sep 1542 Of Castle, Allington, Kent, England d: 04 Jun 1592
Wy14-11Arthur WYATT, b: ~1544
Wy14-12Ula WYATT, b: ~1545 _,KEN,ENG #: WYAT260
Wy14-13Jane WYATT, b: 1546 Of, Maidstone, Kent, England d 3 Mar 1615/16 Godmersham, Kent, England #: WYAT262
Wy14-14Anna WYATT, b: 1552 Of, Biloxi Manor, Kent, England
Wy14-15Joan WYATT, b: ~1554
m Charles SCOTT, son of Sir Reginald SCOTT, of Scott's Hall KEN
Wy14-16Frances WYATT, b: ~1554 of, Biloxi Manor, Kent, England
Wy14 Sir George WYATT(Wy14), {72-14} b 1550-1554 Allington Castle,KEN,ENG d: 16 Sep 1623 IRL m + +Jane FINCH, b: 1560 Eastwell, KEN, ENG d: 27 Mar 1644 Allington Castle, Boxley,KENT, England #: WYAT64 m: 08 Oct 1582 Caswell, KEN, ENG Mother: MOYLE, Catherine Father: FINCH, Thomas
Wy13-3Governor Sir Francis WYATT of Virginia, Immigrant b 1575 Allington Castle, KENT, ENG d: 24 Aug 1644 Jamestown, James City, Virginia #: WYAT1 m Lady Margaret SANDYS, b: 1597 d: 1684 SAND1033 m: ~1618
Wy13-3-1 WYATT, Francis d: 1644 #: WYAT2
Wy13-3-2 WYATT, Richard b: _, Gloucester, VA d: 1753 #: WYAT3
Wy13-3-3 Henry WYATT, b 04 Apr 1619 Allington Castle, Kent County, England d: 1654
m Jane DUKE, dau of Sir Edward DUKE,
Wy13-3-3-1 Frances WYATT b about 1645
m Sir Thomas SYLYARD/Sulyard,
Wy13-3-3-2 WYATT, Elinor d: 1679
Wy13-3-3-3 WYATT, Edwin b 1629 Allington Castle, KEN, ENG d: 1714 Boxley Parish, ENG m +CRISPE, Francis m: 15 Feb 1663/64 ENG Father: CRISPE, Thomas, Esq
Wy13-3-3-4 WYATT, Francis d: 1739
Wy13-3-3-5 WYATT, Richard b: 1673 d: 1753 m +(WYATT), Frances
Wy13-3-3-6 Edwin WYATT, d 4 Jun 1707 m +HALE, Elizabeth
Wy13-3-3-7 Thomas WYATT farmer b: 1690 VA Colony d: 01 Nov 1772 _, Loudon, VA m x (WYATT), first wife>
Wy13-3-3-7-1 Mary WYATT b c 1725 m +LYNN
Wy13-3-3-7-2 Sarah WYATT b c 1727 ??= m m +COOPER
Wy13-3-3-7-3 Lt. & Rev. John WYATT, b c 1730 VA d: _, Franklin, VA m +(WYATT), Alice m: 01 May 1802
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1 Solomon WYATT, b 7 Apr 1773 VA d _, Jefferson, TN (probably) m 14 Jun 179 Hannah REECE b 23 Sep 1775 Franklin, VA
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1 Rev. Dr. William Hale WYATT, farmer b: ~1813 TN d: ~1890 Green Forest,, AR #: WYAT23 m +DAVIS, Martha Emeline b: 13 Sep 1842 _, Lauderdale, AL d: 17 Nov 1911 Ozark,, MO † "Pneumonia fever" m: 28 Sep 1860 AR Mother: GLOSSIP, Margarett Father: DAVIS, John
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-1 Rose Victoria WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-2 Thomas Jefferson WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-3 William Grant WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-4 Margarett Isabel WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-5 John H. WYATT b c 1836 ?= m c 1855 Nancy Jane TERRILL b Dec 1838 in Gibson Co TN d after 1910 bur Osborne Cem St Joe AR
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-6 Joseph Wesley WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-7 Hannah Julia WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-8 Nancy Ellen WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-3-1-1-9 Somomon Perry WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-4 Edward WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-5 Elizabteh WYATT d 17 Sep 1792 ?Montgomery, KY m ~1764 Dr Peter HANKS, b ~1737 _, Ann Arundel, MD d 1830 Princeton, Gibson, IN
m2 1759 Margaret HANKS, b Loudoun, VA
Wy13-3-3-7-6 Thomas WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-6 Ruth WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-7 Abner WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-8 Margaret WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-9 Reuben WYATT,
Wy13-3-3-7-10 Margaretta WYATT d 1698
Wy13-3-3-8 Maria WYATT, d: 1677
Wy13-3-3-9 Henry WYATT, d 1678
Wy13-3-3-10 Frances WYATT, d 1746
Wy13-3-4 Elizabeth WYATT, b 1630 d: 1711 m Thomas BASVILLE, Esq b 1611-1640 d 1660 m: 1660
Wy13-2George WYATT, b ~1587 , Eng
Wy13-3Elianore WYATT, b 1591 Allington Castle, Boxley, Kent, Eng. #: WYAT290
Wy13-4Anne WYATT, b 1592 Allington Castle, Boxley, Kent, England #: WYAT294
Wy13Rev. Haute/Hawte WYATT, Immigrant b 1594/6 Boxley Parish, KEN, ENG d 31 Jul 1638 Boxley, Maidstone, KEN,
m Barbara Elizabeth MITFORD, b 1598 Boxley KEN ENG< bur 31 Oct 1626 Boxley KENT ENG † childbirth (probably) #: WYAT261 m: ~1616
Wy12-1 George WYATT, b c 1618
m Susannah Baynham m: 1645
Wy12-1-1 WYATT, Henry b: 1647 d ?y
Wy12-1-2 WYATT, Henry b c 1670 d 1705
m Alice
Wy12-1-3 Susannah Wyatt b c 1660 m Thomas Brooks -1 Elizabeth Brooks b c 1680 m Josiah Shipp
Wy12-2 Edward WYATT, Immigrant b 1619 _Kent ENG d 1690 Boxley Hall, Gloucester, VA
Wy12-2-1 Conquest WYATT of Gloucester Co Va b 1645 d 1720
m Sallie PATE of Yorktown Va
Wy12-2-1-1 Conquest WYATT b c 1650?
Wy12-2-1-2 James WYATT, b 1674 d 27 Jan 1744/5
m Grace Newton dau of John Newton and Mary Allerton
-1 James Wyatt b 1707 -1-1 John Wyatt b c 1735 m ?Mary x -1-1-1 Thomas Wyatt b c 1760 ?Va d c 1804 m Catherine Robinson dau of John Robinson b ca. 1708, Middlesex Co d 1787 Middlesex Co will written 21 Feb 1785 prob 23 July 1787 m1 Frances Yates -1-1-1-1 John Robinson Wiatt b c 1786/7 Va d 4 Aug 1855 Norfolk Va m Caroline Carter Fontaine b 10 Dec 1785 Va d 1 Aug 1855 Norfolk Va dau of James Maury Fontaine b 1738 Gloucester Co Va d 11 Mar 1795 and Elizabeth Carter Churchill b c 1757 grandau of William Churchill and Elizabeth Carter b c 1730 Cleve Kg Geo Co Va -1-1-1-1-1 James Maury Fontaine Wiatt b 24 Feb 1816 d 1865 Norfolk m Elizabeth Chapman ancestors of William Edgar Wyatt David Nicholas's DNA match
-1-1-y-1-1-1 possibly here was Jesse James Wyatt m Estella L Brown
-1-1-y-1-1-1-1 Bessie Marie Wyatt b 1906 d 9 Jan 1934 Greene Ill m John Garfield Barnard and had John Henry James Barnard ancestor of John Robert Diggles, David Nicholas's DNA match
Wy12-2-1-3 Capt. Edward WYATT of Boxley VA b 1677 Boxley Gloucester Co Va d 1750
m Frances NEWTON, dau of Mary ALLERTON and John NEWTON,
Jimmy Dingess, author's DNA match, reports the marriage of a Capt Wyatt to Elizabeth Buckner wid of Drury Stith and later b for 3 of the children listed below as well as 3 more children
William Edward WYATT of Stafford Co VA b 1707 d 1774 m1 Lettice NICHOLS + ch m2 Martha GAINES 3William Edward WYATT jr of Maca VA b 1742 d 1815 m1 Frances NEWTON b c 1745 + ch dau of William NEWTON b 1720 and Mary H. NEWTON m2 Elizabeth SNOE
-1-7 Elizabeth WYATT, b 1744 d unm 1770
-1-8 Conquest WYATT of Ohio b 1746 d >1812 m Jane REDMOND b c 1748
-1-9 Elijah WYATT of KY b 1750 d 1774
-1-6-3 Elijah Wyatt b 23 Feb 1774 in Prince William Co d 18 Feb 1858 in Abbeville District, SC m 15 Sep 1793 in Prince William Co Mary Grigsby Foster b 3 May 1773 in Prince William Co. VA dau of James Foster b 22 Jan 1750 in Prince William Co VA and Elizabeth Redmond Grigsby b 12 Jan 1755
-1-6-4 Elizabeth Wyatt b 1780 m Noah English
-1-6-5 Micajah Wyatt b 1770 d 1826 m Polly McCorkie
-1-6-6 William Wyatt II b 1775 m Martha Gaines
-1-6-7 Zadock Wyatt b 1778 d 1843 m Mary Commack b 1783
Nancy Pyles
-1-6-3-4 William Wyatt b 1803 d 1868 m Eliza Miller
-1-6-3-5 Redmond Wyatt b 1806 m1 Elizabeth Richey m2 Eleanor Seawright
-1-6-3-6 Mildred Wyatt b 1808 d 1893 m Abner Cox
-1-6-3-7 Susan Wyatt b 1811 d 1851 m Elias Key
-1-6-3-8 Harriett Wyatt b 1814 d 1874 m John Maudlin
-1-6-3-9 Malina Wyatt b 1819 d 1887 m1/?1 Hugh Alexander b 1819 m1/?2 Josiah White
-1-6-1-1-1-1 Susannah Massey b 1811 m 1832 James "Warren" Kay b: 1800
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Thomas Kay b 1841 in Anderson Co. SC d 1880 in Palo Pinto, TX m 3 Dec 1868 in Meredian, MS Marcella McLaughlin b: 1840
-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1 Nina Belle Kay b: 28 Mar 1877 in Texarkana, TX d 9 May 1963 in Washington, DC bur Oklahoma City, OK m 27 Dec 1900 in Palestine, Anderson Co TX Thomas Pryor Gore b Apr 1870 in Embry, Webster Co MS son of Thomas Madison Gore b: 1837 in Pickens, AL and Caroline Elizabeth Wingo
-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Nina Gore b 1903 in Lawton, Comanche Co OK
-1-6-1-2-1 Emily Keziah Mattison b 4 Dec 1834 in Anderson Co SC d 29 Jan 1901 in Anderson Co. SC m1 Nimrod Kelley Sullivan b 29 Jul 1828 in Anderson Co. SC d 22 Feb 1881 in Anderson Co. SC son of Kelley Sullivan b 24 Jul 1797 in Greenville Dist, SC d 2 Oct 1866 Anderson SC and Margaret Jane Watt granson of Pleasant Sullivan b 15 Aug 1757 in Twitty Creek, Charlotte Co. VA and Millicent "Milly" Kelley b 1775 gr granson of Owen Sullivan b 5 Nov 1709 in Lunenburg Co. VA and Mary Margaret Hewlett b 4 Mar 1707 in VA
-1-6-1-2-1-1 James Mattison Sullivan b 8 Sep 1855 d 20 Oct 1910
-1-6-3-9-1 Oliver Alexander b 1839
-1-6-3-9-2 Willis Alexander b 1841 d 1862
-1-6-3-9-3 Mary Alexander b 1844 d 1880 m William Crawford
-1-6-3-9-4 Samuel Alexander b 1846
-1-6-3-9-5 P Alexander b 1847 d 1924 m Ann Edwards b 1862 dau of Jonathan Edwards b 1837 and Rebecca Moore grandau of Joshua Edwards and Nancy Mahalia Duncan b 1814 NC d 1855 Ashe NC
-1-6-3-9-5-1 Maude Alexander b 1887 d 1967 m Olin Stevens son of Anthony Stevens b 1849 d 1933 m Eliza Baird
-1-6-3-9-5-1-1 Peggy Stevens, author's DNA match
-1-6-3-9-5-2 Ethelyn alexander b 1890 d 1976 m Harry Sanderson
-1-6-3-9-5-3 Mabel Alexander b 1896 d 1939 m1 Frank Girard m2 Gideon Powell
-1-6-3-9-5-4 Paul Alexander b 1892 d 1922
-1-6-3-9-6 James Alexander b 1851 d 1924 m America Wagnon
-1-6-3-9-7 Francis Alexander b 1852 m1 Maggie Murphy m2 Sarah Wagnon
Wy12-2-1-3-2 John WYATT, b c 1710 =? d 1775
Wy12-2-1-3-3 Elizabeth WYATT b c 1712/?30 d 1803
Wy12-2-1-3-4 Anne WYATT b c 1713
Wy12-2-1-3-5 Conquest WYATT b c 1714/?24 d 1815 possibly here was:
-1 Elizabeth Conquest Wyatt b c 1760 m Samuel OWENS b 1762 VA d 1848 Mason Co KY son of Joshua Owens b 1728 d 1777 Va and Elizabeth Behethland POWELL b 26 Apr1735 Overwharton d 7 Oct 1814 Mason Co Ky
Wy12-2-1-3-6? Jane Wyatt b 1722
Wy12-2-1-3-7? Francis Wyatt b 1727
Wy12-2-1-3-8? Sally Wyatt b 1732
Wy12-2-1-4 Francis WYATT b c 1679,
Wy12-2-1-5 John WYATT b c 1680 possible daughter:
-1? Ann Wyatt b c 1700
m John Stafford b 1700 VA d 1735 Bath Precinct/Beaufort Co NC son of William Stafford b 1641 VA d 1700
-1-1 Joshua Stafford b c 1715 Beaufort Co d 20 Aug 1794 Screven Co GA m 1744 Beaufort Co Martha b 1719 Beaufort Co NC d 1773 Screven Co GA -1-1-1 William Stafford b 1750 Beaufort Co NC m 18 May 1773 Effingham Co GA Ann Maria Geiger b c 1755 SC dau of Hans Ulrich Geiger b 14 May 1729 d 12 Jun 1777 (parents from St Gallen CH) and Appolina b 1735 d 1776 she m2 Jacob Hoffman
-1-1-2 Robert Stafford b c 1755 Beaufort Co d 1829 Wayne Co GA
-1-1-3 Martha Stafford b c 1760 Pitt Co NC d 1806 Montgomery Co GA
-1-1-4 Ezekiel Stafford b 15 Apr 1773 Barnewell Dist SC d 17 Aug 1853 Tattnall Co GA
-1-1-1-1 Mary Ann Stafford b 22 May 1774 d 1842
-1-1-1-2 Abraham Stafford b 7 Sep 1776 Effingham Co GA d 1864 Louisiana m Elizabeth x b 1780 GA
-1-1-1-3 Dinah Stafford b 15 Mar 1778 NC

-1-1-1-2-1 Ezekiel Stafford b 1805 NC d 20 Mar 1865 Choctaw Co AL m 24 Aug 1827 Burke Co NC Anna West b 1803 SC d GA dau of John WEst b c 1775/?= 1760 in Truro Parish, Fairfax Co dau of John West b c 1775

-1-1-1-2-1-1 James Stafford b 1831 NC d c 1880
-1-1-1-2-1-2 Mary C Stafford b 1832 Burke Co NC d by 1870 Sevier Co TN m 18 Apr 1854 Murray Co GA Dennis G Carroll b 1833 Buncombe Co NC d 18 Mar 1910 Kox Co TN ancestors of Rod Law, author's DNA match
Wy12-2-1-6 Haute WYATT, b c 1682 dy
Wy12-2-1-7 Sarah WYATT b c 1684
Wy12-2-2 Francis WYATT, b c 1686
Wy12-2-3 Haute WYATT, b c 1688
Wy12-2-4 EdwardWYATT,
Wy12-3 Thomas WYATT, b 16 Oct 1626 Boxley, Kent d 10 Apr 1627 Boxley,
m2 1628/9 Anne COX, d: Feb 1630/31 Boxley Parish,KEN,ENG #: WYAT266 dau of John COX and Anne LEE
Wy12-4 5Capt. John WYATT, Immigrant b 1630 Boxley Parish, Kent ENG d 1670 Gloucester, VA
m1 ~1650 Mary COCKE, Immigrant b: ~1631ENG d: ~1653 _, Gloucester, VA
Wy12-4-1 Edmund WYATT, b: 1651 d: 1707 #: WYAT355
Wy12-4-1-1 William WYATT b 1675 -1 William WYATT b 1729
-2? possibly here was: Susannah Wyatt m Benjamin Willoughby b c 1736 in Fauquier Co d c 1800 Greene Co TN
-3? possibly here was Mary Elizabeth WYATT b 1742 in Virginia m Thomas LEACHMAN b 1754 in Virginia

-2-1 Elijah WILLOUGHBY. Born in 1762 in VA d in Monroe Co IN, in 1834. m 19 Oct 1787 1st cousin, Susannah LEACHMAN, dau of Thomas LEACHMAN & Mary WYATT, in Fauquier Co VA. Born ca 1766 in VA d in Vigo Co IN, on 26 Feb 1853
-2-2 John WILLOUGHBY. Born in 1765. He is not on some lists of their children; ?confusion with the cousin John, who m Mary Leachman.
-2-3 Margaret WILLOUGHBY. Born in 1765 in Fauquier Co VA. Margaret died in Coles Co or Edgar Co IL, on 11 Jun 1851 m Thomas Donaghe, or Donica, 3 Apr 1797 Greene Co KY. Margaret and Thomas married in Greene Co TN, and both Thomas Donica and the Benjamin Willoughby families are on the early tax records of Greene County TN. They were in 1810 in Montgomery Co KY where Benjamin’s family stayed behind a short while then followed on to Lawrence Co IN. Thomas and Margaret (Willoughby) Donica’s daughter Margaret who married Rev. James F. Smith from Hawkins Co TN …moved latter to Illinois then MO. Margaret and Thomas had twelve children.
-2-4 Sarah WILLOUGHBY. Born in 1771 in Fauquier Co VA.
-2-5 Benjamin Jefferson WILLOUGHBY b 1773 in Fauquier Co VA. Benjamin Jefferson died in 1834. He possibly married Susan FRAZIER.
-2-6 William WILLOUGHBY b c 1780. He married Phoebe (poss Hutson). Their children were:
-2-7 Anna WILLOUGHBY. Born ca 1790
-3-1 Susannah LEACHMAN. Born ca 1766 in VA d in Vigo Co IN, on 26 Feb 1853 not in the 1850 census . On 19 Oct 1787 m Elijah WILLOUGHBY, son of Benjamin WILLOUGHBY & Susannah WYATT, and her first cousin, in Fauquier Co VA. Born in 1762 in VA. Elijah died in Monroe Co IN, in 1834. They had the following children[9]:
-3-2. Mary LEACHMAN. Born in say 1767. On 29 Oct 1787 Mary married John WILLOUGHBY, son of John WILLOUGHBY, and probably a first cousin of her sister’s Susannah’s new husband, in Fauquier Co VA. Born in say 1765. John died in Green Co TN, in Jul 1814. They had the following children:
-3-3 George LEACHMAN b c 1770 in Fauquier Co VA. George died in Putnam Co IN, on 15 Jul 1837. On 30 Jan 1793 George married Mary FLYNN in Fauquier Co VA. Born in 1773 in Fauquier Co VA. Mary died in Putnam Co IN, on 8 Dec 1852. They had the following children:
-3-4. James LEACHMAN. Born ca 1773.
-3-5. Thomas LEACHMAN. Born ca 1777

-2-1-1 George W WILLOUGHBY b ca1788-~1835)
-2-1-2 Polly WILLOUGHBY b ca1798-)
-2-1-3 Enoch WILLOUGHBY b 1794-1827)
-2-1-4 Elijah WILLOUGHBY Jr b 1802-)
-2-1-5 Benjamin Jefferson WILLOUGHBY b 1809-1850)
-2-1-6 Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY b 1813-<1900)
-2-1-7 Anna WILLOUGHBY b 1814 d c 1845
-2-6-1 William WILLOUGHBY b 1805 in Tennessee
-2-6-2 Phoebe WILLOUGHBY b ca 1810
-2-6-3 Susan WILLOUGHBY b 22 Feb 1811 in Montgomery Co KY
-2-6-4 Pleasant Wade WILLOUGHBY b 1811 in Castle Rock,(or Rockcastle) Kentucky
-2-6-5 Benjamin Franklin WILLOUGHBY b 1814 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co KY
-2-6-6 James W WILLOUGHBY b ca 1817 in Montgomery Co KY
-2-6-7 Maylon WILLOUGHBY b 1821
-3-1-1 Rhoda WILLOUGHBY (1789-1850)
-3-1-2 child WILLOUGHBY (1791-)
-3-1-3 Enoch WILLOUGHBY (1794-1827)
-3-1-4 Polly WILLOUGHBY (1796-)
-3-1-5 Susannah WILLOUGHBY (1798-)
-3-1-6 Sarah Evalline WILLOUGHBY (1800-<1834)
-3-1-7 Elijah WILLOUGHBY Jr (1802-)
-3-1-8 George W WILLOUGHBY (1804-1837)
-3-1-9 Benjamin Jefferson WILLOUGHBY (1810-1847)
-3-1-10 Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY (1813-<1900)
-3-1-11 Anna WILLOUGHBY (1814-ca1845)
-3-2-1 James WILLOUGHBY
-3-2-2 Winney WILLOUGHBY
-3-2-3 Thomas WILLOUGHBY
-3-2-4 Benjamin WILLOUGHBY
-3-2-5 Mary WILLOUGHBY (1799-)
-3-2-6 Anne WILLOUGHBY (1801-)
-3-2-7 John M WILLOUGHBY (1805-1869)
-3-2-8 Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY
-3-3-1 John LEACHMAN b 1793-<1837)
-3-3-2 Wiliam (1795-1858)
-3-3-2 Willoughby LEACHMAN b 1798-1867)
-3-3-3 George LEACHMAN b ~1802-)
-3-3-5 Mary LEACHMAN b
-3-3-6 Sarah LEACHMAN b 1803->1860)
-3-3-7 Thomas LEACHMAN b c 1806
-3-3-8 Nancy LEACHMAN b 1808-1864)
-3-3-9 Benjamin LEACHMAN b 1809-1852)
-3-3-10 James LEACHMAN b c 1810
Wy12-4-2 Maj. William WYATT, b 1652 Perquimans, NC d 14 Jan 1687/88 _, Perquimans, NC
m 1675 Perquimans, NC Rebecca KENT, d: 20 Oct 1728 _, Perquimans, NC #: WYAT114 m:
Wy12-4-2-1 Elizabeth WYATT, b: 10 Oct 1676 _, Perquimans, NC
Wy12-4-2-2 John WYATT, b: 26 Apr 1679 _, Perquimans, NC d: 26 Dec 1739 Perquimans, NC #: WYAT115
m 17 Nov 1696 Perquimans NC Rachel CALLOWAY, b 28 Feb 1677/78 Perquimans, NC d: 1738 NC dau Elizabeth LAURENCE and Caleb CALLOWAY,
Wy12-4-2-2-1 Sarah WYATT, b: 1697
Wy12-4-2-2-2 William WYATT, b: ~1700
Wy12-4-2-2-3 Elizabeth WYATT, b 1702 Perquimans, NC d 1798 Perquimans, NC
m 1719 Perquimans NC Joseph OATES, b 7 Aug 1697 Perquimans, NC
Wy12-4-2-2-4 John WYATT, II b: 31 Jan 1713/14 Bute, NC d 1776
m Rachel (WYATT),
Wy12-4-2-2-4-1 John WYATT, III b: 1743 Bute, NC
Wy12-4-2-2-4-2 William WYATT, b: 1735 Bute, NC
Wy12-4-2-2-4-3 Barnett WYATT, b: 1744 Bute, NC
Wy12-4-2-2-4-4 Nathan WYATT, b: 1745 Bute, NC
Wy12-4-2-2-4-5 Mark WYATT, b 1750 Bute, NC
Wy12-4-2-2-5 Mary WYATT b: 18 Feb 1716/17
Wy12-4-2-3 Sarah WYATT, b: 15 Nov 1681 _, Perquimans, NC
Wy12-4-2-4 Thomas WYATT, b: 07 Nov 1684 _, Perquimans, NC d: 1735 #: WYAT118
Wy12-4-2-5 Samuel WYATT, b 2 Dec 1687
m Elizabeth WILSON,
m2- ~1660 Jane OSBOURNE, Immigrant b: 1622 _, KEN, ENG d 1684 VA
Wy12-4-3 John WYATT II, Immigrant b 1663 ENG d 1684 _, Caroline, VA
m 1682 KEN, ENG Anne JONES, Immigrant b 1663 ENG d Rappahannock, VA dau of Rice JONES Margaret JONES,
Wy12-4-3-1 John WYATT, III b: 1683-1684 _, Caroline, VA d: 1750 Plain Dealing, Caroline, VA #: WYAT325
m 1710-1711 Jane/Jennie PAMPLIN, b 1690 d 1750 Caroline, VA
Wy12-4-3-1-1 William WYATT, of Caroline Co b 1712-1713 d 10 Feb 1772 Caroline, VA #: WYAT394
m Elizabeth EGGLESTON b 22 Feb 1722/23 James City VA d 13 Jun 1787 Halifax VA m 1733 Caroline, VA dau of Joseph EGGLESTON and Anne Overton PETTUS, ,
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1 Jane WYATT, b: 1742 Caroline Co Va d 1821
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-1 Anne WYATT, b: ~1744? Caroline Co Va d 1813
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-2 John WYATT, b: ~1746? Caroline Co Va
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3 Richard WYATT, b: 14 Mar 1769 Caroline Co Va d 1 Sep 1860 Lincoln Co Tn
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-4 WYATT, William b: ~1771 Caroline Co Va
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-5 WYATT, Mary b: ~1771 Caroline Co Va
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-6 Sarah WYATT, b: ~1773 Caroline Co Va
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-7 WYATT, Thomas b: ~1775 Caroline Co Va
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-8 WYATT, William b: ~1777 Caroline Co Va
Wy12-4-3-1-1-2 WYATT, Anne b: 1717 d: 1830 #: WYAT392
m +STARK, John #: WYAT418 m: 25 May 1735 _, Hanover, VA
Wy12-4-3-1-1-3 Richard WYATT b: 20 May 1720 d: Nov 1803 Plain Dealing Caroline, VA
m1 1740 Caroline Va Elizabeth STRESHLEY, b: ~1724
m2 17 Nov 1752 Caroline VA Amy CHILES, b: _, Caroline, VA dau of Walter CHILES,
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-1 Nancy WYATT, b: ~1755 d: 1833
m 3 Aug 1782 Anthony NEW of Todd Co KY b: _, Todd, KY d 2 Mar 1833
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-2 WYATT, Mary b: 1763 Caroline Co., Virginia
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-3 WYATT, Walter b ~1765 "plaindealing", Caroline co, Va d Jan ?1890 Il
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-4 WYATT, Sarah b: 1765 Caroline Co., Virginia #: WYAT485
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-5 WYATT, Lucy b: 1768 Caroline Co., Virginia #: WYAT484
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-6 WYATT, John b: 1769 "plaindealing", Caroline co, Va d: 11 Sep 1846 #: WYAT490
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-7 WYATT, Joseph b: 1770 Caroline Co., Virginia #: WYAT483
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-8 WYATT, Capt. Richard b: 1772 Plain Dealing, Caroline, VA d: 1845 _, Louisa, VA #: WYAT482
m +WARE, Nancy (Ann) b: 30 Jun 1771 #: WYAT577 m: 08 Dec 1796 _, Goochland, VA Mother: HARRISON, Ann (Hannah) Father: WARE, Capt. John
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-8-1 WYATT, Col. Richard Ware b: 1806 _, Louisa, VA #: WYAT578
m +HARRIS, Harriet King b ~1810 #: WYAT576 m: 1835
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-9 WYATT, Barbara b: 16 Mar 1773 Cedar Hill, Louisa Co, Va? d: 06 Oct 1804 "cedarhill", Hanoverco, Va #: WYAT491
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-3-10 WYATT, William Streshley b: 29 Aug 1775 "plaindealing", Carolineco, Va d: 24 Jan 1839 #: WYAT487
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-4 WYATT, Mary b: 1722 Of, Caroline Co., Virginia d: Jan 1980 #: WYAT390
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-5 WYATT, Thomas b: 1724 Of Caroline Co., Virginia #: WYAT396
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-6 WYATT, Henry, of Caroline Co. VA b: 1727 d: 1739 † said to have been killed at Ft Necessity in F & IW #: WYAT395
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-7 WYATT, Lucy b: 1729 Of, Caroline Co., Virginia #: WYAT389
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-8 WYATT, John IV b 1730 d 01 Mar 1785 #: WYAT385
m +SMITH, Elizabeth Ballard, of Louisa Co. VA b: 1740 #: WYAT612 m: 1754 _, Caroline, VA Mother: MERIWETHER, Anne Father: SMITH, Thomas Ballard
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-8-1 WYATT, Francis b: ~1756 Of, Spotsylvania, Virginia #: WYAT613
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-8-2 WYATT, John b: 1756 Of, Spotsylvania, Virginia d: 1840 In Arkansas #: WYAT610
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-8-3 WYATT, Thomas Ballard b: 1758 Gloucestor, Caroline Co., Vir. d: 1831 Of St. George, Spotsylvania, Virginia #: WYAT608
Wy12-4-3-1-1-1-9 WYATT, Henry b: 1732 Of, Caroline Co., Virginia #: WYAT388
Wy12-4-4 WYATT, Katherine #: WYAT70
Wy12? Nicholas Wyatt b about 1630 in VA? d before by 22 Jan 1673 leaving a wife, Damaras, a son, Samuel, and a dau., Sarah. He was granted by patent (surveyed 1651) land on the south side of the Servern, all in the middle neck hundred.
Damaris/Demaris/Damaras Stocket/Stockwell b ABT 1623? 1633. She may have been widow Stockell and m3 Thomas Bland b c 1643
Wy11-1 Mary Damaris Wyatt b 1641 d 1693 AA MD
m John Welsh b 1622 Peterboro Engl/?AA MD d there 1684 (from Malissa Gannuch's tree) son of John Welsch b 1600 Wales d 1666 England and Margaret Prousta b 1601 Northampton d 22 Dec 1623
-1 Damaris Welsh b 1669 d 1725 m1 Thomas Stockett b 1667 d 1732 m2 Nathaniel Giles b 1667 d 1730
-2 Sylvester Welsh b 1670
-3 John Welsch b 1672 d 1734
-4 Benjamin Welsh b 1675 d 1727 m Elizabeth Nicholson b 20 Feb 1683 All Hallows Parish AA MD d 1743
-5 Mary Welsh b 1677 m Josias Twogood b 1673
-6 Robert Welsh b 1684 d 1762 m Catherine Lewis v 1641 AA MD d there 1762 dau of James Lewis b 1660 AA MD d 1726
-1-1 Mary Stockett b 1689 d 1697
-1-2 Frances Stockett b 1691 d 1723
-1-3 Thomas Stockett b 1691 d 1762
-1-4 Eleanor Stockett b 1693 d 1771
-1-5 Lewis Stockett b 1702 d 1704
-1-6 Mary Stockett b 1704 d 1771
-1-7 Frances Stockett d 1685
-1-8 Sarah Stockett m Joseph Mayo d 1743
-1-9 Mary Stockett b 1713 d 1771 m1 Joseph Brewer b 1713 d 1726/?45 son of John Brewer b 1686 d 1730 and Dinah Battee b 1690 d 1732 m2 John Sollers
-4-1 Richard Welsh b 1702 d 1772 m Charity Jacob b 1709 d 1772
-5-1 Josias Twogood b 1710 d 1753 m Eleanor Beames b 171
-5-2 Christian Twogood b c 1710
-6-1 Mary Walsh b 1702 d 1750 m William Allen b 1700/?16 d 1780/?91

-1-8-1 Thomas Mayo b 1736
-1-8-2 Joseph Mayo b 1738
-1-8-3 Isaac Mayo
-1-8-4 Mary Mayo b 1740 All Hallows Parish AA MD m Francis Linthicum b 1734 d 1804
-1-9-1 Eleanor Stockett Brewer b ABT 1743
-1-9-2 Joseph Brewer b 23 MAY 1745 d 23 May 1844 m 30 MAY 1768 in Anne Arundel Co Jane Brewer b 2 NOV 1746 dau of John Brewer IV b 7 MAY 1709 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, MD and Eleanor Maccubbin b 1708 in Anne Arundel
-1-9-3 Henry Brewer b 1742
-1-9-4 Thomas Stockett Brewer b ABT 1753 in Annapolis
-4-1-1 John Welsh b 1728 AA MD d 17 Feb 1803 Berkeley WV m Mary Talbott b 173 AA MD2 d 1803 Frederick MD
-5-1-1 Elizabeth Twogood b 1731 m Phillip Berry b 1725 d 1781
-6-1-1 Susanna Allen b 1726
-6-1-2 Zachariah Allen b 1735 d 1790
-6-1-3 James Allen b 1742 d 1815 m elizabeth Laughlin b 1749 d 1800

-1-8-4-1 Thomas Linticum b 1763 d 1860 m1 Rebecca Tucker m?2 Sarah Lumphey
-1-9-2-1 John Brewer b 1776 d 1827 m Elizabeth Gaston b 1784 d 1820
-1-9-2-2 Henrietta Brewer b 1798 d 1860
-4-1-1-1 Benjamin Welsh d 1852 m Drucilla Bennett b 1772 d 1860
-5-1-1-1 William Berry/?Brewer b 1770 d 1827 m Martha Walls b 1774
-5-1-1-2 Elizabeth Berry b 1772
-5-1-1-3 Martha Berry b 1776
-5-1-1-4 Mary Berry b 1778
-6-1-3-1 Sarah Allen b 1778 d 1850 m Elijah Moore d 1809 son of Andrew Moore b 1733 Salisbury Twp lancaster Co PA d 1801 Harrisburg PA and Rebeccara Starr b 1737 d 1808

-1-9-2-1-1 Nicholas Brewer b 1808
-6-1-3-1-1 Elizabeth Moore b 1800 d 1858 m Iaiah Quinby b 1799 d 1873

-1-9-2-1-1-1 Alice Brewer b 1852 d 1897
-1-9-2-1-1-2 Nicholas Brewer b 1854
-1-9-2-1-1-3 Harrison Brewer b 1858 d 1920
-1-9-2-1-1-4 Edward Brewer b 1861
-1-9-2-1-1-5 Frank Brewer b 1862 m Laura Potts b 1864
Wy11-2 Samuel Wyatt b c 1654 in Anne Arundel, MD. d 1673 in Maryland. -1? y Wyatt b about 1680
-2? y Wyatt
-1-1 y Wyatt b about 1710
-2-1 y Wyatt
-1-1-1 y Wyatt b about 1740
-2-1-1 y Wyatt b about 1745
-1-1-1-1 Joseph Washington Wyatt b 11 Oct 1789 ?SC d 3 Nov 1881 Warren Twp Poweshiek IO
m Rachael Graves b 17 May 1790 SC d 5 May 1830 dau of William Graves d 7 Jun 1798 Abbyville Fairfield Co SC and Hanna Ward
-2-1-1-1 y Wyatt
-1-1-1-1-1 William Wyatt b 11 Dec 1815 Jackson Co Oh d 18 Jan 1893 Richland Twp Vinton Oh m Mary Jane Sperry dau of John M Sperry and Mary x
possibly here belong Extraneous Wyatt data from Bourbon Co Kentucky: tombstone inscriptions for the Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky, preceeding 1912.
-2-1-1-1-1 Wyatt, Martha M., b 1808 d 1889
Wyatt, Fleming, b 1808 d 1893
Wyatt, Thos. D., b Dec 23, 1835 d Mar 18, 1883
Wyatt, Rosana, d Sep 27, 1858 aged 87 years
Wyatt, Malinda, d Apr 7, 1866 age 64 years
Wyatt, Lucinda, d Jun, 1858 age 50 years
Wyatt, Bigman, died Jan, 1856 age 78 years
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Linley Wyatt b 5 Sep 1869 Vinton Co Oh d there 30 Jan 1922 m Ona Alfreta Wyckoff b 10 Nov 1871 Vinton Co Oh d there 10 Oct 1930 dau of Roswell Crocker Wyckoff b 1850 Oh d 4 Jun 1874 and Mary C Hutt grandau of Samuel Wyckoff b about 1811 Oh and Elizabeth Cooper
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Kenneth Wyatt b 17 Jun 1909 Vinton Oh d 4 Jul 1977 Pomeroy Oh father of Patricia Ann Pickens, author's DNA match
Wy11 Sarah Wyatt b 1657 in Anne Arundel Co MD
m Edward Dorsey Do11
Wy11-4? There is DNA evidence indicating that Damaris may have been pregnant with a son of Nicholas at the time of his death and had a son in 1673/4 who took the name of the stepfather, Thomas Bland (reported by Lee Anne Center []) on the other hand, Fonda Carroll reports Damaris's first marriage was with a Thomas Bland and that she had a daughter, Mary Bland b 1741, by this marriage and reports no other children and no third marriage.
Wy13-6 Margaret WYATT, b 1596 Of Allington Castle, Boxley, Kent, England
Wy13-7Henry WYATT, b: 07 Nov 1596 Kerstenings, Berks, Kent, Eng d 10 Nov 1624 Eng
Wy13-8George WYATT, b: 27 Dec 1601 Kerstenings, Berks, Kent, England d: 1624 Eng
Wy13-9 Thomas WYATT, b 04 Mar 1601/02 Boxley, Kent, England, England d: 21 Dec 1621 Eng
Wy13-10WYATT, Thomas b: 1603 , Eng. d: Deceased, , Eng. #: WYAT289
Wy13-WYATT, Jane b: 1605 Of, Boxley, Kent, Eng. d: 28 Mar 1621 #: WYAT300
Wy14-18 Frances WYATT, b: Kent England d: 16 Jul 1578 #: WYAT200

40 Descendants of Nathaniel WYATT and Mary Lockwood

Nathaniel4,3,2Wyatt, 1Edward1
Another claimed son of aforesaid
Wy13 Rev. Hawt Wyatt b 1596 in England .
m1 Barbara Mitford b 1598
m2 Ann Cox (exactly which was the mother is not certain but Nicholas is believed to be of the first marriage.


Wy12 Nicholas Wyatt b b about 1620 in VA? d before January 22, 1673 leaving a wife, Damaras, a son, Samuel, and a dau., Sarah. He was granted by patent (surveyed 1651) land on the south side of the Servern, all in the middle neck hundred. [TQFOAAC]. She and Nicholas Wyatt, her second husband, with a daughter by her first husband, had come from Virginia into Maryland, and settled on the Severn River. Wyatt, who may have been a surveyor, had laid out for him several parcels of land on the south side of the river, and there they lived. He died late in 1672 or early in 1673, for his will was probated in January 1673. Damaris went on living in the same place, and, on October 4, 1673, she took “One Dorothy Bruton into her house who was then very sick and bigg with Child” (post, p. 261) and cared for her for three weeks. Edward Gardner, whose interest in Dorothy is nowhere explained, had especially asked Damaris to do this, and he had “faithfully promise[d] to satisfie the said Damoris what she Should reasonably deserve” (ibid.). There may have been some connection between Gardner and Dorothy Bruton: she was never called Mrs., and never said to have had a husband. When she died, in July 1675, she left two daughters, and she made Gardner her executor. ...." More failure to pay etc.

Nicholas Wyatt was the pioneer surveyor of the Severn and may have come from Boxley Manor, Kent, England, or more likely from Virginia because of non-conformist Quaker persuasions. d 22 JAN 1672/73 in Will probated Anne Arundel Co Md surveyor of the Severn

m Damaris/Demaris/Damaras Stocket/Stockwellt b ABT 1623? 1633. She may have been widow Stockell and married third, Thomas Bland, born about 1643

Her unusual name also appears in Powell family of which a Damaris b about 1640 m Charles Fowkes. This is compatible with the description in Maryland Archive "....Damaris Wyatt, who took Attorney Thomas Bland as her third husband, was an approved midwife.
Will: Wyatt, Nicholas, Anne Arundel Co MD 10th Dec., 1671;
22nd Jan., 1673.
To son Samuel at 18 yrs of age, “The Quarter.” In event of death of Samuel without hrs. next of kin to inherit same.
To dau. Sarah, “Lower Plantation.
To wife Damaras, execx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Cor. Howard, Robt. Gugen. 1. 596.
Nicholas Wyatt was probably ( the son of Haute (Hawte) Wyatt (Wy13) Reverent or Vicar and Barbara Mitford (or Milford) but the many seemingly authoritative sites fail to show any father for this Nicholas Wyatt or to show Haute Wyatt as a son of George Wyatt or as brother of Virginia Govenor Francis Wyatt. On the other hand anyone coming as a surveyor in 1650 must have enjoyed an unusual degree of education for the 1650's and hence have already been or at least was automatically accepted as gentleman in the upper classes. Today, with mass media it is relatively easy for anyone to assume the language and bearing of gentleman. But even 250 years after this period Shaw's Pigmalion showed this to be an unthinkable feat at the turn of the last century. So his appearance in Maryland shortly after Reverend Haute Wyatt and Govenor Francis Wyatt had been in Virginia make the assumption of close relationship rather probable. The nobility and gentry were a small percentage of the English population, all multiply interrelated among themselves and not overly inclined to accepted others very quickly in their midst. Among the relationships of the Wyatts were the Howards, and Richard III had two illegitimate children, very likely by the Katherine Haute in his household. The genealogy incorporated in (Ha15) and compiled by George Wyatt (Wy14), the possible grandfather who died in 1638, does not include Nicholas Wyatt, so the connection may not be over Haute Wyatt at all but over some cousin of his. But such an omission might also have been due to Nicholas being disowned for getting into some "mischief" like marrying a woman under his class or due to lack of knowledge from Haute's failing to communicate the birth in America to his father in England. The period from 1639 until the restoration of the monarchy must also be deemed as very troubled times in which dogmatic differences between royalists and parliamentarians as well as puritanism, anglicanism and catholicism often split family loyalties, and death penalties were to be feared from both sides with little neutral ground to stand on; so immediate family members were often "disowned". William Rookins Jr was the brother-in-law of a Captain Nicholas Wyatt and involved in Bacon's Rebellion and sentenced to death because of it. Whether he married a Wyatt or Damaris was a Rookins and not a Stockett or we have to do with a different Nicholas Wyatt remains to be seen. Hopefully someone with better access to the Maryland and Virginia archives will soon be able to shed some light on these questions.
Wy11-1 Samuel Wyatt b ABT 1654 in Anne Arundel, MD. d 1673 in Maryland. -1? y Wyatt b about 1680
-2? y Wyatt
-3? Anthony Wyatt b about 1690
-4? y Wyatt b about 1695
-1-1 y Wyatt b about 1710
-2-1 y Wyatt
-3-1 Elizabeth Wyatt b 1712 Va d 5 Nov 1765 Orange Co NC m Robert Cate b 1700 Va d Feb 1767 Orange Co NC son of Robert Cate and Mary Ann Randal b 1675 England d 1767 Orange Co NC dau of john Randall and Patience Parker
-4-1 y Wyatt b about 1725 p Margery Lane b about 1730
-1-1-1 y Wyatt b about 1740
-2-1-1 y Wyatt b about 1745
-2-1-2 possibly here was Martha Wyatt b 1752 m William Thomas Prather b 1748 d 1796 son of Jonathan Prather IV b 1715 Pr Geo Co d 16 Aug 1771 Bedford VA m Catherine Reece b 1725 Bedford Va d 1772 dau of William Reece
-3-1-1 Thomas Cates b 1725 Orange Co NC d 9 Jan 1818 m Elizabeth Fussell b 1736 Bertie NC dau of Aaron Russell and Frances x
-3-1-2 Richard Mathias Cates m Emelia Morgan
-4-1-1 John Wyatt Lane b about 1760 m Grace Milton
-1-1-1-1 Joseph Washington Wyatt b 11 Oct 1789 ?SC d 3 Nov 1881 Warren Twp Poweshiek IO
m Rachael Graves b 17 May 1790 SC d 5 May 1830 dau of William Graves d 7 Jun 1798 Abbyville Fairfield Co SC and Hanna Ward
-2-1-1-1 y Wyatt
-3-1-1-1 Josiah Cates b 1776 Orqange Co NC d 7 Jul 1806 Newberry SC
-3-1-2-1 Thomas Cates b 1776 Orange Co NC m and Easter Hastings
-4-1-1-1 Thomas Wyatt b about 1796 m Mary Tapson dau of Robert Tapson b 1795
-1-1-1-1-1 William Wyatt b 11 Dec 1815 Jackson Co Oh d 18 Jan 1893 Richland Twp Vinton Oh m Mary Jane Sperry dau of John M Sperry and Mary x
possibly here belong Extraneous Wyatt data from Bourbon Co. Kentucky: tombstone inscriptions for the Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky, preceeding 1912.
-2-1-1-1-1 Martha M Wyatt b 1808 d 1889
-2-1-1-1-2 Fleming Wyatt, b 1808 d 1893
-2-1-1-1-3 Wyatt, Thos. D., b December 23, 1835 d March 18, 1883
-2-1-1-1-4 Wyatt, Rosana, d Sep 27, 1858 aged 87 years
-2-1-1-1-5 Wyatt, Malinda, d April 7, 1866 age 64 years
-2-1-1-1-6 Wyatt, Lucinda, d June, 1858 age 50 years
-2-1-1-1-7 Wyatt, Bigman, died January, 1856 age 78 years
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Linley Wyatt b 5 Sep 1869 Vinton Co Oh d there 30 Jan 1922 m Ona Alfreta Wyckoff b 10 Nov 1871 Vinton Co Oh d there 10 Oct 1930 dau of Roswell Crocker Wyckoff b 1850 Oh d 4 Jun 1874 and Mary C Hutt grandau of Samuel Wyckoff b about 1811 Oh and Elizabeth Cooper
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Kenneth Wyatt b 17 Jun 1909 Vinton Oh d 4 Jul 1977 Pomeroy Oh father of Patricia Ann Pickens, author's DNA match
-3-1-1-1-1 William Cate b 30 Jun 1803 Orange Co d 28 Jun 1881 Mansfield TN m Susanna J Cate b 6 Jan 1807 Orange Co d 6 Feb 1884 Mansfield TN dau of Thomas Cates and Easter Hastings s.b.
-3-1-2-1- 1 Susanna J Cate b 6 Jan 1807 Orange Co d 6 Feb 1884 Mansfield TN m Williams Cate s.a. ancestors of Thomas Richard Bolin Sr, author's DNA match
-4-1-1-1-1 William Wyatt b about 1824 m Mary Woodley b 1831 dau of William Woodley and Lucy mann
-4-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Henry Wyatt b about 1861 m Ada Parry b about 1866 dau of William Parry and Ann Stubbs b 1839
-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Allinson Elsdon Wyatt b 27 Jul 1895 m Marion McIntosh Cook ancestors of Stuart Wyatt, author's DNA match
Wy11 Sarah Wyatt b 1657 in Anne Arundel County, MD
Wy11-3 There is DNA evidence that Damaris may have been pregnant with a son of Nicholas at the time of his death and had a son in 1673/74 who took the name of the stepfather, Thomas Bland (reported by Lee Anne Center [])
- - -

Possibly a descendant of either Sir Thomas WYATT the elder or Sir Thomas Wyatt the younger was:
Wy12 y Wyatt b about 1650
Wy11. Nathaniel WYATT b about 1675 d ?Fairfield CT
m Rachel WEBSTER,
Wy10 Nathaniel WYATT b 18 Jul 1698 Stamford, Fairfield, CT d 15 Apr 1770 Newburgh, Orange, NY

m 15 Aug 1725 Newburgh, Orange, NY Lo10. LOCKWOOD, Mary b 08 Feb 1697/98 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT d: 30 May 1769 LOCK221
Wy9-1 Rachel WYATT, m +BISHOP
Wy9-2 Mary WYATT,
Wy9-3 Henry Atwood WYATT, b: 20 Jul 1726 Fairfield, CT d: 28 Dec 1788 Stamford, Fairfield, CT #: WYAT145 + +OSBORN, Sarah #: WYAT148
Wy9-4 Nathaniel WYATT, b 07 Mar 1729/30 Stamford, Fairfield, CT d 17 Oct 1780 Schoharie, Schoharie, NY m Temperence HUBBELL, b 03 Mar 1732/33 Stamford, Fairfield, CT
Wy9-4-1 David Hubbell WYATT, b 15 Jul 1753 Salem, Westchester, NY #: WYAT150
Wy9-4-1-1 Mary WYATT
Wy9-4-1-2 Eunice WYATT
Wy9-4-1-3 Mary WYATT
Wy9-4-1-4 Hannah WYATT
Wy9-4-1-5 Nathaniel WYATT, b: 05 Jan 1762 Lower Salem, Westchester, NY d: 18 Aug 1824 Waldo Twp, Marion, OH m +BRUNDIGE, Anna b: 1762 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT m: 01 Oct 1786 Marlboro, Ulster, NY
Wy9-5 Dr. Samuel WYATT, Veteran of American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)">V:RW b: 25 Mar 1736 Newburgh, Orange, NY d: 16 Sep 1810 Newburgh/Fostertown, Orange, NY m +SANDS, Elizabeth b 12 Oct 1749 Sands Point/Cow Neck, Long Is NY d 05 Feb 1832 Newburgh, Orange, NY m 05 Aug 1767
Wy9-5-1 Nathaniel WYATT, b: 16 Jul 1769 Newburgh, Orange, NY d: 30 Apr 1852 Candor, Tioga, NY m Amy x (WYATT), d: 28 Sep 1847 ?Candor, Tioga, NY
Wy9-5-1-1 Mercy WYATT, b: 23 Dec 1805 Newburgh, Orange, NY d: 31 Mar 1887 Cope, Morgan, IN #: WYAT49 m Hiram R. RUNDELL, farmer b: 09 Nov 1796 Danby, Tompkins, NY (perhaps) d: 02 Nov 1850 Hensley Twp, Johnson, IN Oct 1823
Wy9-5-1-2 William WYATT,
Wy9-5-1-3 Jemima WYATT,
Wy9-5-1-4 WYATT, Amy m Samuel B. KING,
Wy9-5-1-5 WYATT, Mary m Phillip KETCHESON,
Wy9-5-1-6 WYATT, Nancy m y CARY
Wy9-5-2 WYATT, David b 11 Nov 1779
Wy9-5-3 WYATT, Elizabeth b 21 Mar 1790 m +MARSTON
Wy9-5-4 WYATT, Joshua b 07 Feb 1775
Wy9-5-5 WYATT, Rachel b 01 Jun 1772 m +GRIFFIN, Adam
Wy9-5-6 WYATT, Rhoda b 15 Feb 1768 #: WYAT42 m y SMITH
Wy9-5-7 WYATT, Mary b: 03 Feb 1788 #: WYAT43
Wy9-5-8 WYATT, Samuel b: 24 Oct 1783
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