Wi31 Otterus Gheradini



    Wi31 Otterus Gheradini was the son of  Matthias Gheradini (Wi32) was born in 900
    Born  in 934 in Florence.
    Died: in 996.
    Otterus Gheradini was Lord in Tuscany. 
    An engraving of the Gherardini Court below.

    Some records say that Otho went to Normandy in the caravan of King Canut of England who had passed through Florence on his way home from a pilgrimage to Rome. It is said that he came into England later with Edward the Confessor when he was called back from exile to be King of England. There is an old lyric quote in English records which says "the Earldom which to Otho brave, the Saxon sainted Edward gave". His son, Otho Fitz-Othoer appears in 1058 in the Domesday Book as a baron of England.
    His son Gherardo Gherardini (Wi30)
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