Wi27 William Fitzwalter of Windsor

    Wi27 William Fitzwalter of Windsor (Constable of Windsor Castle) was a Baron , eldest son and heir of Walter Fitzother of Windsor (Wi28) (Keeper of the Forrest) and Gwaladus verch Rhiwalloon
    Born: about 1068, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
    Died: after 1135
    and had issue:
    (Wi26) William de Windsor
    (Wi26-2) Hugh Fitzwilliam of West Horsley, who left a daughter and heir.
    Source: Monograph of the Winsor Family
    Data from: http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/WINDSOR.htm
    Stirnet shows Beatrice not Gwaladus to be the mother and Gwladys verch Gruffydd de Gwynedd to be his second wife, but the problem of the latter may lie in the Wesh use of patronymics and place names instead of family names.