Wi25 William de WINDSOR

     William de WINDSOR (Wi25), Lord of Stanwell, was the son and heir of William de Windsor (Wi26)
    Born: about 1158, Stanwell, England
    Married:  Edith Plantagenet (Pl25) about 1188
    Living: 37 Henry III (=1253)
    Male Heir, bore for his arms, Crusuly a Saltire, which his posterity still use, was 1 of the Witnesses to the foundation charter of Richard King of the Romans, of the abbey of Burnham, in the county of Buckingham, dated at Cippeham, April 18th, 1997, held 9 knights fees, & an 1/8 part.
    and had issue:
    (Wi24). William de Windsor
    William de Windsor became Lord of Stanwell and other manors upon the division made with his elder brother, Walter: 9 Richard I. The barony being broken up, none of his family were afterwards considered as Barons, but were Lords of Stanwell.
    Data from: http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/WINDSOR.htm