Wi21 Richard de Windsor

    Richard de Windsor Wi21 was the son of  Richard de Windsor (Wi22) and Julian Stapleton St22
    Born: about 1295, Wymondham, Norfolk of Bradenlove, Buckinghamshire,
    Died: 1367
    Married: 1st; Julian Molynes/Molyneux
    2nd: Joan ? ABT 1320
    3rd: Claricia Dorkenford after 1353
    M.P. for Berks & Middlesex
    and had issue:
    Wi20 James de Windsor
    Wi20-2 Sir William de Windsor, married Alice Ferrers.
    Wi20-3 Isabel de Windsor
    Wi20-4 Christian de Windsor, married William Moreaux
    Wi20-5 Margaret de Windsor, married John Ducket
    Source: Monograph of the Windsor Family, private publishing about 1900, available at Guildhall Library in London.
    Data from: http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/WINDSOR.htm