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Families covered: Wake of Blisworth, Wake of Bourne, Wake of Deeping, Wake of Liddell, Wake of Wake
[The line of Blisworth, etc, was added on 22.11.03 before which the Wake of Liddell family formed part of WZmisc01.]
Wa27 Geoffrey Wac (b before 1100, d c1142)
Wa26 Hugh le Wake (d by 12.1176)
  m. Emma (d by 1168, dau of Baldwin FitzGilbert)
  BE1883 shows an additional generation here, a Baldwin (who died in 1201) father of the Baldwin who married Agnes du Hommet. We follow TCP.
  Wa25 Baldwin Wake of Bourne and Deeping (d before 12.1198)
  m. Agnes (a 1224, dau of William du Hommet, Constable of Normandy)
Wa24 Baldwin Wake of Bourne and Deeping (d before 20.07.1213)
  m. Isabel de Briwere (d before 10.06.1233, dau of William de Briwere of Blisworth)
  Wa23 Hugh Wake of Liddell, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d Jerusalem before 18.12.1241)
  m. Joane de Stuteville(d before 06.4.1276, dau of Nicholas de Stuteville, Lord of Liddell)
  (1) Baldwin Wake of Bourne and Liddell (d 1282)
  m1. Ela de Beauchamp (d before 10.01.1266/7, dau of William de Beauchamp of Bedford)
  (A) Joan Wake
  m1. Michael Picot 
  m2. Ralph Paynel 
  (B) Ida Wake
  m. (before 1273) John de Steyngrave (d before 25.04.1295)
(C) Elizabeth Wake (dsp)
  m. John de Horbury
  m2. Hawise de Quinci (dau of Robert de Quinci)
  (D) John Wake, 1st Lord of Liddell (b 1268, d before 10.04.1300)
  TCP is not clear about the identity of his wife other than to name her as Joan. It indicates that she may have been a daughter of either John FitzBernard of Kingsdown or William de Fenes, a Count of Spain. BE1883 does not name his wife at all. The following marriage is suggested by 'Tudor' and 'Mathematical' and is being followed on a provisional basis only and may not be secure.
  m. (before 24.09.1291) Joan de Fiennes (dau of William, Baron of Fiennes)
  (i) Thomas Wake, 2nd Lord of Liddell (b c20.03.1297/8, dsp 30/1.05.1349)
  m. (before 09.10.1316) Blanche Plantagenet (b 1305, d before 12.07.1380, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster)
  (ii) Margaret Wake 'of Liddell' (b c1299, d 29.09.1349)
  m1. John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch (dsps Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  m2. (1325) Edmund Plantagenet, 1st Earl of Kent, Earl of Arundel (b 05.08.1301, d 19.03.1330)
  (E) Sir Hugh Wake of Winterbourne Stoke
(2) Nicholas (or Richard) Wake 
  (3) Sir Hugh Wake of Blisworth and Deeping (d 1315)
  (A) Sir Thomas Wake of Blisworth and Deeping, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d Calais 1346)
  m. Elizabeth Cransley (dau of Hugh Cransley)
  (i) Sir Thomas Wake of Blisworth and Deeping
  m. Alice de Pateshulle (dau of Sir John de Pateshulle)
  (a) Sir Thomas Wake of Blisworth and Deeping (d 1383)
  m. Maud Pigot (dau of Sir John Pigot)
((1)) Thomas Wake of Blisworth and Deeping (d 1425)
  m. Margaret Philpot (dau of John Philpot)
  ((A)) Thomas Wake of Blisworth and Deeping
  m. Agnes Lovell (dau of Thomas Lovell of Clevedon)
  ((i)) Thomas Wake of Blisworth, Deeping and Clevedon (d 1470)
  m1. ??
  ((a)) Roger Wake (d 1503)
After the battle of Bosworth Field, Roger was attainted for his support of Richard III and his lands were forfeited, although some were later restored.
  m. Elizabeth Catesby (dau of Sir William Catesby)
  (((1))) son (dvp)
  (((2))) Richard Wake of Hartwell and Blisworth (d 1503)
  m1. Dorothy Dive (dau of Sir John Dive of Bromham)
  m2. Margaret Grey (dau of Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset)
  m2. Elizabeth Beauchamp (dau of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick)
  ((ii)) Isabel Wake possibly of this generation (or one later?)
  m. John Broke of Great Oakley (a 1472)
  www.geneajourney.com suggests that this was the Sir Thomas Wake who was father of ...
  (b) Anne Wake
  m. Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham Castle, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d c1406)
  (4) Isabel Wake TCP suggests that she was "possibly a sister" of Baldwin and his brothers
  m. Simon de Beauchamp of Bedford

Main sources: TCP (Wake) supported by BE1883 (Wake), BP1934 (Wake).
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