Wa24 William de Wasteneys

    Sir William de Wasteneys (Wa24) was the son of Sir Philip de Wasteneys (Wa25) and Amphilis Fitzwalter (Fi25) (1198 - ) and grandson of Sir William de Wasteneys (Wa26) and Matthania de Colton (Co26)
    Born: 1219 Colton, Staffordshire
    Married: Margaret (1223 - ) 
    Died: 1260

    William de Wasteney's Coat of Arms, Herald's Roll 7
    Sable a lion rampant argent collared gules
    and had issue: 
    (Wa23) Sir William de Wasteneys 
    (Wa23-2)  William (Le Jovene) Wasteneys 
    Data from: http://www.history.ac.uk/cmh/gaz/staffs.html
    COLTON 4048 3203. Borough 1275 (BF, p. 161). 1334 Subsidy 57.50. M (Charter) Fri; gr 1 May 1241, by K Hen III to William de Wasteneys (CChR, 122657, p. 259). To be held at the manor.
    This is a Royal annual grant to William de Wasteneys to support his Manor.
    Source: http://www.smokykin.com/ged/f004/f46/a0044676.htm