Wa21 William de Wasteneys

    Sir William de Wasteneys (Wa21) was the son of  John de Wasterneys (Wa22) and Constance
    Born: 1296 Colton, Staffordshire 
    Married: 1320 Johanna Brett (Br21) of Colton, Staffordshire

    William de Wasteney's Coat of Arms, Herald's Roll 7
    Sable a lion rampant argent collared gules
    and had issue: 
    (Wa20) Sir  Thomas Wasteneys 
    (Wa20-2)  John de Wasteneys 
    (Wa20-3)  Isabella de Wasteneys 
    (Wa20-4)  Stephen de Wasteneys 
    Source: http://www.smokykin.com/ged/f004/f46/a0045374.htm