Wa20 Thomas Wasteneys

    Sir Thomas Wasteneys (Wa20) was the son of Sir William de Wasteneys (Wa21) and Johanna Brett (Br21)
    Born: 1321 
    Married: 1344 Joan Toly (To20) (1325 - 28 Dec. 1392) daughter of John Toly (1301 - ) who was mentioned in the Calendar of Patent Rolls p. 88 as being pardoned on June 2, 1338,  for killing William le Cok in self defence. 

    William de Wasteney's Coat of Arms, Herald's Roll 7
    Sable a lion rampant argent collared gules
    and had issue: 
    (Wa19) Thomasine de Wasterneys
    (Wa19-2)  William de Wasteneys 
    (Wa19-3)  John de Wasteneys 
    (Wa19-4)  Thomas de Wasteneys 
    Source: http://www.smokykin.com/ged/f004/f46/a0044676.htm

    Further on John Toly:
    Surrey.B. 1806. Demise by Robert son of Robert le Tanner, of Kyngeston, to Adam atte Ruyole of the same, for ten years, of land in Kyngestone part in the marsh in Sortecheggesdone, and part in Teyntouresfeld upon the broad way at le Surlond. Witnesses:óJohn Toly the elder, Adam Templer, William Postel, and others named. Feast of St. Michael, 5 Edward II. Seal.

    From: 'Deeds: B.1799 - B.1900', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 2 (1894), pp. 232-242. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=64276  Date accessed: 22 January 2009.