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Wa18 John Warren

Wa18 John Warren, Esq. was the son of Lawrence Warren and Margery Bulkeley, daughter of Hugh Bulkeley, of Woore or Ware, co. Salop, and his wife Helen, daughter of Thomas Wilbrahan of Woodley, Esq.; son of John Bulkeley and Audrey Titley; son of Peter Bulkeley, a scion of the Buckeleys of Cheshire, ancestor of the Bulkeleys of New England. 
Born: about 1414. 
Married: Isabel Stanley, daughter of Sir John Stanley of Lathom, Knight of the Garter.
Died o
He was aged about 30 years at his father's death in 1444, and died 14th of Edward IV, 1475. He appears 36 of Henry VI, 1458, as lord of the manors of Stokeport, Poynton, Wode, Pumpton. Forneby, Rottely, Boton and Skegton. 
 John Warren and Isabel Stanley had issue:
(Wa17-1). Cicely Warren, daughter of Lawrence and Margery was born abt. 1424 in Poynton, Cheshire, England.  She married John Davenport, son of Richard Davenport and Alice Fitton on Jan. 4, 1435.  I descend from their son William Davenport who married Maud Legh.
(Wa17) Lawrence Warren

01. A Danish Knight, who became a Norman Baron, is the original ancestor of the Warren family. The Normans and Danes were united in their efforts to make a settlement in the northern part of France, and ultimately succeeded in obtaining a foothold in that part of the country, from which the Normans took the name of Normandy. This Danish Knight became allied through marriage with some of the foremost families of noble lineage in Europe. He had Gunnora, who married Richard, first Duke of Normandy, and they were the great grandparents of William, the Conqueror, whose daughter Gundred married Wm. Warren, No. 5 in this lineage. He also had Werina, who was the mother of Hugh Capet, King of France, Wevia, Duvelina, Sainfra and a son, Herfastus.

02. Herfastus, son of the Danish knight was born abt. 970 in Normandy.  He had a daughter whose name is unknown.

03. Unnamed daughter of Herfastus was born abt. 1000 in Normandy.  She married Walter de Saint Martin.

04. William de Gareme, (Garenne, Warrenne) was born abt. 1030 in Normandy.  He took his name from a small river in the old county of Calais or Caux, in Normandy, where on the west side of the river stood the ancient baronial seat of the de Warrennes, some of the ruins of which were still standing in 1832. He married a daughter of Ralph de Torta.

05. William de Warren, son of William was born abt. 1055 in Bellencombe, Seine Inferieure, France.  He married Gundred, 4th daughter of William, the Conqueror, and his wife Matilda of Flanders. (It has been said that Gundred was not the daughter of William, the Conqueror, but that she was the daughter of Matilda of Flanders by, perhaps, a previous marriage. The Invincible Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 5, p. 26, says that the inseription on Gundred's tombstone describes her as wife of William de Warren and daughter of Wm., the Conqueror. Also in Burke's Dormant and Extinct Peerage, pp. 154, 568 and 588, she is called daughter by Wm., the Conqueror, in a charter signed by Wm., William de Warren and Henry I, son of William, the Conqueror. Thus proving this much discussed question. E. E. W.) For the important part that William de Warren took in the Conquest of England he received 300 lordships in the counties of Salop, Essex, Suffolk, Oxford, Hants, Cambridge, Bucks, Norfolk, Lincoln and York.

06. William de Warren, son of William and Gundred, 2nd Earl of Warren and Surrey, was born after 1065 in Sussex, England.  He succeeded his father in title and possessions and married lsabel de Vermandois, daughter of Hugh Magnus, Crusader, son of Henry I, King of France. They had William, 3rd Earl of Warren and Surrey, and a younger son, Reginald.  William died on May 11, 1138 in England.

07. Reginald Warren, son of William and Isabel and brother of William, 3rd Earl of Surrey.  He married Alice de Wormgay, commonly known as Wrongay, in Norfolk. (Dugdale's Peerage of England says that it was this Reginald, and in the Monasticom there are three deeds proving that also. In a manuscript in the Herald's office marked D 46, amongst some notes taken out of a book of the Monastery of St. Mary de Overy, in Southward, it is said that William de Warren, 1st Earl, and Gundred, his wife, had William, 2nd Earl, who by his wife Isabel had William, 3rd Earl, and Reginald, who married Alice, daughter and heiress of Wm. de Wormgay. Dugdale also says that this Reginald de Warren paid knight's fees pertaining to the honor of Wormgay in 14th of Henry II, 1168. William de Wormgay was living 6th of Henry II, 1160, and Reginald de Warren was still in possession of Wormgay 18th of Henry II, 1172. The other Reginald, uncle of this Reginald, was head of an army of 300 men in 1090, and it is hardly possible that he would still be living in 1172, because if he were in army in 1090, he was born perhaps 1070, which would make him over 100 years old in 1172. E. E. W.)

08. William de Warren, son of Reginald and Adelia married Isabel de Hayden, daughter of Sir William. Hayden.

09. Sir John Warren, only son of William and Isabel only son, married Alice de Townsend, daughter of Roger de Townsend, Esq.

10. John Warren, son of John and Alice married Joan de Port, daughter of Sir Hugh de Port.

11. Edward Warren, son of John and Joan was born abt. 1295 in Poynton, Cheshire, England.  He married Maud de Nerford, daughter of Sir Richard de Skegton, living 20th of Edward II, 1327. This Richard de Skegton had issue Sir Ralph, Alice, surnamed of Hauteyn, and Maud, surnamed of Nerford, which Maud had a moiety of the lordships of Boton and Skegton, Co. Norfolk, by inheritance from her brother, and the other by settlement from her sister, 20th of Edward II, with successive remainders to her sons Ralph and Edward and their heirs male.  (There has been much discussion about the connections of these Warrens of Poynton, in Cheshire from the Earls of Warren and Surrey, but according to every authority they were descended either legitimately or otherwise, but authorities differ as to the precise mode of descent. But in the Poynton Pedigree drawn by Flower and Glover--King of Arms for College of Heraldry--in 1580 the above seems unquestionably the right one. You have descended in several different ways from the Warrens, but never through Reginald No. 7, younger son of William, 2nd Earl. E. E. W.) They had Ralph, Sir William, Edward and John, all of which died without issue, except Edward.

12. Sir Edward Warren, 3rd son of Edward and Maud and finally heir, was born abt. 1323 in Poynton, Cheshire, England.  He married Cicely de Eton, daughter of Sir Nicholas de Eton, divorced from her first husband, Sir John Arderne, in 1332. It was through this marriage that Poynton came into the Warren family. Poynton anciently called Ponynton, is omitted in Domesday Book.  It was probably included at the period of the survey in some part of the Earl's demesne in this hundred (Macclesfield). After a grant of Poynton to the family of Poutrell, it passed to the Stokeports, when the place from which they derived their name was erected into a barony. In the reign of Edward III, it passed with the barony of Stokeport to Sir John Warren, Knight, in right of his mother Cicely, daughter of Sir Nicholas Eton, wife of above Sir Edward Warren. Cicely's mother was Joan de Stokeport, eldest daughter of Sir Richard Stokeport, and finally sole heiress.  She was aged 2 and one-half years 20th of Edward I, 1292.

13. John Warren, son of Edward and Cicely was born abt. 1344 in Poynton, Cheshire, England.  He was found by the inquisition 44th of Edward III, given under Stockport, next heir to Isabel, daughter of Sir Richard de Eton, nephew of his mother Cicely, and at this time was aged 26 years when he succeeded to his estates, and his relationship was further attested by two certificates. In the same year, by the name of John, son of Sir Edward de Garreyn, he gave security to the Earl's escheator to answer for the issues of his Cheshire estates. By his wife Margaret Stafford, daughter and heiress of Sir John Stafford of Wickham (she remarried John Mainwaring of Over Poever) he had issue Margaret and Nicholas. Margaret, his widow, held the manors of Skegton, Boton, Rotley, Plumpton, etc., for life.  He died in 1387.  Note:  No connection was found from Margaret Stafford to my other Stafford line.

14. Nicholas Warren, son of John and Margaret, heir to his father, born abt. 1379 was aged 14 years and upwards, by the inquisition 16th of Richard II, and being under age, Sir John Schardelow, of whom his manor of Skegton was held, entered on the same and granted to Sir John White, who in 13th of Richard II conveyed the same to John Mainwaring and his wife Margaret, late widow of Sir John Warren. Nicholas died 1413, leaving a widow Agnes Winnington, daughter of Sir Richard Winnington, Knt. Laurence de Warren, his son and heir; and one daughter, Emma, wife of Hugh Venables, who died sine prole. The seal of Nicholas de Warren had the paternal coat in the first quarter. Stafford in the 2nd and 3rd, and in the 4th, Stockport.

15. Lawrence Warren, son of Nicholas and Agnes and heir, was born about 1394.  He was one of 30 spearsmen summoned for the defense of the kingdom, out of the county of Chester, 7th of Henry V (1420). He married Margery Bulkeley, daughter of Hugh Bulkeley, of Woore or Ware, co. Salop, and his wife Helen, daughter of Thomas Wilbrahan of Woodley, Esq.; son of John Bulkeley and Audrey Titley; son of Peter Bulkeley, a scion of the Buckeleys of Cheshire, ancestor of the Bulkeleys of New England.



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