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To28 Judael de Totnes


To28 Judael de Totnes was the son of Alfred/Aluredus "the Giant" Baron de Totnes later Baron de Barnstaple b c 1015 d 1080 Barnstaple Devon and Mary
To27-2 x de Totnes
To27-3 Alfred de Totnes
Judael/Juhel Baron de Totnes b c 1040 in Brittany or Mayenne d c 1125
Married: Guermond de PICQUAGNY
He founded Totnes Priory in 1087.

In 1087 William II expelled him as Baron of Totnes for supporting Robert Curthose and replaced him with Roger de Nonant. But Judael gained the barony of Barnstaple Devon before 1100 (inherited in 1080 at the death of his father).

 had children:
To27 Aenor de TOTNES b. Abt 1081 coheiress of bro Alfred m Phillip de BRAOSE

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The de TOTNES Lineage

                                                                                                      34. Alured de TOTNES
                                                                                                   33. Judael de TOTNES b. Abt 1049 ; d. Aft 1123
                                                                                                   | m.    Guermond de PICQUAGNY b. Abt 1013 ; d. Abt 1085
                                                                                                32. Aenor de TOTNES b. Abt 1081
                                                                                                | m.    Phillip de BRAOSE b. Abt 1070 ; d. BET 1134 AND 1155
                                                                                             31. William , 3rd Lord of Bramber de BRAOSE 1100-1192   m. Bertha de PITRES b. 1130
                                                                                          30. Bertha de BRAOSE 1151-1170   m. Walter de BEAUCHAMP 1173-1235
                                                                                       29. Walcheline de BEAUCHAMP 1194-1235   m. Joane de MORTIMER 1194-1268
                                                                                    28. William , 5th Baron Beauchamp de BEAUCHAMP 1215-1245   m. Isabel de MAUDUIT 1227-1268
                                                                                 27. William , Earl of Warwick de BEAUCHAMP 1237-1298   m. Maud FITZJOHN 1237-1301
                                                                              26. Isabel de BEAUCHAMP 1266-1306   m. Patrick , Lord Kidwillyin de CHAWORTH 1250-1283
                                                                           25. Maud CHAWORTH 1282-1316/1317   m. Earl of Norfolk Henry 1281-1345
                                                                        24. Joan , Baroness Mowbray PLANTAGENET 1312-1349   m. John , 3rd Baron Mowbray de MOWBRAY 1310-1361
                                                                     23. John , 4th Baron Mowbray MOWBRAY 1340-1368   m. Elizabeth , Baroness Segrave SEGRAVE 1338-1368
                                                                  22. Joan de MOWBRAY 1363-1402   m. Thomas GREY 1359-1400
                                                               21. Maud (Matilda) GREY 1382-1451   m. Robert OGLE 1373-1435
                                                            20. Robert OGLE 1406-1469   m. Isabel (Elizabeth) KIRKBY d. 1477/78
                                                         19. Ewyn OGLE 1440-1486   m. Eleanor HILTON 1450-1513
                                                      18. Ralph OGLE 1468-1512/1513   m. Margaret GASCOIGNE 1473-1515
                                                   17. William OGLE 1491-1542   m. Margery DELAVAL b. 1493
                                                16. John OGLE 1525-1586   m. Phillis OGLE 1525-1626
                                             15. Dorothy OGLE b. 1575   m. John SWINBURNE 1573-1604
                                          14. Thomas SWINBURNE 1597-1666   m. Hieronyma CHAYTOR b. 1610
                                       13. Nicholas SWINBOURNE b. 1640   m. ? b. 1640
                                    12. John SWINBOURNE 1666-1729   m. Anne FISHER 1665-1729
                                 11. Richard SWINBOURNE 1689-1766   m. Mary SMITH b. 1688
                              10. John SWINBOURNE 1717-1799   m. Mary SHEMMONS b. 1725
                           9. Thomas SWINBOURNE 1749-1819   m. Mary WALL 1749-1827
                        8. Samuel SWINBOURNE 1791-1843   m. Sarah BLUNN 1792-1837
                     7. Thomas SWINBOURNE 1817-1859   m. Hannah Divinish HATTON 1825-1857
                  6. James SWINBOURNE 1855-1913   m. Elizabeth Ann BECKETT 1856-1892
               5. Leah SWINBOURNE 1878-1924   m. Charles RIGBY 1878-1922
            4. Ruby Margaret RIGBY b. 1917   m. Albert James SIMPSON 1917-1969
         3. Susan Mary SIMPSON b. 1945   m. Robert Frank TAYLOR b. 1943
      2. Samantha Louise TAYLOR b. 1965   m. Kevin James HOY b. 1951
   1. Jacob Samuel HOY b. 1995