Te18 Thomas Tyrrell

    Sir Thomas Tyrrell (Te18) of Heron  was the son of Sir John Tyrrell (Te19) of Heron and Margaret (Alice) Coggesall.
    Born: WFT Est. 1394-1453
    Married: Anna Marney WFT Est. 1419-1472.
    Died: 1476.
      Sir Thomas Tyrrell and Anna Marney had issue:
    Te17-1 Sir William Tyrrell m. Eleanor d'Arcy, dau of Robert d'Arcy of Walda by Ales Langley
    Te17 Thomas Tyrrell of South Okenden, b 1460 d 1490 m Elizabeth Le Brun dau of Sir Humphrey le Bruin of South Okenden
    Te17-3 Humphrey Tyrell of Warley, m Elizabeth Helion.
    Te17-4 Sir Robert Tyrrell of Torndon, m. Christian Harteshorn
    Te17-5 Anne Tyrell, m. Edmond Audeley
    Te17-6 Anne Tyrell (2nd) m. John d'Arcy of Tolehunt
    Te17-7 Elizabeth Tyrell, m1 Robert d'Arcy of Danbury, m2 Richard Hawte
    Ralph A.Griffiths, The Reign of Henry VI shows him and his brother William active in the Royal household of Henry VI after 1440, although his father and both of them had been active in the household of Gloucester earlier.
    There was a Sir William Tyrell who fought for Edward IV at the Battle of Towton on March 29, 1461, and may have been this brother or either of the cousins Te18-2 or Te18-3.
    Source: http://members.aol.com/AmyHutton/thompson_terrell.html

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