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Talbot 5 : Talbot of Castlering, Talbot of Malahide
Ta16-1. Peter Talbot of Malahide d 10.07.1529

Malahide Castle
Malahide Castle was attacked by Cromwell in 1641, after he had sacked Drogheda. When the Castle surrendered, it was immediately seized on by Corbet for his own residence, being as he observed, "the strongest Castle in the neighbourhood of Dublin". He lived in the Castle at a yearly rent of £50, until Charles II was restored to the Throne.
m Catherine FitzGerald natural dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare
1. Sir Thomas Talbot of Malahide b c1511
m Katherine Betagh of Moynalty
A. William Talbot of Malahide, Castlering, etc d 04.02.1595
m Mary Bermingham dau of Peter Bermingham, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
i. Patrick Talbot dvp after 07.05.1581
m Katharine Cheevers d 06.02.1620, dau of Sir Christopher Cheevers of Macetown
a. Richard Talbot of Malahide b c11.1584, d 29.07.1640
m Elizabeth Kempe dau of Sir German Kempe
1 Sir John Talbot of Malahide b. about 1610, d 1672 When Sir John and Lady Catherine Talbot returned to Malahide at the Restoration, "the first act of this spirited lady was to order the demolition of the outworks and defences of the castle, alleging that her son and heir, Richard, that she was resolved Malahide should never again serve as a stronghold to invite the residence of an usurper".
m Catherine Plunket dau of Luke Plunket, 1st Earl of Fingall
A Richard Talbot of Malahide d 1703
m Frances Talbot d 1718, dau of Sir Robert Talbot, Bart of Cartown
i Richard Talbot of Malahide Castle
ii John Talbot 3rd son
m Frances Wogan dau of Col. Nicholas Wogan of Rathcoffy
a Richard Talbot of Malahide Castle d 24.10.1788
m Margaret O'Reilly, Baroness Talbot of Malahide d 27.09.1834, dau of James O'Reilly of Ballinlough The Barony was recreated in 1831 for Margaret Talbot, widow of Richard Talbot, heir of the ancient Lords of Malahide.
1 Richard Wogan Talbot, 2nd Baron of Malahide b c1766, d 29.10.1849
m1 1789 Catherine Malpas d c1800, dau of John Malpas of Rochestown
A John Malpas Talbot dvp unm 1828
B Catherine Frances Talbot d 10.12.1816
m 09.05.1809 Sir William Cornwallis Eustace d 09.02.1855, Lt. General
m2 15.03.1806 Margaret Sayers dsp 26.11.1861, dau of Andrew Sayers
2 James Talbot, 3rd Lord of Malahide b c1768, d 20.12.1850 had issue
m 26.12.1804 Anne Sarah Rodbard b c1789, d 13.03.1857, dau of Samuel Rodbard of Evercreech House
3 Sir John Talbot d 07.07.1851. Admiral had issue
m 17.10.1815 Juliana Arundell d 18.12.1843, dau of James Everard Arundell, 9th Lord of Wardour
4 Robert Talbot b 1776, dsp 17.03.1843, 5th son
m 07.10.1828 Arabella Ogle d 28.10.1855, dau of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, Bart
5 Barbara Talbot dsp 01.02.1830
m 22.04.1792 Sir William Young, Governor of Tobago, Bart d 10.01.1815
6 Frances Gabriella Talbot, Countess of the Austrian Empire d 28.04.1850
7 Catherine Talbot d 13.05.1852
m 10.1797 Sir George Airey d 18.02.1833, Lt. General
8 Eliza Talbot d 13.07.1855
m1 George Waters Mellifont
m2 11.11.1844 Ellis Cunliffe Lister Kaye of Manningham Hall and Fairfield Hall d 24.11.1853
9 Charlotte Talbot dsp 09.11.1863
m1 John Mervyn Cutcliffe of Marwood Hill Lt. Colonel
m2 1837 Gerald Fitzgerald dsp 15.12.1873
10+ other issue - Thomas d 05.02.1853 in Canada, Colonel, Neil d Cuidad Rodrigo 1810, Lt. Colonel, William d 22.12.1845
b Nicholas Talbot d unm Collin
iii Valentine Talbot d 29.04.1749
m Mary Tobin dau of James Tobin of Ballaghtobin
iv Frances Talbot d 1749
m James Butler of Ballyragget
v Mary Talbot
m 12.12.1706 Robert Dillon of Dublin
vi Susan Talbot
m Nicholas Moore of Lateragh
vii+ other issue - Robert dsp?, Anne, Elizabeth
2 George Talbot of Dublin d 1689-90
m Mary
A Henry Talbot
3 Elizabeth Talbot
m John Draycot of Marinerstown
4+ other issue - William of Rodder, Jane
ii. Sir John Talbot of Castlering d 07.11.1613
m Bridget Talbot d 1619, dau of Sir John Talbot of Grafton
a.+ issue dvp young - John, William, Mary
iii. Alice Talbot
m John Finglas of Tipperstown
iv. Anne Talbot
m William Wogan of Rathcoffy
v. Jane Talbot
m Robert Barnewall of Donbroe
vi. Elizabeth Talbot
m Christopher Russell of Seaton
vii.+ other issue - Richard dvpsp, Walter, Margaret d unm
B. Peter Talbot dsp before 1595
m Elizabeth Preston dau of Robert Preston of Balmadon
C. Robert Talbot b about 1540 dsp
2. Margaret Talbot
m Sir Thomas Eustace, Viscount Baltinglass b c1480, d 31.07.1549
3.+ other issue - John , Walter of Trim and Belingstown, William of Waterford and Kilkenny, Elinor, Amy

Sources: BP1934 Talbot de Malahide
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Baron Talbot of Malahide, in the County of Dublin, is a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created in 1831 for Margaret Talbot, widow of Richard Talbot, heir of the ancient Lords of Malahide. She was succeeded by their eldest son, the second Baron. In 1839 he was created Baron Furnival, of Malahide in the County of Dublin, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. However, this title became extinct on his death while he was succeeded in the Irish barony by his younger brother, the third Baron. The latter was succeeded by his son, the fourth Baron. In 1856 he was created Baron Talbot de Malahide, of Malahide in the County of Dublin, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, and later held office as a government whip in the Liberal administrations of Lord Palmerston and Lord Russell. When he died the titles passed to his eldest son, the fifth Baron. This line of the family failed on the death in 1948 of the latter's son, the sixth Baron.

The peerages were inherited by the late Baron's first cousin, the seventh Baron. He was the son of Hon. Milo George Talbot, fourth son of the fourth Baron. Lord Talbot of Malahide was a diplomat and notably served as British Ambassador to Laos from 1955 to 1956. However, on his death in 1973 the barony of 1856 became extinct while the Irish peerage passed to his third cousin, the eighth Baron. He was the second son of John Reginald Charles Talbot, grandson of Admiral the Hon. Sir John Talbot, third son of the first Baroness. When he died the title passed to his younger brother, the ninth Baron. The latter was succeeded by his first cousin once removed, the tenth and as of 2009 present holder of the title. He is the son of Reginald John Arthur Arundell who in 1945 assumed by Royal license the surname and arms of Arundell in lieu of his patronymic, eldest son of Reginald Aloysius Talbot grandson of the aforementioned Admiral the Hon. Sir John Talbot and his wife Mabile Mary Arundell, daughter of Hon. Robert Arthur Arundell, fourth son of James Everard Arundell, 9th Baron Arundell of Wardour. Lord Talbot of Malahide also holds the title Hereditary Lord Admiral of Malahide and Adjacent Seas created by King Edward IV. His wife Patricia Mary, Lady Talbot of Malahide, is a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Knights of Malta SMOM.

The colonist Thomas Talbot was the fourth son of Richard Talbot and the first Baroness Talbot of Malahide. Two of Lady Talbot of Malahide's brothers are also notable. Hugh Nugent originally Hugh O'Reilly, was created a Baronet, of Ballinlough, in 1795 see Nugent Baronets, while Andrew O'Reilly was a Field Marshal in the Austrian Army and a Count of the Austrian Empire.

The ancestral seat of the Talbot family until 1976 was Malahide Castle, County Dublin.

Barons Talbot of Malahide 1831
Margaret Talbot, 1st Baroness Talbot of Malahide d. 1834
Richard Wogan Talbot, 2nd Baron Talbot of Malahide, 1st Baron Furnival 17661849
James Talbot, 3rd Baron Talbot of Malahide 17671850
James Talbot, 4th Baron Talbot of Malahide, 1st Baron Talbot de Malahide 18051883
Richard Wogan Talbot, 5th Baron Talbot of Malahide, 2nd Baron Talbot de Malahide 18461921
James Boswell Talbot, 6th Baron Talbot of Malahide, 3rd Baron Talbot de Malahide 18741948
Milo John Reginald Talbot, 7th Baron Talbot of Malahide, 4th Baron Talbot de Malahide 19121973
Reginald Stanislaus Vernon Talbot, 8th Baron Talbot of Malahide] 18971975
Joseph Hubert George Talbot, 9th Baron Talbot of Malahide 18991987
Reginald John Richard Arundell, 10th Baron Talbot of Malahide b. 1931
The Heir Apparent is the present holder's son the Hon. Richard John Tennant Arundell b. 1957

The Heir Apparent's Heir Apparent is his son John Richard Arundell b. 1998