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St John 2

: Port of Basing, St. John of Basing, St. John of Faumont Fanmon
St28. Hugh de Port of Basing, Sheriff of Hampshire d 1096
m Orence
St27- Henry de Port, lord of Basing, Sheriff of Hampshire d after 1153
m Hawise of Basing
St26-1 Hugh de Port a 1108, dvpsp
St26-2. William de Port dvpsp
St26. John de Port, lord of Basing b c1121, d 1168
m Maud
St25 Adam de Port, lord of Basing, Governor of Southampton Castle d 28.07.1213
m1 Mabel, heiress of Orval
Adam's wife is sometimes identified as Muriel de St. John, through whom estates came into this family that led to the family name becoming St. John. However, according to TCP, Muriel de St. John was Adam's mother-in-law rather than his wife.
St24 William de Port, later St. John, Governor of Guersey and Jersey b 1173, d 1239
m Godechilde de Paganel
St23-1 Geoffrey de St. John
St23 Robert de St. John of Basing b c1199, d before 25.03.1266-7
m Agnes de Cantilupe dau of William de Cantilupe
St22 Sir John de St. John of Basing b 1225, d 29.09.1301-2
m Alice FitzPiers dau of Reynold FitzPiers of Alcester
St21 Agnes St. John
m 1292 Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton, 1st Earl of Devon d 1340
Co20-1 John Courtenay, Abbot of Tavistock
Co20 Hugh Courtenay, 2nd/10th Earl of Devon b 12.07.1303, d 02.05.1377m 11 Aug 1325 Margaret de Bohun d 16 Dec 1391, dau of Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex
Co20-3 Robert Courtenay of Moreton d y
Co20-4 Thomas Courtenay of Southpole, Woodheish, etc d c1363 m Muriel de Moels b c1322, dau of Sir John de Moels, 4th Lord
Co20-5 Eleanor Courtenay TCP Grey suggests she may have been a generation earlier m Henry de Grey, 1st Lord of Codnor d 1308
Co20-6 Elizabeth Courtenay a 04.1364 m by 1329 Lord Lisle d 1345
St21-2 John de St. John of Basing, 1st Lord b c1273, d before 04.04.1329
m1 before 1308 Isabel Courtenay dau of Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton
a Hugh de St. John of Basing, 2nd Lord b 26.05.1310, d before 25.10.1335
m Mirabelle Wake a 06.1355, dau of Thomas Wake
1 Edmund de St. John of Basing, 3rd Lord b c1332, d 18.08.1347
m Elizabeth d 09.1362
2 Margaret St. John d 19.10.1361
m John de St. Philibert
A John de St. Philibert d infant
B Isabella de St. Philibert
m Sir Thomas de Clavell
3 Isabel St. John b 29.06.1333, d 16.10.1393
m1 by 08.1347 Henry de Burghersh dsp
m2 before 29.01.1348/9 Lucas de Poynings, Lord St. John d c6.1376
b William de St. John
c Margaret de St. John b c1308, d 19.11.1361
m John de Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Hacche b after 04.10.1304, d 19.05.1343
m2 Alice
St21-3 Amadeus de St. John
St21-4 Edward de St. John
Edward, reported by 'Tudor' but not by BE1883, is shown by 'Tudor' as being older than his brother John but that is unlikely given that he was not his father's heir. TCP does refer to John, 1st Lord, as having a brother Edward. Whilst there are some cross-references that support what is shown here, the following connection comes from 'Tudor'.
m Eve de Hauterive
A site visitor TG, 25.08.04 reports that there was an intervening generation not reported here, another Edward St. John who was married to Joan de Hever.
a Edward St. John b 1304, d 07.1389
m Anastasia de Aton dau of William de Aton, lord of Vesci
1 Margaret/Anastasia St. John
m Thomas de Bromflete, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 1430/1
A Sir Henry de Bromflete, Lord of Vescy d 16.01.1468/9
m1 before 27.04.1416 Joan Holand dsp 12.04.1434, dau of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Kent
i Sir Thomas Bromflete dvpsp before 1431
m Joan widow of John Fauconberg
m2 Eleanor FitzHugh d 30.09.1457, dau of Henry FitzHugh, 4th Lord
BE1883 Bromflete of Vescy identifies Eleanor as daughter of William, Lord FitzHugh, but we follow TCP Vessy which confirms this and her other marriages.
ii Margaret Bromflete d 12.04.1483
m1 John de Clifford, 9th Lord b 1435, d 28.03.1461
m2 Sir Lancelot Thirkeld of Threlkeld
B Joan Bromflete d 04.03.1408/9
m Thomas de Faucenberg, 5th Baron Skelton b 1345, d 09.09.1407
St22-2 William de St. John of Faumont Fanmon, Glamorganshire b c1234, d 1305
BE1883 reports that William of Faumont was ancestor of the St. Johns of Bletshoe Bletsho. The following comes from Visitation Bedfordshire, 1566, St. John of Blethsoe with dates from 'Tudor'.
m 1266 Isabel Combmartin named by 'Tudor'
i Henry St. John dsp
ii John St. John of Faumont or Fanmon b c1267
m Beatrix Broye dau of John Broye
a Alexander St. John of Fanmon b c1292
m Elizabeth de Umfreville dau/coheir of Sir Henry Umfreville of Humfrevyie of Penmarke
1 Sir John St. John of Fanmon b c1319
m Isabel Paveley dau/heir of Sir John Paveley of Paveley's Pury
A Sir Oliver St. John of Fanmon b c1346
m1 _ Arundell
m2 Elizabeth de la Bere dau/coheir of Sir John Delabere
i John St. John b c1383
m Elizabeth Paulet dau of William Paulet
a Sir Oliver St. John of Penmark, later of Bletsho d 1437
m Margaret de Beauchamp b 1410, d 08.08.1482, dau of John de Beauchamp, 3rd Lord of Bletsho
b Joan St. John d 05.07.1463
m c1428 Nicholas Arundell
c Isabel St. John
m William Sydney d 1454, MP
2 Possibly here was:
Nicholas St. John of Wilts b 1332 d c 1393
m Ruth x
-1 Jane St John b 1372 in Lydiard Tregoze, Cricklade, Wilts d 1420 m >Richard Nicholas b 1366 d 1420
b Henry St. John
St22-3 Jane de St. John
m Sir Andrew de Wake
St24-2 Robert de Port presumed to be the Robert de Port de l'Arche who married ...
m Maud Mareschal sister of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
1 Julian de Pont de 'Arche d 15.11.1217
m by 11.06.1200 Robert de Berkeley b c1165, dsp 1219/13.05.1230
St24-3 Joan or Alice de Port or St. John d by 1213
m1 Sir John FitzJohn, Marshal dsp 03.1194 not John FitzGilbert, his father
m2 Richard de Rivers
m2 Sibyl de Braose a 1219, dau of William de Braose of Brecknock and Bramber
St27-2. Adelidis
St27-3. Emma de Port
m William de Percy a 1066, d c1096

Sources: TCP Saint John of Basing, BE1883 St. John of Basing, 'Tudor'
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