St23 Sir Robert de St. JOHN



    St23 Sir Robert de St. JOHN of Basing () was the son of  William de St. JOHN (St24) and Godechild de PAGANEL
    Born: ABT 1199, Portchester Castle, Hampshire, England
    Married: Agnes de CANTILUPE
    BEF 25 Mar 1266/7, Basing, Hampshire, England
    (St22) John de St. JOHN (Sir)
    (st22-2) Jane de St. JOHN
    (St22-3) William de St. JOHN
     Constable of Porcestre Castle Robert de St. John, who had a military summons in the 42nd Henry III [1258] to oppose the incursions of the Welsh and, in three years afterwards, obtained a license to fix a pale upon the bank of his moat at Basing, as also to continue it so fortified during the king's pleasure.* In the 50th of the same reign [1266] he was constituted governor of Porchester Castle and, dying soon after, 1266, left (by his wife Agnes, dau. of William de Cantilupe) John, his heir; William, of Faumont, Glamorgan