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    St22 Jullian Stapleton

    St22 Jullian Stapleton was the daughter of  Nicholas de Stapelton (St23) and Isabel. and the granddaughter of of Miles de Stapelton & Sarra, m.
    Married:  Richard de Windsor (Wi22


    Richard de Windsor and Julian Stapleton had issue:
    Wi21 Richard de Windsor
    Wi21-2 William de Windsor

      S T A P L E T O N
    de Stapleton, de Stapelton, Stapilton, Stapylton

    Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 �1996, Judy Parsons Smith


    The Stapleton family is of English origin. The Stapleton family has been traced as far back as 600 B.C. The first use of the name was in 1052 A.D. in England at that time the spelling was Stapylton. Heryon or Herman was seized of The Manor or Lordship of Stapylton upon Tyes (Tee River). Heryon Stapleton b. abt. 1025 was a Norman Seigneur granted lands through the Norman Conquest of England by William the Conqueror. The family was of Carlton, Wighill and Myton. The exact connection to Thomas has not been made.

    From "County Families of Yorkshire, Vol II. - West Riding", edited by Joseph Foster we find:

    (St25) Galfidus (of Geffrey) de Stapelton had:

    (St24) Miles de Stapelton, m. Sarra
    II. Nicholas de Stapelton
    III. Mabel, m. William le Scot
    IV. Roger de Stapelton

    (St24) Miles de Stapelton, son of Galfidus de Stapelton, m. Sarra.
    Miles & Sarra had:

    (St23) Nicholas, m. ?Isabel
    (St23-2) Roger de Stapelton
    (St23-3) Henry de Stapelton
    (St23-4) Galfridus de Stapelton

    (St23) Nicholas de Stapelton, son of Miles de Stapelton & Sarra, m. Isabel. (or Margery Basset, daughter of Milo Basset of East Haddlesey)
    Nicholas & Isabel had:

    (St22) John de Stapelton, m1st Sibill; m 2nd Cecilia
    (St22-2) Gilbert de Stapelton
    (St22) Julian de Stapelton, (??married Richard de Windsor (Wi22) about 1290 see (St21-2-4) below.)
    (St22-4) Emma de Stapelton

    (St22) John de Stapelton, son of Nicholas de Stapelton & Isabel,

      m 1st Sibill; married
      2nd Cecilia Tyndale daughter of Peter de Tyndale.
    John de Stapelton & Sibill had:

    (St21-1) Roger de Stapleton
    (St21-2) Nicholas de Stapleton,

      m1st Isabella de Dreux, daughter of John de Dreux, Earl Richmond;
      m 2nd Joan;
      m 3rd? Catherine
    (St21-3) Gilbert de Stapleton, m. Agnes
    (St21-4) John de Stapleton
    (St21-5) Thomas de Stapleton
    (St21) Richard de Stapleton (possibly had Elizabeth Stappleton (St22 = St20) who married John Karry (Ca22) at least he is the only Richard who fits into the time scale)
    (St21-7) Elizabeth de Stapleton, d. young
    (St21-8) daughter by Cecilia Tyndale who married Alan de Melborne of Collingham

    (St21-2) Nicholas de Stapleton, son of John de Stapleton & Sibill, mIst Isabella; m2nd
    Joan; m3rd? Catherine. Nicholas de Stapleton & Isabella had:

    (St21-2-1) Sir Miles de Stapleton, m. Isabel
    (St21-2-2) Thomas de Stapleton
    (St21-2-3) Gilbert de Stapleton
    (St21-2-4) Julian de Stapleton  (??married Richard de Windsor (Wi22) about 1290 see (St22) above.)

    (St21-3) Gilbert de Stapleton, son of John de Stapleton & Sibill, m. Agnes. Gilbert de
    Stapleton & Agnes had:

    (St21-3-1) Johns de Stapleton
    (St21-3-2) Sir Miles de Stapleton, K.G., m 1st Isolda; m 2nd Joan
    (St21-3-3) Sir Brian de Stapleton, m. Alice Philibert daughter of Sir John St. Philibert and had

      (St21-3-3-1)* Sir Brian de Stapleton, m Elizabeth Aldeburgh and had
        (St21-3-3-1-1) Sir Brian de Stapleton, m Agnes Godard and had
        Elizabeth Stapleton, m Sir William Plumpton and had
          Agnes Plumpton, m Sir Richard Aldeburgh and had
          Sir Richard Aldeburgh, m. Joan/Jane Fairfax of Walton and had
          Sir Richard Aldeburgh, m. Jane mauleverer of Wothersome and had
          Sir Richard Aldeburgh, m. Eleanor Goldesborough
        Joan Stapleton m Sir William Ingleby of Ripley and had
        John Ingleby m. Margery Strangeways (a1475 - ) and had
        Sir William Ingleby of Ripley, m Katherine Stillington and had
        Agnes/Anne Ingleby, m Richard Goldesborough and had
        Thomas Goldesborough m. Jane Boynton and had Eleanor s. above
    (St21-3-4) Nicholas de Stapleton
    (St21-3-3) Katherine de Stapleton, m. John de Boys
    (St21-3-4) Avicia de Stapleton, m. Sir Nicholas de Medilton/Midelton
    (St21-3-5) Annes de Stapleton


    In Cavaliers & Pioneers, by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol. 1 & 3. Vol. I, years 1623-1666 , There is a listing for a Thomas Stapleton as being transported to Virginia. In Vol. III, years 1695-1732 , There is a Thomas Stapleton is listed as follows (p.70):

    Thomas Stapleton, 125 aces, Middlesex County, beg. by marsh of Peanketank River, cor. of 704 aces. granted George Keible, dec'd by Blakes's S.W., to land formerly More's; 24 Apr 1703, p. 528. Trans. of 3 pers: Mary Walker, Richd Baxter, Richd Burton.

    It is believed that the Thomas Stapleton in both listings are one in the same. This Thomas Stapleton is the ancestor of the Lee County, Virginia Stapleton's. According to the Parish Register of Christ Church 1653-1812. There are four Stapleton families in Middlesex County , they are as follows:

    1. William & Lucy Stapleton. Lucy Stapleton, d. 23 Apr 1742. Of more later.
    2. Thomas & Mary Stapleton. Of more later.
    3. Elizabeth Stapleton. Of more later.
    4. Thomas & ffrances Stapleton. See Williamson

    1. William & Lucy Stapleton had (1) one child:

    1. Elizabeth, b. 25 Oct 1734, Middlesex Co., VA.

    2. Thomas & Mary Stapleton had (2) two children:

    2a. Jane, b. 1 Oct 1704, Middlesex Co., VA.

    3. Elizabeth Stapleton is listed as having an illegitimate daughter:

    3a. Joyce, borne Dec ye 1723, Middlesex Co., VA, baptized Janry 17, 1724.

    In a separate listing Elizabeth Stapleton, a spinster, and Walter Keebler made a bond on 29 Nov 1755. Sur. and Wit. Thomas Hardin and John Butterworth .

    Thomas Stapleton
    4. Thomas Stapleton, d. 1706, Middlesex Co., St. James Parish, VA; m. Frances Williamson. Thomas & ffrances Stapleton, according to Christening records had (4) four children:

    4a. John, b. 10 Aug 1683, Middlesex Co., VA.
    4b. George, b. 26 Nov and Baptized at ye great Church 10th Janry 1685/6, Middlesex Co., VA; d. 8 Janry 1720 and buried 10 Janry 1720, Middlesex Co., VA.
    4c. Thomas, b. c. 1689-1690, Middlesex Co., VA; m. Margaret Williamson.
    4d. Ann, b. 14 Sept 1693, Middlesex Co., VA.

    Thomas Stapleton
    4c. Thomas Stapleton, son of Thomas & ffrances Stapleton, b. c. 1689-1690, Middlesex County, St. James Parish, Virginia; m. 7 Aug 1718, Middlesex County, VA to Margaret Williamson, daughter of Robert & Katherine Williamson, baptized 5 Aug 1694, Middlesex Co., VA. Following Thomas' death, Margaret (Williamson) Stapleton m 2nd 1738  to John Plant, Sr.  They raised a large family together.

    Thomas & Margaret Stapleton had (1) one known child:

    Frances Stapleton, b. 5 Jul 1719, Middlesex Co., VA.  (11/01 - per  Paul Stapleton)
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Robert Stapleton
    Robert Stapleton, b. 1690; m. Anna Maria Turk/Turkin/Turchin.  Robert * Anna Maria (Turk/Turkin/Turchin) Stapleton had a son:

    Johann George "Charles" Stapleton
    Johann George "Charles" Stapleton, son of Robert & Anna Maria (Turk/Turkin/Turchin) Stapleton, b. 10 Aug 1734, Oley Township, Berks Co., PA; bapt. 2 Sept 1734, by Rev. John Casper Stoever; d. will probated Sept 1799, Montgomery Co., VA; m. 1754, Shenandoah Co., VA to Sarah unknown.

    Johann George "Charles" & Sarah (unknown) Stapleton had five (5) children:

    A.  William S. Stapleton, Sr. (Pvt)
    B.  Sarah Stapleton
    C.  Thomas Stapleton
    D.  Elizabeth Stapleton
    E.  Polly Stapleton (most likely a Margaret).

    William S. Stapleton
    A.  William S. Stapleton, Johann George "Charles" Stapleton - son of Robert Stapleton, b. 1690, b. 1769, Augusta Co., VA; d. 10 Jun 1835, Blackwater, Lee Co., VA; m1 (unknown); bur. Stapleton Cemetery, West Blackwater, Lee Co., VA - his grave is marked with a DAR marker; m2 18 Dec 1793, Montgomery Co., VA to Mary Brown, daughter of Jotham Brown, b. ca. 1761, Roanoke, VA; d. unknown; bur. Stapleton Cemetery, West Blackwater, Lee Co., VA.

     William & Mary Stapleton lived on a farm in the West Blackwater area of Lee County, Virginia. The farm was  located on Route 2, currently goes by the name of the Mack Roberts farm (1992).  The cemetery in which William is buried is located on this land.

    Census Records of 1820 and 1830 for Lee County Virginia indicate that in 1820 he has two (2) sons 0-10 years old, 4 daughters (0-10) and his wife was 26-25 years old. (per-Paul Stapleton).

    In 1846 Mary (Brown) Stapleton filed for a pension for William S. Stapleton.

    Revolutionary War Service:

    It is believed that he was living in Hawkins Co., Tennessee at the start of the Revolution.  He enlisted in Feb of 1776 at the age of 16.

    Served in the 7th Regiment of the Virginia Line, under Captain Dangerfield and Colonel Lewis was the Commander.  He was a private.  He served in the military in Feb 776 in the Viriginia Line, 7th Regiment.  His captain was Thomas Posey under Col. Dangerfield who with Brig. Gen. Andrew Lewis, marched to York, Virginia, then defended Guinn's Island.  While at Guinn's Island they built breastworks and artillary positions and brought the British under fire when they landed on the island.  Fire bombs burned three of the British ships and after about two (2) months the rest of the ships sailed south.  After some time the regiment went into winter quarters at Williamsburg.  Where William received a four (4) month furlough - after which he went to Botetourt County.

    William returned to the army from Montgomery County where he joined  Capt. Robeson's company, which then joined Gen. Nathaniel Greene's fighting the British at Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina.

    William & Mary (Brown) Stapleton had:

    Johnathon Stapleton
    Sylvanus Stapleton
    William Stapleton , Jr.
    George Stapleton, m. 7 Nov 1804 to Nancy Newton
    Lewis Stapleton, m. Cynthia Anderson
    Martha Stapleton, m. Elder Isaac H. Robinette
    Cynthia, Stapleton m. Solomon Robinette
    Lydia Stapleton, m. William Testerman
    Eliza H. Stapleton, m. Thomas T. Livesay
    Nancy Stapleton, m. Wickerson Gobble
    George Stapleton
    4.  George Stapleton, son of William & Mary (Brown) Stapleton, b. 1797, Montgomery Co., VA; d. aft. 1880.  George Stapleton had:

    Jasper Stapleton
    Ann Stapleton
    Pvt. William R. Stapleton
    Jesse Stapleton
    John Stapleton
    Robert Stapleton
    James Stapleton
    George Stapleton
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    From information received 11/2001, from Paul Stapleton the information here needed to be changed.  The ancestor of Thomas Stapleton, b. 1724 is not Thomas & Margaret (Williamson) Stapleton, but instead one John Stapleton of Harford County, Maryland.

    Thomas Stapleton
    Thomas Stapleton,  possible son of John Stapleton of Harford County, Maryland, b. 1724-1729, Middlesex Co., VA; d. 1804-1814, Russell County, VA; m. 15 Jan 1756, St. George's Parish, Harford Co., MD to Sarah Crooks.

    Thomas Stapleton together with one Edward Stapleton (b. 1711) moved from Maryland to Rowan County, North Carolina.

    Thomas & Sarah (Crooks) Stapleton had at least four (4) children:

    4c1a. Joseph, b. 1765; Of more later.
    4c1b. Daughter Stapleton, b. Harford Co., MD
    4c1c.  Daughter Stapleton, b. Harford Co., MD
    4c1d.  Daughter Stapleton, b. Harford Co., MD
    *(possible child) Robert, m. 21 May 1803 to Anne Picklehimer

    Information on Edward Stapleton:

    Edward and Thomas are always close to each other although no proof has been found that Thomas is the son of John, it is proven that Edward is the son of John Stapleton of Harford Co., MD. -  per Paul Stapleton.

    Edward Stapleton, son of John Stapleton (d. 1764, Harford Co., MD), b. 1711, McDeer Creek, Harford Co., MD; d. 1780, Rowan Co., NC; m. Rachel Parks.  Edward & Rachel (Parks) Stapleton had a son:

    Edward Stapleton, Jr., m. possibly Catherine Fraley.  It is this Edward Stapleton that moved together with Thomas Stapleton to Virginia via Robertson County, Tennessee
    Joseph Stapleton
    4c1a. Joseph Stapleton, son of Thomas & Sarah (Crooks) Stapleton, b. 1765, possibly Russell Co., VA; d. (unknown); m. 1793 to Elizabeth Green. Joseph & Elizabeth lived in the following areas:

    1794-1802 Russell Co., VA
    1802-1810 Knox Co., KY
    1840 Floyd Co., KY
    1844 Johnson Co., KY.

    Joseph & Elizabeth (Green) Stapleton had (1) one known child:

    4c1a1. Joseph, Jr., b 1798, possibly Russell Co., VA; m. Sarah Edwards..

    Joseph Stapleton, Jr.
    4c1a1. Joseph Stapleton, Jr., son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Green) Stapleton, b. 1798, possibly Russell Co., VA ; d. 1877-1878, Lee Co., VA m. ca. 1815-1825, Harlan Co., KY to Sarah "Sally" Edwards, b. 1807; d. aft 1860 & bef. 1877, Lee Co., VA. Joseph m2nd to Nancy (Unknown).

    Joseph Stapleton purchased a 55� acres of land located on the North side of Wallins Ridge in Lee County, Virginia on 31 Oct 1826 for the sum of $69.37�. Joseph and Sarah (Edwards) Stapleton purchased an additional 55� acres of land located, adjacent to the first tract, on the North side of Wallins Ridge in Lee County, Virginia on 9 Oct 1830 from Charlie Page.

    A Joseph Stapleton, 30-40 years old appears in the 1840 Census.

    Joseph, Jr. & Sarah (Edwards) Stapleton had at least ten (10) children and possibly three (3) additional sons:

    4c1a1a. William Stapleton, b. 1826, VA; d. 19 Sept 1860, Lee Co., VA; m. Nancy Napier.
    4c1a1b. Thompson, b. 1831, VA
    4c1a1c. Robert R. Stapleton, b. 13 Oct 1818 (1833, VA ), Kentucky; m. Nancy J. Banks. See Banks
    4c1a1d. Abigail Stapleton, b. 1835,l VA
    4c1a1e. Silas Stapleton, b. 1837, VA
    4c1a1f. Barthena Stapleton, b. 1840, VA
    4c1a1g. Eliza J. Stapleton, b. 1841, VA
    4c1a1h. Mary A. Stapleton, b. 1843, VA
    4c1a1i. James Stapleton, b. 1845, VA
    4c1a1j. Newberry Stapleton, b. 1847, VA

    Other possible sons of Joseph & Sarah Stapleton:

    4c1a1k. Jess Stapleton, b. 1824, VA; m. Lucy (Unknown), b. 1828, VA. Jess & Lucy Stapleton had two daughters at the time of the 1850 Census:

    Mary  Stapleton, age 2, (b. 1848)
    Elizabeth Stapleton, age 7 mons. (b. 1850).
    4c1a1l. Samuel Stapleton, b. 1828, VA.
    4c1alm. John Stapleton, b. 1830, VA; m. Christina (Unknown), b. 1831, VA

    William Stapleton
    4c1a1a. William Stapleton, son of Joseph, Jr. & Sarah (Edwards) Stapleton, b. 1826, VA; d. 19 Sept 1860, Lee Co., VA of a fever; m. Nancy Napier, daughter of Thomas Napier, b. 1829, VA William & Nancy (Napier) Stapleton had four (4) children:

    4c1a1a1. Diana Melvina Stapleton, b. 1850, VA
    4c1a1a2. Sarah Stapleton, b. 1857, VA
    4c1a1a3. George Stapleton, b. 1860, VA
    4c1a1a4. Ellen Stapleton, b. 1861, VA (after the death of her father?)

    Robert R. Stapleton

    4c1a1c. Robert R. Stapleton, son of Joseph, Jr. & Sarah (Edwards) Stapleton, b. 13 Oct 1833, Virginia , Kentucky; d. 11 Feb 1896, Lee Co., VA; m. 1850-1853 to Nancy J. Banks, daughter of James Banks, b. 6 Feb 1836, Lee Co., VA; d. 3 Jul 1919, Lee Co., VA . Civil War Service: Robert Stapleton served as a private in Co. A, 50 Reg't Virginia Infantry of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky, by Col. William Y. Dillard, 34 KY Infty. Vols. He was paroled on 30 Apr 1865 to Lee Co., Virginia .

    Robert Stapleton operated a farm in Lee County, Virginia as were many others of the time. On 8 Jul 1878, it was ordered that a road be established by Robert R. Stapleton, at his own expense to his residence on Stone Creek road .

    Nancy (Banks) Stapleton was said to be of Dutch and American Indian descent.

    Robert R. & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton had (12) twelve

    4c1a1a1 Elbert S., b. 1856, Lee Co., VA; m. Mary 'Mollie' Hedrick. SEE HEDRICK
    4c1a1a2. John J. 'J.J.', b. 16 Sep 1857, Pennington Gap, VA; Of more later.
    4c1a1a3. Margaret "Jane", Of more later.
    4c1a1a4. Lee Asa, b. Pennington Gap, VA; Of more later.
    4c1a1a5. Zion P., m. Sara Jane Clause. Of more later.
    4c1a1a6. Green S., b. 15 Nov 1871; Of more later.
    4c1a1a7. Charles B., b. 30 Jul 1861; d. 31 Jul 1861.
    4c1a1a8. James M., b. 30 Mar 1860; d. as a young man.
    4c1a1a9. Patton, b. 1869; d. 14 Sept 1880.
    4c1a1a10. Roe Stapleton
    4c1a1a11. R.J. 'Bob', b. 10 Sept 1862; m. Mary E. _______.
    4c1a1a12. Lee Roy, b. 12 Jan 1865; m. 1 Jan 1889, Nanie Eleanora Stephenson, daughter of Noah & Ellen Stephenson.

    ***Note there is an additional child named Nancy, b. 27 Feb 1876, , who could be the child of R. & Nancy Stapleton.

    Elbert S. Stapleton
    4c1a1a1. Elbert S. Stapleton, son of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, b. 1865, Lee Co., VA in Stapleton Holler in Pocket; d. 20 May 1933; m. Mary 'Mollie' Hedrick, daughter of Jefferson & Leah Hedrick, b. 14 May 1869; d. 25 Jul 1951. Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton had (11) eleven children:

    A. Robert Jefferson, b. 19 Aug 1889; m.1st- Nora May Martin. They divorced; m.2nd- Minnie Rising
    B. McKinney 'Ken' Stapleton, b. 5 Apr 1891; d. 5 Apr 1947, Lee Co., VA; m. Ada Elen Green. SEE GREEN
    C. Richard F., b. 31 Aug 1892; d. 23 Dec 1925; m.1st- 20 Nov 1915 to Ollie Sprinkle. They divorced -no children; m.2nd- Mollie McFarland. They divorced -no children.
    D. Isaiah 'Zera', b. 12 May 1895; d. 19 May 1954; m. 26 Jun 1915 to Bell Wheeler
    E. Colonel P., b. 20 May 1898; d. 21 Feb 1985, Lee Co., VA; m. 18 Jun 1919 to Mattie Carter.
    F. Mammie 'Mima', b. 7 Sept 1910; m. Earl Elliott.
    G. Bessie Lee, b. 21 Feb 1901; m.1st- Bill Dye. They divorced - no children. m.2nd- John Fair.
    H. Lulie 'Loulee', b. 3 Apr 1915; m. 17 Aug 1935 to Eckle Lawson.
    I. Elbert, Jr.; d. killed in the mines as a young boy.
    J. Jeff, d. suicide.

    John J. 'J.J.' Stapleton
    4c1a1a2. John J. 'J.J.' Stapleton, son of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, b. 16 Sept 1857, Pennington Gap, VA; m.1st-Sara E. Johnson. John & Sara (Johnson) Stapleton had (6) six children:

    a) Lilly Stapleton
    b) Hannah J., b. 1888, Lee Co., VA; m. 1 Jul 1906 to Charles Rawkins.
    c) Victoria Elisha, b. c. 1893, Lee Co., VA; m.1st- 1909 to Fores E. Martin; m.2nd- Gibon.
    d) Laura H., b. 1881-1885, Harlan Co., KY; m. 18 Mar 1901, to John S. Martin.
    e) Mattie, b. 1889, Lee Co., VA; m. 6 Jun 1906 to John H. Rolland (Rawland).
    f) Fidely, b. 1896; m. 26 Jun 1912 to James A. Hendricks.

    John J. Stapleton m. 2nd-16 Oct 1901 to Nannie B. Woodard (Woodward). John & Nannie (Woodard) Stapleton had (4) four children:

    g) Ray Stapleton
    h) Ted Stapleton
    i) Earl Stapleton
    j) Bonnie; m.________ Carter.

    Margaret "Jane" Stapleton
    4c1a1a3. Margaret "Jane" Stapleton, daughter of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, m.1st- George Lemons; m.2nd- 1900 Tyde Parks. Tyde & Margaret (Stapleton) Parks had (4) four children:

    a) Ruby, b. 23 Mar 1913, Lee Co., VA.
    b) Stella, b. 9 Oct 1910, Lee Co., VA.
    c) Cleo, b. 1901, Lee Co., VA.
    d) Era (female), b. 1902; d. 1905.

    Lee Asa Stapleton
    4c1a1a4. Lee Asa Stapleton, son of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, b. Pennington Gap, VA; m. 23 Jan 1897 or 25 Jan 1897 to Mary L. Carter. Asa was County Treasure, also a farmer & sort of Sheriff of Pennington Gap, VA. Asa & Mary (Carter) Stapleton had (9) nine children:

    a) Curtis, b. 1900.
    b) Olan Henry, b. 10 Oct 1903.
    c) Etta Mae, b. 10 May 1904.
    d) Alin, b. 2 Aug 1905.
    e) Clifford C., b. 2 Jun 1907.
    f) Pearl M., b. 12 Dec 1909.
    g) William, b. 24 May 1912; He changed his name to Woodrow Wilson Stapleton.
    h) Pearlus Gladys, b. 3 Nov 1914.
    i) Andrew Herbert, b. 1918; d. 21 Sept 1971.

    Zion P. Stapleton
    4c1a1a5. Zion P. Stapleton, son of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, m.1st- Sara Jane Clause; m.2nd- , from Tennessee. Zion & his 2nd wife had (4) four children:

    a) Patsy Stapleton
    b) Fred Stapleton
    c) Bessie P., b. 30 Mar 1896; d. 29 Jun 1896.
    d) name unknown.

    Green S. Stapleton
    4c1a1a6. Green S. Stapleton, son of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, b. 15 Nov 1871; d. 15 Jun 1947; m. 31 Jul 1897 to Elizabeth Cooper. Green & Elizabeth(Cooper) Stapleton had (6) six children:

    a) Andrew, b. 3 Dec 1905; m. 8 Jan 1926 to Nancy Ewing.
    b) Ressie, b. 31 May 1911; m. 16 Oct 1929 to Asher Garrett.
    c) Golden 'Goldie', b. 3 Apr 1908; d. 7 Dec 1933.
    d) Roosevelt, b. 12 Nov 1904; m. 24 Nov 1934 to Martha Dean.
    e) Ervin, b. 22 Jan 1898; m. Rilda Parsons.
    f) Verina, b. 18 Aug 1900; m. 14 Nov 1920 to Ellis Clark.

    Robert Jefferson Stapleton
    A. Robert Jefferson Stapleton, son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 19 Aug 1889; m.1st- Nora May Martin. They divorced; m.2nd- Minnie Rising. Robert & Nora (Martin) Stapleton had (1) one child:

    i1a. Charles Stapleton

    Robert & Minnie Stapleton had (2) two children:

    i1b. Virginia Lee Stapleton
    i1c. Wilma Jean Stapleton

    Lee Roy Stapleton
    4c1a1a12. Lee Roy Stapleton, son of Robert & Nancy (Banks) Stapleton, b. 12 Jan 1865; m. 1 Jan 1889, Nanie Eleanora Stephanson, daughter of Noah & Ellen Stephanson, b. 2 Jul 1873, Tazewell Co., VA. Lee & Nanie (Stephanson) Stapleton they had ( ) children:

    4c1a1a12a. Eva Jane, b. 9 Dec 1889, Lee Co., VA; m. 22 Dec 1909 to William Floyd Roberts. Twin of Emily Jane.
    4c1a1a12b. Emily Jane, b. 9 Dec 1889, Lee Co., VA; d. 1889. Twin of Eva Jane.4c1a1a12c. John Edward, b. 2 Aug 1893, Lee Co., VA m. 21 Jul 1917 to Mrytle Elizabeth Brown.
    4c1a1a12d. Mable, b. 11 Jun 1895, Lee Co., VA; m. 23 Jan 1915 to Samuel A. Paluso.
    4c1a1a12e. Chester, b. 7 Jul 1897, Lee Co., VA; m. Maude Green.
    4c1a1a12f. Lawrence Dewey, b. 7 Jul 1899, Lee Co., VA; m. 20 Feb 1923 to Delia Flannary.
    4c1a1a12g. Maude, b. 6 Aug 1901; m1st to James Smith; m2nd ____ Smith; m3rd to Bob Ehoff, of Germany.
    4c1a1a12h. Hobert, b. 1903; d. 1903. Twin of Nora.
    4c1a1a12i. Nora, b. 1903; d. 1905. Twin of Hobert.
    4c1a1a12j. Claude, b. 19 Sept 1909, Lee Co., VA; m. 1922 to Minney Gilley.

    McKinney 'Ken' Stapleton
    B. McKinney 'Ken' Stapleton, son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 5 Apr 1891; d. 5 Apr 1947, Lee Co., VA; m. 15 Jun 1915 to Ada Elen Green, daughter of John & Nancy (Smith) Green, b. 30 Apr 1900; d. 12 Apr 1984, Lee Co., VA.

    There was a time when the Baker and Stapleton families had a minor altercation. It seems that Jess Baker was taking a truck into the holler where he lived in order to remove coal from the mine on his property. Ada Stapleton, wife of Ken, did not like the idea of the truck passing across her property, even though it was a pubic roadway. She pulled a pistol on Jess and took a shot at him, missing. Jess was not one to give up a good fight, chucked a rock at back at her striking her up side the head. The argument was getting heated up further when a neighbor jumped into the fray. The neighbor pulled a gun on Jess, who then took out a knife to defend himself. The neighbor ended up with a shredded coat. Shots were fired and Jess was shot in the neck (grazed). The neighbor was shot in the leg. It is my understanding that help was called for the neighbor, however, they found Jess injured and took him to the hospital instead of the neighbor, who later walked into the hospital for assistance.

    The feud did not end that day. For a number of years afterwards the Stapleton family would cross the street/look away any time that they passed a member of the Baker family. Apparently the feud did not last long, as I always remember visiting with Ada Stapleton when I was young. -- Judy Smith

    Ken & Ada (Green) Stapleton had (12) twelve children:

    1. John Walter b. 7 Jul 1916, St. Charles, Lee Co., VA; d. 1 May 1974, Harlan Co., KY; m. Elenora 'Lenora' Bernice Baker. SEE BAKER
    2. Ruby, b. 15 Apr 1918; m. Charles Minton.
    3. Nell, b. 23 Jan 1920; m. Richard Riding.
    4. Paul, b. 21 Apr 1922.
    5. Mossie, b. 14 Dec 1924.
    6. Anna Lou, b. 2 Jan 1926.
    7. Clyde, b. 1 Dec 1928.
    8. Ardith, b. 11 Feb 1930.
    9. Virgie, b. 23 May 1932.
    10. Edward 'Pete', b. 2 May 1935.
    11. Goldie, b. 19 Jul 1938.
    12. Lella, b. 12 Apr 1940.

    Richard F. Stapleton
    C. Richard F. Stapleton, son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 31 Aug 1892; d. 23 Dec 1925; m.1st- 20 Nov 1915 to Ollie Sprinkle. They divorced -no children; m.2nd- Mollie McFarland. They divorced.

    Isaiah 'Zera' Stapleton
    D. Isaiah 'Zera' Stapleton, son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 12 May 1895; d. 19 May 1954; m. 26 Jun 1915 to Bell Wheeler. Isaiah & Bell (Wheeler) Stapleton had (8) eight children:

    D1. Lounett Stapleton
    D2. Charles Stapleton
    D3. Ralph Stapleton
    D4. Bonnie Stapleton
    D5. Geneav Stapleton
    D6. Doris Stapleton
    D7. Edna Stapleton
    D8. Bernard Stapleton

    Colonel P. Stapleton
    E. Colonel P. Stapleton, son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 20 May 1898; d. 21 Feb 1985, Lee Co., VA; m. 18 Jun 1919 to Mattie Carter. Colonel & Mattie (Carter) Stapleton had (4) four children:

    E1. Charles Stapleton, d. infant.
    E2. Marie Stapleton
    E3. Stella Stapleton
    E4. C.J. Stapleton

    Mammie 'Mima' Stapleton
    F. Mammie 'Mima' Stapleton, daughter of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 7 Sept 1910; m. Earl Elliott. Earl & Mima (Stapleton) Elliott had (6) six children:

    F1) Ed Elliott
    F2. Gloria Elliott, m. Siebers
    F3. Harold Elliott
    F4. Truman Elliott
    F5. George 'Patton' Elliott
    F6. Phyllis

    Bessie Lee Stapleton
    G. Bessie Lee Stapleton, daughter of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 21 Feb 1901; m.1st- Bill Dye. They divorced - no children. m.2nd- John Fair. John & Bessie (Stapleton) Fair had (1) one child:

    Eunice Fair, m.1st- Fred Peters. They divorced - no children; m.2nd- Johnny Morris
    Lulie 'Loulee' Stapleton
    H. Lulie 'Loulee' Stapleton, daughter of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 3 Apr 1915; m. 17 Aug 1935 to Eckle Lawson, b. 1908. Eckle & Lulie (Stapleton) Lawson had (5) five children:

    H1. Evelyn Lawson, b. c. 1934; d. 3 days old.
    H2. Talmadge Lawson, b. 21 Oct 1938
    H3. Stella Ruth Lawson, b. 24 Jan 1943
    H4. Burlin Lawson, b. 5 Nov 1948
    H5. Billy Gene Lawson, b. 2 Apr 1956

    John "Walter" Stapleton
    1. John "Walter" Stapleton, son of Ken & Ada (Green) Stapleton, b. 7 Jul 1916, St. Charles, Lee Co. ., VA; d. 1 May 1974, Harlan Co., KY; m. 25 May 1940, Lee Co., VA to Elenora 'Lenora' Bernice Baker, daughter of William & Nancy (Rogers) Baker, b. 17 Jun 1924, St. Charles, Lee Co., VA.

    Walter Stapleton served in the U.S. Army from 15 Nov 1944 -12 Apr 1946. During that time he served in the Asiatic Pacific Theater, participating in the Luzon campaign. He was a technician fifth grade in Company A 1279th Engineers. He received an honorable discharge from the U. S. Army on 12 Apr 1946. He received the Asiatic Pacific Theater Service Medal with 1 Bronze Service Star; Philippine Liberation Service Medal with 1 Bronze Service Star; Good Conduct Medal and a World War II Victory Medal .

    Walter & Lenora (Baker) Stapleton had (3) three children:

    1a. Louie Robert Stapleton,