1. William WYAT. Married Agnes WIGAN.
Children of William WYAT and Agnes WIGAN:
2 2. Robert WYAT. Married Jane SKIPWORTH, daughter of Richard SKIPWORTH.
Children of Robert WYAT and Jane SKIPWORTH:
3 i Godfrey WYAT GENERATION 3 3. Godfrey WYAT. Married Anna Wiot (?cousin or sister).
Children of Godfrey WYAT and Anna:
4 4. Richard WYAT. Married Margaret CLARKE, daughter of William BAYLIFF ALIAS CLARKE.
Children of Richard WYAT and Margaret CLARKE: (?generation missing: Richard, married unknown)
5 i Henry WYAT, b. 1460, Southauge, d. 1537 GENERATION
5 5. Henry WYAT, born 1460, Southauge[1]. Died 1537[1].
Married Anne SKINNER, daughter of John SKINNER. An ardent Lancastrian, he was imprisoned during the reign of Richard III (1483-1485). Family records in possession of the Earl of Romney state that while in prison he was saved from starvation by a cat that brought him pigeons to eat. He was later knighted, after which he bought Allington Castle, near Maidstone, Kent, ca. 1493. At the accession of Henry VIII he became a Knight of the Bath, 1509, and a Knight Banneret in 1513. He held various offices at Court. His portrait was painted by Holbein ca. 1527/8. The original hangs in the Louvre (EB 1948 23:819).
Children of Henry WYAT and Anne SKINNER:
6 i Thomas WYATT, b. 1503, England, d. 1542, Dorset GENERATION
6 6. Thomas WYATT, born 1503, Allington Castle, Maidstone, Kent, England[1]. Died 11 Oct 1542, Sherbourne, Dorset[1].
Married 1520, Elizabeth BROOKE, daughter of Thomas BROOKE and Dorothy HEYDEN. Occupation: Poet of Allington Castle. Statesman and Poet in the service of Henry VIII.
Children of Thomas WYATT and Elizabeth BROOKE:
7 i Thomas WYATT, b. 1521, Allington Castle, d. 1554, Tower of London (?) GENERATION
7 7. Thomas WYATT, born 1521, Allington Castle[1]. Died 11 Apr 1554, Tower of London (?)[1].
Married Jane HAWTE, born 1522[1], daughter of Sir William HAWTE and Lady HAWTE. Occupation: Lady Jane Grey throne try.. Thomas WYATT and _____ had no children.
Children of Thomas WYATT and Jane HAWTE: i Anne WYATT.
8 ii Jane WYATT 9 iii George WYATT, d. 1623 GENERATION
8 8. Jane WYATT. Married Charles SCOTT, died 1617, Egerton, Kent, son of Sir Reginald SCOTT and Mary TUKE.
Children of Jane WYATT and Charles SCOTT: 10 i Thomas Scott of EGERTON, d. 1635
9. George WYATT. Died Aug 1623[1].
Married 8 Oct 1582[1], Jane FINCH, died after 1639, daughter of Thomas FINCH.
Children of George WYATT and Jane FINCH:
i Francis WYATT.
Married Margaret.
ii Hawte WYATT. Buried 1 Aug 1638, Boxley[1]. Went to Virginia with his brother but later returned to England, where he became Vicar of Boxley. Many American descendants.
iii Eleanor WYATT. Married John FINCH.
10. Thomas Scott of EGERTON. Died 1635.
Married Jane KNATCHBULL, daughter of John_Knatchbull of Mersham HATCH and Ma KNATCHBULL.
Married Mary nee?? SCOTT, died after 1635.
Children of Thomas Scott of EGERTON and Jane KNATCHBULL:
i Dorthea SCOTT, born 1611, Kent, England. Died 1680.
Married Daniel GOTHERSON, died 1666, Kent, England. Married Joseph HOGBIN, died before 1680. Wrote Quaker book `A Call to Repentence', published in London in 1661. Moved to Oyster Bay, Long Island and left many American descendants. Thomas Scott of EGERTON and Mary nee?? SCOTT had no children. --------------- Sources of information: [1] CSC.

Index of Persons in this Report (first occurrence) Name Birth Death # BAYLIFF ALIAS CLARKE, William 4 BROOKE, Elizabeth 6 BROOKE, Thomas 1529 6 CLARKE, Margaret 4 EGERTON, Thomas Scott of 1635 10 FINCH, Jane 1639 9 FINCH, John 9 FINCH, Thomas 9 GOTHERSON, Daniel 1666 10 HATCH, John_Knatchbull of M 1616 10 HAWTE, Jane 1522 7 HAWTE, Lady 7 HAWTE, Sir William 7 HEYDEN, Dorothy 6 HOGBIN, Joseph 1680 10 KNATCHBULL, Jane 10 KNATCHBULL, Ma 10 SCOTT, Charles 1617 8 SCOTT, Dorthea 1611 1680 10 SCOTT, Mary nee?? 1635 10 SCOTT, Sir Reginald 8 SKINNER, Anne 5 SKINNER, John 5 SKIPWORTH, Jane 2 SKIPWORTH, Richard 2 TUKE, Mary 8 WIGAN, Agnes 1 WYAT, Godfrey 3 WYAT, Henry 1460 1537 5 WYAT, Richard 4 WYAT, Robert 2 WYAT, William 1 WYATT, Anne 7 WYATT, Eleanor 9 WYATT, Francis 9 WYATT, George Aug 1623 9 WYATT, Hawte 9 WYATT, Jane 8 WYATT, Thomas 1521 11 Apr 1554 7 WYATT, Thomas 1503 11 Oct 1542 6 ____, Anna 3 ____, Margaret 9