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SHELTON of Shelton Norfolk, Shelton of Virginia

Sh25 =30. John SHELTON b c 1125
Sh24 =29Nicholas SHELTON b c 1150, Shelton, Norfolk
m Beatrice ?
Sh23 =28Ralph SHELTON b c 1175, Shelton, Norfolk d 1244 / 1257
Sh22 =27Henry SHELTON b c 1195, Shelton, Norfolk d 1271 possibly the Henry Shelton whose lands were confiscated by the King in 1222 because he had not joined the Welsh army.
Sh21 =26Sir Robert SHELTON b c 1245, Shelton, Norfolk d 23 Sep 1305 / 25 Aug 1306 in the service of the King 6 Jul 1277 and 18 Jul 1277 received a writ of special protection to go to Wales in the King’s service. On 3 Aug 1295, Robert de Shelton and Robert de Ufford were ordered to attend in person the keeping of the seacoast near Dunwich with horses and arms against foreign enemies should they come.
m Isabel ? b. ABT 1250, Burnt Illegh, Suffolk 1268, Cumberland, England
Sh20 =25 Sir John SHELTON b 1280, Skelton Castle, Skelton, Cumberland, England d c 1333 13th Lord of Shelton was Knighted of Shire of Cumberland.
m Margaret ? ABT 1301, Shelton, Norfolk, England
Kathryn M Brown, p 16, says he suceeded his cousin, Richard, to the Shelton estates. He was also known as John de Schelton. He lived in Skelton Castle, Cumberland; and was a Knight of the Shire of Cumberland. Kathryn M Brown, p 13, gives quite a bit of data on Sir John and lists his two wives as Maud and Hawys, daughter of Prince of Powys of Wales.
By 12 Nov 1306, he had done homage for his inheritance and the escheator beyong Trent was ordered to deliver his lands to him. In 1302, John was found to have a quarter fee in Shelton, held of the Earl Marshall as well as land in Heverlond. He was summoned to the Great Council in Westminster 9 May 1324. John DeShelton married Margaret (also called Maud). Some sources says that she was the daughter of Robert De Brus, E. Carrick, and Margaret De Galloway, w. of William De Carlyle. The marriage seems to have been very unhappy. He was dead by 1333, for 27 Jan 1333 a writ was issued from York ordering John De Blomvill, escheator in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk etc., to take into the King’s hands, the lands late of John De Shelton, tenant-in-chief. In another writ from Cowick the following 15 Mar, the escheator was ordered to ensure that any dower assigned to Margaret, widow of John De Shelton was removed from her hands, as the King had learned that she had long withdrawn from her husband to be with her paramour and since she was never reconciled with him, should have no dower. Copinger says that she eventually remarried to Thomas Kenyng.
There is also an Edmund Shelton in this time frame who possibly is part of this family. A writ of protection was issued to Edmund De Shelton 28 Mar 1324 for going with the King’s brother Edmund, Earl of Kent beyond the seas. 30 Apr 1327 a writ issued from Nottingham noted that Edmund De Shelton, William De Wade and others had rescued prisoners from Thomas Cappe, William Boterel and assaulted their custodians. The IPM for John Bernak 22 Apr Edward III, Edmund is listed as holding Shelton, Bedingham, Osmundeston and Mundeham (where is called Edmund de Shelton, Knt) for 3 knights fees. As these are lands consistently held by the family Shelton of Shelton, Edmund must have some direct tie with them. From the dates in which he appears in the records, he fits best as a son of Sir John De Shelton, though possibly could also be a younger brother.
Sh19 =24Sir John SHELTON b c d c 1333 / 1350 In 1308, his father settled the manor of Hardwick on John and his wife
m Agatha, probably a daughter of Sir John Gedding of Lincolnshire. The arms of Gedding were found by Blomefield to impale those of Shelton in several armorial windows and manuscripts. She appears to have died before 1313, for in that year John Shelton settled the same manor on himself, his wife Joan and their heirs. The Visitation has her as the second wife and has no children assigned to her. Blomefield has a third wife for John Shelton, Alice daughter of Sir Robert de Burgullion, though the Visitation does not. Sir John Shelton sold lands near the Church of St Helen near Mundham to Walter De Filby and Sir Thomas Preston. He apparently did not survive his father for long since Apr 1333, William, Bishop of Norwich was given custody of the lands of Ralph Shelton son of John Shelton during his minority. Alice Shelton died before 1334, her IPM being 26 Aug 1335 where in Shelton she held a messuage, lands and rents held for her life of the inheritance of Ralph De Shelton etc. A writ issued 1 May 1334 with an order to William De Rosteleye the escheator to take into the King's hands the lands late of Alice, late the wife of John De Shelton, deceased, tenant-in-chief.
m1: Agatha GEDDING dau of Sir John Gedding)
Sh18-1Margaret SHELTON d 1397 bur North Walsham
m Sir Thomas HETHERSET son of Sir John Hetherset
Sh18-2 Eleanor SHELTON dsp
m Richard BREWSE (Sir) d. 1323 bur in Woodbridge Priory. He was succeeded by his younger brother Robert who was then underage son of Sir Giles Brewse)
-1. Dau. BREWSE
-2. Dau. BREWSE
Sh-1Agatha SHELTON
m2Joan ?
m3Alice De BURGULLION dau of Sir Robert De Burgullion)
Sh18 =23

Ralph SHELTON (Sir d 1315, Shelton, Norfolk, England d 17 Nov 1378, Shelton, Norfolk bur Nov 1378, St. Marys, Shelton, Norfolk, England William, Bishop of Norwich was given custody of his estates in 1333 until such time as Ralph attained majority. At his mother's death in 1334, he was made Lord of the Manor. Though because the honor of knighthood was so expensive, he put off that title as long as possible. In 1346, King Edward III granted his letters of patent showing that he was in the King's own company at Crecy ( a great English victory in the Hundred Years' War 1337-1453, a succession of wars between England and France. It was one of the first battles in which the English soldiers used gunpowder) and was knighted for his part in saving the life of the Black Prince. He built the Old Shelton Hall which was destroyed by fire in 1600.
m1 his cousin, Anne Burgullion + 7 ch, dau of Sir Ralph Burgullion
m2 Joan De Plays b. ABT 1326 - d. 4 Jan 1405) dau of Sir Richard de Plais of Wetyng) 1355, Sudbury, Suffolk

According to both Blomefield and the Visitation, on his marriage to Joan de Plays in 1346, Ralph settled Shelton and Bedingham manors on himself, his wife and their issue. Kathryn M Brown, p 18, adds additional information and shows four children: Sir Ralph, John, William, and Robert. Through his first marriage, Sir Ralph became heir to the great estates of Sir Ralph Burgullion of Great Snoring, Suffolk, England, and of Rediston. He was also Lord of the Manor of BrentElleigh in Suffolk. In Aug 1362, he and Sir Oliver De Calthorpe witnessed a quit claim between Ralph De Hemenhale and Creeke Abbey. In a writ issued from Westminster 10 Nov 1364, William De Elmham, who was going beyond the seas, had letters nominating Sir Ralph Shelton and Geoffrey Dersham as his attorneys. 12 May 1367 the King appointed Ralph, Sir William De Hoo and Sir Edmund Thorp to make inquisitions into the King’s business in Norfolk and Suffolk to ensure that the King was receiving all the revenue to which he was entitled. 6 Oct 1368, he attended the wedding of the same Sir Edmund Thorp to Margaret daughter of Richard De La Rivere. 28 Mar 1371, Ralph, Robert Le Mortimer, Roger Geneye, William Clere, William De Norton and John De Cressingham were ordered by the King to collect a parish subsidy in Norfolk to safeguard the defense of England and further the war in France. The following 8 Jun the same men were given a mandate to collect in Norfolk without delay, a subsidy of 116 shillings from each parish amounting to 4674 pounds. 1 Feb 1376, Ralph was ordered to take into the King’s hands the lands in the county of Suffolk of Roger Le Walsh, deceased and to make inquiries touching his lands and as to his heir. He died soon after and in his will, Sir Ralph Shelton ordered his body to be buried in the chancel of St Mary’s church at Shelton. Copinger says he died 17 Nov 1373, Blomefield gives 1375 and the Visitation says his will was made 6 Oct 1378 and proved 30 Nov 1380 (though they do not have the text of his will). The Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, writ issued 30 Mar 1376 says he died 16 Oct last (1375) and left with his wife Joan, daughters Joan aged 12, Margaret aged 5 and Isabel, half a year.
Married 1: Anne De BURGULLION dau of Sir Ralph De Bourgillion) ABT 1339, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Sh17-1Sir Ralph SHELTON b c 1347, Shelton, Norfolk d 25 Apr 1424 bur Great Snoring church, Suffolk, England
m Alice UVEDALE b 1351 dau of Sir Thomas de Uvedale of Tacolneston
When he was 2 years old, he inherited Great Snoring and Thirsford co Norfolk from his kinsman Hugh De Burgullion. The NRS Vol 19 pt 2 in the biographical notes of the Archdeaconry of Norfolk donors, notes Hugh De Burgullion son of Sir Robert Burgullion, the younger (this Sir Robert being a brother of Alice De Burgullion wife of Sir John Shelton), who died childless around 1349. The NRS goes on to say that it seems that Anne Burgullion who married Sir Ralph Shelton, senior, was his sister for at his death the Burgullion estates passed to the Sheltons. In 1376, Ralph inherited his father’s lands and estate on his death and at this time he was married to Alice Uvedale. 21 Dec 1382, he with other prominent men of Norfolk received a directive from the King to investigate treasonable insurrection in the county and another writ in the same time frame was issued for Ralph and John, Duke of Lancaster; John De Clifton; Robert De Howard and Oliver De Calthorpe to be made commissioners of the peace and oyer and terminer for the county of Norfolk. He was asked to perform the same function with John, Duke of Norfolk 25 Apr 1386, 12 Jul 1388, 15 Jul 1389 (along with Simon Barrett this time), on 28 Jun 1390, 5 Mar 1397, 22 Jul 1397 (with John, Duke of Lancaster), 12 Nov 1397 (with John, Duke of Lancaster; Edmund, Duke of York; John, Duke of Exeter; Thomas, Duke of Norfolk and Simon Barrett). 1 Mar 1384, Sir Ralph Shelton and others were directed to enquire about the trespass and other offences in the prior of St Mary’s, Walshingham co Norfolk, where quarrels had arisen between the prior and convent. Was on the voyage of St. Malbes de L'Isle and into Scotland with Richard II and then into Spain, where Sir Hugh Hastings died. In 1385, Ralph attended John of Gaunt on his great expedition in Spain and was at the famous battle of Nazarett. In 1397 a grand breakfast was provided at Norwich for Sir Ralph Shelton, Sir Edmund Thorp and many others of the nobility and gentry of Norfolk. 20 Jun 1398 he and Sir Miles Stapleton and others were commissioned to redress offences and execute statues in Norfolk. 14 Jul 1402, the King directed Sir Ralph along with Sir Thomas Bardolf, Sir Thomas Morley and Sir John Heveningham to array men at arms to defend the sea coast against an invasion of the King’s enemies and 2 Jul 1405 he was again ordered to assembly men at arms to resist the King’s enemies from France and Picardy and then to go to Wales to strengthen troops there. When his step-mother Joan Shelton died in 1405/6, Ralph was 58 years old and inherited the remainder of her estate as she left no heirs of her own. 14 Jul 1406 he was again commissioned to go to Wales to strengthen the King’s forces there. King Henry IV was like most medieval kings in monetary straits from constant warfare, and 4 Sep 1405 he ordered Sir Ralph Shelton, Edmund Oldhall, Nicholas Wichingham and the Sheriff of Norfolk to collect money from the Norfolk parishes for a loan to King Henry IV to defend against the King’s enemies in Wales and enemies in France who have landed in Wales. 5 Nov 1406, he was directed by the King to determine the worth of the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex estates of the late Sir Robert De Hemenhale and to determine who Sir Robert’s next heir would be. In 1409, Ralph presented Henry Turnour as pastor at Hardwick church. 1 Dec 1411, he was directed to mediate a dispute between Sir Thomas Morley and Sir Thomas Hemgrave. In 1424, not long before his death, Ralph along with John, Duke of Norfolk; Walter, Bishop of Norwich and John Heydon purchased Neville’s manor in Hethill co Norfolk.
Sh17-1-1Alice SHELTON d c 1478 Apparently the only daughter of Sir Ralph Shelton and Alice Uvedale, at least to survive childhood. Both Blomefield and the Visitation note that she was the first wife of Sir Edmund Bedingfield with whom she had only one daughter, Margaret. Sir Edmund married as his second wife Margaret, daughter of Sir John Scott of Scots Hall co Kent. He was made a Knight Banneret 9 Jun 1487 and his will was dated 12 Oct 1496 and proven 28 Jan 1496/7.
m Sir Edmund BEDINGFIELD of Oxborough b c 1452 - d 15 Oct 1496 son of Thomas Bedingfield and Anne Waldegrave he m2 Margaret Scott) ABT 1475
-1. Margaret BEDINGFIELD (b. ABT 1476 - d. 24 Mar 1504) (m. Sir Edward Jerningham)
Sh17-1-2Ralph SHELTON (b. 1371 - d. 25 Oct 1414)
Sh17-1-3John SHELTON released the manor of Gedney in Lincolnshire (part of the Burgullion inheritance of his father) to the Abbot of Ramsey. He apparently died before his father and with no heirs.
Sh17-1-4Richard SHELTON of Moneyash b 1385, Shelton, Depwade, Norfolk Kathryn M Brown, p 21, says he was with Henry V at Agincourt. His sword at Armathwaite Castle, Cumberland, is said to rival that of King Edward III at

Westminister. Married 1422, the
m1: ¿? ABT 1409 Moneyash, Bakewell, Derby, heiress to Branthwaite estates

Married 2: ¿? ABT 1422
Sh17-1-4-1Hugh SHELTON b c 1410, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

m Ruth ? ABT 1439, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire,
Sh17-1-4-1-1Richard SHELTON b c 1440, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire
m Elizabeth ? ABT 1469, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire,
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1John SHELTON b c 1470, Bakewell, Derbyshire d 1523, Bakewell, Derbyshire
m ¿?
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1John SHELTON b c 1495, Bakewell, Derbyshire d AFT 1572
m ¿? ABT 1519, Bakewell, Derby, England
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-1Roger SHELTON (b. ABT 1520 - d. Mar 1589/90)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2Richard SHELTON b c 1524, Moneyash / Taddington, Bakewell, Derbyshire d Mar 1590, Ashford, Bakewell, Derby
m1 1541 Catherine LITTLETON dau of Thomas Littleton and Anne Botreaux
m2 26 Aug 1545, Saint Oswald, Ashbourne Margaret BARKER, Derby
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1Roger SHELTON b c 1550, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire bap 11 Aug 1550, Stanton, Ellastone, Stafford bur 30 Sep 1623, Bakewell
m Helen WOODCOCK 1572, Ashford, Bakewell, Derby, England
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1Arthur SHELTON b c 1575, Ashford, Derbyshire d 1651
m Barbara ?
The earliest record found of him is in 1591-92, when, as a youth, he is mentioned as heir in remainder to his father Roger Sheldon, in the lawsuit between his grandfather, Richard, and his half-brother, Henry Sheldon. Arthur also succeeded to the little cottage and 4 acres in Ashford called Lowefield which was in the family as early as 1494. "The will of Arthur Sheldon of Ashford, co. Derby, yeoman, weak in body, dated 10 June 1651. To be buried in the chapel of Ashford, near William Lowe his seat there. To my son Ralph Sheldon 2s. 6d., and to his wife Barbara 2s. 6. To my grandchild Isaak Sheldon [pds]8. To [grandson] Samuell Sheldon [pds.]4. My grandson Solomon Sheldon is to be kept one and one-half years with meat and drink after my decease, at the cost of my executor. To my grandsons William, Thomas, and John Wright 5s. each. To [daughter] Anne White, wife of Ralph White of Sheldon, [pds]20. All residue of my goods to [daughter] Elizabeth Lowe, wife of William Lowe of Ashford, and she is to be sole executrix. Supervisor: Ralph White of Sheldon. [Signed] The mark of Arthur Sheldon. Witnesses: John Wright and John Ragge. Proved at Westminster 20 May 1653 by the executrix, Elizabeth, the wife of William Lowe."
m Barbara ?Stone (s. Richard Diamond's tree)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1Geoffrey SHELTON b 1599 d 30 Apr 1671 m Alice Frost
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-2 Jane SHELTON b c 1600
m William Wright
-1 William Wright b c 1620
-2 Thomas Wright b c 1624
-3 John Wright b c 1626
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-3Mary SHELTON b. c 1602 d 13 Jan 1617/8
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-4Ralph SHELTON b c 1605 d 1651 m Barbara Stone
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-5Arthur SHELTON b c 1607 d 17 Apr 1618
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-6John SHELTON b c 1610 d 20 Apr 1618
Sh-2-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-7Anne SHELTON m. Ralph White
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-8Elizabeth SHELTON m William Lowe -1 William Wright b c 1620
-2 Thomas Wright b c 1624
-3 John Wright b c 1626
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-2Anne SHELTON b c 1577 bur 4 Jan 1619/20)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-3George SHELTON b c 1579 bur 26 Mar 1622)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-4 Thomas SHELTON
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-5Hugh SHELTON
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-6Ralph SHELTON
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-1-7 Gilbert SHELTON Archbishop of Canterbury bap 22 Jun 1598 d 9 Nov 1677 born at Stanton in the parish of Ellastone, Staffordshire, and educated at Trinity College, Oxford. ordained in 1622 and was appointed chaplain to Thomas Coventry, 1º Baron Coventry (b. 1578 - d. 1640). Four years later he was elected warden of All Souls College, Oxford. During the years 1632-1639 he received the livings of Hackney (1633); Oddington, Oxfordshire; Ickford, Buckinghamshire (1636); and Newington, Oxfordshire; besides being a prebendary of Gloucester from 1632. In 1638 he was on a commission appointed to visit Merton College, Oxford. He was intimate with the Royalist leaders, participated in the negotiations for the Uxbridge treaty of 1644, and collected funds for Charles II in exile. In 1648 he was ejected from All Souls by order of parliament, and imprisoned for some months, but he regained the wardenship in 1659. In 1660 he became bishop of London and master of the Savoy, and the Savoy Conference was held at his lodgings. He was consecrated archbishop of Canterbury in 1663. He was greatly interested in the welfare of Oxford University, of which he became chancellor in 1667, succeeding Edward Hyde, 1º Earl of Clarendon (b. 1609 - d. 1674). The Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford was built and endowed at his expense.
Father: Roger SHELTON
Mother: Helen WOODCOCK
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-2-2Richard SHELTON b c 1551 d. 7 Mar 1621/2
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-3Henry SHELTON b c 1530, Ashford, Bakewell, Derbyshire d 1600
m c 1557 Alice ?
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-4Thomas SHELTON b c 1535 - d 1591
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-1-5George SHELTON b c 1540 - d 18 Dec 1620
Sh17-1-4-1-1-1-2Roger SHELTON
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2Hugh SHELTON b c 1473, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire
m1 c 1491 Parnell BEREFORD dau of Dennis Bereford
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-1Dennis SHELTON (b. ABT 1492)
m2 c 1495Alice x
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2Hugh SHELTON
b c 1495, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre d AFT 1553

m ¿?
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1Hugh SHELTON b c 1520, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre d BET 1590 / 1597
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-1Hugh SHELTON b c 1545, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre d 7 Aug 1610, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre

m Joan ?
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-1-1Richard SHELTON b 1572 d 17 Jul 1617
m Catherine ? 1598
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-1-2Dau. SHELTON b 1575
m Robert MADDOCK
-1. Agnes MADDOCK b c 1600 m Anthony Wilcockson
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-1-3Henry SHELTON b 1577, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre d Spring of 1640 Will 18 Feb 1639/40, Proved 8 May 1640.
m 1603 Margaret ? wid of William Buxton
-1. Hugh SHELTON (b. ABT 1605) (m. Dorothy ?
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-1-4Hugh SHELTON b 1580, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre d 1623, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre
m 1 Mar 1620 Agnes FERNE dau of Lawrence Ferne and Jane x
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-1-5Alice SHELTON b c 1583, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshre
m Thomas BOAM
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-2George SHELTON b c 1547, Youlgreave, Derbyhire d 1616, Youlgreave, Derbyhire Will dated 28 Dec 1616, Youlgreave, Derbyhire, England; Yeoman
m1 c 1572 ¿?
Sh-2-4-1-1-2-2-1-2-1Hugh SHELTON b 1573 d AFT 1624
m ¿? AT 1618
-1 Hugh SHELTON b. c 1620
m2 1576Elizabeth ? d. Jan 1623/4
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-2-2John SHELTON b 1577, Youlgreave, Derbyhire d 1635
m Anne ? ABT 1601
-1. John SHELTON b c 1602)
-2. Richard SHELTON b c 1605)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-2-3George SHELTON b c 1580, Youlgreave, Derbyhire d AFT 1624

m ¿?
-1. Hugh SHELTON (b. 160
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-2-4Richard SHELTON b c 1582, Youlgreave, Derbyhire d BET 1617 / 1624
m Elizabeth ?
Sh-2-4-1-1-2-2-1-2-5Anne SHELTON b c 1585, Youlgreave, Derbyhire
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-2-1-2-6Francis SHELTON (b. ABT 1588)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-2-3Henry SHELTON
Sh-2-4-1-1-3Richard SHELTON (b. ABT 1475)
Sh17-1-4-1-1-4Joan SHELTON b c 1475, Moneyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire
m c 1492 at Preston Hall, Aylesford, Kent Edward CULPEPPER b. 1471 d. AFT 1519 son of William Culpepper and Margaret Penwarden
-1 John CULPEPPER b c 1493 m Jane Whetenhall
Sh17 =22William SHELTON b 1373, Shelton, Depwade, Norfolk, England d 20 Jul 1421, Shelton, Depwade, Norfolk, bur Shelton chancel, Church in Snoring Magna probably second surviving son. Catherine Barrett, daughter and heir of Simon Barrett co Norfolk and through her he held the manor of Barrett’s in Hardwick. 2 Dec 1404, he received a pardon from the King for not appearing in court to answer Walter De Watham concerning a debt of 20 marks. 8 Feb 1415 William received another pardon, this time from King Henry V, for not appearing before justices of the bench of Henry IV to answer Robert Blake of London on a debt of 40 shillings. He died 20 Jul 1421 and his IPM was held 9 Oct 1421. The Visitation of Norfolk says that he was executor of his brother Sir Ralph Shelton, but as William died in 1421 and Sir Ralph in 1424, William could not have been his brother’s surviving executor. For the same reason, he could not have survived as executor of his brother Robert who died in 1423. William must have married late in life and to a much younger woman, as he was quite old at his death (assuming he was born between 1348 and 1358) but his son and heir John was only 17 at his father’s death. Catherine survived for many years and from 1426-1452 “Katherine, Lady of Shelton, relic of William Shelton”, presented 9 different rectors to the church at Hardwick. In 1426 she held fees in Shelton and 1432 presented to the church at Thirsford as a patron. Catherine died 3 Aug 1456 and was buried beside William in Great Snoring.
m Catherine BARRET (b. ABT 1385 - d. 3 Aug 1456 dau. of Simon Baret of Hardwick and Hecham) ABT 1400, Hardivoc, Norfolk, England
Sh16 =21John SHELTON b c 1375 / 7 Jul 1403, Shelton, Norfolk, bap 7 Jul 1406, Hecham d 23 Apr 1431 became lord of the manor at Shelton, Norfolk, after the death of his father. Some sources say that he was succeeded by his brother, William, who apparently had no sons, and was succeeded by his nephew, Ralph. But others, and according to the dates I agree with them, says that John was William son. 27 Feb 1422 the King commissioned Edmund Wynter and Richard Elleswyk to the keeping of all lands late of William Shelton, Esq tenant-in-chief by knight’s service, during the minority of John, his son and heir, with the marriage of the latter also given to their custody. He had livery of his lands in 1427. In 1428, he held fees in Osmundeston, Bedingham, and Kerdeston. He died a young man on the Monday before the Feast of St George the Martyr, 23 Apr 1431, seized of the manors of Brent Illegh co Suffolk, Shelton Netherhall, Snoring, Thetford and Hindringham, IPM dated 9 May 1431. 1 Apr 1431, the escheator for Norfolk was directed to take into the King’s hands the lands late of John Shelton, Esq in Norfolk and Suffolk. After her husband’s death Margaret Bures or Brewys held the manor of Brent Illegh for life. 20 Jul 1432, she was given license from the King for 1 mark paid in the hanaper to demise 1/3 of the manors of Great Snoring and Shelton co Norfolk. 10 Jul 1432 she received the King’s permission to marry to whom ever she wished “of the King’s allegiance”. Margaret remarried to Robert Allington, son of William Allington and Joan de Burgh and died in 1479.
m Margaret BREWES (b. 1412 - d. 1479) dau of Robert De Brewes and Ela Stapleton)
Sh15 =20Sir Ralph SHELTON b 1430 d 16 Jul 1497, Shelton, Norfolk, See his Biography.
m1: Joan ? (d. 1471)
Sh14-1Margaret SHELTON
Sh14-2Elizabeth SHELTON d 1523 The Visitation lists Elizabeth Shelton, daughter by Ralph’s first wife Joan as the one mentioned by Walter Lehart, Bishop of Norwich and the wife of Sir Richard Fitz-Lewes and other Elizabeth as daughter by second wife Margaret, with no information on birth, death or marriage. Sir Richard Fitz-Lewes was probably born about 1446 and on his succession initially resided at Bardwell, Suffolk, doubtless in straightened circumstances. Some of the Essex manors, including West Horndon, were, however, restored to him in 1480, but he later gained greater favour as a loyal supporter of Henry VII. He was knighted after the Battle of Stoke, 9 Jun 1487; and was made Banneret at the Battle of Blackheath in 1497. He is also recorded as Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire in 1493. He married four times and had a good number of children. His first wife, whom he married before 1466, was Alice, daughter of John Harleston of Shimpling, Norfolk. His second wife's descent is unknown, though is has been conjectured that her name was Maud. The fact that she is shown in ordinary dress suggests that she came from a family of modest social standing. Sir Richard's third wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Ralph Shelton; she died in 1523 and was buried at Dagenham. Sir Richard was survived by his last wife, Joan Hornby of Lincolnshire, who subsequentky married Sir John Norton of Faversham, Kent. She is commemorated by a tomb at Faversham, but in her will, dated 1535, asked to be buried at at West Horndon, her second husband having opted to be buried at Milton with his first wife. Sir Richard died in 1528, at the great age of about 82, having survived all his brothers and even his own sons. His heir was his grand-daughter by his eldest son John Fitzlewes, Ellen, wife of John Mordaunt. Thus, despite the fecundity of Sir Richard's wives, the name of FitzLewis died with him. Perhaps this was why he chose to be commemorated by such a splendid brass celebrating in heraldry the Fitzlewis name. The Fitzlewes brass at Ingrave Church is one of the many figure brasses of Essex listed and illustrated in the newly published "The Monumental Brasses of Essex" by William Lack, Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore. For further details click here.
m sir Richard FITZLEWIS of Degenham
Fitzlewis,Richard(&wifes)brass.jpg (343181 bytes)
m2Margaret CLERE dau of Robert Clere and Elizabeth Uvedale)
Sh14-3Alice SHELTON b c 1467, Shelton, Norfolk bur 6 Oct 1546, Heveningham, Suffolk received a legacy from her grandmother Elizabeth Clere in 1492.
m Sir John HEVENINGHAM b 5 Aug 1536 son of Thomas Heveningham, Esq., and Anne Yarde
-1 Sir Anthony HEVENINGHAM of Ketteringham b. 1507 d. 22 Nov 1557 m1 Catherine Calthorpe m2 Mary Shelton
-6 Eleanor HEVENINGHAM m Sir Richard Colville
Sh14 =19Sir John SHELTON b c 1472, Shelton, Norfolk d 21 Dec 1539, England bur Shelton Chancel, Shelton, Norfolk See his Biography.
m c 1497 Anne BOLEYN ABT 1497
Sh13 =18Sir John SHELTON b c 1509, Shelton, Norfork, England d 15 Nov 1558, Shelton, Norfolk See his Biography.
m Margaret PARKER
Sh12 =17sir Ralph SHELTON b BEF 1530 / 1535 d: 1580
Notes: eldest son and heir. At his father’s death, he had livery of his inheritance including Shelton, Snoring, Carrow and others and 8 Jun 1559 he was given license to take possession. He was High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1570. During his term as High Sheriff, he developed a close relationship with John Parkhurst, Bishop of Norwich. The Bishop held Ralph in great esteem as seen in a series of letters published in the Norfolk Record Society and Ralph proved to be a great ally during the prosecution of George Thimelthorpe, one of the county officers accused of corruption. Sometime after 1558, Ralph sold the Suffolk manor of Mildren which had been in his family since 1480 to Robert Thorpe. 31 May 1561, he paid 5 pounds in alms for William Godsalve, Esq., who had died very suddenly. 8 May 1566, he was made commissioner of the sewers with several other Norfolk notables. In 1573, he presented William Mann as the rector of Hardwick church and in 1576 presented Reginald Nuthall as rector to the same church. He was knighted at Norwich by Queen Elizabeth 22 Aug 1578 along with Thomas Knevett, Edward Clere, Roger Wodehouse, Henry Wodehouse. 19 Jun 1573, Ralph was made a justice of the peace for Norfolk and appointed again 23 Jun 1574. 20 Mar 1574 Ralph was commissioned with Edward Flowerdew and Roger Wodehouse to inquire into the death of Edward Cusshin and 17 Sep of the same year, served in the same capacity upon the death of Stephen Burrell. Ralph married 13 Sep 1551 Mary, daughter of Sir William Wodehouse of Waxham. In the Shelton family church at the manor, there are ten panels on the left side of the altar, which record the marriage of Mary Wodehouse and Ralph Shelton, as well as the birth of their children Margaret, Thomas, John, Ralphe, and Edward. She was buried at Shelton 6 Jul 1558. He married secondly 16 Oct 1570 at Shelton to Anne, daughter of Thomas Barrow, Esq of Barningham co Suffolk by Mary daughter and coheir of Henry Bures at Acton co Suffolk. Sir Ralph died 3 Oct 1580 and was buried at Shelton on the north side of the altar 6 Oct 1580. His IPM was held 25 Apr 1582 and another 28 Apr 1584 where he was found to hold Carrow in Norwich which he had prior to his death settled on Thomas Barrow with remainder to Anne and his children by her, as well as being seized of Shelton, Snoring Magna, Barettes and Thirsford. His widow Anne, married after 9 Jun 1585 as her second husband Sir Charles Cornwallis and they jointly held Carrow Abbey. In 1589 she presented to the church of St Julian’s in Norwich. Sir Charles Cornwallis had a distinguished career including serving as Ambassador to Spain and treasurer and died at Harborne co Suffolk 21 Dec 1629.
m1 Mary WODEHOUSE dau of Sir William Wodehouse of Waxham and Elizabeth Calthorpe) 15 Sep 1551, Shelton Manor
Sh12-1Alice SHELTON b c 1551
m1 Thomas WALLER
m2 William WROOL
Sh12-2Margaret SHELTON b 24 Dec 1556, d 29 May 1580
m Anthony SOUTHWELL ABT 1576
-1 Vice-Admiral Robert SOUTHWELL of Kinsdale
Sh12-3Sir Thomas SHELTON b 6 Apr 1558 d 1595 bur Tower of London, St Peters Church
m Elizabeth FLOWERDEW d 1608 dau of Sir Edward Flowerdew she m2 Sir Henry Clere
Sh12-4Sir John SHELTON b 21 Dec 1559 d BEF 1606
m1 Joan MAULEVERER dau of Sir John Mauleverer and Elizabeth Markenfiel)
m2 1597 Elizabeth CROMWELL
Sh12Sir Ralph SHELTON b 11 Jan 1559/60 d 22 Jul 1628, Battle of Isle of Rhe, Spain knighted at Theobald's, Warwickshire, England in 1607. According to records in the British Museum, he was Minister to Spain, Secretary to the Prince of Wales and one of the entourage of the Earl of Carlisle on the trip to France in 1612 to arrange for the marriage of Charles I with the sister of the French King. It was this Sir Ralph who held the Norfolk and Sufolk estates in 1606 (succeeding his brother John) prior to the sale of Shelton. In an account of his marriage to Jane West he is given as Ralph Sheldon, Esquire of Beoley, Worcestershire. Sir Ralph was a member of the Second and Third London Companies. In all the Colonial records of the Second Charter granted to the London Companies, 23 May 1609, the names of Sir Ralph Shelton of Norfolk England, a Captain Shelton and a James Shelton, Gentleman, appear. The Second London Company sailed under Lord De La Warr with nine ships and 500 people. The admiral's ship named "Sea Venture". They landed in America in 1610. A charter was granted to the Third London Company in 1611. As a member of Parliment, Sir Ralph signed the petition circulated there by the Company in 1610. There is nothing to indicate that Sir Ralph ever came to America to live. If so, he returned to England; but his son James Shelton, Gentlman, came with Lord De La Warr in Jun 1610, remained and founded the Shelton family of America and Virginia.
m1 Jane WEST 1591, Norfolk + 2 ch
m2 c 1606 Dorothy JERMYN dau of Sir Robert Jermyn
Sh11James SHELTON b c 1580 d 20 May 1668, Barbados, Bermuda
m Anne HEBERT b c 1588 d 1650
The first generation of Sheltons in America arriving in Jun 1610 travelling with his relative, Lord De la Warr aboard the "Sea Venture", which was wrecked on Bermuda. He was a member of the first courts from 1619-1624 and was a resident of Jamestown, Virginia in 1620. He and his father were members of the "London Company" James had a land grant on the Potomac, 16 Oct 1650. Part of "Currioman" Westmoreland County, Virginia was one of the original land grants to James. This grant was probably taken up by his son Thomas Shelton, who died in Cecil County, MD in 1650. Moved to Bermuda about 1630 after trade was opened.
Sh10-1Robert SHELTON
Sh10-2Joan SHELTON m Son Hall
Sh10-3James SHELTON b c 1600
m Eleanor West
Sh10-4Stephen SHELTON b c 1602 d Jan 1654/5 m Anne West
Sh10-5John SHELTON b c 1603 d 15 Aug 1691
Sh10-6William SHELTON b c 1605 d 20 Nov 1639
/a>Sh10-7Thomas SHELTON b c 1606 d 1684 m Hannah Wood
Sh10-8George SHELTON b 1607
Sh10Richard Shelton/?Skelton b 1610 d 1701 continued below
m Ellen x
Sh10-10Ralph SHELTON b 1610
Sh11-2Thomas SHELTON b 1601 d BEF Oct 1650 )
Sh12-6Edward SHELTON (bur. 4 Jan 1563)
Sh12-7Etheldreda/Audrey SHELTON b c 1561 / 10 Jun 1568
m Thomas WALSINGHAM of Scadbury (Sir Knight)
m2Anne BARROW (b. 1530) dau of Thomas Barrow of Barningham, Esq., and Mary Bures) (m.2 Sir Charles Cornwallis) 16 Oct 1570
Sh12-8Ralph SHELTON
Sh12-9Anne SHELTON b. 25 Jul 1573 - bur. 15 Jul 1574
Sh12-10Richard SHELTON b. 1575
Sh12-11William SHELTON bap 11 Feb 1574 d 12 Dec 1593 Some sources says he was named in his father’s IPM in 1582 but died at Shelton 12 Dec 1583
m Martha EMORY dau of Thomas Emory
Sh12-11-1William SHELTON
d 1594, Southgate, Kent
m 1619 Isabella SUHAN b 1596 d 1625
-1 John SHELTON b 1620 m. Margaret Wyatt)
-2 Stephen SHELTON b ABT 1622 = ?b 1632 m Mary x
-3 John SHELTON b ABT 1624
-4 George SHELTON b ABT 1626
-5 Thomas SHELTON b ABT 1628
-6 William SHELTON b. ABT 1630
-7 Elizabeth SHELTON b. ABT 1632

Stephen Shelton b 1660 Lancaster Co Va m Elizabeth x

-2-1-1 Thomas Carlton Shelton b 1695 Northumberland Co Va m Margaret x

-2-1-1-1 Stephen James Shelton b 1743 Northumberland Co Va Jemima x

-2-1-1-1-1 Stephn W Shelton b 1760 m Rhoda Green dau of Filmer Green and Ann x
-2-1-1-1-1-1 Mark Shelton b 1784 Va d Jul 1853 Giles Co Tn m Susanna Luttrell b 1785 AL d there 1832 dau of Michael Luttrell b 1751 Fauquier Co Va d 19 Dec 1844 Marion Co Ill and Susanna Ann Shelton ancestor of Joim Dempsey Ferguson Jr, David Nicholas's DNA match
Sh12-12Henry SHELTON
b 1 Nov 1576/7,Shelton, Norfolk, England d 14 Oct 1635, Barningham, Norfolk, bur 14 Oct 1635, Shelton, Norfolk
m 7 Apr 1619 in Shelton Elizabeth JERMYN dau of Thomas Jermyn of Debden
Sh12-13Barbara SHELTON bap 30 Nov 1578, Shelton, Norfolk bur Westhorpe, Suffolk,
m 27 Nov 1597 Sir George Le HUNTE of Little Bradley d. 18 Jan 1640/1 son and heir of John Hunte and Jane Colte
-1 Son Le HUNTE
-2 Son Le HUNTE
-3 Dau. Le HUNTE
-4 Dau. Le HUNTE
-5 Dau. Le HUNTE
Sh12-14Maurice SHELTON
Sh12-15Mary SHELTON bap 26 Jan 1580/1 d 31 Jul 1615 bur Westhorpe
m aft 30 Jan 1609, St Margaret’s, Westminster Edmund DAUNDY of Cretingham son and heir of Thomas Daundy of Combes and Martha Poley
-1. Son DAUNDY
-2. Dau. DAUNDY
Sh12-16Margaret SHELTON
Sh17-2Anne SHELTON b c 1535 d 12 Aug 1588 Eldest daughter. Will dated 8 Apr and proven 2 Oct 1588. Named in her father’s will 1558 as his “daughter Godsalve”. The Visitation also says that William married secondly to Elizabeth daughter of Richard Townshend of Rainham by Catherine daughter of Sir Humphrey Brown. In Anne’s father’s will there is a curious note “to daughter Godsalve ?200, if she marry some gentleman by her own consent with the advice of her friends” which suggests that her husband died by this time so there would seem to be some conflict in the fact that he married again after her death in 1588. Another unresolved conflict is that Blomefield notes that 31 May 1561 Mr Ralph Shelton paid 5 pounds to be given in alms for William Godsalve, Esq who died very suddenly in Whitsun week. The Harleian Society has her married to a second husband named Grey.
m Thomas GODSALVE of Bokenham Ferry (Esq.) (son of Sir John Godsalve and Elizabeth Widmerpole) 20 Feb 1556/7
Sh17-3Alice SHELTON b c 1540 d 4 Oct 1605 Second daughter. The Visitation says that she died without issue but Burke’s Peerage said that she had a son Richard. Burke’s also incorrectly says her name was Anne and the Visitation of Essex (Harleian Society Publications, Vol 13-14 p 255) lists no children by her.
m Richard JOSCELYN of Rooding he m2 Anne, dau of Thomas Lucas of Bury St Edmund by Mary Jermyn dau of Sir Thomas Jermyn
Sh17-4 Mary SHELTON b c 1550 d 16 Aug 1603 bur Holme Lacy, Hereford

Notes: Third daughter. Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth I and remained in the Queen’s service until her death. Mary Shelton weds without the Queen’s consent. In a letter from Eleanor Brydges to the Earl of Rutland it was written that "no one ever bought her husband more dearly", speaking of an incident when the Queen reportedly broke Mary’s finger by hitting her with a hairbrush. The Queen, in a passion at the discovery of what had taken place, "telt liberall bothe with bloes and yevel words". But after that, Elizabeth not only sanctioned the marriage, but appointed the new Mrs. Scudamore as gentlewoman of the bedchamber. Mary had hundreds of gowns under her charge, and kept careful inventory of them all.
m James SCUDAMORE of Holm Lacy d. 15 Apr 1623 son of William Scudamore, Esq., and Ursula Pakington wid of Eleanor Croft
Sh17-5Thomas SHELTON b 19 May 1558 d 25 Dec 1595, Tower of London, Middlesex, England a Gentleman Porter at the Tower of London and Dec 1589 had a discharge of two subsidies granted to him. d at the Tower 25 Dec 1595 bur 27 Dec. Thomas’s will was dated 25 May 1594 where he left his goods to Thomas Catcher, woolen draper of London, in payment of a debt that he owed him. Thomas asked that he would be buried “without any pompe” and his will was proven 2 Aug 1596. He appears to have not married and left no children.
Sh18-2Sir Ralph SHELTON of Depeham b AFT 1509 d 26 Sep 1561 buried: Depeham, Norfolk second son. Kathryn M Brown, p 26, says he was granted all land and appurtenances of John Amerye and of the Monastery of Bordsley in Worcestershire. Ralph and his uncle William, receiver for the King, had large grants in Worcestershire and Warwickshire in 1539 to 1547. Received legacies in his mother’s will in 1556. 15 Sep 1561, Queen Elizabeth I awarded a lengthy grant to Sir Ralph Shelton of Deopham , co Norfolk for his service. 11 Jul 1564, Ralph was given commission of sewers for the county of Norfolk along with Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk; John Parkhurst, Bishop of Norwich; Sir Thomas Wodehouse and Sir Edward Warners.
m Amy WODEHOUSE dau of Sir Roger Wodehouse and Elizabeth Ratcliffe)
Sh18-2-1Ralph SHELTON
Sh18-2-2Anne SHELTON b 1531
Buried: 28 May 1571, Morley St. Peter
Notes: 1 Aug 1564 Martin Sedley, a minor, received license to marry Anne Shelton of Deopham. The baptisms of their children are found at Morley St Peter in Norwich as are the tombs of Martin Sedley and Anne. Martin’s will was dated 12 May 1608 and proven 5 Mar 1609 and he is buried at the same church with this inscription: “Martine Sedley, Esquier, descended from the Worshipful and antiente Famelye of the Sedlyes of South Fleete in Kent and of Elizabeth, daughter and heyre of tho. Mounteney of Mountnessing in Essex, Esq had to his first wife Anne, descended of the antiente and worshipfull Famelye of the Sheltons of Shelton by whom he had issue Edmonde who died without issue; Sir Ralphe, Knt, and Amy who married to John Smythe, Esquier; and surviving the said Anne, he toke to his wife wife Abigail descended of the Worshipfull and antiente familye of the Knyvettes of Ashwell Thorp, and had issue by her-Martine, who married Bridget, the daughter of Sir John Pettus of Norwich, Knt; Robert and Abigaile who died without issue; Meriel who married to Brampton Gordon of Assington in Suffolk, Esquier and at his age of 78 in the year of grace 1609, happelye exchanged this Transitory for an Eternal Lyfe. In memorie of whom the said Abigail his sorrowfull wiffe as Testimony of her Love and Pyetye, hath erected this Monumente.”
Father: Ralph SHELTON of Depeham (Sir)

m Martin SEDLEY (Sir Knight) (b. 1531 - d. BEF 10 Feb 1609/10) (son of Martin Sedley and Elizabeth, dau. of John Mounteney Gen.) (m.2 Abigail Knyvett)
-1. Edmund SEDLEY
-2. Sir Ralph SEDLEY
-3. Amy SEDLEY
Sh18-2-3 William SHELTON
Sh18-3Elizabeth SHELTON b AFT 1505 d AFT 1561 received gifts from Mary Tudor who for a time lived in the Shelton household. The dates of the gifts are: Jan 1536-7, Jan 1540, Jan 1543-4. NRS from Madden's Privy Purse expenditures of the Princess Mary. She has a legacy from her mother's will of 19 Dec 1555 which was proved 8 Jan 1556 but she did without issue and there is no mention of a marriage. (Blomefield v5 "Shelton" Calendar of Patent Rolls Eliz ii p 327). Sir James Boleyn, her uncle and Queen Elizabeth's great uncle, bequeathed her 40 pounds (Patent Rolls Eliz ii p 327). She apparently had fallen on hard times, for Sir James, in his will, asked the Queen "to give unto his neice Elizabeth Shelton, having at his daie nothing certain wherewith to comforte or releve her self, the fower hundred pounds woing to me by Her Grace, she to extend her mercie and goodness unto that poor gentlewoman, now utterly destitute". The Queen must have heeded his request, for Elizabeth Shelton received a gift from Queen Elizabeth for monetary annuities 23 Dec 1561.
Sh18-4Anne SHELTON b AFT 1505, Shelton, Norfolk d 17 Sep 1563 bur by her second husband, though in the burial records named Dame Anna Knevet, 13 Dec 1563. Her will is also under the name of Dame Anne Knyvet (that title being superior to that of her second husband) and she mentions her brother Thomas Shelton, sister Amye, sons Edmund, Henry, Anthony Knyvett, god daughter Anne Coote, Richard Coote, god daughter Anne Woodward and others.
m1: Edmund KNYVETT (Sir Knight) ABT 1527, Buckenham Castle, Norfolk
-1.Sir Thomas KNYVETT of Buckenham
-2. Edmund KNYVETT
-3. Henry KNYVETT
-4. Anthony KNYVETT
-1-1 Sir Thomas Knyvett of Buckenham a 05.1603 m 4 Mar 1565 settlement Catherine Stanley -1-1-1 Sir Philip Knyvett, 1st Bart of Buckenham d c 1634 m Katherine Ford dau of Charles Ford of Butley Abbey
m2Christopher COOTE of Blonorton Esq. (son of Richard Coote) (w. of Elizabeth Witchingham) -5. Richard COOTE
Sh18-5Gabriella SHELTON b AFT 1505 buried: 15 Oct 1558, Shelton, Norfolk, England
Notes: Nun at Barking Abbey. Has a legacy from her mother's will of 19 Dec 1955 which was proved 8 Jan 1556 but she died without issue and there is no mention of a marriage. She was left a legacy by her brother in law Sir Edmund Knevett who says in his will dated 18 Apr 1550, that Gabriell Shelton shall have during her life meat, drink and lodging or 6 pounds a year. (Blomefield v5 "Shelton" Calendar of Patent Rolls Eliz ii p 327)
Sh18-6Emma SHELTON b AFT 1505 d AFT 1556 had a legacy from her mother's will of 19 Dec 1955 which was proved 8 Jan 1556 but she died without issue and there is no mention of a marriage.
Sh18-7Mary SHELTON b 1512, Shelton, Norfolk d 8 Jan 1570/1 bur Heveningham, Suffolk 1st cousin and one of the attendants of Queen Anne Boleyn. She was first betrothed to Thomas Clere who was a great favorite of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. After Clere’s untimely death, the Earl continued to look after Mary. Married her 1st cousin, Sir Anthony Heveningham, who was knighted 22 Feb 1546 and made a Banneret by King Henry VIII, and in 1557, held the manor of Westbarrow-Hall, of the honour of Ralegh, and Totham Parva, and Goldhanger in Essex. 15 Feb 1554, both Anthony and Mary presented to the church at Little Breccles. Anthony’s will was dated 18 Nov 1557 and proved 1 Jun 1558 and he died 22 Nov 1557. In his will he left legacies to his wife Mary who was his sole executrix, sons Henry, Arthur and John, daughters Mary, Anne, Jane, Abigail, Bridget, and Elizabeth. Mary re married Phillip Appleyard, a younger son of Roger Appleyard and Elizabeth, daughter of John Scott of Surrey. Phillip Appleyard was probably the same man who witnessed her first husband’s will.
1: Thomas CLERE
Mary Shelton by Hans Holbein
The Royal Collection © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
m2Sir Anthony HEVENINGHAM of Ketteringham b. 1507 - d. 22 Nov 1557 son of Sir John Heveningham and Alice Shelton wid of Catherine Calthorpe) 1535 / AFT 7 Feb 1545, Heveningham, Suffolk -1. Arthur HEVENINGHAM Sir m. Mary Henschel)
-5. Elizabeth HEUENINGHAM
m3Phillip APPLEYARD AFT 1557
Sh18-8Thomas SHELTON b c 1520, Shelton, Norfolk mentioned in the will of his mother in 1556, in 1563 in the will of his sister Anne Knyvett and in that of his sister Amy 1566 of whose will he was named executor. He was apparently still living when he proved her will 6 Nov 1579. The Norfolk sources do not have a wife or any information on the death of this Thomas. Thomas Shelton had a cousin Eramus Heveningham, who settled in Staffordshire, apparently Thomas Shelton may have migrated with him.
Sh18-8-1Elizabeth SHELTON b c 1545
m Richard COOTE
Sh18-8-2?Henry SHELTON b c 1550 possibly the son of Thomas Shelton, lived in Birmingham, co Warwicks, England. His wife was a sister of William Symonds, sergeant-at-law and a Judge of South Wales.
m Eleanor SIMONDS
Sh18-8-2-1John SHELTON b c 1575 d 1626 a mercer of Birmingham and was appointed by Edward VI as one of the trustees of the grammar School. He bought the advowson of Sutton Rectory in 1586.
m Barbara STANLEY
Sh18-8-2-1-1Robert SHELTON recovered the advowson of Sutton in 1626. Robert made his will 23 May 1642 and it was proven 7 Jul 1642. He mentions his wife Mary, eldest son John, and left money for the marriages of his daughters Sarah, Phebe, Lettice, and Grace. He left his tenements in Sutton Coldfield to his son Thomas and directed his son John to receive the rents until Thomas came of age, the funds to be used for Thomas’s schooling. He also mentions his lands in Birmingham and in Greete in Worcestershire. Mentions his brother Sir Richard Shelton, son Thomas Willoughby and Elizabeth his wife, his sisters Frances Lowe and Alice Lowe. He named as his executor “my cousin Francis Robert’s son John”.
m Mary TEMPLE dau of Edmund Temple of Temple Hall)
-1 John SHELTON (Sheriff of Staffordshire m1 Mary Knightley m2 Elizabeth Holland)
-2 Thomas SHELTON
-3 Lettice SHELTON
-4 Grace SHELTON
-5 Phebe SHELTON
-6 Sarah SHELTON
Sh18-8-2-1-2Sir Richard SHELTON buried: 7 Dec 1647, West Bromwich
Notes: second son. Often called Sir Richard Shelton of Rowley Regis, from the manor of that name in Warwickshire. Richard studied law at the Inner Temple and was employed by the Duke of Buckingham to handle his private affairs. He was appointed by King Charles I as Solicitor General Oct 1625 and was knighted by the King at Hampton Court 31 Oct 1625. Sir Richard was elected to Parliament for Bridgnorth 17 Jan 17 Jan 1625/6 and for Guildford 3 Feb, but in the commons his lack of debating skills and general incompetence made him easy prey for the opposition. 6 Mar 1627/8 he was re-elected to Parliament for Bridgnorth and in 1628 was appointed treasurer of the Inner Temple. In Oct 1634 being according to Clarendon “an old, illiterate, useless person”, he was forced to resign as Solicitor General and was succeeded by Sir Edward Littleton. Richard retired to his manor at West Bromwich which he had acquired from his cousin William Stanley in 1626 and lived there peacefully during the Civil War. Richard was mentioned in the will of his brother Robert 23 May 1642. 23 Jul 1642 Lettice died and was buried at West Bromwich. Sir Richard Shelton of West Bromwich, co Staffs, made his will 26 Jul 1642 where he asked to be buried in the church in West Bromwich near his recently deceased wife. He mentions William Boothe of Middle Temple, Humphrey Lowe of Oaksmoore co Salop (possibly married to his sister Alice), Thomas Pearson of Clement’s Inn, niece Folliot and her husband and children, nephews Richard and Henry Lowe, unmarried daughter of his brother “Roger” (Robert) Shelton, sister Shelton. He named as his right heir Alice Lowe who received lordship of West Bromwich. Executors were Humphrey Lowe and Thomas Boothe, who proved his will 10 May 1648. Richard and Lettice had no children that survived them.
m Lettice FISHER dau of Sir Robert Fisher of Packington
Sh18-8-2-1-3Frances SHELTON mentioned in the will of her brother Robert in 1642 and of her brother Richard, also in 1642 as Frances Lowe. The name of her husband has not been determined.
m Son LOWE
Sh18-8-2-1-4Anne SHELTON d BEF 1642
Notes: mentioned in the will of her brother Richard dated 26 1642 where he asked his executors to pay the legacies bequeathed by the will of his sister Anne Shelton. This indicates she reached adulthood though seems to have been unmarried.
Sh18-8-2-1-5Alice SHELTON mentioned in the will of her brosr Robert and Richard, both dated in 1642 as their sister Alice Lowe of West Bromwich. The name of her husband has not been determined.
m Son LOWE
Sh18-8-3John SHELTON
Sh18-8-4Frances SHELTON
Sh18-8-5William SHELTON
Sh18-9Margaret SHELTON b AFT 1500, Shelton, Norfolk d BEF 11 Sep 1583 Kathryn M Brown, p 26, says she was called "Pretty Madge" and "Cousin Madge". She was an attendant at Court of Queen Anne Boleyn and was commanded by her to distract the attentions of Henry when he was making love to Jane Seymour. 19 May 1536, Attended Queen Anne Boleyn on the scaffold. After Anne Boleyn’s death, Margaret married Thomas Wodehouse. Thomas was standard bearer in the Battle of Musselborough 10 Sept 1547 and was killed in the battle. He was knighted posthumously and his wife was given the title Lady Wodehouse. Thomas was buried at Kimberley with this inscription: "This Thomas ne’re was knight, but yet was one That deserved to be and had been, if not slain. In noble service against the Scots, where he was standard bearer, whom to gratify, the King his widow gave, the special Grace, of Lady-Hood, in Title and in Place. The Shelton’s Coat, both fair and ancient was, In Azure field is set, a Golden Cross". Margaret had a number of children by Thomas and they are the ancestors of the Earls of Kimberley. Their son Sir Roger was greatly favored by his relative Queen Elizabeth I who at one time visited Kimberley.
m Thomas WODEHOUSE (d. 10 Sep 1547, Battle of Musselbrough, Midlothian, Scotland) (son of Sir Roger Wodehouse of Kimberley and Elizabeth Ratcliffe)
-1 Sir Roger WODEHOUSE
-3 Richard WODEHOUSE d. 4 Apr 1588 m Mary Frances Corbett
Sh18-10Amy SHELTON b AFT 1505 d AFT 1556 Listed as a daughter of Sir John Shelton and Anne Boleyn by the NRS. She received gifts from Mary Tudor who for a time lived in the Shelton household. The dates of the gifts are: Jul 1538, Jan 1543-4. She apparently was one Queen Elizabeth's gentlewoman for the Patent Rolls have an entry 24 Jan 1565 where the Queen grants an annuity of 30 pounds for her service and in the writ she is specified as one of the Queen's gentlewoman. Her will was date 20 Apr 1566 and proved 6 Nov 1579. In it she leaves her goods to her brother Thomas who was her executor.
Sh19-5Ralph SHELTON (Esq. buried: 25 Oct 1538, Brome, Wiltshire, second son, mentioned in his father’s will in 1497. 30 Sep 1483 he presented to the church in Scole - apparently before he was knighted (Blomefield v1 p133-135). Bedingfield's Pedigree lists this Ralph as Sir Ralph Shelton whose daughter Alice married Sir Edmund Bedingfield. His will was dated 21 Oct 1538 and proved 18 Jun 1539 and he asked to be buried in the church at Brome before the image of St George at the south end of the high altar, left bequests to a number of Norfolk churches, bequests toward the marriages of his daughter Dorothy Shelton and his wife’s daughter Margaret Jenny. He left the majority of his estate to his wife Mary and son Ralph and named his wife and his brother Richard to be his executors. Ralph was buried in the church at Brome as he had requested. Mary’s will was dated 26 Aug 1540 and proved 12 Feb 1542 where she asked to be buried in the church of St Michael in Brome and left bequests to her daughter Dorothy Shelton, daughter Margaret Jenny, son Edward Jenny and name her son Ralph Shelton and John Goss as her executors. She was buried at Brome 3 Sep 1540 and her IPM held 25 Apr 1541.
Father: Ralph SHELTON (Sir)
Mother: Margaret CLERE
m Mary BROME (d. 29 Aug 1540) dau and co-heir of Robert Brome of Brome and Olivia ?) (w. of John Jenny, Esq.) 1507
Sh19-5-1 Alice SHELTON?
Sh19-5-2Ralph SHELTON (Esq. d 31 Oct 1592 mentioned in his father’s will in 1538 and was executor of his mother’s will in 1542. Blomefield says that his will is dated in 1592 His will was dated 31 Oct 1592 and proved 25 Nov 1592 in Norwich where he is listed as Ralph Shelton, Brome, Esq (NRS). In it he mentions his wife Cecily, daughter Thomazine Uvedale, daughter Grace Thurton, daughter Mary Cooke and grandchild Cecily Shelton. John Thurton, his son-in-law was named his executor. Cecily’s will was dated 10 Apr 1610 and proven 29 Mar 1612. She asked to be buried in church in Brome and left legacies to the poor of Brome as well as her son John Pickerell, Anne Pickerell her daughter-in-law (this Anne was a daughter of Christopher Layer who was the widow of Edward Shelton, son of Ralph Shelton and Prudence Calthorpe before marrying Pickerell), daughter Mary Cooke, wife of William Cooke, god-daughter Cecily Shelton (daughter of Edward Shelton and Anne Layer), to her Cooke grandchildren, Blennerhasset grandchildren, her sister Elizabeth Mickelfield and others, naming her son John Pickerell as her executor.
m1 Prudence CALTHORPE
Sh19-5-2-1Richard SHELTON (chr. 2 Nov 1545)
Sh19-5-2-2Thomasine SHELTON b c 1548 d 8 Mar 1617 bur Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk Her baptism is not found at Brome, but she appears to have been the eldest daughter. Thomasine is mentioned in the will of her brother Edward in 1589. Mentioned in the will of Cecily Pickerell as her daughter Thomazine Uvedale. Buried with her husband.
m1: Thomas UVEDALE
m2 5 Jun 1599 Charles CROFT of Ixworth Thorpe Esq. d. 11 Feb 1616 son and heir of Thomas Crofts of Bardwell and Margaret Coppledike
Sh19-5-2-3Grace SHELTON bap 2 Aug 1554, Brome, Wilts d: 12 Dec 1606 named in the will of her father in 1592 and her husband was named as his executor. 3 Sep 1589, Grace and her sister Mary were granted administration of the effects of their deceased sister Frances.
m John THURTON of Brome 29 Apr 1582 Brome, Wiltshire, England
-1. Maud THURSTON b. 17 Nov 1584 - bur. 27 Mar 1624 m. Christoper Calthorpe of Blakeney, Esq.
Sh19-5-2-4Edward SHELTON b c 1560, Brome, Wilts buried: 11 Apr 1589, St John’s Maddermarket, Norwich, Norfolk on 10 Mar 1570 he witnessed a deed between his father Ralph and Robert Bedingfield and Edward Everard. He married Anne, niece of Cecily 2nd wife of Ralph Shelton. Edward suffered an untimely death and his will was dated 8 Apr 1589 and proven 5 Jun 1589 bur 11 Apr 1589 as "Edwardus Shelton, generosus, obiit ac sepultus in Ecclesia nostra". His will has the appearance of being hastily made and he mentions his wife Anne, his daughter Cecily and his sisters Thomasine, Grace, Frances and Mary. His father Ralph Shelton and father-in-law Christopher Layer served as executors along with his wife.
m 29 Jul 1588, St. John’s Maddermarket, Norwich, Norfolk Anne LAYERd 21 April 1628 at the age of 61 3rd dau of Christopher Layer of Booton and Norwich, Esq., and Barbara Steward, England she m2 29 Dec 1591 to John Pickerell d 6 Apr 1627 at the age of 75
-1 Cecily SHELTON b BEF 2 Apr 1589, Norwich, Norfolk, d 28 Jan 1619 received a legacy in the will of her grandfather, Ralph Shelton in 1592 and from her grandmother Cecily in 1610 who left her a silver caster. Cecily died and was buried at the church in Intwood in the chancel, with this brass: "Here resteth the Body of Cecily Hirst, wife of William Hirst, Gent, Dr and Heir of Edward Shelton of Brome in the County of Norfolk, who died 28 Jan 1619".
Father: Edward SHELTON m William HIRST of Intwood
-1-1 Anne HIRST
-1-2 John HIRST
-1-3 William HIRST
Sh19-5-2-5Richard SHELTON (chr. 7 Mar 1555)
Sh19-5-2-6John SHELTON of Horning bap 12 Apr 1557, Brome, Wilts d: 3 Apr 1588 bur St. Martin at Palace, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Notes: burial record says he was the servant of Mr Hassett. At the site of his tomb, on a brass plate in the nave having the arms of Shelton: “Here resteth in Hope of the general Resurrection, the Body of John Shelton, the second sonne of Ralph Shelton of Brome in Norfolk, Esquier, who left the mortal life the 3rd of Apr. Ao 1588 and in the 33rd year of his Age. For faithful Friendship to his Friend; for meekness to the Meane; For modesty among the Rest; renowned he may remayne; his life he led in Godliness; devoyde of every Blame; And in his last Extremitie has Died declared the same ".
Sh19-5-2-7Frances SHELTON b by 18 Oct 1562 Brome, Wilts less than a week before the burial of her mother. She was buried at Ditchingham 8 May 1589, with administration of her effects given 3 Sep 1589 to her sisters Grace and Mary.
m2Cecily STEWART dau of Augustine Steward, Alderman of Norwich, and Elizabeth Rede) (m.2 John Pickerell of Cringleford)
Sh19-5-2-8Ralph SHELTON (chr. 14 Sep 1567 - bur. 25 Oct 1573)
Sh19-5-2-9Mary SHELTON bap 1 Jan 1568/9, Brome, Wiltshire, England
Notes: Mary and her sister Grace were granted administration of the estate of their unmarried sister Frances Shelton in 1593. Mary was left legacies by her mother in her will in 1610.
m William COOKE of Lynstead (son and heir of Nicholas Cooke and Lettice Lee) 5 Oct 1592
Sh19-5-3Mary SHELTON
Sh19-5-4Anne SHELTON
Sh19-5-5Dorothy SHELTON Named in the will of her father in 1539 and her mother in 1540
m Francis SHARDELOWE 16 Jun 1545, St Peter’s Mancroft, Norwich
Sh-5-6Richard SHELTON
Sh19-6Elizabeth SHELTON
Sh19-7Richard SHELTON
Notes: Third son, a clerk who was Master of Metingham College and still living in 1538 when he was mentioned in the will of his brother Ralph Shelton of Brome. Copinger says that Mettingham Castle was converted to a college and the arms of Richard Shelton, one of the last master of the college with several matches of his family ornament the walls of the Keep which was the residence of the master. In 1492, he was named in the will of his maternal grandmother Elizabeth Clere. Richard held the manor of Peter’s Hall in Bunwell. 27 Nov 1505, King Henry VII issued a writ from Westminster issuing a pardon to Sir John Tate, John Shelton, Richard Shelton and 300 others of all offenses in regulating trade. He was probably the Richard Shelton who presented the rector at the church at Redenhall in 1518. Blomefield noted that Richard had such skill in water works that in 1528, his advice was used in cutting Yarmouth Haven.
Sh21-2Thomas SHELTON b 1408 d 1484
Buried: Grey Friars Church, Norwich, England
Notes: possibly the Thomas Shelton who presented to Ringstead Parva in 1474. Cecily’s will was dated 3 May and proven 26 Jul 1484 and she was buried near her husband as she requested in her will. She left bequests to the church of St Gregory, the cathedral of Norwich, the church at Aylsham, the church at Heynforth and for masses to be celebrated for her. She mentions no children and no other family so this couple may have left no offspring.
m Cecily ?
Sh21-3William SHELTON b 1410
Sh21-4Simon SHELTON b 1415
Sh22-3Peter SHELTON b c 1350 d 1436 parson of Tuddenham in 1419, rector of Carleton Rode 1425-1436, and Treasurer of Chicester Cathedral. Will dated 12 Oct 1436 and proven 31 Jan 1436/7. In 1425, Peter Shelton was mentioned as having incurred some expenses in the accounts of Master John Marsh. In 1435, he presented to the church at Billingford.
Sh22-4Alice SHELTON b c 1352 d BEF 19 Nov 1445 will dated 19 Feb 1444 and proved 19 Nov 1445.
m John ALDERFORD of Norwich d 1431
Sh22-5-5. Robert SHELTON
Robert SHELTON b c 1357 d 1423 will dated 14 Jun 1415 and proved 30 Sep 1423. He had no children and his only heir was his brother William. bur in the church of Snoryng Magna and in his will, he directed that his brother William should have any of his personal belongings at a fair price. Ultimately William died before this will was probated.
Sh22-6John SHELTON (b. ABT 1359)
Sh22-7Isabel SHELTON b c 1373

m William BACON ABT 1398, Hessett, Suffolk
-1. Stephen BACON

Sir William SHELTON knighted in 1375. ?d in 1389 when his IPM was recorded.

Sh23-2Richard SHELTON
Richard SHELTON b c 1305 He is not mentioned by Blomefield, but the Visitation of Norfolk has him as second son and says that he was warden of the forest of Pickering in 1334.
Sh23-3Robert SHELTON
Robert SHELTON b c 1307 In 1316 Robert and his brother John sold their share in the manor of Heverland to another brother Nicholas. In 1325 he and William Tastard were guardians of John De Lowdham as noted in church records in Frense. In 1333, Robert Shelton, clerk, had land in Shelton.
Sh23-4Nicholas SHELTON In 1316 he and his wife Alice purchased shares of the manor of Heverland from his brothers John and Robert. Blomefield says that he and his wife Alice had a son Thomas. Possibly the Nicholas De Shelton who along with Sir John Moritz was nominated by Maud, late wife of Eustace Powers as her attorneys in Ireland 4 Apr 1346.
m Alice ?
-1 Thomas SHELTON
Sh23-5Edmund SHELTON (Sir)
Sh24-2Thomas SHELTON listed as 2nd son in his father’s IPM in 1306. Blomefield says that this Thomas and his brother Henry presented to the church in Scole. Possibly the Thomas De Shelton for whom a writ was issued 20 Jul 1322 from York to go on the King’s service in Scotland with Thomas of Brotherton, Earl Marshal and Earl of Norfolk. Another writ was issued 26 Mar 1324 to him for protection to go beyond the seas with Edmund, Earl of Kent.
Sh24-3Henry SHELTON b c 1285
Notes: listed as 3rd son in his father’s IPM in 1306. With his brother Thomas, presented to the church in Scole.
Sh24-4Robert SHELTON b c 1287 Mentioned in his father’ s IPM. He is likely the Robert De Shelton that Blomefield says in 1316 held fees in Mundham and Bedingham.
Sh24-5Cecilia SHELTON b c 1292
m Nicholas De CASTELLO of Raveningham (son of Walter De Castello and Sara Roscelyne)
Sh25-2John SHELTON of Stradbrooke Listed by the Visitation of Norfolk as a son of Henry de Shelton and shows him with one son, John, though his wife’s name was not shown. The Harleian MSS of the Knights of Edward I have perhaps this John listed as Sir John Shelton serving for Robert de Shelton on 6 Jul 1277. As the son of Robert de Shelton was either not yet born or an infant in 1277, it was likely this John who is referenced. If so, then he was likely the John de Shelton summoned from Norfolk and Suffolk to serve against the Scots 24 Jun 1301. May also be the John de Shelton pardoned 10 Nov 1303 for the death of a man in consideration for his service in Scotland (the letter patent issued from Dumferline on that date reads “Pardon in consideration of service in Scotland to John de Shelton for the death of Roger le Yongebonde of Shelton”). The Visitation indicates that he died in 1306.
Sh25-2-1Sir John SHELTON
Sh25-3Nicholas SHELTON b c 1212 d 1257)
Sh25-4Petronilla SHELTON d BEF 1304 Blomefield does not definitively place her as a daughter of Henry.
m Sir Roger De BROME of Brome d 1303 son of William De Brome)
-1. William De BROME
-2. Robert De BROME
Sh25-5Peter SHELTON
Sh26-2 Nicholas SHELTON
Sh26-3Robert SHELTON
Sh27-2 Peter SHELTON
- - - -
Sh14. Thomas Shelton b 1606 in Shelton, Norfolk, England d Oct 24, 1683 in Barbados or Bohemia River, Cecil, MD continued from above
m 1629 in Cecil, MD or 1625 in Norfolk England Hannah Wood
Sh13 James Shelton b 1622 in Virginia d 1716 in York Co Va
m Mary Jane Bathurst b 1630 Lechlade Gloucestershire Engl d 1682 New Kent Co Va
Sh12 John Shelton b 1650 in Currioman, Westmoreland, Va d Nov 15, 1706 in Westmoreland
m 1666 in York Co Jane West Chilton dau of John Chilton and Joane/Jane ??West
Sh11-1 John Shelton b 1667 in York Co Va d July 11, 1726 in Currioman, Westmoreland Co
Sh11-2 Sarah Shelton b 1668 in Va d 1728
Sh11-3 Thomas Shelton b 1668 in Va d 1738 Augusta Va
Sh11-4 Mary Shelton b 1669 in York, Va
Sh11-5 William Shelton Sr b 1671 in Westmoreland Co d 1734 in Elizabeth City, York, Va
m 10 Dec 1698 Hannah Armistead b 1679 Elizabeth City d 1748 Hanover dau of->
+1 Anthony Armistead I Ar10-4 b 1645 d 1726
m Hannah Ellyson/Ellison (dau of Capt Dr. Robert Ellison, leading Burgess 1656 - 63)
Sh11-5-1 John Shelton
Sh11-5-2 Jane Shelton
Sh11-5-3 James Shelton
Sh11-5-4 Mary Shelton
Sh11-5-5 Samuel Shelton
Sh11-5-6 David Shelton
Sh11-5-7 John Armistead Shelton b bef 1713 d by 1770 (alternative parents dob dod) m Eleanor Parks 1710 -
Sh11-5-7-1 William Parks Shelton d 1778
Sh11-5-7-2 Sarah Shelton 1738 - 1775
m Gov Patrick Henry 1736 - 1799
-1 Martha Patsy Henry m 2 Oct 1773 in Scotchtown, Hanover Co John Smith Fontaine b 6 AUG 1750 in 'Beaverdam' Hanover Co Va d 14 Apr 1792 Enlisted from Henry Co under Light Horse Harry Lee, at King's Mountain under Col. William Campbell, and his description of the battle is very graphic.
-2 William Henry
-3 John Henry
-4 Anne Henry
-5 Elizabeth Henry m Philip Aylett b 12 May 1767 VA d 11 Sep 1831 Kg Wm Co VA
-6 Edward Neddy Henry
-1-1 Col. Patrick Henry Fontaine b 22 Feb 1775 d 24 Oct 1852.
-1-2 Edward Winston Fontaine b 1776 d 12 Feb 1792 in Hampden-Sydney College, Prince Edward Co., VA.
-1-3 Charles de la Boulay Fontaine 1 was born on 30 Jan 1779 in Richmond, VA. He died in Jan 1818 in Halifax Co., VA. m Ann Carrington "Nancy" b 1789 in Charlotte Co VA dau of Hon. Paul Carrington
-1-4 Martha Henry Fontaine b 4 Jul 1781 d 12 Sep 1845 m 13 Jul 1797 Henry Co Va Nathaniel West Dandridge son of Anne Bolling b 7 FEB 1751/2 Chesterfield Co Va d after Aug 1802 m William Dandridge b 6 APR 1750 in Hanover Co Va
-1-5 Capt. William Winston Fontaine b 25 Nov 1786 d 1816 m Martha Hale Dandridge.
-1-6 Rev. John James Fontaine b 1787 d 3 Jan 1852 m Mary Carr Redd
-1-7 Dorothea Spotswood Fontaine b 1791 in Leatherwood, Henry Co VA d 1793 in Leatherwood, Henry Co
-5-1 Martha Aylett m y Duncan
-5-2 Mary Macon Aylett b c 1787 d 1793
-5-3 Gen Philip Aylett b 7 Dec 1787 d 1835 m 1835 Judith Page Waller b c 1786 d c 1836
-5-4 Elizabeth Aylett b c 1798 d 14 Nov 1818
-5-5 Anna H Aylett b c 1804 d 2 Jan 1828 m y Moore
-5-6 Louisa Fontaine Aylett b c 1805 Kg Wm Co VA d there 19 Aug 1822
-5-7 William Aylett b 1807 d 11 Feb 1829 Montville Kg Wm Co VA
-5-8 Patrick Henry Aylett b 1808 d 28 Jan 1829 Charlottesville VA
-5-9 Sarah Shelton Aylett b c 1811 d 5 Mar 1875 Reidsville NC m 5 Jul 1832 Rev William Spotswood Fontaine b 7 Nov 1810 Hanover Co VA

-1-4-1 Charles Fontaine DANDRIDGE
-1-5-1 William Spotswood FONTAINE b c 1790 m Sarah Aylett
-1-5-2 Patrick Henry FONTAINE b about 1800 m Sarah Butler Winston
-1-5-3 Anne FONTAINE b about 1820
-5-3-1 Patrick Henry Aylett b c 1812 d 27 Apr 1870 Richmond VA m Emily Coles Rutherford
-5-3-2 Pattie Waller Aylett b c 1812 d aft 1865 m1 James Bliss m2 Henry A Ware m3 19 Oct 1856 Patrick Henry Cabell
-5-3-3 Rosalie Page Aylett b c 1812 d 1828 m Norman D Sampson
-5-3-4 William Roane Aylett b 1833 d c 1878 m 3 Jul 1860 Alice Brokenborough
-5-9-1 Col. William Winston Fontaine b 27 Nov 1834 d 1917 ?TX m 2 Apr 1861 Mary Adelaide Burrows
-5-9-2 Alexander Spotswood Fontaine b c 1836 in "Fontainebleau", King William Co VA d y
-5-9-3 Charles de la Boulay Fontaine b 1838 in "Fontainebleau", King William Co VA d 1856
-5-9-4 Marian Dandridge Fontaine b 1840 in "Fontainebleau", King William Co VA d 1913 m Dr John H. Redd
-5-9-5 Rev Patrick Henry Fontaine b 1841 d 1915 m Ann Elizabeth Redd b 1847
-5-9-6 Philip Aylett Fontaine b 1845 in "Fontainebleau", King William Co VA k 1862 Civil War.
-5-9-7 Sarah Spotswood Fontaine b 18 Jan 1848 DAR # 13038 m Henry Sampson

-1-5-1-1 Patrick Henry Fontaine b 1841 d 1915 m Ann Elizabeth Redd
-5-3-4-1 Sarah Aylett b 1861 d c 1862
-5-3-4-2 Pattie Waller Aylett b 1862 d c 1863
-5-3-4-3 Philip Aylett b 1867 d 1868
-5-3-4-4 Alice Aylett b 1869 d c 1869
-5-3-4-5 William R. Aylett b 1872 d c 1873
-5-3-4-6 Bessie Aylett b 1873 d c 1874
-5-3-4-7 Patrick Henry Aylett b 1876 d 1877
-5-9-1-1 Elizabeth Henry Fontaine b Independence Co TX DAR # 59537
-5-9-1-2 Lansing Fontaine
-5-9-1-3 William S Fontaine
-5-9-5-1 Ella Redd Fontaine b 1866 m1 Alta L Smith m2 Russell S Stoddard
-5-9-5-2 Philip Aylett Fontaine b 1868 m Jessie Kerner
-5-9-5-3 William Spotswood Fontaine b c 1870 d y
-5-9-5-4 Celeste Dandridge Fontaine b 19 Aug 1873
-5-9-5-5 Patrick Henry Fontaine b 1877
-5-9-5-6 Edmond Redd Fontaine b 1879
-5-9-5-7 John Winston Fontaine b 1887
-5-9-5-8 James Fontaine b 1888
-5-9-5-9 Matthew Maury Fontaine b 1890
-5-9-7-1 Corrie Dandridge Sampson b 1 Apr 1874 d 13 Sep 1903 m 4 Apr 1894 Malcolm Graham
Sh11-5-7-3 Eleanor Shelton II m Col. Alexander McClanahan b 1730
Sh11-5-7-4 John Shelton III b 1751 d 1798 m1 Ann Randolph m2 Nancy Williamson d 1780 + 3 ch m3 Ann Barrett Southall 1760 - 1830 -1 John Southall Shelton b 1785 m Sarah Bryce in 1807 in Henrico County, VA, lived in area
-2 Alexander Barrett Shelton I b 1787 dsp 1844
-3 Phillip Turner Shelton 1791 dsp
-4 Harriett Ann Shelton 1794 m Edmund B. Crenshaw
-5 Polina Shelton 1796 - 1797
-6 Edwin Shelton 1798 - 1874 - inherited "Rural Plains" m Sarah Elizabeth Oliver 1810 - 1887
-1-1 John Shelton --( All these male Sheltons born too late for father of your Stephen) m Amanda Rae
-1-2 James Shelton
-1-3 Southall Shelton
-1-4 Sarah Shelton
-1-5 Ellen Shelton
-1-6 Alexander Barrett Shelton II 1807 - 1844 m Sarah Elmira Royster 1808 - 1888
-6-1 Harriett Ann Shelton
-6-2 Mary Eliza Shelton
-6-3 Frances Foster Shelton
-6-4 Edwin Turner Shelton - doctor, son Edwin with 1 son, Edwin; & son John Sutton m. in 1900
-6-5 Sarah Ellen Shelton
-6-6 John Southall Shelton - had no children
-6-7 Isabella Shelton
-6-8 Emma Edwina Shelton
-6-9 Walter Mitchell Shelton 1850 m Birdie Winn
-6-10 Dr Turner Southall Shelton of Richmond, had two daughters
-6-11 Emma Parks Shelton

-1-6-1 Ann Elizabeth Shelton b 1830 d 1909 m John H. Leftwich
-1-6-2 Sarah Elmira Shelton 1837 - 1838
-1-6-3 Southall B. Shelton 1840 - 1887 m Paige Waller Fitzhugh 1842 - 1867
-1-6-4 Sarah Elmira Shelton 1843 - 1845
-1-6-5 Alexander Barrett Shelton III 1843 - 1848
-6-9-1 William R. Shelton 1876 m Maud 1878 -
-6-9-2 Birdie Shelton

-1-6-1-1 Jennie Leftwich b c 1850 m Edwin Powell Wright
-1-6-3-1 Preston Fitzhugh Shelton
-1-6-3-2 Martha W. Shelton
-1-6-3-3 Alexander Fitzhugh Shelton 1865 - 1918 m Emma Preston 1869 - 1959

-1-6-1-1-1 Elizabeth Powell Wright b c 1870 m Charles Brown Pearson
-1-6-1-1-1-1 Margaret Irving Pearson 1916 -
-1-6-1-1-1-2 Charles Brown Pearson 1916 -
-1-6-3-3-1 Preston Fitzhugh Shelton
-1-6-3-3-2 William S. Shelton
-1-6-3-3-3 Martha W. Shelton
Sh11-5-7-5 Elizabeth Shelton b c 1742 d 1794
m Robert Anderson IV b 10 Aug 1741 in Goldmine Plantation, Hanover Co Va d 1 Feb 1805
Sh11-5-8 Thomas Shelton
Sh11-5-9 Joseph Shelton
Sh11-5-10 William Shelton Jr
Sh11-5-11 Richard Shelton
Sh11-5-12 David Shelton
Sh11-5-13 Reuben Shelton
Sh11-6 Elizabeth Shelton b 1678 in Va
Sh11-7 Sarah Shelton b 1680 in St Pauls Parrish, Hanover Co. VA d Ma 10, 1733 ?Laurel Co KY
Sh12-2 James Shelton b 1650
Sh11? of claimed but uncertain relationship to the above was:
John Shelton
d 1725 ?= b 1667 York VA d 11 Jul 1726 Augusta VA
Sh10-1 Joseph Shelton bef. 1725 - 1784
Sh10-2 William Shelton bef. 1725 d 1801
m1 Elizabeth Roger b Goochland Co d Louisa Cos + 12 dau of Robert Rogers and Susannah x ch m2 Susannah x
-1 Jesse Shelton b Louisa Co d 1831 Nashville TN m Elizabeth Lacy
-2 John "Merchant" Shelton b 1744 Louisa Co d 13 May 1828 Louisa Co m Mary Payne 1756 - 1828
-3 James Shelton b 1759 Louisa Co d 24 Dec 1840 Louisa Co m Elizabeth Thomson - 1814
-4 William Minor Shelton, Jr. b Louisa Co d c 1847 Louisa Co
-5 Robert Shelton m Mary Crawford
-6 Martha Shelton b Louisa Co d before 1826 m 14 May 1787 Thomas Lucas
-7 Nancy Ann Shelton b about 1745 d c 1837 m Booth Woodson
-8 Elizabeth "Betsy" Shelton - 1845 m Peter Crawford 1750 - 1827
-9 Lucy Shelton d by 1801
-10 Sarah "Sally" Shelton - 1827 m Matthew Grubbs - 1816
-11 Mary Shelton m Joseph Sandidge
-12 Susannah/Susan Shelton - 1826 m Richard Farrar - 1807

-4-1 Walter Coles Shelton, I, sold 428 acres to bro Feb 26, 1848
-4-2 John Blair Shelton b 1799 d 1862

-4-2-1 James Blair Shelton b 1826 d 1896
Sh10-3 Thomas Shelton bef. 1725 d unm
Sh10-4 Ann Shelton bef. 1725 d unm
Sh10-5 Elizabeth Shelton bef.1725 d unm
Sh10-6 John Shelton bef. 1713 - by 1770
m1 Eleanor Parks b 1710 + 4 ch
m2 Nancy Williamson
m3 Ann Barrett Southall 1760 - 1830
-1 William Parks - 1778
-2 Sarah Shelton 1738 - 1775 m Patrick Henry 1736 - 1799
-3 Eleanor Shelton II m Col. Alexander McClanahan - 1730
-4 John Shelton - 1798 m Ann Randolph
Sh10-7 David Shelton bef. 1725 - 1797
m1 Massey Rice + 4 ch 2m Elizabeth Winston
-1 Major Thomas Shelton 1751 - 1826 m1 Cicely Dabney 1768 - m2 Sarah (Sally) Farrar m3 Sarah "Sally" D. Miller - 1847 + 3 ch
-2 Elizabeth Shelton 1753 - 1845 m James Watson
-3 Joseph Shelton 1761 - 1846
-4 Sarah "Sally" Shelton 1763 - 1837 m Thomas Terrell
Sh10-8 Samuel Shelton bef. 1725 - 1793
m Judith Clough Anderson
-1 Clough Shelton m Mildred Fleming
-2 Joseph Shelton m Mary Harris
-3 Elizabeth Shelton m John Lewis Jr. m2 John Tindall
-4 David Shelton (II) 1750 - 1820 m Lucy x
-5 Samuel Shelton, Jr. 1761 - 1822 m Sarah Sims 1764 - 1822
Sh10-9 Mary Shelton bef. 1725 - 1779
m1 William Truehart
m2 George Raine
-1 John Raine m Keziah Cocke
Sh11-2? of undetermined relation to the above was
John Shelton b c 1780
m catherine Messer
+1 y Messer (There are Messer marriages in the Freeman family, which is related to the author by Edward Outlaw and Anne Ivey b c 1700 as well as Thomas Bentley and Hannah Posey b 1735. How this fits together is a question to be resolved. There are also martin marriages there that may lead to the author's native American ancestry.)
Sh11-2-1? Nathaniel Shelton b 15 Sep 1806 Va d 12 Apr 1855 Jackson AL
m Mahala Harper b 7 Sep 1818 TN d 29 Oct 1885 Franklin AR
-1 Mary Elizabeth Shelton b 28 Nov 1841 Jackson AL d 31 May 1908
m Henry Sanders b 12 Feb 1840 d 3 Jul 1904 Jackson AL
-1-1 John William Sanders b 7 Mar 1863 Jackson AL d 5 Feb 1905 m x Pace ancestors of Winnie Ruth Hawkins, author's DNA match
Sh10? - - - -
Sh11 - - - -
of no established relation to the above was:
y Shelton b c 1678 d c 1700
m Sarah Ellis b 1682 Attieborough Norfolk Engl d 10 Mar 1733 she m2 1701 Richard Gissage m3 1703 Joseph Bickley
Sh11 Ralph Shelton alias Gissage b 25 Sep 1698 Kg and Qu Co VA d Kg Wm Co VA
m1 Mary Jane Crispin b 1686 Middlesex Co VA d 1765 Nottaway Amelia VA (contradictory claims of children for these two marriages!)
m2 Mary Pollard b 1698 Louisa VA d 1762 Kg Wm Co VA
Sh10-1 Rueben Shelton b 1 Feb 1715 Middlesex Co VA d 8 Oct 1715
Sh10-2 Samuel Shelton
Sh10-3 Elizabeth Shelton b 16 Aug 1724 Kg Wm VA
Sh10 Richard Shelton b c 1725
m Mary Wright b 1 May 10, 1726 d March 10, 1798
+1 Francis Wright b 1710 at of Hamilton Parish, PW Co d 7 Sep 1742/?67 Amherst Va m1/?2 Mary Elizabeth Hawkins + 10 ch m2/?1 7 Sep 1737 Anne Massey b 19 Mar 1719 d 25 Aug 1752 + 3 ch dau of Dade Massey and Elizabeth Ellis +2 John Wright b 25 Feb 1685 Westmoreland d 28 May 1739 Pr William Co Va m Dorothy ??Aubrey +3 1682 Major Francis Wright b 1659/60
m Anna Pope Washington b Sep 1659, Lower Macodoc, Westmoreland, VA
| d Mar 1696/97 Great House Point, Westmoreland, Va claims d 1713 ) she m1 about 1676 Walter Broadhurst b after 1650
Sh9-1 William Skelton b 4 Mar 1762 d Feb 1844
Sh9-2 John Skelton b 11 Aug 1765 d 12 Mar 1859
m 10 Dec 1789 in Amherst VA Elizabeth Roberts b11 Aug 1765 Caroline Co VA d 23 Mar 1851) on 10 Dec 1789 Hawkins Co TN
-a Flerry Roberts
-b Henry Roberts
-c Nancy Roberts
-d Sally C Roberts
-e Susanna Roberts
-f William C Roberts
-g Thomas Roberts
-i Mary A Roberts b 1766 Amherst VA d there 15 Oct 1855
-j George Roberts b c 1769
-k John Roberts b 1769 Amherst VA
-l Alexander Roberts b 28 May 1773 Amherst VA d 24 Nov 1851 Nelson VA
-m Joseph Roberts b 1776 Amherst VA
-n James Roberts b 7 Nov 1796 Amherst VA
+1 Joseph Roberts b 1748 Amerherst VA d 2 Dec 1811 Nelson VA
m 1772 Elizabeth Clemens b c 1740 Amherst VA
+2 john Roberts
m Lucy Pollard b 1 Jan 1750 Withers Clinch GA d 1 Jan 1820
+3 John Alexander Roberts b 1700 Withers GA d 1770
m Virginia Horseley b 1710 Withers Clinch GA d 1780
Sh9-2-1 Joseph Skelton b 14 Aug 1791 Amherst VA d there 15 Nov 1792
Sh9-2-2 Alexander Skelton b 01 Jun 1793 d 15 Nov 1874
Sh9-2-3 John Skelton b 14 Sep 1795 Amherst d 14 Mar 1864 MO
Sh9-2-4 Nancy Skelton b 1 May 1798
Sh9-2-5 William Skelton b 12 Mar 1801 Amherst d 02 Aug 1864 Waco McLennan Co TX
Sh9-2-6 Thomas Skelton b 10 Aug 1803 Amherst VA d 1865 Polk TN
m 1830 in Polk Mary Bond b 1818 d 1860
Sh9-2-6-1 Nancy Hope Skelton b Cleveland Bradley Co TN d Old Fort Tennessee, Cumberland IL
Sh9-2-6-2 x Skelton b 1825 d 1905)
Sh9-2-6-3 Julia A Skelton b 1826 Cleveland Bradley TN d 20 Aug 1883 Polk Co TN m y Martin b 1826 Cleveland Bradley Co TN d 20 Aug 1883 Polk Co TN or Cumberland IL
Sh9-2-6-4 William A Skelton (03 Sep 1832 McMinn TN - 11 Dec 1901 Washington AR
Sh9-2-6-5 Thomas Jefferson Skelton b 17 May 1834 Polk TN d 18 Feb 1894 Jacksonville Cherokee TX
m Mary Elizabeth Earle b d 07 Feb 1907) on 1858
Sh9-2-6-5-1 Isabella Skelton b 1 Dec 1858 Precinct 3 Cherokee TX d there 17 Feb 1919
m 7 Feb 1878 William Taylor Lane b 7 Jun 1847 d 7 Apr 1909 son of
+1 John Bird Lane
m 28 Dec 1824 Jane Carson b 1806 TN d 8 Apr 1875 TX
Sh9-2-6-5-1-1 Sarah Lane b c 1867
Sh9-2-6-5-1-2 Inft Lane b c 1868 d 22 Apr 1891 Jacksonville Cherokee TY
Sh9-2-6-5-1-3 Sam Porter Lane b Feb 1881 d 17 Jul 1952 Jacksonville
m Lena Blackburn
-1 Wilburn Lane b 2 Jun 1904 Ironton Cherokee Co TX d Jacksonville TX 15 Sep 1971
-2 Roy Ural Lane b 25 Apr 1907 Jaclsonville d 6 Jan 1984 Uvalde TX m Joe May Newby
-3 Marie Lane b 14 Oct 1911 Ironton d 19 Dec 1994 Jacksonville m Gomer May
-4 Bessie Bell Lane b 5 SEp 1918 Jacksonville d there 21 Feb 1994 m Clifford Earl Wiggins
-5 y Lane b 1920s
-6 Carney Lee Lane

-2-1 Lee Lane
-2-2 xy Lane
-2-3 Lee Roy Lane b 27 Aug 1944 d 26 May 1974 Uvalde
-4-1 Dickey Earl Wiggins
-4-2 David Lane Wiggins
Sh9-2-6-5-1-4 Ima Lane b c 1882 m John Ware b c 1882
Sh9-2-6-5-1-5 Ella M Lane b 1 Jun 1883 Cherokee Co TX d there 27 Sep 1905
Sh9-2-6-5-1-6 Luna Lane b 6 Nov 1884 Jacksonville d there 3 Jan 1918)
Sh9-2-6-5-1-7 Payton Lane b c 4 Jun 1886 d Jacksonville TX m Ola x
Sh9-2-6-5-1-8 Allen Lane b 21 Dec 1888 Jacksonville d there 17 Feb 1931)
Sh9-2-6-5-1-9 Alice Lane b c 1890 TX
Sh9-2-6-5-1-10 Jeff Lane b 0 Jan 1890 Jacksonville d there 14 Jul 1890
Sh9-2-6-5-1-11 Frank L Lane b 27 Jul 1892 Jacksonville d 4 Jan 1948)
Sh9-2-6-5-1-12 Willie R Lane b 23 Jan 1894 d 2 Sep 1894
Sh9-2-6-5-1-13 John Byrd Lane b 02 Jun 1895 - 30 May 1931
Sh9-2-6-5-2 James Robertos Skelton b 12 Dec 1860 Jacksonville d 23 Mar 1920 Frost Navarro TX
Sh9-2-6-5-3 Alice Lewis Skelton b 1866 d 1902)
Sh9-2-6-5-4 Martha Jane Skelton b 1867 d 1889)
Sh9-2-6-5-5 John Skelton b 1868 d 1905)
Sh9-2-6-5-6 Josie Skelton b 1870 d 1930)
Sh9-2-6-5-7 Will Skelton b 1870 d 1960
Sh9-2-6-5-8 Delia Skelton b 1874 d 1937
Sh9-2-6-5-9 Thomas Jefferson Skelton b 1875 TX d 1955
Sh9-2-6-5-10 William Charles Skelton b 1887
Sh9-2-6-6 John Skelton b 13 Jan 1838 Cleveland TN d 14 Jun 1912 Old Fort Polk Co TN
Sh9-2-6-7 Sarah Skelton b 1840 Clevbeland TN
Sh9-2-6-8 Arron Skelton b 1842 TN
Sh9-2-6-9 Elizabeth Skelton b 1847 Cleveland TN
Sh9-2-6-10 James Skelton b 1847 Cleveland TN d 1850 TN
Sh9-2-6-1 Julia Skelton b 1848 Cleveland TN
Sh9-2-6-11 Mary Skelton b 1848 Cleveland TN d Old Fort
Sh9-2-6-12 Martha Skelton b 1851 Cleveland TN
Sh9-2-6-1 Rachel Skelton b 1852 Cleveland TN
Sh9-2-6-13 Amon Bond Skelton b 15 Oct 1853 Cleveland TN d 12 Apr 1937 Tyler Smith Co TX
Sh9-2-6-14 x Skelton b 1854 d 1854
Sh9-2-7 James Skelton b 25 Feb 1806 Roaring Riv er Barry MO d 9 Apr 1893
Sh9-2-8 Reuben Skelton b 11 Feb 1809 Hawkins TN d 1870 Elliot Stoddard Co TN
Sh9-2-?-1 Possibly of this family and branch was:
Euphemia Skelton b 19 Nov 1846 Jackson AL d there 12 Oct 1899
m Francis Marion Chandler b 1835 son of Luke Randolph Chandler and Sarah Ann McFarland
-1 Robert Edwar Chandler b 28 Feb 1877 d 10 Nov 1931 m Nannie B Russell b 1879 dau of John Riley Russell b 1839 and Delila Jane Chapman -1-1 Nannie B Chandler b 1905 m Woodford Owen Nelson b 1905 son of Stephen Mae Nelson b 1822 and Ellie Ethel Owen
parents of Nancy Owen Nelson, authors DNA match
Sh9-2-9 Abraham Carter Skelton b 14 Sep 1814 Hawkins TN d 04 Jul 1892 Cassville Barry Co MO
Sh9-2-10 Mary Polly Skelton b 19 Mar 1819 Hawkins TN d 25 May 1887
Sh9-3 Catherine Skelton b 4 Mar 1762 Caroline Ci VA d 1850 Jefferson Co AL
Sh9-4James Skelton b 1779 in Amherst VA d 12 Dec 1847
Sh10-4 Mary Shelton b 1 Aug 1726 Kg Wm VA d 1811 Louisa VA
Sh10-6 Jane Shelton b 1730 Kg Wm VA d 1811 Louisa VA m 1746 Henry Gosney b 1735 Culpeper VA d 1816 VA son of Willliam Gosney and Mary x -1 Nimrod Gosney
-2 Mary Gosney
-3 Harry Gosney
-4 Polly Gosney
-5 William Gosney
-6 Elizabeth Gosney
-7 Benjamin Gosney
Sh10-7 William Shelton b 3 Nov 1732 Kg Wm VA
Sh10-8? John Shelton b 2 Apr 1734 Kg Wm VA d 1810 Valley Botetourt VA (pater incerta)
Sk13? - - - -

Sir Ralph SHELTON b BEF 1530 / 1535 d 1580
m1 Mary WODEHOUSE dau of Sir William Wodehouse of Waxham and Elizabeth Calthorpe 15 Sep 1551, Shelton Manor
Sk12 Sir Ralph SHELTON b 11 Jan 1559/60 k 22 Jul 1628, Battle of Isle of Rhe, Spain
m1 Jane WEST 1591, Norfolk + 2 ch
m2 c 1606 Dorothy JERMYN dau of Sir Robert Jermyn
Sk11??? Capt James Skelton ???= b 1580 Canterbury d 28 May 1668 ?= Charter of VA
m Anne Hebert b 1568 d 1639
Sk10 Richard Skelton b 1610 d 1701 continued from above
m Ellen x
Sk9 John Skelton Sr b c 1645 d 11 Feb 1704
m Susannah Edwards d 17904 dau of Charles E Edwards and Mary
Sk8-1 Thomas Skelton d 1730
Sk8-2 William Skelton
Sk8-3 John Skelton d 1704
Sk8-4 Sarah Skelton b 1702 d 1751
m William Tate b 1702 d 1751
Sk8 James Skelton b c 1680
m Mary Smith b 1686
Sk7 John Skelton Sr b 1703 d 20 Jun 1778
m Eleanor Parks b 1706 d 1777 dau of David Parks
Sk6-1 William Skelton b 1735 d 1768
m Mary Hester dau of y Hester
Sk6-2 Frederick Skelton
Sk6-3 Elizabeth Skelton b 1746
m John Smith
-1 y Smith m Martha Bobo b 1764
Sk6 Mark Noah Skelton b Mecklenburg Co Va d 7 Feb 1784 Union Co SC
m Ann Wooten b 1754 d 1784
Sk5 Powell Skelton b 1776 d 1629
m x Gott dau of Robert Gott
Sk4 Richard Skelton b 1828 d 1919
m Martha Martin dau of James Martin b 1802 d 1864
Sk3 Charles Skelton b 1875 d 1961
m2 Florence Miller b 1880 d 1970
Sk2 Wayne Richard Skelton
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