Pr6-1 Charles Prather 1735-1810 m Ruth Tannehill.
s/o Col. Thomas Prather (Pr7) 1707-1785 m 1725 Elizabeth Clagett.

    PRATHER of Brooke Co VA(WV) Will Book 2 page 10 Brooke Co. is will for CHARLES and RUTH PRATHER Mentions
Pr6-1-1 Elizabeth Prather, wife of Charles Wells.
Pr6-1-2 Son Henry/ Harry Prather, (willed all the town of Charleston)
Pr6-1-3 son John Prather.
? Pr6-1-4 Charles Prather b c 1768 Frederick Co Md d Va or Oh
? Pr6-1-4-1 Jane C Prather b c 1794 m c 1815 James Emory Wells b c 1790 Frederick Co
Pr6-1-4-2 Ruth Antinetta Prather b 4 Apr 1812 Frederick Co d Oct 1896 Cherokee Ks m John McCammant b c 1799 Frederick Co d c 28 Seo 1859 Montgomery Co Il
Pr6-1-4-2-1 Mary Catherine McCammantb 21 Jan 1838 Wellsburg Va d 14 Jun 1908 Pittsburg Ks m Isaac Morrison b 4 Apr 1836 Pittsburg Ks
Pr6-1-4-2-1-1 Zaidee May Morrison b 4 FEB 1861 Burnydotte Il d 20 May Corcoran Kings Co Ca m 22 Jun 1882 in Pittsburg Ks George Goodrich Warren b 29 May 1859 Kentland In
Pr6-1-4-2-1-1-1 Ava Albertina Warren
Pr6-1-4-2-1-1-2 Amy Nell Warren
Pr6-1-4-2-1-1-3 George Stanley Warren
Pr6-1-4-2-1-1-4 Glenn albert Warren
? Pr6-1-5 Catherine E Prather

     RUTH TANNEHILL PRATHER...Among her Wells descendants I noted a couple named Ruth Tannehill which was the first clue to Ruth's family - and twas only a clue.
     About that time it was learned that Clayton Torrence (Pres of Va Hist Soc) was writing a book on the Winston family. Rebecca Winston had married a Wm. Radford, and they knew only that he had been reared by "an uncle in Maryland". The young folks had a son that they named Carlton Tannehill Radford - and that name did not come from the Winston side...It just HAD to be the uncle who reared Wm...Carlton was found in Fredr. Co Md. near the Radfords.
     Further search showed that Charles Prather of Brooke Co turned over to young Radford property that he held because of marriage to Widow Ruth (Tannehill) Radford.
     The we eliminated all Tannehills as father of Carlton and Ruth except William...William had died intestate, no will naming children. No proof he was father of Ruth.
     But in Maryland there is a happy custom of having next of kin (the oldest children) sign acceptance of the inventory appraisal. I checked Wm's inventory record at Annapolis, it was signed by Carlton Tannehill and RULD Tannehill. Finding Carlton was a son was almost proof, but RULD , was it Ruth? Everyone at Archives that day had a look, that it could be Ruth. Mr. Torrence had also checked, and tentatively accepted it as Ruth (when added to other clues).
     But, knowing each inventory was copied 1st for County books, then sent to Annapolis to be copied again for State records, I hopped in my car and headed for Frederick Co to check the record there. Alas, instead of RULD it said RICH, still that did not mean there was no sister Ruth. I dug in to Tannehill records and found one helpful clue; there was no Richard Tannehill anywhere.
     So, back to Annapolis. One copier was in error and I asked which one was accurate, which one made mistakes. It was hard to check; we got nowhere, I didn't want my trip to be wasted, so I stayed on in Annapolis to go back the next day for work on another line.
     Next morning, I was greeted with smiles. One young man working at the Archives remembered a pile of old Fredr, Co papers in the basement waiting to be indexed and filed. He hunted thru them and found the ORIGINAL inventory from which both copies had been made.
     And clear as clear, the name was distinctly RULD. All morning I sat and looked and looked.
     Carelton had signed in a beautiful copy back handwriting, well taught but with little experience in writing, he couldn't space his name, wrote too large and had to finish by running the end of his name up the edge of the paper. Then RULD had no teacher, but the gallant little teenager wouldn't make a Mark (X), she obviously had someone write her name and with it before her, sat down and DREW a copy. She didn't know her letters, The pen she wasn't used to using, kept poking holes in the paper, making blots, but she kept on. R went well, then U, then a T, which she didn't cross, (maybe she thought that cross on the paper she was coping was an accident, then H but she got it backward D The Tannehill end of her name was worse, only if you knew what she was trying could you see a resemblance...