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Pope of Virginia

-2-1-1 George H Pope b 3 Jan 1773 Richmond Co d 1816 Richmond Co m Frances McIntyre dau of Robert McIntyre and Frances Lee
Po13. A possible progenator of this family was John Pope b 1555 d 1578 The ancient Scottish name Pope is carried by the descendants of the Picts. It was often a nickname for an overconfident or haughty person. It comes from the old English word for the Bishop of Rome. The author has a double line of descent to Nathaniel Pope Po11, and that family finder test shows Orcadian or Pictish genes as making up the largest group of his genome followed by French, Spanish and SE European as major origins. The Popes are likely to make up a part of this Pictish share, as are his several Scottish ancestors, while his English-Norman roots largely have Royal branches that mostly also go back to the last surviving Pictish princess, Fergusa/Urgusia of Dalriada b about 720 AD only daughter of Fergus, King of the Picts. She married Eochaid IV, the venomous, Scottish King, after the defeat of the Picts.
Po12. John Blakie Pope b about 1580 in London d 1 Jun 1649 in Dorchester Suffolk, MD Arrival date 1637 America Ancestry Family Trees The places for births and deaths of this and the following generation of the family indicate that he did a lot of traveling in his lifetime, the question is why?
m Marcy Halsworth/Halsnoth b about 1580 Colchester Essex d 1674 in Picardie France, dau of Adam Halsnoth b 1554 d 1641 and Mercy Marcy b 1556 d 1644
alternative father of Po11:
Po12. Richard Pope b 1590 d after 1652 maker of candlesticks and soap and a merchant. (Possibly the same as Po11-2
The archives in Bristol England will have to be researched to clarify the exact relationship - if any - of generations Po11 and Po12 to each other.
The alternative descent shown for Humphrey Pope, son of Nathaniel Pope and Lucy is from
Richard Pope b 1590 in Bristol d there 1652. But the date of his birth seems too late for a son born 1603/6. agrees on this Richard and birth and shows the mother as Elizabeth x. seems to be based on more thorough research in Westmoreland Co and agrees on Richard as Nathaniel's shows this Humphrey to have been the nephew Po11-5-1 of Nathaniel Pope Po11 by an elder brother John b 1610.
Also shown are three younger brothers, William, Richard and Thomas Pope, but the absence of any further information on them, the father as well as names of sisters leaves the information a bit sketchy.
?Po11-1 Gylbert Pope b about 1600 Fordingbridge Hampshire d 6 Apr 1637 m Clare Travers
?Po11-1-1 John Pope b 1618 Fordingbridge Hampshire
?Po11-1-1-1? Possibly here was:
y Pope b c 1645 England
?Po11-1-1-1-1 y Pope b c 1670 England
?Po11-1-1-1-1-1 y Pope b c 1700 England -1 y Pope b c 1725 England -1-1 y Pope b c 1750 ?Cornwall -1-1-1 Jenny Pope b c 1770 ?Cornwall -1-1-1-1 Thomas Pope b 1795 ?Cornwall d 1851 m Dorothy Luke b 1790 -1-1-1-1-1 Henry Pope b 1828 Padstow Cornwall d there 1907 m Johanna Brenton -1-1-1-1-1-1 Joseph Gregor b 1867 d 1945 m Mary Pope b 1861 d 1949 -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Hubert Gregor b 1895 d 1965 m Mary Bond dau of Henry Bond and Jane Williams b 1844 Wales -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Gregor m Mollie Carter dau of Leonard Charles Carter b 1900 London d 1969 Clacton-on-Sea Colchester and Olive Fothergill grandparents of Jessie Gregor, author's DNA match
?Po11-1-2 Walter Pope b 1619 Rockbourne Hampshire d 23 Apr 1667 m Joan Rowden -1 Claire Pope b 8 DEC 1633 1688 Rockbourne Hampshire m Francis Berry
-2 Gilbert Pope b 4 DEC 1636 Fordingbridge Hampshire
-3 Joane Pope b 27 DEC 1639 Fordingbridge Hampshire
-4 Frances Pope b 21 MAR 1643 Fordingbridge Hampshire
-5 Hannah Pope b 21 MAR 1643 Fordingbridge Hampshire
-6 Elizabeth Pope b 16 OCT 1645 Fordingbridge Hampshire
-1-1 Mary Berry b 1650 Culpeper Co Va m John P Floyd b 1640 Wales d before 26 Jul 1697 Northampton Co Va
-1-3 Berry Floyd b 1678 VA, Northampton Co
-1-4 Matthew Floyd b 1680 VA, Northampton Co
-1-5 Sarah Floyd b 1682 VA, Northampton Co m?1/2 Matthew Raleigh b 1680 Pembrokeshire Wales m?2/1 Edward Barnes b about 1680 ?Isle of Wight Co Va
-1-6 Esther Floyd b 1684 VA, Northampton Co
-1-1-1 John Floyd b 1670 VA, Northampton Co
-1-5-1 Ruth Raleigh b 1702 Culpeper Co Va m William Duncan b 19 Apr 1692 Dumfriesshire Scotland d 1788 Bromfield Parish Culpeper Co Va son of William Duncan and Margaret McMurde
-1-1-1-1-1 Joseph Barnes b about 1744 ?Northhampton Co NC d before 15 Apr 1795 Sumner Co TN m Sarah deLoach
-1-1-2-1-1 Richard Pope b 1764 Southampton Va d 1 Jul 1820 Scottsville Allen Co Ky Methodist minister m Jane Collins dau of John Collins of Caroline Co Va
-1-1-1-2 Charles Floyd b 1676 VA, Northampton Co
-1-5-1-1 Raleigh Duncan b 23 NOV 1723 DEC 1786 VA, Spotsylvania Co d Dec 1786 Russell Co Va m Mary Jane Ruth Roberts
-1-5-1-2 William Duncan b 29 APR 1726 VA

-2-1-5-1-1-1 Jael/Jailey Duncan b abt 1751 1816 VA, Culpeper Co d 1816 Osbornes Ford Scott Co Va, redhead m Samuel Stallard
-1-5-1-1-2 John Duncan b 1753 13 JAN 1823 VA, Culpeper Co
-1-5-1-1-3 Townsend Duncan b 1755 VA, Roanoke Co, Greenbrier

-1-5-1-1-1-1 Rawley Duncan 31 JAN 1771 26 NOV 1856 VA, Culpeper Co
-1-5-1-1-1-2 Frances Stallard b 1772 20 NOV 1856 VA, Culpeper Co, Culpeper
-1-5-1-1-1-3 Ruth Stallard b 1774 VA, Culpeper Co
-1-5-1-1-1-4 Walter Stallard b 1776 28 APR 1834 VA, Culpeper Co
-1-5-1-1-1-5 Mary Stallard b 1778 1853 VA, Scott Co
-1-5-1-1-1-6 Dulcena Stallard b 9 SEP 1781 24 SEP 1842 VA, Lee Co m James Green Jr son of James Green b 1757 d 31 Dec 1782 and Jane Porter b 9 Sep 1761 d 25 Sep 1842
-1-5-1-1-1-6-1 Mary Ann "Polly" Green b 12 DEC 1807 18 NOV 1883 VA, Washington Co
-1-5-1-1-1-6-2 Susan Green b 26 AUG 1808 9 AUG 1895 VA, Scott Co James Claiborne White
-1-5-1-1-1-6-3 Robert Kilgore "Robin" Green b 10 JUN 1811 2 SEP 1875 VA, Russell Co Marinda Workman b 24 May 1819 VA d 24 May 1899 Elliot Co Ky
-1-5-1-1-1-6-4 Eliza Jane Green b 1812 1888 VA, Washington or Scott Co
-1-5-1-1-1-6-5+ James "Fiddler Jim" Green b 12 MAR 1814 VA m Eunice Stapleton
-1-5-1-1-1-6-6 William Wellington Green b MAR 1817 23 FEB 1892 VA, Scott Co
-1-5-1-1-1-6-7 Jailey Green b 14 MAR 1821 27 MAY 1900 VA, Scott Co
-1-5-1-1-1-6-8 Martin Wood Green b 26 DEC 1823 27 JUL 1899 VA, Scott Co
-1-5-1-1-1-6-9 Alameda Green b 13 MAR 1828 1 MAY 1900 KY, Elliott Co John Wesley Sparks
-1-5-1-1-1-7 James W. Stallard b 1782 9 OCT 1854 VA, Scott Co
-1-5-1-1-1-8 Sarah Stallard b 1790 1867 VA, Scott Co
?Po11-2 Richard Pope b 1590 Somerset/?Bristol d 1652 Blackburn Bristol
m Lucretia Backus
? Po11-2-1 John Pope b 1610 Bristol m x
Po11-2-1-1 Col Humphrey Pope b about 1648 Bristol d before 30 Jun 1648
m Elizabeth Hawkins dau of Katherine Willoughby b ABT 1631 in Lower Norfolk Co d before 1666 grdau of Sir Richard Hawkins and Judith
m1 BEF 1650 in Westmoreland Co Richard Hawkins b 1627 in England d about 1659 in Westmoreland Co received 500 acres from Richard Bennett Esquire for transporting 10 persons to Va incl "Kath. Willowbye" Katherine m2 ABT 1660 in Westmoreland Co Edward Thompson b 1616 in England d by 1666. Elizabeth m2 Richard Ewell
m3 Patrick Muckleroy
Po11-2-1-1-1 Elizabeth Pope b 1667/?25 Jun 1677 d 1716 Westmoreland Co/Old Rappahanach m1 before 1692 William Payne b ABT 1652 d about 23 Feb 1698 son of John PAYNE and Margaret ROBINSON b 1620 d 1690 dau of William R Robinson b 1595
m2 19 Oct 1698 Capt Daniel McCarty Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses Justice Sheriff of Westmoreland Co b 10 MAR 1679 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co son of Dennis McCarty b BEF 1653 in County Cork, Ireland and Elizabeth Billington b ABT 1660 in Richmond Co (dau of Luke Billington b ABT 1627 in Henrico Co Va and Barbara b ABT 1632) grandson of Donal McCarts b 1620 Kilgor IRE d 1668 and Arabella Wentworth b 1628 London d 1698 Daniel m2 Ann Lee b 1683 Machodoc Va dau of Col Richard Lee, Councillor Burgess b 1647 in Paradise Plantation, Gloucester Co Va and Letitia Corbin b 1657 in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex
Po11-2-1-1-1-1 William Payne b 10 AUG 1692 in Westmoreland Co Va d 24 Aug Fairfax Co m1 Alicia Jones dau of Edward Jones and Alicia Lunn Sanford m2 Ann Jennings b 28 Feb 1740 Fairfax Co d 11 May 1827 Georgetown Scott Co KY -1 Anne PAYNE b about 1714
-2 Elizabeth Payne b 1716 d 1792 Fairfax Co VA m John Ball b 1714 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co d 1766 Fairfax Co
-3 Sanford PAYNE b 1730 WEstmoreland VA d Fairfax m Abigail Lay
-4 William PAYNE III b 31 Jul 1724 Westmoreland Co d 12 Jul 1782 Fairfax Co Vestryman with Geo Washington in Truro Parish ^765 - 74 m 3 Feb 1748 Truro Parish Prince William Co Susannah CLARK b 17 Dec 1721 Pr Wm Co d 22 Feb 1771 Fairfax Co
-5 Edward PAYNE b 18 Nov 1726 Westmoreland Co d 17 May 1806 Fayette Co Ky m Anne Horden/Holland CONYERS
-6 Gen John PAYNE b 18 Apr 1764 - 9 Sep 1837 Georgetown Ky m 28 Jun 1787 Scott Co Ky Betsy JOHNSON (from Dr Penelope Nichols Alby#s tree)
-7 Sanford Payne b 1730 Westmoreland Co d 17 Dec 1792 Fairfax Co m Abigail Lay

-2-1 Stacey Ball b 1737 d 1810 m1 William Hardinn b 1722 d 1781 m2 John Dowdall b 1735 d 1832
-2-2 Mildred Ball b 1740 m William Thompson b 1732 Pr Wm Co VA d 1785 Fairfax Co
-2-3 Elizabeth Ball b 1745 d 1805 m James Gray
-2-4 Winifred Ball m John Rollin
-2-5 Mary Ball b 1754 d 1826 m Moses Hardin b 1752 d 1826
-3-1 Sanford Payne b 1770 d 1830 m1 Elizabeth Turley b 1760 d 1822 + 3 ch m2 Eliza McKee b 1808 d 1880 + 1 ch
-4-1 William PAYNE IV
-4-2 Duvall PAYNE b Fairfax VA d 21 Jun 1830 Mason KY m Hannah Brent b 1769 d 1837
-4-3 Sanford Payne b 1770 Fairfax Co d 1830 Fairfax Co m Mary Wise
-4-2 George C Payne b 1763 Fairfax Co d about 1799 Fairfax Co Shelby Co Mo m Mary Coe
-5-1 William payne b 1750 d 1829
-5-2 Theodosia Payne b 1751 d 1823
-5-3 Henry Payne b 1753 d 1828
-5-4 Elizabeth Payne b 1757 Fairfay d 28 Mar 1827 Lexington KY m Thomas Lewis b 1749 d 1809
-5-5 Sanford payne b 1759 d 1808
-5-6 Edward payne b 1763 d 1844
-5-7 John Payne b 1764 d 1837
-5-8 Daniel Payne b 1764 d 1811
-5-9 James payne b 1767 d 1815
-5-10 Jilson Payne b 1776 d 1825
-6-1 Emmeline Payne d 1851 m James Peak
-6-2 Cyrus Payne d 1848
-6-3 Richard Payne d 1823
-6-4 Franklin Payne d 1874 m Polly Rogers
-6-5 Thomas Payne d 1880 m1 Letitica Thompson m2 Mary Wright
-6-6 William Payne d 1813
-6-7 Newton payne m1 Louia Nuckles m2 Susan Spencer
-6-8 Betsy Payne m Uriel Serbree
-6-9 John Payne d 1887 m Mary Stevenson
-6-10 Sally payne m Charles Thomson
-6-11 Nancy Payne d 1882 m Robert Offutt
-6-12 Robert Payne m Maria Williams
-7-1 Sanford Payne b 1794 d 1872 m Elizabeth Turley b 1781
-1-1-1 Richard Thornton Payne m Sarah Ann Scrivener
-2-2-1 Richard Thompson b 1760 Falls Church Fairfax Co d 1834 Fairfax Co
-2-2-2 George Thompson
-2-5-1 Bailey Hardin John Hardin b 1778 d 1845
-2-5-2 Elizabeth Hardin b 1782 d 1860
-2-5-3 George Hardin b 1785 d 1849
-2-5-4 James Hardin b 1788 d 1876
-2-5-5 Jane Hardin b 1793
-2-5-6 Anna Hardin b 1796
-2-5-7 Mary Hardin b 1797 d 1852
-3-1-1 Richard Payne b 1790 d 1840
-3-1-2 Sanford Payne b 1792 d 1884
-3-1-3 Amelia Payne b 1800
-3-1-4 Traverse/Travis Payne d 1872 m Mary Wise b 1797 d 1849
-4-1-1 Travis Payne
-4-2-1 Panalope Payne b 1786 d 1807 m Daniel Vertner b 1768 d 1861
-4-2-2 William C Payne b 1788 Fairfax Co d 5 Apr Shelby Co Mo m Sarah Hamilton (the source for most siblings here shows b 26 Aug 1797 Mason KY d 27 May 1880 Bowling Green Warren KY m1 Lucinda payne b 1802 d 1835 m2 Susan Bayly b 1811 d 1862)
-4-2-3 John Payne b 1788 d 1864 m1 Elizabeth Sprigg d 1810 m2 Letitia Whiteman b 1794 d 1852
-4-2-4 Mary Payne b 1789 m John Morris b 1781 d 1865
-4-2-5 Margaret payne b 1791 d 1833
-4-2-6 Innes Payne b 1793 d 1882 m1 Phoebe Chambers b 1778 d 1821 m2 Eliza Summers b 1805 d 1884
-4-2-7 Hugh Payne b 1795 d 1878 m Amanda Davis
-4-2-8 Elizabeth Payne b 20 Nov 1798 Mason KY d 4 Feb 1879 m John Langhorne b 1779 d 1833
-4-2-9 Susan Payne b 1800 d 1839 m Samuel Boude b 1794 d 1858
-4-2-10 Thomas Payne b 1802 d 1857 m Elizabeth Tureman
-4-2-11 Devall Payne b 1806 d 1862 m1 Harriet Taylor b 1813 d 1831 m2 Mary Wilson b 1819 d 1915
-4-2-12 Benjamin Payne b 1807
-4-2-13 Alicia Payne b 1809 m James Boude
-5-4-1 Anne/Nancy Lewis b 1774 d 1835
-5-4-2 Sally Lewis b 1776 d 1867
-5-4-3 Hector Lewis b 1778
-5-4-4 Elizabeth Lewis b 1779/?82 m y Brown
-5-4-5 Asa Lewis b 1781 d 1850
-5-4-6 Edward Lewis b 1785 d 1803
-5-4-7 Sophie Lewis b 1788 KY d 23 Aug 1849 Fayette Co KY Hon John Telemachus Johnson b 5 Oct 1788 Great Crossings KY d 17 Dec 1856 Lexington MO
-5-4-8 Kitty Lewis b 1787 d 1838
-5-4-9 Stephen Lewis b 1799 d 1870
-5-4-10 Polly Lewis b d 1792
-5-4-11 Thornton Lewis b 7 Jun 1794 Fayette KY d 12 Nov 1872
-5-4-12 Alpheus Lewis b 1799 d 1865
-5-4-13 Douglas Lewis b 1804 d 1867
-6-9-1 William Payne
-6-9-2 Robert Payne
-6-10-1 Betsy Thomson m y Worthington
-6-10-2 Sid Thomson
-6-10-3 Pres. thomson
-7-1-1 Travers Payne b 1794 d 1872 m1 Mary Wire b 1797 d 1844 m2 Eliza McKee b 1808 d 1880

-1-2-1-1 Thomas Hamilton Payne m Martha Jane Marshall
-2-2-1-1 Richard Thompson b 1789 m1 Sophia Williams m2 Lydia Horner
-2-2-1-2 Nancy Thompson b 1795
-2-2-1-3 w Thompson b 1795 d 1854
-2-2-1-4 Ellen Thompson b 1797 d 1833 m William Lightfoot
-2-2-1-5 Mary Thompson d 1861
-2-2-2-1 Ellzey Thompson b 1795 d 1865 m Elizabeth Davis b 1798 d 1854
-3-1-4-1 John Payne b 1816 d 1886 m Jarusa Jinkins
-3-1-4-2 James Payne b 1824 d 1906
-3-1-4-3 Richard Payne b 28 Mar 1828 Bluemont Loudoun Co VA d 18 Dec 1898 Red Cloud Webster Co NB m1 Sarah Scrivener b 1825 d 1891 + 6 ch m2 Nancy Firnple b 1844 d 1914
-3-1-4-4 Thomas Payne b 1830 d 1893 m elsey Bunten b 1830 d 1893
-3-1-4-5 Francis Payne b 1832 d 1915 m Virginia Simon b 1834 d 1896
-3-1-4-6 Charlles Payne b 1833 d 1904 m Annie Payne b 1837
-3-1-4-7 Mariah Payne b 1836 d 1875
-3-1-4-8 Margaret Payne b 1838 d 1901
-3-1-4-9 Andrew Payne b 1838 d 1894 m Sarah Whitlock b 1840 d 1883
-3-1-4-10 Amelia payne b 1840
-3-1-4-11 Mary Payne b 1844 d 1914
-3-1-4-12 Harriet payne b 1846 d 1916
-5-4-7-1 Elizabeth Johnson b 1813 d 1875 m Victor Flournoy b 1811
-5-4-7-2 Benjamin Johnson b 1815 d 1816
-5-4-7-3 Douglas Johnson b 1817 d 1823
-5-4-7-4 Victor Johnson d 1885
-5-4-7-5 Alpheus Johnson b 1829 d 1855
-5-4-7-6 Sally Johnson d 1874 m B Twyman b 1821
-5-4-7-7 Mary Johnson b d 1888 m John viley b 1880
-5-4-7-8 Marion Johnson b 1824 d 1896 m George Bond b 1814 d 1883
-5-4-7-9 Emily Johnson b 1828 d 1833
-5-4-7-10 Laura Johnson b 1831 d 1883
-5-4-7-11 Sophia Johnson b 1832 d 1868
-5-4-7-12 John Johnson b 1838 d 1839
-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Bruce Payne m Bertha Lillian Wisecarver
-1-2-1-1-1 Thomas Bunker Payne m Mary T Hardwick
-3-1-4-3-1 Francis Payne b 1850 d 1917
-3-1-4-3-2 Mary Payne b 1854 d 1943
-3-1-4-3-3 Ida Payne b 1859 d 1907
-3-1-4-3-4 Caroline Payne b 1865 d 1942
-3-1-4-3-5 Sarah payne b 1867
-3-1-4-3-6 Robert Payne b 1872 d 1937
-3-1-4-5-1 Travis Payne b 1852 d 1930
-3-1-4-4-2 Walter Payne b 1854 d 1911
-3-1-4-4-3 James Payne b 1854 d 1893
-3-1-4-4-4 John Payne b 1856 d 1929
-3-1-4-4-5 Mary payne b 1857
-3-1-4-4-6 Mary Payne b 1858 d 1896
-3-1-4-4-7 Thomas Payne b 1860 d 1921
-3-1-4-4-8 Eloise Payne b 1862 d 1938
-3-1-4-4-9 Elsey Payne b 1865 d 1936
-3-1-4-4-10 Virginia Payne b 1867 d 1854
-3-1-4-4-11 Francis Payne b 1869 d 1914
-3-1-4-4-12 Hattie Payne b 1871 d 1896
-3-1-4-4-13 Burnham Payne b 1874 d 1889
-3-1-4-4-14 Elvira Payne
-3-1-4-5-2 Lewis Payne b 1859
-3-1-4-5-3 Richard Payne b 1863 d 1946
-3-1-4-5-4 Emma Payne b 1864
-3-1-4-5-5 Andrew Payne b 1865
-3-1-4-5-6 John Payne b 1871
-3-1-4-6-1 Walter Payne
-3-1-4-6-2 Josephine Payne
-3-1-4-6-3 Wonder Payne
-3-1-4-6-4 William Payne
-3-1-4-6-5 Theodore payne
-3-1-4-6-6 Charles payne b 1865
-3-1-4-6-7 Lucy Payne b 1872
-3-1-4-6-8 Homor Payne b 1879
-3-1-4-6-9 Oda Payne b 1874
-3-1-4-6-10 Stella Payne b 1877
-3-1-4-6-11 Mary Payne b 1884
-3-1-4-9-1 Mary payne b 1866
-3-1-4-9-2 James Payne b 1867 d 1938
-3-1-4-9-3 Mary Paayne b 1869
-3-1-4-9-4 Travis Payne b 1870 d 1950 m Iva Glulik b 1872 d 1963
-3-1-4-9-5 Nettie Payne b 1872 d 1950 m John Haines b 1867 d 1931
-3-1-4-9-6 Fannie Payne b 1874 d 1970 m John Payne b 1872 d 1933
-3-1-4-9-7 Arthur Payne b 1878
-5-4-7-6-1 Sophia Twyman b 1844 Georgetown Scott Co KY
-5-4-7-6-2 John Twyman b 1847 d 1848
-5-4-7-6-3 Betty Twyman b 1849
-5-4-7-6.4 Laura Twyman b 1851
-5-4-7-6-5 Hector Twyman b 1853
-5-4-7-6-6 Mary Twyman b 1857
-5-4-7-7-1 Willa Viley b 1847 d 1919 m Sallie Hall b 1852 d 1891
-5-4-7-7-2 Lydia Viley b 1862 d 1926 m y Bullock
-5-4-7-7-3 Mary Viley b 1868 d 1943
-5-4-7-8-1 John Bond b 1846
-5-4-7-8-2 columbia Bond b 1852 d 1942
-5-4-7-8-3 Annie Bond b 1855 d 1930
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Willa May Payne m Robert Overing
-1-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas Hamilton Payne b 20 Mar 1893 m Bessie Bird Gentry
-?-?-1-1-1-1 possibly here were James Benjamin "Ben" MCCARTY b 9 DEC 1842 d 20 MAY 1915 m Sarah Frances PURDOM b 22 FEB 1841 d 5 MAR 1904
-?-?-1-1-1-2 Woodson MCCARTY b 30 SEP 1850 d 22 JAN 1917 m Lucinda Almira PURDOM b 19 FEB 1843 d 18 SEP 1897
Po11-2-1-1-1-2 Edward Payne b 1693 in Westmoreland Co
Po11-2-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Payne b 1695 in Westmoreland Co d 1728
m John Sturman b 1679 d 1735 (this branch is questionable, as dates and early connections unlikely )
-1 Elizabeth Sturman b ?1680 (?sis of John) m James Stewart b 1679 d 1717 -1-1 James Stewart b 1710 Hamilton Fauquier Co VA d 1781 m Jane Allen b 1725 d 1754
Po11-2-1-1-1-4 Mary Payne b 1697 in Westmoreland d 1753 VA m Richard Porch b 1696 d 1750 -1 Barsheba Porch m Francis Jett d 1751
-2 Mary Porch b 1729 Stafford Co m James Kitchen
-3? Elizabeth Porch m John Curtis son of Richard Curtis and Sarah Jones grandson of George Jones and Ann Philpin
-1-1 Thomas Jett b 1750 m Lucinda Owens b ~1755? Kg Geo Co VA
-1-2 Mary Jett b 1753 m Daniel Sullivan b 1764 Kg Geo Co VA d 1822 Stafford Co
-1-3 Susannah Jett m William Burton
-1-4 Ann Jett b 1757
-1-5 Peter Jett m Lucy Maddox
-1-6 Sarah Jett b 1763 m Presley Cox b 1760 d 1815
-1-7 Berryman Jett b 1765 d 1905 m Sarah Carter dau of Joseph Carter d 1771 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co and Lettice Lynton granddau of Joseph Carter b 28 Nov 1690 Barford Lancaster Co VA d there 1765
-1-8 Fenton Jett b 1766 d 1860 m George Roberson
-2-1 Susannah Kitchen b 1765 d 1822 m Benjamin Sullivan b 1765 Kg Geo Co d 1803 Stafford Co
-3-1 Elijah Curtis b 1762 d 1837 m Nancy x b 1765 d 1824

-1-6-1 Berryman Cox b 1787 d 11 Jan 1866 m Delilah Payne b 1796 d 1883
-1-7-1 John Jett b 1804 Stafford Co VA d there 1 Feb 1878 m Priscilla Jones b 1808 d 1849
-1-7-2 Peter Jett d 1823
-1-7-3 Daniel Jett
-1-8-1 James Roberson m Mary Roger
-1-8-2 John Roberson m Maria Rogers
-2-1-1 Martin sullivan b 1796 Stafford Co d there 1 Apr 1827
-2-1-2 Catherine Sullivan b 1803 Stafford Co d 1850 m Thomas Sullivan b 1786 d 1845
-2-1-3 James Sullivan m Eliza cox
-3-1-1 Thornton Curtis m Mary Sullivan

-1-7-1-1 Elliott Berryman Jett b 22 Mar 1839 Falmouth Stafford Co d there 28 Feb 1882 m Mary Sullivan b 1848
-1-8-1-1 Mary Roberson b 1817 d 1891 m George Lightner b 1805 d 1886
-1-8-2-1 James Roberson
-2-1-1-1 Thompson Sullivan m Mary
-2-1-2-1 Jonas Sullivan b 1821 d 1896 m Octavia Shelton b 1828 d 1864
-2-1-2-2 Daniel sullivan b 1823 d 1891 m Jane Fines b 1836
-2-1-3-1 Peter Sullivan m Elizabeth Shelton
-2-1-3-2 Mary Sullivan b 1833 Stafford Co m Atwell butler b 1814 Stafford Co d there 1899
-3-1-1-1 Presley Curtis b 1810 d 1870 m Ellen Purcell b 1809 d 1884

-1-7-1-1-1 Anna Jett b 1868 d 1893 m Harry Lightner b 1868 d 1945
-2-1-2-1-1 Woodson Sullivan b 1849 m Elly ?Sullivan
-2-1-2-1-2 Lorenzo Sullivan b 1851 d 1929 m Lucy Sutherlin b 1856 d 1926
-2-1-2-2-1 Ella Fines b 1868 d 1908 m Harrison Sullivan b 1875 d 1965
-2-1-3-1-1 Lucy Shelton b 1859 m Matthew Bullock b 1841
-2-1-3-2-1 Rosie Butler b 1871 d 1947 m Alfred Brown b 1873 d 1959
-3-1-1-1-1 William curtis b 1892 d 1963 m Robbie Chinn b 1891 d 1978

-1-7-1-1-1-1 George Lightner b 20 Oct 1890 Falmouth Stafford Co d there 31 Jan 1971 m Helen Jones
-1-7-1-1-1-2 Harry Lightner b 1898
-1-7-1-1-1-3 C Lightner b 1899 d 1971
-1-7-1-1-1-4 + 3 sib
-2-1-2-1-1-1 Minnie Sullivan b 1874 d 1955 m richard Olive b 1873
-2-1-2-1-2-1 Harrison Sullivan b 1875 d 1965 m Ella Fines b 1868 d 1908
-2-1-2-2-1-1 Purvis Sullivan b 1900 d 1977 m Mamie Quann b 1904 d 1963
-2-1-3-2-1-1 Harry Brown b 1901 d 1991 m Bertha Morgan b 1905 d 2001
Po11-2-1-1-1-5 Ann PAYNE b about 1698
Po11-2-1-1-1-6 Anna Barbara McCarty b 30 NOV 1700/?2 in Westmoreland Co m1 Dec 1715 Maj John Fitzhugh of Marmion, Burgess b 1690 in Eagle's Nest, Stafford m2 1734 Adam Crump -1 Elizabeth Fitzhugh b 1718 in Eagle's Nest, Stafford/King George Co Va d there 1756 m1 about 1732 in Bedford John Beale b BEF 1711 in Chestnut Hill Plantation, North Farnham Parish/Warsaw Richmond/Northumberland Co son of Capt Thomas Beale b 29 JAN 1675 in Chestnut Hill Plantation, North Farnham Parish/Warsaw Richmond/Northumberland) Co and Elizabeth Taverner b 25 MAR 1681 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, john m2 Elizabeth Eustace + 8 ch ?m2 Nathaniel Gray (this report shows several children born about the same time as those by Beale, either or)
-6-2 Anne Fitzhugh b ABT 1718 in Eagle's Nest, Stafford/King George Co Va d 1799 m1 Thomas Jameson b 1718 d 1768 m2 Benjamin Grymes b 1725 d 1774 m3 Nathaniel Harrison b 1718 m4 William Allison b 1715 d 1799
-6-3 Barbara Fitzhugh b ABT 1720 in Bedford, Stafford m Rev William McKay
-6-4 Col William Fitzhugh b 13 APR 1725 in Stafford Co Va d 17 MAY 1791 in Stafford/King George Co VA. m1 Ursula Beverley b ABT 1729 in Essex Co Va d 1766 + 1/?2 ch dau of William Beverley b 1696 in Va (son of Robert Beverley b ABT 1673 in Jamestown, Middlesex Co Va and Ursula Byrd b 29 NOV 1681 grandson of Robert Beverley b 1641 in Beverley, Yorkshire, England and Mary Byrd Carter b MAR 1636/37 in England) and Elizabeth Bland b 29 MAY 1706 in Virginia (dau of Richard Bland b 11 AUG 1665 in 'Berkley', Williamsburg, VA and Elizabeth Randolph b ABT 1680 in Henrico Co VA) William m2 Hannah x + 1 ch
-6-5 Sarah Fitzhugh b 30 APR 1727 in Bedford, Stafford/King George Co Va m1 2 APR 1747 Francis Thornton b 20 JUL 1725 in 'Society Hill', Stafford Co Va m2 Samuel Smitherman b 28 Apr 1723 London d 1794 Fairfax VA (from Wayne Whistlers tree)
-6-6 Robert Fitzhugh b 1728 in Bedford, Stafford/King George Co Va m Margaret Bell
-6-7 John Fitzhugh b 4 JAN 1728/29 in Stafford Co Va d 10 OCT 1772 in Stafford Co Va m 31 Jan 1760 Elizabeth Harrison b 30 JUL 1737 in Prince George Co Virginia d 5 Mar 1790 dau of Nathaniel Benjamin Harrison of Brandon b 1703 in Va and Mary Digges b 1717
-6-8 Rosamond Fitzhugh b BEF 1733 in Bedford, Stafford/King George Co Va
-6-9 Daniel McCarty Fitzhugh b 27 JUN 1733 in Stafford Co Va d 1786 m Alice Riding b ABT 1750 d 1820
-1-1 George Beale b 1735 in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond Co d 14 Nov 1769 Santa Cruz Virgin Islands m 27 Sep 1735 Christ Ch Philadelphia Mary Murdoch b 27 MAY 1735 in Philadelphia dau of William Murdoch b 1705 Armagh Ire and Mary Hammond b about 1715 in Armagh
-6-1-2 Anne Beale b ABT 1737 in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond Co
-6-1-3 Sarah Beale b ABT 1739 in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond
-6-2-1 James Jameson b 1743 d 1827
-6-2-2 Henry Jameson b 1743 d 1815
-6-2-3 John Jameson b 1745 d 1770
-6-2-4 Margaret jameson b 1747 d 1770
-6-2-5 David Jameson b 1752 d 1839
-6-2-6 William Jameson b 1755 d 1814
-6-2-7 Benjamin Grymes b 1748 d 1804
-6-2-8 William Grymes b 1750 d 1830
-6-2-9 Mary Grymes b 1753 d 1813
-6-2-10 Lucy Grymes b 1758 d 1817
-6-2-11 Ludwell Grymes b 1764 d 1831
-6-2-12 George Grymes b 1766
-6-3-1 William MacKey b 1741
-6-3-2 Hannah McKay b 1743 m Archibald Campbell (from George Withers tree)
-6-3-3 John MacKey b 1744 d 1785
-6-3-4 Fitzhugh Mackey b 1753
-6-3-5 Katherine Mackey b 1757
-6-4-1 John Fitzhugh b ABT 1742 Kg Geo Co VA d 1796 Caroline Co VA m Lucy Redd b 1757
-6-4-2 Elizabeth Fitzhugh b 1745 halifax VA d there 1823 m Alexander Gray d 1791
-6-4-3 Daniel McCarty Fitzhugh b 15 MAR 1758 in Stafford Co Va d ABT 1805 in Wicomico Co Md m1 Susan Potter m2 1 Dec 1796 Ann Henderson b 29 NOV 1776 in Wicomico Co Maryland
-6-4-4 Maria Fitzhugh b about 1778 d before 1805 m 14 Aug 1799 William Bronaugh b ABT 1774 15 Jan 1765 St. Paul's Parish King George Co
-6-4-5 Robert Fitzhugh b 1743 m Margaret Bell d 1800
-6-4-6 William Fitzhugh b 1756
-6-4-7 Theoderick Fitzhugh b 1760
-6-4-8 Philip Fitzhugh b 1766 d 1807 m Charlotte Thornton b 1767 d 1813
-6-5-1 Winifred THORNTON b 14 Jan 1748 m 15 Jan 1765 St. Paul's Parish King George Co Daniel MCCARTY III
-6-5-2 Lucy Thornton b ABT 1750 in King George Co Va m 2 JUL 1777 in Stafford Co Va John Brooke b ABT 1750 son of Anthony Thornton (?Brooke) b 27 SEP 1691 in Stafford Co/King George Va and Winifred Presley b ABT 1700
-6-5-3 John THORNTON b ABT 1756 St. Paul's Parish King George Co d ABT 1800 Kg Geo Co
-6-5-4 William THORNTON b 28 May 1758 d ABT 1800 m 1789 Gunston Hall Plantation Fairfax Co Elizabeth MASON b 1771
-6-5-5 Alice THORNTON b 1759 m Presley THORNTON II son of Presley THORNTON I and Charlotte BELSON
-6-5-6 Elizabeth THORNTON b about 1760 m Presley THORNTON II b c 1750 d 1807
-6-5-7 Sarah Smotherman b c 1760 m Charles Holden b 1752 d 1829
-6-5-8 Thomas Smitherman
-6-5-9 William Smitherman b 1758 Fairfax VA d 1822 m1 Anna + + 1 ch m2 Gracey Latham b 1758 d 1822 + 1 ch
-6-5-10 Hugh Smitherman b 1766 d 1831
-6-5-11 John Smitherman b 1770 d 1833
-6-6-1 Hannah Fitzhugh b 1758 Bedford Co VA
-6-9-1 Susanna Fitzhugh b ABT 1768 in Stafford Co/King George Va d 19 APR 1806
m 8 May 1790 Rice Wingfield Hooe b 25 JUN 1764 in Stafford Co/King George Va d 19 APR 1806 Sheriff 1804-1806 son of Richard Hooe b 15 OCT 1727 in Stafford Co/King George Va and Anna Dent Ireland b ABT 1743 in Md grandson of Rice Hooe IV b 1692 in Va and Catherine Taliaferro b 1706 in King George Co Va
-6-9-2 Jane Fitzhugh b 1775 in Stafford Co/King George Va m 17 Jun 1790 17 JUN 1790 in Stafford Co Va Henry Dade Hooe b 9 JUN 1747 in Stafford Co Va son of Howson Hooe b 26 SEP 1726 in Stafford/King George Co Va and Mary Elizabeth Dade b 11 JUN 1727 in Stafford/King George Co Va

-6-3-2-1 John Campbell m Eliza Murphy
-6-4-1-1 Samuel Fitzhugh b 1760
-6-4-1-2 Lucy Fitzhugh b 1760
-6-4-1-3 Dennis Fitzhugh b 1773 d 1822
-6-4-1-4 Philip fitzhugh b 1790 d 1836
-6-4-1-5 Alexander Fitzhugh b 1794 d 1895
-6-4-2-1 John Gray b 1760 d 1838
-6-4-2-2 James Gray b 1762 d 1832
-6-4-2-3 Rhoda Gray b 1766 d 1824
-6-4-2-4 Alexander Gray b 1766 d 1812
-6-4-2-5 Robert Gray b 1770 d 1874
-6-4-2-6 Henry Gray b 1775
-6-4-2-7 George Gray b 1775 d 1840
-6-4-2-8 Elizabeth Gray b 1777 d 1829
-6-4-2-9 Mary Gray b 1776/?79/?96 Halifax VA d 1849/?77 Scott Co VA m Charles Kilgore
-6-4-2-10 Sally Gray b 1781 d 1805
-6-4-2-11 Martha Gray b 1782 d 1850
-6-4-5-1 Hannah Fitzhugh b 1758 d 1851 m George Potter b 1755 d 1826
-6-4-5-2 Perter Fitzhugh b 1760 d 1828 m Nancy Dawson
-6-4-5-3 Robert Fitzhugh b 1762 d 1818 m Ann Edgar b 1762 d 1819
-6-4-5-4 y Fitzhugh b 1764
-6-4-5-5 Mary Fitzhugh b 1769 d 1819
-6-5-1-1 Daniel MCCARTY IV b ABT 1766 - BEF 22 Jun 1801 Westmoreland Co m Margaret ROBINSON
-6-5-1-2 Elizabeth MCCARTY b about 1768 m 10 Jan 1788 Westmoreland Co Burwell BASSETT
-6-5-4-1 George Francis THORNTON b 1790 Kg Geo Co d 1824 Alexandria Va
-6-5-4-2 William Mason THORNTON b 1792 d 1813
-6-5-6-1 Charoltte Belsom THORNTON b about 1790 m John Tayloe Lomax b 19 Jan 1781 d 10 Oct 1862 son of Thomas LOMAX and Ann Corbin TAYLOE
-6-5-6-2 Arthur Witham THORNTON
-6-5-6-3 Presley THORNTON III
-6-5-7-1 Charles Holden b 1790 d 1861 m Patience b 1794
-6-5-9-1 Catherine Smitherman b 1778 d 1860 m William Latham b 1776 d 1821
-6-5-9-2 Mary Smitherman b 1788 d 1853 m Lawrence Latham b 1790 Randolph Co NC d 10 Jun 1876 Beech Scott Co MS

-5-1-1-2-1 Catharine Ann Beale b ABT 1794 in Mill Creek House, near Old Point Comfort, Hampton Va m y Crosby
-5-1-1-2-2 George Dixon Beale b 1795 in Mill Creek Plantation, near Old Point Comfort, Hampton m Emily Truxton b 30 Sep Middletown NJ
-5-1-1-2-3 Maria Beale b ABT 1797 in Mill Creek House, near Old Point Comfort, Hampton
-5-1-1-2-4 Robert Beale b 04 AUG 1802 in Portsmouth, Norfolk Co d 10 Nov 1866 Washington DC m Elizabeth Jane Forbes b 1 JAN 1808 in Maryland
-5-1-1-2-5 Ellen Beale
-5-1-1-2-6 John Beale
-6-5-1-1-1 Annie Robinson MCCARTY b 1797 d 27 Aug 1840 Paris FR m 30 Mar 1817 Henry "Black Horse Harry" LEE IV b 1787
-6-5-1-1-2 Elizabeth MCCARTY b 9 Dec 1800 d 1879 Stratford Hall Va m1 1826 Henry Storke b ABT 1790 d 1844 m2 Henry "Black Horse Harry" LEE IV b 1787
-6-5-6-1-1 Charlotte Elizabeth Lomax b 18 Jul 1806 Port Tobago Essex VA d 3 Oct 1878 Danville Pittsylvania VA
-6-5-6-1-2 Anna Maria Lomax b 31 Mar 1808 Fredericksburg d 5 Apr 1853 Lewiston Rockingham VA m Samuel Hance Lewis (from Darren Marshall's tree)
-6-5-6-1-3 Eleanor Tayloe Lomax b 7 Dec 1811 Menokin Manor Richmond GA d 16 Aug 1851 m Charles Lewis
-6-5-6-1-4 John Lomax b 1813 menokin Manor d 16 Jul 1863 Demopolis Marengo AL m Elimira Strudwick
-6-5-6-1-5 Catharine Lomax b 12 Feb 1819 Port Essex VA d 1 Oct 1844
-6-5-6-1-6 Presley Lomax b 2 Mar 1829 Fredericksburg d 26 Aug 1893 Newton Norfolk Co MA m Mildred Wellford b 1822 d 1889
-6-5-6-1-7 Cornelia Lomax b 23 May 1822 Fredericksburg d 11 Jun 1848 Staunton Augusta VA James Waddell
-6-5-6-1-8 Mary Page Lomax b 1822 Fredericksburg d there 22 Feb 1849
-6-5-6-1-9 Thomas Lomax b 1817 d 1819

-5-1-1-2-2-1 Truxtun Dixon Beale b 17 JAN 1820 in Washington, DC m Mary Anna Tillinghast + 5 ch
-5-1-1-2-2-2 Gen Edward Fitzgerald Beale b 04 FEB 1821 in Washington, DC m Mary Engle Edwards + 3 ch
-5-1-1-2-2-3 Mary Gertrude Beale b 18 JUN 1822 in Bloomingdale House, Washington DC
-5-1-1-2-2-4 Catherine Beale Beale b 1823 in Bloomingdale House, Washington DC
-5-1-1-2-2-5 Cornelia Nacrede Beale b 20 DEC 1823 in Washington DC
-5-1-1-2-2-6 Mary Eliza Beale b 27 JUN 1828 in Washington DC m 29 May 1848 Capt William Read
-5-1-1-2-2-7 George Nancrede Beale b 14 NOV 1829 in Bloomingdale House, Washington DC m Elizabeth Brown Wheeler + 3 ch
-5-1-1-2-2-8 Emily Truxtun Beale b 27 SEP 1832 in Bloomingdale House, Washington DC Col Junius B Wheeler
-5-1-1-2-4-1 Dr. James Shields Beale b 1844 m Fannie Sawyer Marbury b 1849 + 4 ch
-5-1-1-2-4-2 John Forbes Beale b 11 NOV 1850 in Washington DC m x + Catrina Forbes Beale b about 1875
-5-1-1-2-4-3 Mary D. Beale
-5-1-1-2-4-4 Elizabeth Beale
-5-1-1-2-4-5 Robert Beale
-5-1-1-2-4-6 Cora Beale
-5-1-1-2-4-7 Buchanan Beale
-6-5-1-1-1-1 Margaret Lee b 1818 d 1820/9
-6-5-1-1-1-1 y Lee
-6-5-6-1-1-1 Charlotte Thornton LEWIS b about 1825 m Beverly Blair BOTTS
-6-5-6-1-1-2 Lundsford Lomax LEWIS Judge
-6-5-6-1-2-1 Charlotte Lewis b 1844
-6-5-6-1-2-2 Lundsford Lewis b 17 Mar 1846
-6-5-6-1-2-3 Cornelia Lewis b 1847
-6-5-6-1-2-4 Anne Lewis b 1852
-6-5-6-1-3-1 John Lewis
-6-5-6-1-3-2 Rebecca Lewis
-6-5-6-1-4-1 Samuel Lomax b 1840
-6-5-6-1-4-2 Charlotte Lomax b 1843
-6-5-6-1-4-3 John Lomax b 1845
-6-5-6-1-4-4 Thomas Lomax b 1847
-6-5-6-1-4-5 Annie Lomax b 1850
-6-5-6-1-4-6 Rosalie Lomax b 1854 d 1870
-6-5-6-1-4-7 Lucy Lomax b 1857
-6-5-6-1-4-8 Presley Lomax b 1859
-6-5-6-1-4-9 Elmira Lomax b 1861
-6-5-6-1-6-1 Spotswood Lomax b 1847 d 1893
-6-5-6-1-6-2 Edward Lomax b 1852
-6-5-6-1-6-3 Sarah Lomax b 1855 d 1894
Po11-2-1-1-1-7 Sarah McCarty b 1710 in Westmoreland Co
m 27 Apr 1728 Thomas Beale b 1708 in Chestnut Hill Plantation, North Farnham Parish (now Warsaw), Richmond/Northumberland Co
-1 Thomas Beale b 17 May 1729 N Farnham Parish Richmond d 1750 Northumberland Co VA m Elizabeth ?Beale b 1730 -1-1 Alice Beale b 1750 Richmond VA m Daniel Roeick d 1806 -1-1-1 William Roeick b 1795 Richmond d 1835 Northumberland m Nancy Hudson b 1797 -1-1-1-1 Alice Rhuris b 1824 d 1882 m John Lewis
Po11-2-1-1-1-8 Winifred McCarty b 1709 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co d 1754 Stafford Co VA
m Robert Massey
-1 Elizabeth Massey b 1731 d 1792
-2 Robert Massey b 1733 d 1754
-3 Winifred Massey b 1735 d 1782
-4 Anne Massey b 1738
-5 Frances Massey b 1740
-6 Charles Massey b 1744? Stafford VA d there 1785 m Martha x d 1792
-6-1 Anne Massey b 1758 m John Perry
-6-2 Martha Massey b 1762 d 1847 m John Washington
-6-3 Winifred Massey b 1765 d 1789 m?1 John Drake m?2 George Rothrock b 1771 d 1861
-6-4 Charles Massey b 1766
-6-5 Thomas Massey b 1768
-6-6 Allen Massey
-6-7 Robert Massey
-6-3-1 Ferraby Drake b 1782
-6-3-2 John Drake b 1786
-6-3-3 James Drake b 1788
-6-3-4 Hezekia Drake b 1790 d 1863 m Sarah Barton b 1785 d 1863
-6-3-5 Margaret Drake b 1792
-6-3-6 Millberry Drake b 1794
-6-3-7 Nathan Drake b 1798 d 1876
-6-3-8 George Rothrock d 1865 m1 Martha Taliaferro b 1800 d 1825 m2 Louisiana Johnston b 1814 d 1888

-6-3-8-1 Martha Rothrock b 1821
-6-3-8-2 George Rothrock b 1823
Po11-2-1-1-1-9 Billington McCarty b in 1709 Farningham Parish d 1745 Richmond Wise Co VA
m 16 Jun 1732 Ann Barber b 16 AUG 1709
-1 Daniel McCarty b 1733
-2 Billington McCarty b 1736 d 1771 m Elizabeth Downman b Richmond VA
-3 Thaddeus McCarty b 1739 d 1787 m Ann Chinn b 1738 d 1757
-4 Charles Barber McCarty b 23 Aug 1741 N Farnham Parish d 1788
-? possibly here was: y McCarty b c 1750 m x ?Pollard m Winifred Tarpley b 1740 d 1832

-1-1 Charles Massey b 1744? d 1785 m Martha b 1792
-2-1 Nancy McCarty b 1757 d 1798
-2-2 Dennis McCarty b 1759 m Elizabeth Yerby b 1759
-2-3 Elizabeth McCarty b 1768
-2-4 William McCarty b 1765 d 1803
-3-1 Mary Mc Carty b 1760 d 1842
-3-2 Frederick McCarty b 1760
-3-3 Sally McCarty b 1762
-3-4 Nancy McCarty b 1764
-3-5 Elizabeth McCarty b 1768
-3-6 Frances McCarty b 1770 d 1794
-3-7 Dennis McCarty b 1772 d 1829
-4-1 Tarpley McCarty b 1771
-4-2 Fanny MacCarty b 1773
-4-3 John McCarty b 1777
-4-4 Winny McCarty b 1775
-4-5 Presley McCarty b 1776
-4-6 Betty McCarty b 1777
-4-7 Charles Travers McCarty b 1778 Farnham d there 1798 m Apphia Tomlin b 1780 d 1815
-?-1 Pollard? McCarty b c 1775 m x

-2-2-1 William McCarty b 1791 d 1848 m Frances Ball b 1794 d 1859
-2-2-2 George McCarty b 1793
-2-2-3 Juliet McCarty b 1800
-2-2-4 Albert McCarty b 1803 d 1866
-4-7-1 Thomas McCarty b 1797 d 1850 m1 Margaret Clarissa Salyer b 1797 d 1850 + ch m2 Temperance Nickell b 1814 KY m Apphia Tomlin b 1780 d 1815
-?-1-1 Ann McCarty b 8 Jan 1801 Warren Co KY d Itawamba Co MS m Uriah Holland Nanney b 14 Jan 1799 Rutherford Co NC d 25 Aug 1875 Itawamba Co MS

-2-2-1-1 Cordelia McCarty b 1819 d 1890
-2-2-1-2 Juliet McCarty b 1820 d 1845
-2-2-1-3 Lettice McCarty b 1821 d 1828
-2-2-1-4 Virginia McCarty b 1822 d 1894
-2-2-1-5 James McCarty b 1826 d 1888 m
-2-2-1-6 Ovid McCarty b 1830 d 1881
-2-2-1-7 Lavina McCarty b 1833 d 1871
-4-7-1-1 John McCarty b 1824 m Martha Salyer b 1819 KY d 30 Aug 1886 Johnson KY
-4-7-1-2 Edith McCarty b 1822 d 1895
-4-7-1-3 Lydia McCarty b 1826
-4-7-1-4 Elizabeth McCarty b 1928 d 1881
-?-1-1-1 Anna Nanney b 6 Jul 1830 Lauderdale Co AL d 19 Mar 1888 Marietta Prentiss Co MS m John Mullins b 1822 d 1859

-4-7-1-1-1 Rebecca McCarty b 14 Jan 1837 d 17 Jun 1936 Morgan Co KY m1 Hiram Coldiron b 1843 m2 James Pennington b 1829
-4-7-1-1-2 Nelson McCarty b 1840 d 1915
-4-7-1-1-3 David McCarty b 1843 d 1939
-4-7-1-1-4 Minerva McCarty b 1846 d 1923
-?-1-1-1-1 Sarah Mullins b 1847 m Isaac Glover b 1846 d 1904

-4-7-1-1-1-1 Arminta Coldiron b 1860 d 1902
-4-7-1-1-1-2 Clarissa Coldiron b 1862 d 1937
-4-7-1-1-1-3 alice coldiron b 1866 d 1964
-4-7-1-1-1-4 William Coldiron b 1868 d 1961
-4-7-1-1-1-5? Angelin Coldiron d 1944
-4-7-1-1-1-6? Albert Coldiron d 1918
-4-7-1-1-1-7 Minerva Pennington b 1871
-4-7-1-1-1-8 Leander Pennington b 1880
-4-7-1-1-1-9 Etta Pennington b 1882
-?-1-1-1-1-1 Allie Glover b 1883 d 1976 m Julius Ricks b 1878 d 1972 ancestors of Blanche Anderson, author's DNA match
Po11-2-1-1-1-10 Daniel McCarty b 1707 in Westmoreland Co
m1 BEF 27 FEB 1732 Penelope Higgins b ABT 1713
m2 1735 Elizabeth Smith
Po11-2-1-1-1-11 Katherine McCarty b 07 NOV 1703 in Westmoreland Co m Capt Samuel Peachey
Po11-2-1-1-1-12 Thaddeus McCarty b 1712 in Westmoreland Co d 1731 Westmoreland Co VA
M?Katherine Foley b c 1709
-1? William McCarty
Po11-2-1-1-1-13 Maj. Dennis MCCARTY b 7 Nov 1703 /?5 Mar 1705 Richmond Co d 18 Mar 1742 Fairfax or Prince William Co
m 22 Sep 1724 Lancaster Co Sarah BALL b about 1704 Lancaster Co Va dau of William Ball III and Hannah Heale
-1 Sarah Martha MCCARTY b 22 Sep 1728 VA d 4 Apr 1785 Alexandria VA m Hon George JOHNSTON b 1700 MD d 31 Aug 1766 Fairfax Co VA
-2 Ann MCCARTY b c 1730 m William RAMSAY "the Immigrant" b 1716 Galloway Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland d 14 Feb 1785 Alexandria Fairfax Co VA
-3 Daniel MCCARTY b ABT 1729 d 1792 Cedar Grove Fairfax Co 1770 Justice of Fairfax from 1770 m Sinah BALL b 14 Feb 1727 dau of James BALL of "Bewdley" and Mary CONWAY
-4 Dennis MCCARTY
-5 Thaddeus MCCARTY b 1717
-1-1 Samuel Johnston b 1740 d 1787 m Olivia McCarty b 1740 d 1788 + ch
-1-2 Mary Johnston b 1740 d 1774
-1-3 James Johnston b 1746 d 1795
-1-4 Hannah Johnston b 1748
-1-5 George Johnston b 1750 d 1777
-1-6 William Johnston b 1752 d 1815
-1-7 Dennis Johnston b 1755 d 1811
-1-8 Sarah Johnston b 1757 d 1800
-1-9 Alexander johnston b 1758 d 1806
-1-10 Archibald Johnston b 1760 d 1840
-1-? Wilfred Johnston d 1830
-2-1 Ann Nancy Ramsey b 1752 Alexandria d 1818 Pr Wm Co m William Duvall b 1748 d 1815
-3-1 Sarah MCCARTY b 1750 d 1826 ?Fairfax Co m AFT 1765 Richard CHICHESTER III
-3-2 Daniel MCCARTY d 1785 Lincoln NC m Agnes
-3-3 Mary MCCARTY
-3-4 Sinah MCCARTY m Peter Waggoner
-3-5 Jacob MCCARTY
-3-6 John McCarty b 1740 d 1806 m Mary b 1758 d 1785
-3-7? possibly here was: Alexander McCarty b about 1756 in Va d Ohio
-1-1-1 John Johnston b 1750 d 1814 m Elizabeth Ashfield b 1750 d 1830
-2-1-1 Sarah Duval b 1800 d 1850 m Gayton Arrington
-3-1-1 Richard McCarty CHICHESTER b 27 Feb 1769 d 29 Aug 1817 m Ann Thomson MASON
-3-1-2 Daniel McCarty CHICHESTER
-3-1-3 Sinah Ellen Chichester b.15_May_1769, Virginia wife of Hancock Lee d.24_Jul_1851, Fairfax Co. VA m Hancock Lee Sr b.4_Mar_1766, Virginia d.14_May_1811
-3-2-1 Jacob McCarty b Mecklenburg Co NC d 26 Feb 1841 Tippah Co MS m Mary Morrow
-3-6-1 Reese McCarty b 1780 Edgewood Columbia Co GA d 1838 Warren Co GA m Lucretia Ladd/?Holliday b 1795 d 1861
-3-7-1 Hiram Hyman McCarty b about 1795 Ohio d Feb 1837 Shelby Co Ky m Catherine MacKey dau of John MacKey and Martha Brannon
-1-1-1-1 Hannah Johnston b 1780 White Plains Greene Co GA d 1860 Spencer Mill Dickinson Con TN m Moses Parker b 1773 d 1852
-3-1-1-1 Ann Mason CHICHESTER b 16 Oct 1789 d 12 Jul 1882 Loudoun Co m 14 Feb 1806 Charles Pendleton TUTT of Locust Hill
-3-1-1-2 Richard McCarty Barnes CHICHESTER
-3-1-1-3 George Mason CHICHESTER b 2 March 1793 m1 1818 23 Dec 1824 Sarah Elliot b 1801 d 1820 + 1 ch m2 Mary Bowie + 2 ch
-3-1-1-4 Sarah McCarty CHICHESTER
-3-1-3-2 Sarah McCarty Lee [126990] b.22_Feb_1792, Virginia m. before 1851 d.1_May_1867 m James Wren
-3-1-3-3 Sinah Ellen Lee [126991] b.6_Mar_1793 d.26_Feb_1807
-3-1-3-4 Hancock Lee [126992] b.9_Apr_1794, Virginia d.1_Nov_1794
-3-1-3-5 Betty Lee [126993] b.21_Jan_1795, Virginia d.8_Aug_1881
-3-1-3-6 John Hancock Lee [126994] b.2_Jun_1795 d.9_Aug_1820
-3-1-3-7 Hancock Lee [126995] b.14_Aug_1796 d.18_Jun_1853
-3-1-3-8 William Lancelot Lee [126996] b.7_Oct_1797, VA
-3-1-3-9 Mary Kendall Lee [126997] b.17_Nov_1798, Virginia d.13_Jan_1865 m________ Sangster
-3-1-3-10 Daniel Chitchester Lee [126998] b.14_Apr_1800, Va d.1_Aug_1849
-3-1-3-11 Ann Catharine Lee [126999] b.21_Sep_1801, Va m George R. Wren
-3-1-3-12 Doddridge Chitchester Lee [127000] b.7_Sep_1803, Va
-3-1-3-13 Ann McCarty Lee [127001] b.27_Nov_1804, Va d.8_Feb_1878 m George R. Ratcliffe
-3-2-1-1 James McCarty b 1802 d 1869 m Nancy Tite b 1 Aug 1802 Chatham Co NC d 2 Feb 1890 Erath Co TX
-3-6-1-1 Nancy McCarty b 20 Oct 1836 Warren Co GA d 1 Apr 1900 Jefferson Co GA m Owen Hayes b 1832 d 1865
-3-7-1-1 Hiram McCarty b 5 Apr 1821 Adams Oh d after 1856 Spencer Ky m Emelia J Miller

-3-1-1-1-1 Ann Mason TUTT b c 1810
-3-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Pendleton TUTT
-3-1-1-1-3 Maria Lucinda TUTT
-3-1-1-1-4 Pendleton TUTT
-3-1-1-1-5 Virginia Mercer TUTT
-3-1-1-1-6 Mary Barnes TUTT
-3-1-1-1-7 Charles Pendleton TUTT Jr
-3-1-1-1-1 Ann Mason TUTT
-3-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Pendleton TUTT
-3-1-1-1-3 Maria Lucinda TUTT
-3-1-1-1-4 Pendleton TUTT
-3-1-1-1-5 Virginia Mercer TUTT
-3-1-1-1-6 Mary Barnes TUTT
-3-1-1-1-7 Charles Pendleton TUTT Jr
-3-1-1-2-1 Anne Mason Chichester
-3-1-1-2-2 George Chichester m x Mingo
-3-1-1-2-3 Eliza Chichester
-3-1-1-3-1 Sarah Elizabeth Chichester b Mar 2, 1820 d Jun 25, 1878 m Nov 1, 1842 Thomas W. Edwards
-3-1-1-3-2 Washington Bowie Chichester b Feb 11, 1828.
-3-1-1-3-3 Arthur Mason Chichester b Apr 4, 1837
-3-1-1-4-1 Elizabeth Thomson MASON
-3-1-1-4-2 Mary Thompson MASON
-3-1-1-4-3 Richard Chichester MASON
-3-1-1-4-4 Sarah Mason MASON
-3-1-3-1 Richard Kindall Lee [126989] b.27_Nov_1788 d.6_Mar_1873
-3-1-3-13-1 John R. Ratcliffe [127007]
-3-1-3-13-2 Ann Maria Ratcliffe [127008] wife of ________ Coleman m ________ Coleman
-3-1-3-13-3 Cora L. Ratcliffe [127009]
-3-1-3-13-4 Laura F. Ratcliffe
-3-1-3-14 Sinah Ellen Chitchester Lee [127002] b.15_May_1806 d.18_Jun_1887 m________ Fitzhugh
-3-7-1-1-1? possibly here James Benjamin "Ben" MCCARTY b 9 DEC 1842 d 20 MAY 1915 m Sarah Frances PURDOM b 22 FEB 1841 d 5 MAR 1904
-3-7-1-1-2? possibly here Woodson MCCARTY b 30 SEP 1850 d 22 JAN 1917 m Lucinda Almira PURDOM b 19 FEB 1843 d 18 SEP 1897
-3-7-1-1-3 Sarah Margaret McCarty b Dec 1856 Shelby Co Ky d 6 Feb 1929 Ohio Co Ky John Thomas All

-3-7-1-1-2-1? possibly here was Ellen McCarty b c 1840 m John Crall grandparents of Kevin Patrick Titus, author's DNA matcha/a>
-3-7-1-1-3-1 Eliza Ellen All m Martin Vanburen Baker b 1879 Ohio Ky d 19 Dec 1948 grandparents of Judy Carolyn Stiefel,
author's DNA matcha/a>
Po11-2-1-1-1-14 Lettice McCarty b 1716 in Westmoreland
Po11-2-1-1-2 Humphrey Pope b 1671 d 29 Oct 1734 in Westmoreland, m1 Oct 1695 in Westmoreland Amey Veale b 1682 Westmoreland Va d there 1745 dau of Morris Veale and Dorothy m2 Mary -1 Sophia Pope b 1705 Westmoreland Co d 1760 Cumberland NC m 1732 in Prince William Co James Muse b 1710 Westmoreland Va d 30 Mar 1758 son of Thomas Muse and Elizabeth Sturman b about 1663 d 1670 d after 1715 dau of John Sturman and Elizabeth Spence grson of Patrick Spence and Dorcas Youell -1-1 Lydia Muse b 1730 in Pr William Co d 1798 in Camden, Kershaw, SC m 1754 in Moore, NC Charles Seale
-1-2 Daniel Muse b about 1748 d about 1833 Franklin Co Tn m Rebecca Yarborough

-1-1-1 Joshua W Seale b 26 Mar 1775 Mecklenburg NC d 1864 Jasper Tx
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Muse b 10 Mar 1779 Fairfield Dist SC d 19 Oct 1815 Pike Co Mississippi m Henry Bond
-1-1-1-1 James Monroe Seale b 14 Nov 1809 Mecklenburg NC d 4 Dec 1894 Rogers Tx m Mary Ella Joyce
-1-1-1-2 Bluford Seal b 28 Jan 1791 Edgefield Distr. SC d 18 Oct 1871 Livingston Alabama m Elizabeth Middlebrook
-1-2-1-1 Henry Bond b 12 Sep 1812 Pike Co d 29 Jul 1895 Louisiana m Samantha Dickerson
-1-1-1-1-1 Martha B Seale b 1831 in Shubuta, Clarke, Ms
-1-1-1-1-2 James K Seale b 1832 Clarke Ms d 1850 in Clarke, Ms
-1-1-1-1-3 Joshua William Seale b 20 Aug 1834 Clarke Ms d 19 Sep 1892 Thornton Tx m Mariah Rogers
-1-1-1-1-4 Martha Leona Seale b 16 Feb 1838 Shubuta Clarke Ms d 16 Apr 1878 in Oletha TX m James Lamar Sansom
-1-1-1-1-5 George Seale b 1843 Clarke Ms d 1866
-1-1-1-1-6 Lydia Seale
-1-1-1-1-7 Amelia Seale
-1-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Yarbough Seale b 1 Feb 1820 d 23 Sep 1899 Commanche Co Tx m John Baggett
-1-2-1-1-1 Ambrose Henry Bond b 3 Jan 1843 d 20 Mar 1909 Lo m Susan Carpenter
-1-1-1-1-3-1 May F Seale b 18 Dec 1855 d 26 Jan 1918
-1-1-1-1-3-2 Emma Etta Seale b 23 Sep 1857 in Ms
-1-1-1-1-3-3 Jefferson Davis Seale b 22 Jul 1861 in Ms d 23 Aug 1905 Groesbeck Tx
-1-1-1-1-3-4 George Seale b 6 Dec 1863 in Ms d 23 Aug 1885
-1-1-1-1-3-5 James Monroe Seale b 15 Aug 1866 in Ms d 21 Nov 1885
-1-1-1-1-3-6 Newton D Seale b 6 Mar 1869 Limestone Tx d 3 Aug 1873 Limestone,
-1-1-1-1-3-7 Michael Seale b 23 Dec 1871 Limestone Tx d 22 Feb 1863 Parker Tx
-1-1-1-1-3-8 Johnson Seale b 1875 in Limestone d Jan 1939
-1-1-1-1-3-9 Marcus Lowry Seale b 5 Nov 1879 in Seale Tx d 29 May 1951 Baytown Tx
-1-1-1-1-4-1 Cora S Sansom b 16 May 1855 d 30 Apr 1938 Thorton Tx m Franklin D Lown
-1-1-1-1-4-2 Emma Ada Sansom b 16 Mar 1857 d 5 Jan 1941 in Seale Tx m Allen Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-3 James Lamar Sansom
-1-1-1-1-4-4 Mary Ella Sansom
-1-1-1-1-4-5 George Wallace Sansom
-1-1-1-2-1-1 John William Baggett b 5 Feb 1857 Commanche Co Tx d 10 Jul 1944 Stephenville Tx
-1-2-1-1-1-1 Minnie Ola Bond b 3 Apr 1881 Tangipahoa Parish d 8 May 1962 Hinds Co Miss. m William Joseph Cutrer

-1-1-1-1-4-2-1 James Benjamin Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-2 Mattie Ella Goodwin b 30 Nov 1875 Headsville Tx d Angelina Tx
-1-1-1-1-4-2-3 Mittie Lula Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-4 Maggie Cora Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-5 William Walter Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-6 Bessie Mae Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-7 Amelia Belle Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-8 Ora Kate Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-9 Zeama Goodwin,
-1-1-1-1-4-2-10 Rex Lester Goodwin,
-1-1-1-1-4-2-11 Trixie Mozelle Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-4-2-12 Floyd Sansom Goodwin b 22 Dec 1896 Seale Tx d 7 Dec 1984 Seale Tx
-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 Eula Arizona Baggett m Martin Winston McCarty
-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1 Billy James McCarty b 1931
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Norma Lucille Cutrer m Robert Milton Lambert
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Willy Hardy Lambert
Po11-2-1-1-3 Lawrence Pope b ABT 1672 in Westmoreland Co Va m 27 May 1702 Jemima Waddy she m2 y Spence m3 Nicholas Minor
Po11-2-1-1-4John Pope b ABT 1675 in Westmoreland Co Va ?= same d before Oct 1723 Northumberland Co Va m Anne Boyd d after Mar 1751 -1? Ann Pope d Northumberland Co Va m Robert Boyd d after 1759 Northumberland Co
-2 Joseph Pope b about 171 d 9 Mar 1767 Northumberland Co Va m Susannah Davenport d after May 1714

-2-1 John Pope b 1740 Richmond Co Va d after Apr 1790 m Elizabeth Hunt b 9 Jul 1735 Richmond Co d after 1790

-2-1-1-1 Leroy Pope b about 1804 Lancaster Co Va m Hannah/Lucy A Nash

-2-1-1-1 Leroy Pope b about 1804 Lancaster Co Va m Hannah/Lucy A Nash

-2-1-1-1-1 Martha Ann Pope b 6 Sep 1831 Va d there 9 Jan 1909 m Lott Dodson b 1 Dec 1823 Richmond Wise Co Va d 3 Jan 1897 Richmond

-2-1-1-1-1-1 Judith Elizabeth Dodson b 24 Jul 1858 Richmond d 19 Jan 1919 Richmond m William George Andrew Cookman
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Bessie Eleanor Cookman b Feb 1894 Northumberland Co Va d 19 Sep 1964 Towson MD m Grover Hardwick Purcell ancestors of Ann E Kolakowski, author's DNA match
Po11-2-1-1-5 Mary Pope b ABT 1683 in Westmoreland possibly same as m John Williams Jr b about 1674 Isle of Wight Co Va d about Oct 1757 NC -1 John Williams b 1698 NC, Bertie Co d 26 Jan 1720/21.
-2 Sarah Williams b 1699 Isle of Wight Co Va d 1770 NC Bertie Co
-3 Anne Williams b 1700 VA Isle of Wright Co d 1770 NC Bertie Co
-4 ISAAC WILLIAMS b 1702 NC Bertie Co d 1772 NC Bertie Co
-1-5-5 Arthur Williams b 1704 NC Bertie Co d 1770 NC Bertie Co.
-6 James Williams b 1705 NC Bertie Co d Aft. 31 August 1736 NC Bertie Co.
-7 Theophilus Williams b 1706 NC, Bertie Co d 1776, NC Bertie Co.
-8 dau Williams b 1728 VA Isle of Wright Co d 1799 NC Bertie Co m 1748 Va RICHARD POPE b Abt. 1728 VA Isle of Wright Co d 1790 NC Bertie Co
? Po11-2-2 Thomas Pope b 1626 Bristol Engl d Ilse of Wight Co VA
m Joyce Meade b 1630
Po11-2-2-1 John Pope b about 1658 Isle of Wight Va d about 14 Jul 1751 Southampton Va m1 Eilzabeth Powell + 6/7 ch dau of William Powell and Elizabeth Lawrence m2 Susanna Frizzell b 1660 + 1 ch -1 Sarah Pope b about 1684 Isle of Wight Va d after Mar 1762 ?Edgecombe Co NC m Edward Barnes b 1680 ?Ilse of Wight Co VA d Edgecombe NC (from Manny Gaziano's tree and from Billy Barnes's tree) son of James Barnes b 1652 Isle of Wight Co VA there d 1720 and Sarah Jones b 1656 grndson of Thomas Barnes b c 1635 and Diana Bragg b 1628 d 1720 gr grandson of Edward Barnes b c 1610 Carshalton Surreea Engl d 1650 Isle of Wight Co VA and Sharon Mason b c 1610
-2 Else Pope b 1686 m y Mosely
-3 Mary Pope b 1688 m Henry Darden
-4 William Pope b 1692
-5 John Pope b 1694 m Mary Murning
-6 Priscilla Pope b 1697 d 1769
-7 Susan Pope
-1-1 Jacob Barnes b 1717 Nansemond Co Va d 16 Jan 1764 White Oak Swamp Edgecombe NC m1 Julian Whitley b ct 1716 Isle of Wight Va dau of William Whitley and Julian x m2 Mourning x
-1-2 Nathan Barnes b 1717 m Elizabeth b 1717
-1-3 William Barnes b 1719
-1-4 Abraham Barnes b 1730 d 1794 m Martha Fort b 1730
-1-5 Priscilla Barnes b 1742 m John Williams b 1738
-1-6 Jesse Barnes b 1738 m1 Orpha Fort m2 Pherba
-1-7 James Barnes b 1740 d 1805 m Julian
-1-8 Jerusha Barnes b 1743 d
-1-9 Archelaus Barnes b 1750 d 1807
-1-10 Patience/?Patty Barnes b 1753
-1-11 Mourning Barnes m John Fiveash
-1-12 Charity Barnes m William Simms
-1-13 Mary Barnes m Robert Simms
-1-14 Elizabeth Barnes m Jesse Lee/Legh
-1-15 Sarah Barnes m William Amason
-1-16 Joseph Barnes m elizabeth Whitley
-?-1 possibly here was ?George Pope b c 1720
-1-1-1 Joseph Barnes b 1744 m Selah DeLoach
-1-1-2 Abraham Barnes b 1730 d 1794
-1-1-3 Jesse Barnes b 1740 Edgecombe NC d 1804 Wayne NC m1 Oprah Fort b 1745 d 1804 m2 Pheraba
-1-1-4 Priscilla Barnes b 1742 d 1763 m John Williams
-1-1-5 Jerusha Barnes b 1744
-1-1-6 Julian Barnes b 1744
-1-1-7 Jacob Barnes b 1750 Bertie Co NC d 1 Oct 1781 Edgecombe NC m Elizabeth Jacobs b 1750 d 1826
-1-1-8 James Barnes d 1805 m Julan
-1-4-1 John Barnes b 1755 Robeson NC d 1 Sep 1810 Claiborne MS m Ester Smith
-?-1-1 Nathan Pope b 1739 Isle of Wight Va/? Southhampton Co Va d 26 Sep 1769 Southampton Va m Patience B Pope/?Averett/Everett
-?-1-2? Sarah "Sally" Pope b ABT 1742 in Northumberland Co VA m Isaac Basye b ABT 1738 in Northumberland Va
-1-1-1-1 John Barnes b 1770 m1 x m2 Mary Turney
-1-1-1-2 Julian Barnes b 1772
-1-1-1-3 Molly Barnes b 1774 m Elisha Clary b 1757
-1-1-1-4 Celia Barnes m Charnel Corban
-1-1-1-6 Kinchen Barnes b 1783 m elizabeth Braswell
-1-1-1-5 William Barnes b 1784 m Sarah Sanderson b 1784
-1-1-1-7 Milly Barnes b 1786
-1-1-1-4 Mary Barnes b 1787 d 1856 m Capt Henry Allen b 1782 d 1873
-1-1-3-1 Jesse Barnes b 1772 d 1840 m Sarah Rountree
-1-1-3-2 Mary Barnes
-1-1-3-3 ARchelaus Barnes b 1786/?50 d 1838/?07
-1-1-3-4 Drucilla Barnes b 1765 d 1845
-1-1-3-5 James Barnes b 1765 d 1825
-1-1-3-6 Martha Barnes b 1762
-1-1-3-7 Jacob Barnes b 1762 d 1840 m Sarah Davis b 1765
-1-1-3-8 Simon Barnes b 1762
-1-1-3-9 Jethro Barnes b 1762 d 1816
-1-1-7-1 James Barnes b 1755 d 1817
-1-1-7-2 John Barnes b 1768 d 1844/28
-1-1-7-3 William Barnes d 1774
-1-1-7-4 Jesse Barnes b 1770 d 1830 m1 Nancy Martin b 1770 m2 Mary Dew b 1775 d 1849
-1-1-7-5 Benjamin Barnes d 1794
-1-4-1-1 William Barnes b 13 Dec 1792 Robeson NC d 13 Jul 1869 Marion MS m Sarah Thompson b 1797 d 1888
-?-1-1-1 Richard Pope b 16 Sep 1761 southampton VA d 1 Jul 1820 Scottsville Allen Co KY m Jane Collins b 1774 d 1827
-?-1-1-2? possibly here Nathan Pope b 1765 d 1849 Ashe Co NC m Elizabeth
-?-1-1-3 possibly brother of this Richard was: Jehu Pope
-1-1-1-5-1 Lilburn Barnes b 1808 m Mary Waits
-1-1-1-5-2 John Barnes b 1813 m Martha Cannon b 1817
-1-1-1-5-3 William Barnes b 1817 d 1861 m Rebecca Waits
-1-1-1-5-4 x Barnes
-1-1-1-5-5 Bennet C Barnes b 1824 Al d 13 Oct 1862 Gainesville TX m Sarah Rogers ancestor of Gerald Copher, author's DNA match
-1-1-1-5-6 x Barnes
-1-1-1-5-7 Robert Barnes
-1-1-7-4-1 John Barnes b 1793 d 1840
-1-1-7-4-2 Mary Barnes b 1792 d 1861
-1-1-7-4-3 Charles Barnes b 1796
-1-1-7-4-4 Dennis Barnes b 1800 d 1859
-1-1-7-4-5 y Barnes
-1-1-7-4-6 Hannah Barnes d 1900 m George Smith b 1803 d 1866
-1-1-7-4-7 William Barnes
-1-4-1-1-1 Caroline Barnes b 1836 m
-?-1-1-1-1? Thomas Pope b about 1794 NC d 1873 Cooke Co TX m Cinthia White
-?-1-1-1-2 Solomon Pope b 20 Aug 1812 Allen Ky d 30 Apr 1883 Stanhill Harlan Ky m Susan Ball dau of James Samuel Ball and Susannah Posey
-?-1-1-1-3 Sarah Pope m Hugh Warren and had sons Hugh and William, both ancestors of Peggy Ellison, DNA match of Nellie Irene Reif
-?-1-1-1-?4+ alternative list of children: Samuel R. Pope b VA, d. Allen Co. Ky m Rebecca Harris 27 Aug 1831
-?-1-1-1-5 Nathan Kinsley Pope b abt 1795 VA, d. abt 1872 Allen Co. KY
-?-1-1-1-6 James C. Pope, m. Sarah x
-?-1-1-1-7 Patience "Patty" Pope
-?-1-1-1-8 Richard Meade Pope b. 5 Jan 1797 VA d. Allen Co., KY
-?-1-1-1-9 Elijah Pope b. abt 1806 VA; m. Adeline Kelly 6 Sept, 1831, d. abt 1871 Warren Co KY
-?-1-1-2-1 John Pope b c 1790 m Jane Roark dau of Charles Roark and Abigail x

-1-1-1-5-2-1 Sarah BArnes b 1836 m James Skinner b 1826 d 1876
-1-1-1-5-2-2 Rhoda Barnes b 1838 m James Skinner b 1826 IN or IL d 1876 n Avinger Cass Co TX
-1-1-1-5-2-3 Mary Barnes b 1840 d 1908 m1 y Christman m2 James Mitchell b 1835 m3 y Thomas b MO or TX d 1868 TX m4 Jeptha Garrett b 1828 d 1874
-1-1-1-5-2-4 Emily Barnes b 1842
-1-1-1-5-2-5 Berry Barnes b 1847 d 1883
-1-1-1-5-2-6 Martha Barnes b 1848 m James Beall
-1-1-1-5-2-7 Elmira Barnes b 1851 d 1931 m Martin Digby b 1843 d 1900
-1-1-1-5-2-8 John Barnes b 1854 d 1878
-1-1-7-4-6-1 Mary Smith b 17 Apr 1840 TN d 15 May 1900 Franklin TN m William Partin d 1914
-1-1-7-4-6-2 John Smith b 1827 d 1897
-1-1-7-4-6-3 Benjamin Smith b 1830 d 1909
-1-1-7-4-6-4 William Smith b 1831 d 1902
-1-1-7-4-6-5 George Smith b 1834 d 1908
-1-1-7-4-6-6 Josiah Smith b 1838 d 1917
-1-1-7-4-6-7 Sarah Smith b 1840 d 1931
-1-1-7-4-6-8 Dennis Smith b 1842 d 1904
-1-1-7-4-6-9 Mary Smith b 1846 d 1923
-1-1-7-4-6-10 Wallace Smith b 1848 d 1880
-1-1-7-4-6-11 Ruth Smith b 1851 d 1900
-?-1-1-1-1-1 Francis Marion Pope m Emaline M Williams ancestors of Glyn R Pope DNA match of Julie Krumrine
-?-1-1-1-2-1 Susan Pope b 1858 Harlan Ky m Walter Middleton ancestors of Julie Krumrine, author's DNA match
-?-1-1-1-2-1-2 x Middleton m Charles Marcum
-?-1-1-1-2-1-2-1 Maxie Marcum m James Munday b 1912
-?-1-1-2-1-1 Mary Melinda Rhoda Almeda Caroline Pope b 29 Mar 1836 Ashe Co NC d there 16 Aug 1907 m Nathaniel Lewis b Oct 1829 Johnson City TN son of Nathaniel Lewis and Eleanor Roark ancestors of Robert Carroll Eastridge and Gerald Claude Eastridge, Nellie Irene Reif's DNA matches.

-1-1-7-4-6-1-1 x Partin m John Taylor b 1866 d 1936
-1-1-7-4-6-1-2 William Partin b 1875 d 1905 m Annie Yount b 1875
-1-1-7-4-6-1-3 Joseph Partin b 1879
-1-1-7-4-6-1-4 Mary Partin b 1872
-1-1-7-4-6-1-5 George Partin b 1863 d 1933
-1-1-7-4-6-1-7 Jesse Partin b 1868
-1-1-7-4-6-1-8 Jane Partin b 1878
Po11-2-2-2 Mary Pope b 1658
Po11-2-2-3 Robert Pope b 1660 m Elizabeth
Po11-2-2-4 x Pope m George Goodwin
Po11-2-2-5 William Pope b 1670 m Priscilla
Po11-2-2-6 Joyce Pope
Po11-2-2-2 Thomas Pope b 1571 m Mary ?Pope
Po11-4 Francis Pope b 1610 d 27 Jan 1670 Charles Co Md
m1 x + 1 ch
m2 about 1653 Margaret Porter b about 1636 + 5 ch dau of Thomas Porter
[source (1) "1658-1758 Charles County MD Familes 'The first 100 years': Wills, Court, Church, Land, Inventories & Accounts," by Michael Marshall (, mrmarsha database, 26 Nov 2007). Cites: (a)Charles County Court and Land Records, Liber F, p.47. (1) 1671, 1 Oct: will. To eldest sons Thomas and Francis, executors, 400 acres "Bryan's Clift,"; and 350 acres, "Batten's Clift." (1a) 1674, 11 Jan: Indenture, Richard PINNER and William PINNER, planter, to Philip LYNES, innholder, for 10,000# tobacco, a parcel called The Father's Gift, lying on the east side of the Anacostia River bounded by Rome belonging to Francis POPE and Layron STONE of John LEWGAR, containing 500 acres. (1) This land is in now day Washington DC, Prince Georges Co. (1) 1674, 30 May Inventory of estate of Morgan TAYLOR lists debts to Thomas and Francis POPE. (1) 1710, 6 Oct Estate of Mr. Henry HERBERT appraised by York YORKSON, Francis POPE]
His obvious location in St. Mary's Md give a rather clear connection with Nathaniel Pope Po11, so it is likely that they knew each other well and came to Maryland together (or the one followed the other) and hence were probably either brothers or closely related and knew each other in Bristol.
-1 Anne Pope b ABT 1639 in St. Mary's Co Md m about 1655 Thomas Burford b 1635 in England
-2 Thomas Pope b ABT 1653 in St. Mary's Co Md d 18 Sep 1676 Charles Co Md (his will authorizes a payment to "John Pope, son of Francis Pope", which must be understood as either his brother John or a son of that name of his brother, Francis. m about 1673 Mary ?Carnell b about 1656 Charles Co she m2 John Pratt + 2 ch m3 Thomas Sharp + 2 ch
-3 Francis Pope b ABT 1655 in St. Marys Co Md d AFT 1710 Cecil Co Md
-4 Richard Pope b ABT 1657 in St. Mary's Co Md
-5 John Pope b BEF 1654 in Charles Co Md
-6 Mary Pope b ABT 1661 in Charles Co, Md d 23 NOV 1686 in Charles Co m1 BEF 28 MAR 1654 in St. Mary's Co Thomas Harris b BEF 28 MAR 1654 in St. Mary's Co son of Thomas Harris b BEF 1630 d 28 Mar 1654 St. Mary's Co and Anne m2 before 14 May 1686 Richard Land b ABT 1650 in St. Mary's Co
-1-1 Thomas Burford b ABT 1655 d 1 Mar 1696/7 m about 1695 in Charles Co Margarey Cage b 1655 in London
-1-2 Elizabeth Burford b ABT 1669 in Charles Co Md d after May 1706 in Charles Co m 1689 James Cottrell b BEF 1665 in William & Mary Parish, Charles
Anne Burford b ABT 1670 in Charles Co Md d 1721/5 Charles Co Md m 1686 Robert Doyne b BEF 1647 in County Wexford, Ireland m2 1696 George Plater b ABT 1664 in St. Mary's Co m3 1708 John Rousby b BET 1680 AND 1685 in Calvert Co
-1-4 Jane Burford b ABT 1674 in Charles Co Md d before 1712 Charles Co m before 1692 in Charles Co Richard Dodd b 13 JAN 1669/70 in Charles Co
-1-5 Frances Burford b ABT 1680 in Charles Co Md
-5-1? Possibly here was: John Pope b 1680 m Ann Ball b ABT 1702 dau of George Ball b ABT 1683 and Grace Waddy
-6-1 Mary Harris b 16 NOV 1680 in Piccawaxen, Charles Co
-6-2 Thomas Harris b 6 FEB 1682/83 in Piccawaxen, Charles Co d 25 JUN 1733 in Charles Co d 25 Jun 1733 in Charles Co m 28 Sep 1704 Martha Stanbury b ABT 1686
-6-3 John Harris b 5 MAR 1683/84 in Charles Co
-6-4 Bathsheba Harris b ABT 1677 in St. Mary's Co
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Cottrell b 30 APR 1689 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co Md
-1-2-2 Jane Cottrell b 15 AUG 1690 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co Md
-1-2-3 James Cottrell b 7 SEP 1694 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co Md
-1-2-4 Thomas Cottrell b ABT 1696 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co Md
-1-2-5 Anne Cottrell b ABT 1698 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co Md
-1-2-6 Hannah Cottrell b ABT 1704 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co Md
-1-3-1 George Plater b: ABT 1695 in St. Mary's Co
-1-3-2 Anne Plater b ABT 1697 in St. Mary's Co
-1-3-3 Elizabeth Rousby b ABT 1712 in Calvert Co
-1-3-4 Mary Rousby b BEF 1720 in St. Mary's Co
-1-3-5 Anne Rousby b 1721 in Calvert
-1-4-1 Anne Dodd b 24 SEP 1692 in Head of Baker's Creek, Charles County, Maryland
-1-4-2 Mary Dodd b ABT 1695 in St. Mary's Co
-5-1-1 Elizabeth Pope b 1675 m Isaac Basye b 1671 in Northumberland Co VA d 1739 m Isaac Basye b 1671 in Northumberland Co
-5-1-2 Joseph Pope d 1770
-5-1-3 Richard Pope d 1791
-5-1-4 Leroy Pope d Mar 1747
-5-1-5 John Pope b ABT 1723 in Northumberland Co. VA m Catherine Martin b ABT 1725 dau of Nicholas Martin b 1679 d 19 Jun 1761 and Jane Rogers b 12 Apr 1686 in St. Stephens Pa. Northumberland Co grandau of Thomas Martin b ABT 1645 in VA and Rebecca George b ABT 1657 in VA as well as Richard Rogers b: 1650 and Jane Presley b 29 Jun 1664 in Northumberland Co
-5-1-6? Possibly here was: George Pope b about 1720
-6-2-1 Nathaniel Harris b ABT 1706 in Charles Co d 11 NOV 1766 in Charles Co m Anne Brooke b: 16 JUN 1711 in Prince George's Co
-6-2-2 John Harris b 25 MAY 1708 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co d 18 DEC 1742 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co m 24 Jun Catharine Musgrove b: ABT 1724 in William & Mary Parish
-6-2-3 Elizabeth Harris b ABT 1712 in Charles Co
-6-2-4 Thomas Harris b BEF 1713 in Charles Co
-6-2-5 Mary Harris b ABT 1714 in Charles Co

-5-1-1-1 Isaac Basye b ABT 1692
-5-1-1-2 William Basye b ABT 1693 d 8 Feb 1762 m Rebecca Martin b 1693 Va
-5-1-1-3 John "IB" Basye b 1695 in Northumberland Co. VA
-5-1-1-4 Jesse Basye b ABT 1700
-5-1-1-5 Winifred Basye b ABT 1705
-5-1-1-6 Judith Basye b ABT 1710
-5-1-1-7 Elisha Basye b ABT 1718
-5-1-1-8 Edmund Basye b ABT 1720 in Northumberland Co
-5-1-5-1 Nicholas Pope b 1748 d Jun 1777 m Jan 1772 Lancaster Co Va Elizabeth Fleet
-5-1-5-2 Catherine Pope b 1750 m 17 Nov 1768 in Lancaster Co Fleet Hinton
-5-1-5-3 Leroy Pope b 21 Aug 1742 m Elizabeth Mitchell
-5-1-5-4 Elizabeth "Betty" Pope
-5-1-5-5 William Pope
-5-1-5-6 Judith Pope m y Robinson
-5-1-5-7 Winifred Pope b ABT 1755 in Northumberland Co VA d ABT 1816 in Albemarle Co. VA m George Routt b ABT 1751 in Northumberland Co VA d 1791 Ky son of John Routt b 2 Feb 1712 in Northumberland Co. VA and Winifred Sydnor b: 6 Feb 1712
-5-1-5-8 John Pope
-5-1-6-1 Sarah "Sally" Pope b ABT 1742 in Northumberland Co VA m Isaac Basye b ABT 1738 in Northumberland Va son of William Basye b ABT 1693 d 8 Feb 1762 and Rebecca Martin b 1693 Va d Nov 1767
-6-2-2-1 Martha Harris b ABT 1740 in Charles County, Maryland
-6-2-2-2 Thomas Harris b 1 AUG 1741 in Charles d after 1789 m 19 Feb 1741 Anne Gwinn b ABT 29 APR 1741 in Wm & Mary Parish,

-5-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Basye (1712 - 1728) m1 y Cordell m2 Charles Coppedge
-5-1-1-2-2 Mary Basye (1712 - 1728) m y Stewart
-5-1-1-2-3 Sallie Basye (1713 - 1774) m 7 Nov 1770 in Northumberland Co Va George Carter
-5-1-1-2-4 Isaac Basye b ABT 1738 in Northumberland m1 x m2 Sarah "Sally" Pope b ABT 1742 in Northumberland Co VA dau of George Pope
-5-1-1-2-5 Catherine Basye b May 20, 1752 - Jan7, 1839 m George Edwards Cordell b 17 Feb 1741/2 son of Rev Cordell and Elizabeth Edwards
-5-1-5-3-1 Leroy Pope b 21 Aug 1764 in Amherst Co d 14 Jul 1844 Huntsville AL m 19 Feb 1787 Judith Sale b 1769
-5-1-5-7-1 Winnifred Sydnor "Winny" Routt b 24 Oct 1781 in Northumberland Co d after 1850 m Catlett M. Madison b ABT 1786 in Madison Co VA
-5-1-6-1-1 Thomas Pope Basye b: 1781 in Northumberland Co. VA m 18 May 1804 Hannah Lee Turberville dau of George Turberville and Elizabeth Tayloe
-5-1-6-1-2 Joseph J. Basye b: ABT 1791 in Heathsville, Northumberland Co d 2 Jan 1850 in Heathsville, Northumberland Co. VA m1 3 Sep 1812 in Northumberland Co Hannah Martin b ABT 1789 + 2 ch she m1 Lindsay Taliaferro m2 Sarah Esther Chinn McNamara b: Apr 1806
-6-2-2-2-1 Eleanor Harris b ABT 1765 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-2 John Harris b ABT 1767 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-3 Martha Harris b 26 MAR 1768 in Charles Co d 10 Aug 1805 m John 'Piccawaxon' Maddox b: 16 APR 1767 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-4 Thomas Harris b 31 DEC 1769 in Charles Co m Eleanor Davidson b ABT 1773 in Charles
-6-2-2-2-4-1 John Harris b 8 AUG 1796 in Charles
-6-2-2-2-5 Elizabeth Harris b JUN 1771 in Charles Co d 22 APR 1818 in Charles Co unm
-6-2-2-2-6 Joseph Harris b 7 AUG 1773 in Charles Co d 27 MAR 1855 in Ellenborough, St. Mary's Co m 20 Jul 1801 Susannah Reeder b 20 JUN 1782 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-7 John Francis Harris b 22 MAR 1775 in Charles Co d 5 OCT 1834 in Baltimore m1 26 Sep 1807 Ruth Tunstall b BEF 1791 + 1 ch m2 after 1820 Elizabeth Violetta Prill + 3 ch
-6-2-2-2-8 Catherine 'Kitty' Harris b 30 JUL 1776 in Charles Co m after 1792 William Vincent b: JAN 1757 in William & Mary Parish,
-6-2-2-2-9 Benjamin Gwinn Harris b 15 SEP 1778 in Charles Co d William Vincent b JAN 1757 in William & Mary Parish,
-6-2-2-2-10 Gwinn Harris b 27 APR 1780 in Charles Co d 12 AUG 1837 in Bath, Berkely Springs, Virginia
-6-2-2-2-11 Violetta Harris b 3 MAY 1782 in Charles Co m about 1833 Dr. Luke Philip Barber b 3 AUG 1777 in Charles
-6-2-2-2-12 Nathaniel Harris b 5 SEP 1785 in Charles Co d BEF 1843 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co m about 1818 Mary Claggett b 1801 in Prince George's Co dau of Horatio Clagett and Catherine Barnes
-6-2-2-2-13 Morgan Harris b 16 NOV 1787 in Charles

-5-1-5-3-1-1 Matilda Pope b 2 Jul 1791 in Amherst Co VA d 31 May 1835 in AL m BEF 1810 John Williams Walker b 12 Aug 1783 in Amelia Co. VA
-5-1-5-3-1-1-1 Mary Walker b 1 Dec 1810 in AL d 4 Apr 1854 AL m Richard Lee Fearn b: 1804 in Danville, Spotsylvania Co. VA
-5-1-5-3-1-1-1-1 John Williams Walker Fearn b 13 Jan 1832 in Huntsville
-5-1-5-3-1-1-2 Percy Walker b Dec 1812 in Huntsville, AL
-5-1-5-3-1-1-3 Leroy Pope Walker b 7 Feb 1817 in Huntsville, AL
-5-1-5-3-1-1-4 Richard Wilde Walker b 16 Feb 1823 in AL
-5-1-5-3-1-2 Maria Pope b 1797
-5-1-5-3-1-3 Leroy Pope Jr. b: 1801 in GA
-5-1-6-1-2-1 Mary V. Basye m Alexander Blackwell b 1813
-5-1-6-1-2-2 Hannah Basye b ABT 1822 in VA m 1 Mar 1841 Mordecai Lawson b 1813 in Lancaster Co
-6-2-2-2-6-1 Anne Elizabeth Harris b 25 SEP 1802 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-6-2 Maria Louisa Harris b 1804 in St. Mary's Co
-6-2-2-2-6-3 Benjamin Gwinn Harris b 13 DEC 1806 in St. Mary's Co
-6-2-2-2-6-4 Mary Eleanor Harris b 7 NOV 1809 in St. Mary's Co
-6-2-2-2-6-5 Martha M. Harris b 4 OCT 1811 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-6-6 Jane Harris b 21 JAN 1813 in Charles Co
-6-2-2-2-6-7 Henry Reeder Harris b: 15 AUG 1815 in St. Mary's Co
-6-2-2-2-6-8 Josephine Harris b 22 AUG 1817 in St. Mary's
-6-2-2-2-7-1 Thomas F. Harris
-6-2-2-2-7-2 John Francis Harris b 15 OCT 1824 in Baltimore, Maryland
-6-2-2-2-7-3 Elizabeth Violetta Harris b BEF 1834 in Baltimore
Po11 Nathaniel Pope I b about 1603 probably in Bristol/Gloucestershire England, he settled in Maryland about 1637 and was sent to Kent Island in 1647, then moved to Virginia between Pope's Creek and Appomattox Creek, Lt.Col. of the Westmoreland Troops 4 Apr. 1655 died after May 1659 before Apr 1660. Having brought a total of 84 early settlers to Virginia in the period from 1635 until his death, Nathaniel Pope may be counted among the more significant builders of the colony and the nation.
m 1637 in ST.MARY'S PARISH MD, Luce or Lucy ?Fox b 1603/11 in Gloucestershire, England, d after 1660 in Westmoreland Co Va dau of
Luke Fox b about 1580
m Lynda Springfield.
Po10-1 Thomas Pope
m Joanna Dowle alias Gatrley b c 1630 Engl d Bristol Engl aft 1685 who was executrix of his will, moved to Bristol England in 1684 d 20 Oct 1685 in Lasboro Gloucestershire Eng Will dated Sept. 3, 1684, probated 3 Jan 1686
Po10-1-1 Thomas Pope lived at his grandfather's estate at Pope's Creek died young leaving only a daughter Mary Pope, who married Samuel Randall and died without issue.
Po10-1-2 Richard Pope
Po10-1-3 John Pope d unm will probated Canterberry Ct Eng 4 Feb 1700
Po10-1-4 Charles Pope d without issue
Po10-1-5 Nathaniel Pope, "the mariner" returned to Va from Bristol to manage The Cliffs as agent of his mother, Joanna m Elizabeth Pierce wid Bridges dau of Col William Pierce and Sara ?Underwood
m In 1704 Elizabeth Pierce dau of a Westmoreland Justice of the Peace, William Pierce and Sarah x.
Po10-1-5-1 Elizabeth Pierce Pope m Nathaniel Pope III alias Bridges shows her marriage as about 1723 to John Pope which seems correct, as the author's more immediate sources do not support such a marriage for this Nathaniel, but rather as set out below.)
Po10-1-6 Mary Pope
Po10-1-7 Elizabeth Pope
m John Champe b c 1670
possibly the same who b 1667 Va d 1716 Westmorland Va.
m William Payne reported by
-1 Col. John Champe, II b 1703 King George Co, Brunswick d c 1763 Fredericksburg VA m Jane Thornton b 8/10/1681 d 4/02/1767 Essex Co dau of William Thornton b 27 Mar 1649 and Elizabeth Fitzhugh b c 1650 -1-1 Ann Champe b 1723 King George Co m John Taliaferro b c 1708 Kg Geo Co d 1762 Essex Co son of Lawrence C Taliaferro and Sarah Alice Thornton
-1-2 Jane Champe b c 1724 d c 1755 m Samuel Walter Washington
-1-3 Sarah Champe b c 1726 d 9/08/1814 m Edward Carter
-1-4 Elizabeth Champe b 1739 King George Co, Lamb's Creek m William Fleming
-1-5 Lucy Champe b c 1740 Fredericksburg m Austin Brockenbrough
-1-6 Mary Champe b 1740 King George Co, Lamb's Creek m Lewis Willis
-1-1-1 Jane "Jenny" Champe Taliaferro b 1746 Essex Co m Francis Taliaferro II b 15 Nov 1743 son of Rancis Taliaferro and Elizabeth Hay
-1-1-2 John Taliaferro b c 1747 m Elizabeth Thornton
-1-1-3 Anne Champe Taliaferro b 4/07/1756 Essex Co d 2/03/1798 m Nicholas Battaile Taliaferro
-1-1-1-1 Matilda Taliaferro b 1770/76 m William Helm b c 1775 VA d c 1826 NY
-1-1-1-2 Ann Hay Taliaferro b 3/07/1774 d 3/01/1841 m Lawrence Battaile II b 1767 Fredricksburg VA son of Lawrence Battaile b c 1700 and Sarah Robinson
-1-1-1-3 Francis Whitaker Taliaferro b 11/15/1780 Spotsylvania Co d 1815 m Jane Taliaferro
-1-1-1-1-1 Matilda Whittaker Helm b 11 JUL 1801 Prince William Co d 10 JUL 1881 m William Coville Fitzhugh b 3 Jul 1786 Pr Wm Co d 1847 Loudoun Co son of William Fitzhugh b 1754 and Ann Hay Taliaferro
-1-1-1-2-1 Lawrence Battaile b 1796 Caroline Co d aft 1860 m Anna Maria Fitzhugh
-1-1-1-2-2 Anne Champe Battaile b c 1807 VA m Edmund Pendleton White
-1-1-1-2-3 Francis Whitaker Battaiile b 1811/2 d 9 APR 1872 m Eleanor Madison Catlett b c 1811 dau of Lawrence Catlett and Elizabeth Conway b 1783
-1-1-1-2-4 Benjamin Robinson Battaile b c 1812 d aft 1870 m Elizabeth Brown
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Matilda Taliaferro Fitzhugh b 3 OCT 1831 VA d 2 JUL 1885 m Benoni Wheat 5 APR 1823 VA d 24 FEB 1902 son of Benoni Wheat and Mary Napier Jordan
-1-1-1-2-3-1 Henry Battaile b c 1830 Caroline Co d 1880 Accomack Co m Adelaide Rogers b 1838 Accomack Co
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Harrie Fitzhugh Wheat b5 DEC 1866 VA d 4 MAR 1919 m Kate Duncan Houck b 1 APR 1869 VA d 28 MAR 1899 dau of Alonzo Houck and Laura Virginia Coleman
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Virginia Fitzhugh Wheat b 1893 m Augustus Howell Thomas
-1-1-1-2-3-1-1 Ellen Battaile b 16 JUN 1868 d 4 AUG 1964 b Joseph H. Hiden
-1-1-1-2-3-1-2 Francis W Battaile b 23 FEB 1870 Accomack Co d 25 JAN 1909 VA,
-1-1-1-2-3-1-3 Margaret Battaile b c 1874 Accomack Co m Ashton Conway Southall
-1-1-1-2-3-1-4 Estelle Conway Battaile b 9 SEP 1878 d 8 JUL 1968
Po10-1-8 Margaret Pope
?Po10-1-9 Humphrey Pope as surety on a bond of John Quisenberry in Rappahonnoch, (now Richmond County) dated may 12, 1656. He obtained a deed from Thomas Pope for 150 acres near cliffs in Westmoreland County, February 2, 1659. ---HUMPHREY POPE appears as surity on a bond of John Quisenberry in Rappahannock (now Richmond) county, dated May 12,1663" FACT: The ACTUAL date of this document is May 12, 1683. (Rapp. Deeds, Wills & Settlements, 1677-1687) ---States that Humphrey Pope was security for John Quisenberry "May 12, 1656" FACT: the correct date was 12 May 1683.
Po10-2 Elizabeth Pope b 1634 St mary's Co Md m Samuel Mathershead
Po10-3 Anna Pope
m 1 Dec 1658 John Washington
-1 Anne/Anna Pope Washington b Sep 1659 in Lower Macodoc Westmoreland Va d 11 Mar 1697 in Great House Point, m 1682 Westmoreland, Francis Wright b 1660 Coan Northumberland Va d 1713 in Westmoreland Va
-2 Lawrence Washington,
-3 Henry Washington,
-4 Nathaniel Washington
-5 Richard Washington,
-6 Priscilla Washington,
-7 Capt John Washington b 1661 Bridges Creek, Westmoreland, VA d there 23 Feb 1697/98 m before 1682 Anne Wickliffe/Wycliffe d c1704
-8 Elizabeth Washington m about 1687 Thomas Lanier, son of Thomas Lanier of James River Va.
-1-1 John Wright b about 1680 Westmoreland dy?,
-1-2 Anne Wright b 1682 Westmoreland, ?dy/?28 May 1739 Leesylvania, Prince William Co
-1-3 John Wright b 25 Feb 1685 Westmoeland d 1730 Leesylvania Va m 1706 Dorothy Aubrey b 1680/6 in Stafford d 1739 Pr William Va dau of Richard Aubrey and Dorothy Meador
-1-4 Anne Wright b 1686 Hamilton Pr William Va d 29 Nov 1763 Wp Westmoreland Va m Gerrard Davis
-1-5 Elizabeth Wright b 1689
-1-6 William Wright b 1690 Fauquier Va d 1805? Fauquier Va
-1-7 Richard Wright 22 Sep 1714 iven land in Westmoreland by his brother John
-7-1 Lawrence Washington (b 1692, d 1740
-7-2 John Washington b after 1692 d c1752 m 23 Nov 1738 Margaret Stokes
-7-3 Nathaniel Washington b after 1692, d 28 Nov 1747
-7-4 Capt Henry Washington b c1694, d 22 Oct 1748 m Mary Bailey
-8-1 Lewis Lanier
-8-2 Buckner Lanier b about 1728 in Bridges Creek
-8-3 Burrill Lanier b about 1732 in Bridges Creek
-8-4 Winnifrid Lanier b about 1735 in Bridges Creek
-8-5 Nancy Lanier b about 1737 in Bridges Creek,
-8-6 Rebecca Lanier b about 1740 in Bridges Creek
-1-3-2 Joseph Wright b 1705 d 20 Nov 1773,
-1-3-3 Richard Wright b 1706
-1-3-1 John Wright b 1707 Cople Westmoreland Va d 27 Feb 1792 Liberty Fauquier Va m Elizabeth Bronaugh,
-1-3-4 Francis Wright b 1708 d 1709,
-1-3-5 Francis Wright b 1710 d 7 Sep 1767 Amherst Va,
-1-3-6 Susanna Wright b 1710
-1-3-7 William Wright b 1710 d 1785 Westmoreland,
-1-3-8 Peter Wright b 1712 Long Island NY d 12 Nov 1793 Botetourt Va,
-1-3-9 Amelia Wright b 1713
-1-3-10 Daniel Wright b 1714
-1-3-11 Thomas Blundell Wright b 1714
-1-3-12 Charles Wright b 1715 d 1740
-1-3-13 Amos Wright b 1716
-1-3-14 James Wright b 1716
-1-3-15 Lucretia Wright b 1718
-1-3-16 Nancy Wright 1719
-1-3-17 Patsy Wright b 1720,
-1-3-18 Peggey Wrightb 1721
-1-3-19 Polly Wright b 1722
-1-3-20 Rosey Wright b 1723
-1-3-21 Sally Wright b 1724,
-1-3-22 Joseph Wright b 1725 Culpeper Va
-1-3-23 Sukky Wright b 1725,
-1-3-24 Agatha Wright 1727 Fauquier Va
-1-3-25 Hester Wright b 1728,
-1-3-26 Williams Wright b 1728 (mother 48 at birth!),
-1-3-27 Frances Wright b 1742??32
-1-4-1 x Davis
-1-4-2 x Davis
-1-4-3 x Davis
-1-4 x Davis
-1-4-5 x Davis
-7-4-1 Henry Washington b c1721, dvp c1745 m c1743 Elizabeth Stokes
-1-3-1-1 Frances Wright b 1729 1766 m Nimrod Ashby
-1-3-1-2 William Wright b circa 1728 at Fauquier m Mary Grant, dau of William Grant Jr, before 1751. He died in 1809 at Bedford, now Franklin Co. VA. Rev War veteran Blacksmith. Property in 1762 Sold his inherited land in 1764 moved to in Bedford Co. Will on 10 Oct 1808
-1-3-1-3 Richard Bronaugh Wright b 1730 FEB 1792
-1-3-1-4 John Wright b 25 DEC 1732 'Leesylvania" d 30 OCT 1789 Prince William Co, Leesylvania m Ann Williams dau of Jonas Williams and Honour Williams, in 1753
-1-3-1-5 Elizabeth Parlour Wright b 1732 29 NOV 1776 Prince William Co, Leesylvania m Shadrack Parlow
-1-3-1-6 James Wright b 1730/?8 Fauquier Co d 1805 m on 8 Dec 1763 Fauquier Co Mary Duncan dau of Joseph Duncan Sr. and Lidya x,
-1-3-1-7 Mary Wright d 1822 at Fauquier unm Will on 23 Nov 1812.
-1-3-1-8 Rosamond Wright b 1749 d 1811 in Fauquier Va unm
-1-3-5-1 Elizabeth Wright.
-1-3-5-2 Dorothy Wright
-7-4-1-1 Lawrence Washington (b c1744, d before 19 Mar 1774) had issue m 01 Mar 1763 Susannah Washington d c1822, dau of Robert Washington

-1-3-1-2-1 George Wright d 1843.
-1-3-1-2-2 William Wright b Franklin Co VA.
-1-3-1-2-3 James Wright b Franklin Co VA.
-1-3-1-2-4 John Wright b circa 1747 at Fauquier d circa 1845 at Franklin Co VA
-1-3-1-4-1 Elizabeth Wright m 5 Sep 1771 Samuel Arnold, son of Thomas Arnold and Abigal Wyche Sec V. Ch 33 Fauquier
-1-3-1-4-2+ 14 more.
-1-3-1-4-16 William Wright.
-1-3-1-4-17 Williams Wright.
-1-3-1-4-18 Thomas Wright was born on 18 Feb 1758 at Fauquier. Military service Pension Cert. # 6373, NC troops, File 11899
-1-3-1-6-1 Elizabeth (Betsy) Wright was born on 1 Feb 1762 at Lancaster Co VA m John Thomas James b 28 Jun 1785 Fauquier Co Sec 5 son of Capt John James and Dinah Allen
-1-3-1-6-1-1 Dr. Aldridge James b circa 1785 at VA m c 1813 Elizabeth Cropp
-1-3-1-6-1-2 Polly (Mary) James b 1791 at Fauquier m Thompson L. Smith, son of Augustine Smith Jr. and Susannah Darnall
-1-3-1-6-1-3 Capt. David James b 1 Jul 1792 at Fauquier m Susan Grant Keith, dau of Capt. Thomas Randolph Keith and Judith Blackwell
-1-3-1-6-1-4 Margaret Wright James b 2 Sep 1796 m 13 Jan 1820 in Fauquier Co John Payne Kelly, son of John Kelly and Jane Payne,
Po10-4 Margaret Pope b ?1633 in ?Bristol/ about 1637 in Va, m William Harwick/Hardwich/Hardige, who lived on Currioman Bay near the mouth of the Nomini River on the plantation known as Booth's. He married 1st Elizabeth Sturman, dau of Thomas Sturman, prior to 1645 William Hardwick. They were probably the parents of Joseph Hardwick.
Po10 Nathaniel Pope II born about 1635/40, died between 1660 and 1675
m Mary Sisson. She m2 William Bridges, m3 Lewis Nicholas ??, m4 David Wickliffe/Wycliffe/Whettley/Whitliffe, who was the first Protestant child to be born in the Maryland Colony. 5th John Rossier II, d after 1705.
Po9 Nathaniel Pope III (alias Bridges) b c 1665 an established Westmoreland attorney by 1705, guardian of Nathaniel Washington in 1708. d 1719 in Westmoreland Co, Va, inventory returned 9 Mar 1719/20 (Westmoreland Wills, Fothergill)
m1 about 1690 Jane Brown Br9 dau of Original Brown and Jane Brooke and granddaughter of Henry Brooke and Lydia x and niece of Lydia Brookes Abbington.
Po8-1 Mary Pope b about 1685
m1 Joseph Weeks b c 1675 Westmoreland Co d c 1735 ?son of Joseph Weeks/Wickes he ?m1 c Aug 1703 Sarah Blagdon dau of John Blagdon and Sarah Griffin + 2 ch
-a William Weeks m Mary Alderson d/o George and moved to Kg Geo Co VA
-b Sara Weeks
m2 William Elliot
-1 Jane Weeks b c 1716
-2 Benjamin Pope Weeks b c 1718, died 1784, m Margaret ?widow Steel
-3 x Weeks
Po8-2 William Pope b about 1696 ?dy
Po8-3 Lewis Pope ?dy
Po8-4 John Pope b 1692 d 1735 Westmoreland Co John Pope as John Pope, “Planter” in 1728 when Augustine Washington purchased his mill “for 60 Pounds current Virginia money two acres with the appurtenances together with the mill thereon erected & built scituate [several miles upstream] at the head of Popes Creek.”
m Elizabeth Pierce Pope Po10-1-5-1 s.a. dau of the mariner/merchant Nathaniel Pope Po10-1-5
m Elizabeth POPE dau/heir of Nathaniel Pope and Elizabeth Pierce
she m2 Bourn PRICE/Pierce b before 1725 d after 1725. (son of Meriday PRICE II) second husband also given as William Wroe.
Po8-4-1 William Pope b c 1733 Westmoreland Co
m Mary x b c 1735
-1 Henry Pope b 1/01/1748 Edgecombe Co NC m Charity Hinton b 9/01/1747 Chowan Co NC -1-1 John Pope b 12/30/1778 NC m Susannah Morris b 10/11/1780 GA -1-1-1 John Hewell Pope b 9/13/1818 GA m Emily E. Crow b 3/13/1821 GA d 4/29/1870 -1-1-1-1 David Hewell Pope b 9/09/1859 GA d 6/11/1905 m Fannie R. Gantt b c 1862 GA
Po8-4-2 Nathaniel S Pope b 21 Nov 1729 in Westmoreland va d 1790 in Westmoreland va Farmer and LAND OWNER IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR under GEORGE WASHINGTON source for this line
m Ann Lucy Smith Fox b Aug 1732 in Westmoreland/?Hanover Co Va d Louisa Co
+1 Joseph Fox b 1702 d Dec 1749
Susannah Smith b c 1713
+2 Henry Fox b 1674 d 1750
m Mary Kendrick b 1678
+3 Henry Fox b 1650 d 17 Nov 1714
m Anne West b c 1651
m MARTHA Edwards b 1785 in VA d 1867 in HEARD CO GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1 JOHN NATHANIEL POPE JR b 1817 in HENRY GA d 6 Sep 1864 in SUMTER GA Confederate Army KILLED IN ACTION at SUMTER GA ON SEPT 6 1864
m 11 Jun 1840 in HENRY GA EDNA ANN NAIL b April 26, 1821 in HENRY GA d 22 Aug 1915 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-1 JAMES WESLEY POPE b April 25, 1841 in HENRY GA d 5 Nov 1897 in HEARD Co GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-2 WILLIAM MILLER POPE b Feb 10, 1843 in HENRY GA d August 12, 1894 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-3 J.M. POPE b June 02, 1845 d:o June 02, 1845
Po8-4-2-1-1-4 MARTHA JANE POPE b December 15, 1849 in HENRY GA d 7 Nov 1939 in HEARD Co GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-5 M.C. POPE b June 04, 1852 d 9 Jun 1853
Po8-4-2-1-1-6 HENRY J POPE b 1859 in HENRY GA d: 1899 in HEARD COUNTY GA. Occupation: FARMER
m SARHA McDonald b 1857 in HEARD COUNTY GA. m: 1876 d: April 05, 1931 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-1 WILLIAM HENRY POPE b 1877 in HEARD COUNTY GA. d: 1943 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-2 SAMUAL W POPE b 1879 in Heard Co GA d Abt. 1940 in Texas
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-3 GLOVER POPE b 1882 d Abt. 1943 in Texas
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-4 EVLYN POPE b 1886 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-5 M BIRD POPE b 1888 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-6 VIOLA POPE b: 1889
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7 DESSIE POPE b 1885 in Heard Co GA d: 1967 in Heard Co& GA.
m J.M.CALDWELL b: 1881 in Heard Co GA. m: December 31, 1903 in HEARD COUNTY GA. d Unknown in Heard Co GA.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7-1 SAMUAL THOMAS POPE b August 07, 1903 in HEARD COUNTY GA. d: November 19, 1960 in Portsmouth va. Occupation: GREW UP ON A FARM ,BECAME A MECHANIC,OWNED AND OPERATED A SERVICE STATION
mAUBREY IANTHA BOGGS b March 06, 1906 in High point N.C
m: October 31, 1924 in DANVILLE VA d: June 28, 1999 in Portsmouth va.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7-1-1 BUDDY A. POPE b March 10, 1926 in Pickville Ky. Retired U.S. NAVY: 1970 PETTY& OFFICER 1ST. CLASS Military service: SERVED IN Vietnam War
m KATHLIN POPE b 1929 in STATESVILLE N.C. m 1950 in PORTSMOUTH VA d 1959 in Portsmouth Va.
-1 Mike A POPE b June 12, 1952 in FAIRBANKS ALASKA mPam Endevoets b: March 06, 1954 m: June 13, 1981 -2 PATRICIA ANN POPE b: August 08, 1954 in Portsmouth va. m MARK SCHRIBER m: 1975
-2-1 SEAN SCHRIBER b: January 10, 1981
m2 Wife of BUDDY A. POPE ELLEN DREADY b: November 10, 1933 in NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA m: September 18, 1976 in Las Vegas Nevada
Po8-4-1-1-1-6-7-1-2 MARGARET L. POPE b January 22, 1928 in SHAMUTT AL
m GEORGE P HILL b Oct 15, 1926 in JOHNSON CO NC d Apr 14, 1988 in GREENVILLE NC Retired U.S. ARMY: June 07, 1972 CW2 served IN WWII AND VIETNUM WAR
-1 GEORGIA SANDRA HILL b: October 02, 1948 in Portsmouth va. m Eric Paul Boyd b Feb 18, 1947 in WASHINGTON N.C. m: May 02, 1970 in NEWPORT NEWS, VA
-1-1 PAULA D Boyd b Jul 08, 1974 in WASHINGTON NC m GRANT M PAUL b Mar 18, 1979 in GREENVILLE N.C m: August 25, 2001 in WASHINGTON N C
-1-1-1 DRAKE MATHEW PAUL b: February 13, 2002
-2 VICKIE SUE HILL b: February 10, 1951 in Portsmouth, va. m June 21, 1969 in NEW PORT NEWS ,VA. ROBERT GLENN JOYNER b: December 16, 1947 in FRANKLIN
-2-1 AMY CHRISTINE JOYNER; b: November 1972 in NEWPORT NEWS, VA. m May 11, 1991 in FRANKLIN, VA MIKE P O'BERRY b: September 06, 1967 in FRANKLIN , VA. m:.
-2-1-1 BRANDON WYATT O'BERRY b: November 15, 1995
-2-1-2 COLE AUSTIN O'BERRY b: January 13, 1998
-2-2 JAMES PRESTON JOYNER b: December 04, 1981
-3 JOSEPH P HILL b: November 27, 1959 in Portsmouth va. m LINDA E SUTTON b: July 14, 1962 in HOPATCONG, NJ m: August 09, 1980 in GREENVILLE, NC
m June 12, 1999 in WASHINGTON NC ROBBIE L WHITE b July 18, 1979 in WASHINGTON NC
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7-1-3 JACK E POPE b: May 31, 1930 in High point N.C Retired U.S. ARMY: 1977 1st. SGT. Military service: Served in Korean war and two TOURS IN VIETNAM. AWARDED TWO PURPLE HEARTS , THE INFANTRY COMBAT BADGE WITH A STAR AND THE BRONZE STAR FOR VALOR
m JOANN MORGAN m July 09, 1951 in PORTSMOUTH VA + 1 ch *2nd Wife of JACK E POPE:
m November 07, 1966 in PORTSMOUTH VA EDITH M SCHLEGELMILCH b 28 Mar 1939 in Coburg Germany
-1 GREGORY E POPE b: September 08, 1957 in WURZBURG, GERMANY b March 28, 1939 in COBURG GERMANY November 07, 1966 in PORTSMOUTH VA
-2 STEVEN A POPE b September 26, 1977 in WASHINGTON N.C. m Stephanie HAM b May 12, 1980 in GREENVILLE NC m August 31, 2002 in N.C.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7-1-4 POLLY G POPE b: February 12, 1933 in High point N.C
m RALPH H CARR b 1 Nov 1926 in BECKLEY WEST VA. m July 12, 1952 in PORTSMOUTH VA d: December 13, 1981 in HOUDA LOUISIANA
-1 DAVID H CARR b: September 22, 1959
*2nd Husband of POLLY G POPE
m December 10, 1967 in PORTSMOUTH VA Richard Slepin b January 27, 1923 in Philadelphia Pa. d November 19, 1996 in Portsmouth va.
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7-1-5 MAX P POPE b: August 02, 1937 in High point N.C Retired FROM ACONA: January 31, 1998 Sr VICE PRESIDENT, Military service: U.S.ARMY 3 YR .VA NATIONAL GUARD 7YRS 1ST LT.
Mary Jane Archer b: February 25, 1940 in Portsmouth va. m: December 28, 1958 in PORTSMOUTH VA
-1 CYNTHIA PAULETTE POPE b: Sep 7, 1961 in Portsmouth va.
-2 TAMBRA SUZETTE POPE b: April 04, 1963 in Portsmouth va.
m DAVID ALDRUP b: September 14, 1961 m: December 28, 1983 in KNOXVILLE TN
-2-1 MEGAN E ALDRUP b: July 04, 1989 in Pleasanton California
-2-2 KATHLEEN M ALDRUP b: January 30, 1991 in CONCORD OHIO
-2-3 DAVID ALDRUP JR. b: April 29, 1993 in CONCORD OHIO
m ANDREA J HART b: October 09, 1968 m: Dec 3, 1988 in KNOXVILLE TN
-3-1 KRISTEN P POPE b Mar 6, 1992 in JACKSONVILLE N.C.
-3-2 HAYLEY J POPE b Mar 3, 1996 in KNOXVILLE TN
Po8-4-2-1-1-6-7-1-6 SHEILA I POPE b: November 15, 1941 in High point N.C
m CARMON R CARNIBUCCI b: July 15, 1939 in ALBANY N.Y. m: 1961 in PORTSMOUTH VA
-2 SAMUEL J CARNIBUCCI b April 20, 1967 in ALBANY N.Y.
-3 TRACEY SUE CARNIBUCCI b: March 11, 1971 in ALBANY N.Y. d April 28, 1971 in ALBANY N.Y.
Po8-4-2-1-2 SARAH F POPE b: April 26, 1860 in HENRY GA d: November 27, 1939 in HEARD COUNTY GA.
Po8-4-2-1-3 NANCY POPE b: 1820
Po8-4-2-1-4 HENRY J POPE b 1822
Po8-4-2-1-5 ROBERT R POPE b 22 Dec 1827
Po8-4-2-1-5 SARAH POPE b 1828
Po8-4-2-1-6 REBECCA POPE b 1830
Po8-4-2-1-7 ANDREW JACKSON POPE b 1832
Po8-4-2-2 Lucetta Pope b aft 1749 Westmoreland Co
Po8-4-2-3 Percy Smith Pope b aft aft 1749 Westmoreland Co
Po8-4-2-4 Mary Catherine "Caty" Pope b aft c 1750 Hanover Co d 10/22/1807 VA,
m Christopher Greenup
Po8-4-2-5 Ann Nancy Pope b aft 1753 Henrico Co d aft 1795
m Maj William Duval b 4 Sep 1748 Mt Comfort Kg Wm Co son of Col Samuel Duval b 22 Jan 1714 and Lucy Caiborne
-5 Lucy Pope Duval b c 1767 Richmond Co m John Pope
-1 Lucy Duval b c 1781 Richmond Co VA mWilliam Price b 17 Apr 1722 VA d 10 Oct 1808 Buckingham Co VA
-2 Gov William Pope Duval b 9/04/1784 Mansfield Henrico Co d 3/19/1854 d 19 Mar 1854 m1 Susan Browne Christian m2 Nancy Hynes
-3 John Duval b 6/03/1790 Richmond Co d 12/07/1854 m Ann Foushee Tebbs
-1-1 Dr. William Price b c 1807 VA d c 1847 Galveston TX m Marcia Duval b 1819, Bardstown Nelson Co KY d 10/02/1865 Austin TX dau of Gov William Pope Duval and Nancy Hynes
-2-1 Thomas Howard Duval b 11/04/1813 Bardstown, Nelson Co KY d 10/10/1880 m Laura Peyton Duval
-2-2 Elizabeth Duval b 1819 TallahasseeFL m Norborne Beall
-2-3 Marcia Duval b 1819 Bardstown, Nelson Co KY d 10/02/1865 m William Price, George Washington Paschal
-2-4 Laura Harrison Duval b 9/15/1820 Bardstown, Nelson Co KY d 11/08/1907 m Arthur Moray Randolph b 23 Aug 1815 VA d 19 Oct 1867 GA bur St James Episcopal Marietta GA son of Thomas Eston Randolph b 11 Apr 1767 and Jane Cary Randolph
Po8-4-2-6 capt William Pope b aft 10/23/1753 Louisa Co d 7/18/1852 Powhatan Co VA
m Ann Woodson b c 1762 Henrico Co dau of Charles Woodson Jr b c 1737 d c 1789 and Ann Trotter b c 1740 d 1806
-1 Lucy Ann Pope b 5/21/1793 Powhatan Co d 3/21/1834 m Robert Kelso Dabney b c 1789 Prince Edward Co VA d 1877 -1-1 William Pope Dabney b 7/17/1829 Powhatan Co d 3/05/1894 VA m Lela Bankhead Madison b 1839 VA
Po8-4-2-7 Elizabeth Pope b aft 5/15/1760 Louisa Co d 10/15/1815 Logan Co KY
m Maj Claiborne Duval b 7/16/1760 Henrico Co d 3/07/1824 son of Col Samuel Duval b 22 Jan 1714 and Lucy Caiborne
-1 Claiborne Lawson Duval b 1/04/1788 Richmond City d 9/13/1834 m Jane Elizabeth Russell b 30 Jul 1794 VA d 10 Jan 1861
-2 Alexander De La Plaunche Duval b 30 NOV 1793 Richmond City d 6 JAN 1851 m Margaret Gwin b 7 Apr 1800 Sumner Co TN d 2 Jul 1863
-3 Catherine Eliza Duval b 5/24/1797 Danville Mercer Co KY m Samuel Shepherd Duval
-1-1 William Claiborne Duval b 1/30/1824 KY d MO, McDonald Co, Pineville m Paralee E. Holland b c 1826 KY
-2-1 Elisabeth Pope Duval b 21 MAY 1819 Sumner Co d 25 SEP 1901 m William Hobson McNairy b c 1810 TN d 14 FEB 1873

-2-1-1 Susan Vaux McNairy b 11 OCT 1841 TN, Davidson Co d 18 MAY 1924 m John Cleves Symmes b c 1835 KY son of Joseph Symmes b 1776

-2-1-1-1 John Cleves Symmes b 27 JAN 1868 TN d 1918 m Marion Yorke Lawrence b 15 NOV 1869 TN d 1 FEB 1971 Philadelphia PA bur TN, Davidson Co, The Hermitage dau of John Marshall Lawrence b 6 Sep 1823 and Rachel Jackson b 1 Nov 1832
-2-1-1-1-1 John Cleves Symmes b 15 JAN 1891 m Catherine Crichton
-2-1-1-1-2 Sue Rae Symmes b 12 AUG 1893 TN m James J. McCutcheon Jr.
-2-1-1-1-3 Marion Yorke Symmes b 8 AUG 1895 d JUN 1965 m Milton Anthony Candler
Po8-4-2-8 Nathaniel Pope b aft 1761 Westmoreland Co d 1849 Taylorsville VA
m Mary "Polly" Duval b c 1762 d 6 Mar 1849 dau of Col Samuel Duval b 22 Jan 1714 and Lucy Claiborne b c 1725 d 6 Mar 1810
-1 Katherine E. Pope b 23 MAR 1793 Hanover Co d 28 SEP 1849 Richmond City m Thomas Calthorpe Howard b 19 JUL 1787 York Co d 27 AUG 1834 Monroe Co -1
-1-1 Nathaniel Pope Howard b 6 JAN 1809 Richmond City d 23 APR 1870
-1-2 Wiiliam Henry Howard b 1 MAY 1811 Hanover Co d 23 APR 1880
-1-3 Anne Howard b 1/1813 20 MAY 1813
-1-4 Charles Howard b 23 FEB 1814 Richmond City d 3 OCT 1854
-1-5 Thomas Howard b 23 JAN 1816 Richmond City d 27 SEP 1873
-1-6 Edward Calthorpe Howard b 30 NOV 1817 Hanover Co d 14 JUN 1885
-1-7 John Howard b 2 NOV 1819 Richmond City d 27 FEB 1857
-1-8 Philip Francis Howard b 10 DEC 182 Richmond City d 16 OCT 1886
-1-9 Mary Dellia Howard b 26 OCT 1823 VA d 1824
-1-10 Marion Howard b 3/1825 Richmond City d 31 JAN 1880
-1-11 Catherine Eliza Howard b 24 NOV 1826 VA d 24 APR 1832
-1-12 Robert Howard b 5 JUN 1828 Richmond City d 18 DEC 1886
-1-13 Ellen Howard b 29 JUN 1830 Richmond City d 24 NOV 1891
-1-14 Conway Robinson Howard b 31 JAN 1832 2 AUG 1895
-1-15 Lewis Pendelton Howard b 1 JAN 1833 Richmond City d 5 JUN 1835

-1-4-1 Julian Smith Howard b 10 JUL 1853 Richmond City d 17 MAY 1884 Richmond Co, Warsaw bur WV, Jefferson Co, Charles Town, Zion Episcopal Cemetery m Eleanor Love Selden Washington b 14 MAR 1856 Fairfax Co, Mount Vernon Estate d 7 NOV 1937 dau of John Augustine Washington b 3 May 1821 and Eleanor Love Selden b 12 Apr 1824

-1-4-1-1 Sarah Smith Howard b 28 MAR 1881 Richmond Co, Warsaw d 4 AUG 1965 m Hugh Milton Caldwell b 7 JUN 1880 Knoxville TNd 29 JAN 1955 1920-1922 Seattle Mayor
-1-4-1-1-1 Eleanor Washington Caldwell b 27 DEC 1905 Seattle d17 DEC 1994 m Charles Nelson Ingraham
-1-4-1-1-2 Jane Kearsley Caldwell b 10 AUG 1908 Seattle dOCT 1975
-1-4-1-1-3 Anna Howard Caldwell b 6 APR 1910 Seattle d15 AUG 2003
-1-4-1-1-4 Hugh Milton Caldwell b 24 MAY 1918 Seattle d 14 MAY 1941
Po8-4-3 John Henry Pope b c 1725 moved to NC
m x ?Burwell
-1 Burwell Pope b 1752 Ensign 1st NC Reg, Continental Line 1 Sep 1775, mem NC Leg 1781/2 GA Senatte 1795/6, res Wilkes Co m 6 Sep 1772 Priscilla Wootten
-2 Willis Pope
-3 Henry Augustine Pope b 6 Aug 1760 moved to Olglethorpe Co Ga m1 Clara Hill m2 Luca Hobson dau of Gov Samuel Lumpkin
-4? possibly here was: Elijah Pope b 1772 Northampton Co NC d 1840 Scottsville Allen Co KY m Temperance Murrell b 1778 NC d aft 1850 Hot Springs Garland Co AR dau of Barnaby Murrell b 1725 and Amy Goodson

-4-1 Murril Pope b 1801 NC 1867 m Rebecca C. Williams b 1809 TN d 1892 Crawford Co AR
-4-2 Nelson Anderson Pope b 1/24/1803 NC d8/01/1856 m Nancy A Williams b 1 May 1812 Camden Benton Co TN d 1892 Mountainburg
-4-3 William Pope b c 1806 NC
-4-4 John Pope b 1810 NC liv 1850 Hot Springs Garland Co AR m Nancy French b 1814 IA

-4-1-1 Sarah Pope b 3/06/1829 TN d 2/23/1921 m Thomas Simco Sr.
-4-1-2 Martin Van Buren Pope b 1837 TN d 12/28/1913 m1 Lavina Chastain m2 Mary D. x
-4-1-3 David Pope b 1838
-4-1-4 Mary Ann Pope b 1842 MO m Marion Francis Beakley
-4-1-5 Jerryline Pope b 1848 AR
-4-1-6 William Thomas "Buddy" Pope b 5/13/1851 Crawford Co AR d 4/18/1921 m Amanda Combs
-4-2-1 Martha Jane Pope b 4/20/1834 TN d 2/07/1921 m Samuel Wilson Meadors
-4-2-2 John Houston Pope b 11/14/1835TN d 7/17/1887 m Mary A. Aday
-4-2-3 Gillis Pope b 1839 TN d 1840
-4-2-4 William M Pope b 1840 TN d 1858
-4-2-5 Matilda Adiline Pope b 1845 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 1/15/1889 m William B. Glidewell
-4-2-6 Thomas "Burton" Pope b 4/09/1847 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 8/28/1940 m Sarah Emmaline Teague
-4-2-7 Malissa Ann Pope b 2/28/1849 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 3/04/1933 m Samuel Christopher Sill
-4-2-8 Joseph Merrill Pope b 2/15/1852 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 11/29/1910 m Amanda Jane "Mandy" Teague, Narrah Arminta "Mintie" Wells
-4-2-9 James K Pope b 12/15/1856 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 2/24/1941 m Malisa A. Graham
-4-2-10 Nelson Anderson Pope b 12/15/1856 Lancaster Crawford Co d 1/23/1944 m Sarah Angeline "Annie" Maxwell
-4-4-1 William Pope b 1834 TN
-4-4-2 Mary Ann Pope b 1/12/1837 TN d 11/07/1869 m John Andrew Jack b 27 Jan 1836 AL
-4-4-3 John C Pope b 1838 TN
-4-4-4 Riley Pope b 1839 TN d 3/25/1862
-4-4-5 Elizabeth Pope b 1842 AR m John Sherrill Gentry
-4-4-6 George W Pope b 1843 AR
-4-4-7 James Pope b 1845 AR

-4-1-4-1 Nancy Jane Jack b 8/15/1859 AR d 4/19/1925 m Albert B. Orrell b 5 Feb 1859 IN d 1916 Garland Co AR
-4-1-4-2 Martha Ann Jack b 3/27/1867 AR d 11/1944
-4-2-7-1 William Alford Sill b 10/26/1866 Billings Christian Co Mo d 11/27/1866
-4-2-7-2 Joshaway Sill b 9/23/1867 Billings Christian Co Mo d 9/23/1867
-4-2-7-3 Sarah Arenia "Renny" Sill b 9/24/1868 Billings Christian Co Mo d 4/14/1954 Robert "Silas " Reed
-4-2-7-4 Harvie Allen Sill b 4/11/1871 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 12/01/1945 m Helen Elizabeth Veal
-4-2-7-5 James H. N Sill b 4/04/1874 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 11/06/1891
-4-2-7-6 Elsey Lee Sill b 3/04/1875 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 5/28/1952 m Rosa Evans
-4-2-7-7 Ottey Edward Sill b 6/17/1877 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 10/16/1918
-4-2-7-8 John Christopher Sill b 12/25/1879 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 10/7/1946 m Rosie Pearl Sill
-4-2-7-9 Thomas Albert Sill b 9/13/1882 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 8/31/1883

-4-1-4-1-1 Andrew Oliver Orrell b 9/30/1882 Garland Co Garland Co AR d 8/04/1945 m Florence Estelle Henson
-4-1-4-1-2 Lou Jane Orrell b 9/29/1886 AR d 3/17/1979 m Dow Lorenza Buck
-4-1-4-1-3 Lewis Albert Orrell b 4/05/1889 Pearcy AR d 10/03/1964 m Elsie Lee Eddlemon
-4-1-4-1-4 Jesse James Orrell b 5/25/1891 AR d 2/06/1922 m May Dee Smith
-4-1-4-1-5 Rena Catherine Orrell b 6/30/1893 AR d 11/04/1924
-4-1-4-1-6 Martha Ellen Orrell b 10/27/1895 AR d 1/19/1968 m Robert Edward Gillham
-4-1-4-1-7 Lillie Marie Orrell b 2/03/1900 AR d 1/03/1916
-4-1-4-1-8 Archie Lee Orrell b 6/30/1903 AR d 2/16/1982 m Una Mae Reece
-4-2-7-3-1 Freddie Riley Reed b 1/23/1889 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 4/22/1891
-4-2-7-3-2 Gola Mae Reed b 6/09/1892 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 5/23/1970 m1 Thomas Bradford Brackett b 6 Jan 1889 GA m2 Marion Alvin Westfall m3 James Brown
-4-2-7-3-2-1 Mary Malisa Brackett b 11/22/1911 Denver CO d 12/05/1911
-4-2-7-3-2-2 Dearl Louis Brackett b 7/25/1918 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 2/14/1965 m Violet Mildred Tammer
-4-2-7-3-3 August Edward Reed b 8/08/1899 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 3/07/1927 m Maudie Elizabeth Ross
-4-2-7-3-3-1 Earl L Reed b 1919 AR 5/18/1935
-4-2-7-3-3-2 Robert Houston "Roy" Reed b 6/2/1923 Mountainburg Crawford Co d 12/12/1997
Po8 Worden Pope b about 1705 will dated 14 Jan 1748 probated 29 Aug 1749. He was originally named John Worden Pope after his godfather, Dr. John Worden. He lived in Westmoreland Co Va. shows his name as William
m Hester Netherton Ne8 b ABT 1715 in Va d AFT 1749, dau of >
She m2 Lynaugh Helm, brother of her son-in-law Thomas Helm, moved to Pr Wm Co Va His will was dated 14 Jan 1748 probated 29 Aug 1749
Ne7-4 William Willis Helm b c 1751 d Bath Steuben Co NY in 1826 having sold his plantation in Prince Wm County in 1802 m1 Matilda Taliaferro d 1807 + 5 ch dau of Jane Champe TALIAFERRO b about 1750 m Francis TALIAFERRO b 15 Nov 1743 Spotsylvania Co d 1815 m2 Susan Thornton, widow of Major Presley Thornton of VA
Ne7-4-1 Lynaugh Helm b
Ne7-4-2 Thomas Helm b
Ne7-4-3 Amelia Helm b
Ne7-4-4 William Willis Helm Jr b
Ne7-4-5 Jane Helm b
Ne7-4-6 Matilda Helm b
Ne7-4-7 Hay Taliaferro Helm b
Ne7-4-8 Francis Taliaferro Helm b 1790 d 1871 Louisville KY m Sarah McKinney
( shows Worden's wife as Hester Edrington dau of Christopher Edrington Jr and Mary Payton.)
+1 Henry Netherton b 1680 Cecil MD d 1716 Westmoreland VA
m Sarah Tucker b 2 AUG 1663 in Westmoreland Co Virginia
-b Henry Netherton b 1710 Westmoreland VA d 1788 Augusta VA m Sarah Rhoades
-b-1 Henry Netherton III m Elizabeth
-b-1-1 Enoch Netherton b 1788 Greene Co NC d Cocke Co TN m Mary Lee b 1788
-b-1-1-1 John Netherton b 17 Jan 1809 Cocke Co TN m Nancy Candler b 1827
-b-1-1-1-1 Charles Netherton b 1850 d 1925 m Laura Roberts b 1862 d 1919
-b-1-2 John Netherton b 1747 d 1834 m Elizabeth
-b-1-2-1 Henry Netherton b 1769 d 1840 m Nancy Hardin b 1769
-b-1-2-1-1 Nancy Netherton b 1809 Henry Co KY d 1860 Warren Co MO m Joseph Eillis b 1806 d 1883
-b-1-2-1-1-1 Henra Ellis b 1829 d 1903
-b-1-2-1-1-2 Mildred Ellis b 1831
-b-1-2-1-1-3 Charles Ellis b 1833 m Mary Booker
-b-1-2-1-1-4 Luca Ellis b 1837
-b-1-2-1-1-5 Ann Ellis b 1839
-b-1-2-1-1-6 Paulina Ellis b 1842 m Thomas Burton
-b-1-2-1-1-7 Stephen Ellis b 1846
-b-1-2-1-1-8 John Ellis b 1849 d 1923 m1 Malissa Doss b 1844 d 1886 m2 Martha Wilson b 1864 d 1929
-b-1-2-1-1-9 William Ellis b 1852 d 1923 m1 Laura Burton d 1889 m2 Sarah Berdine b 1860 d 1928
-b-1-2-1-1-10 Martha Ellis b 1855
-b-1-2-1-1-11 Joseph Ellis
-c Elizabeth Netherton d 1737 m William Walker d 1749
-c-1 Thomas Walker d 1787 m Jean
-c-1-1 Anne Walker b 1767 d 1841 m Richard Johnston b 1759 d 1834
-c-1-1-1 Thomas Johnston b 1802 d 1831
-c-1-1-2 Louisiana Johnston b 1804 d 1888 m George Rothrock d 1865
-c-1-1-3 Jane Johnston b 1806 d 1889
-c-1-1-4 Gabriel Johnston b 1808
-c-2 william Walker b 25 Mar 1744 Stafford Co VA d 2 Feb 1807 Fredericksburg Spotsylvania Co VA
-c-3 John Walker b 1745
-c-4 James Walker b 1746
-c-5 Elizabeth Walker b 1747
-c-6 Robert Walker d 1795
+2 Richard Netherton
possibly related was first: Catherine Netherton, b 1838 m 11 JAN 1849 in Harrison Co., MO Robert Y Ford b MAY 1824 KY d JUN 1864 son of Ford, Robert and Nancy Yarbrough,
-1 Ford, Johnson b SEP 1850 Harrison Co., MO
-2 Ford, James H. b 1856 Harrison Co., MO
-3 Ford, Nancy E b 1859 Harrison Co., MO
-4 Ford, Thomas W. b 1861 Harrison Co., MO
-5 Ford, Robert G. b 1863 Harrison Co., MO
second: Nancy Netherton b 1590 d 1610 m Joseph Ellis b 1585 d 1610
-1 Ann E. Ellis in Giggleswick, Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire b 7 Feb 1608 d 1660 m about 1632/42 William Armistead bapt 3 Aug 1610 at All Saints, Kirk Deighton,York, England. Yorkshire, England, d in 1666 in Hesse, Gloucester, Lands patented within the present boundaries of Gloucester and Matthews Counties, Virginia. Abstracted from the Land Patent Books in the Land Office, Richmond, Virginia. Book 2, Pg 331, July 1, 1651, 1231 acres. Matthews County, Book 2, Pg 331, July 1, 1651, 600 Acres.
Po7 Benjamin Pope b 10 MAY 1740 in Va d 12 JUN 1816 in Bullitt Co Ky bur Shepherdsville, KY (N 37 59.1500 W 85 41.2833) in 1787 bought a tract of land on the Salt River opposite Patton's Fort, his son Worden Pope was put in charge of the ferry.
m 11 DEC 1766 in Fauquier Co Behethiland Foote Fo7
Po6-1 George Foote Pope clerk of Bullitt County
m Martha Lancaster Dozier, whose father was a Frenchman and a captain of a company in General Lafayette's army during the Revolution.
-1 William Foote Pope
-2 John Dozier Pope b 5 Sep 1822 d 11 Jan 1902 Louisville Legion in the Mexican war, auditor of the City of Louisville, Lt Col CSA m Euphemia Parkhurst
-3 Worden Pope
-4 Elizabeth Ellen Pope
-5 Sallie Ann Pope
-6 Charles Wickliff Pope

-2-1 Dr. Clarence T. Pope
-2-2 Dr. George Laughton Pope b 20 Feb 1856 m Genevieve Greenley b West Point Ky dau of T. B. Greenley, M.D. LL.D.

-2-2-1 Genevieve Pope m y Archer
-2-2-2 Prof Dr. John Greenley Pope, medical department of the University of Louisville m Marguerite Hamilton

-2-2-2-1 Elizabeth Hamilton Pope
-2-2-2-2 Helen Lee Pope
Po6 Worden Pope b about 1776 Pope’s Creek, Va/1772 Fauquier Co d 20 Apr 1838 in Louisville, Ky, a protogee of Stephen Ormsby, then clerk of the Jefferson Courts, a lawyer of distinction and who later on in life adorned both the bench and a seat in the Federal Congress at Washington, induced Worden to come with him to Louisville, where he at once installed him as deputy in his office as clerk of the Circuit Court and county clerk.
m 11 Sep 1804 in Jefferson Co Ky Elizabeth Taylor Thruston Th6 She seems to have brought TB into the family.
Po5 Patrick Henry Pope 1806 - 1841 m18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5
Po5-2 Edmund Pendleton Pope m Nancy Johnson
Po5-3 Col Curran Pope 1813- 186?4 m Matilda Jacob, dau of John Jeremiah Jacob and Fo6-12 Ann Overton Fontaine
Po5-4 Hamilton Pope
Po5-5 Paul Pope (d y)
Po5-6 Moses Pope (d y)
Po5-7 Edmonia Pope (d unm)
Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1883) m Dr. William Henry Galt 1827 Ky - 1893 and had issue.
Po4-2 Urith Lawrence Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1884) m Joshua Fry Lawrence in 1851
Po4-3 James Brown Pope (1830-?) ¬
Po4-4 Ellen E.?D. Pope (25 July 1831 ? - ?) m Dr. John Thruston, son of Charles M. Thruston, on 13 Dec 1858.
Po4-5 Mary Emmeline Pope (1832 ¬-?)
Po4-6 Worden Pope (9 Apr 1836 - ? ) Went to Nicaragua
Po4 Mary Ann Pope (30 Sept 1838 - 1897)
Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope, died young. (1840 ¬-?)
Po5-2-1 Alfred Thruston Pope m 1st cousin, Mary Tyler Pope Po5-3-1 only dau of his uncle.

Po4-3-1? possibly here was. James Pope b 20 Feb 1858 MO d 24 Sep 1904 TX m 12 Nov 1875 MO d 24 Jan 1916 TX Emma Thuett

Po4-3-1-1 Willie Myrtle Pope b 9 Jul 1897 Kaufman TX d 24 Jul 1960 Dallas TX m1 Edward Hubbard m2 Warren Watson b 1878 d 1941 son of John Watson b 1834 and Mary Edwards

Po4-3-1-1-1 Roxie Hubbard b 1916
Po4-3-1-1-2 Murel Watson b 1922 d 2008 m Tom Johnson b 1921
Po4-3-1-1-3 Billy Watson b 1931 m Marcelline Curry author's DNA match
Po6-3 William Pope had at least two sons, Po6-2-1Senator John Pope and Po6-2-2 Nathaniel Pope
Po6 = 7 Thomas Pope Sr and had issue
m 7 JUN 1768 in Fauquier Co Du7 Ann Duncan (1745 - 19 Jul 1839)
Po6-1 Jane Gale Pope m Robert Terrill
Po6-2 Mary Ann Pope d. 1806 m John Sutton
Po6-3 Alexander Pope b: BEF 1770
Po6-4 John Pope b: ABT 1770 m Mary Vance d. 1815
Po6-4-1. Thomas A Pope2
Po6-5 Jeremiah Pope
Po6-6 Humphrey Pope b c 1771 d c 1840
Po6-7 Thomas Pope Jr b BEF 1772 m Elizabeth Lair dau of Andrew Lair and Lady Frances Hubbard, July 27, 1803 in Garrard Co Ky
Po6 Phyllis Ann Pope b 26 MAY 1773 in Fauquier, Va m Charles Bland Bl6 b 2 DEC 1765 in Va d 26 Sept 1842 Ky
Po6-9 Elizabeth Pope b ABT 1780 m Nathaniel Robert Jurney b. a 1770, d. 1816
Po6-10 Robert Pope b: BEF 1781 in Virginia Colony ??m 26 Feb 1799 in Gerrard Co Ky Ellener Vance
Po6-11 William Pope b 25 FEB 1785 m Mary Lair b. a 1788 dau of Andrew Lair and Lady Frances Hubbard
Po6-2-1 William Sutton, b. May 28, 1788,
Po6-2-2 Christopher Sutton,
Po6-2-3 Alemander Sutton
Po6-2-4 John Sutton
Po6-4-1 Thomas A Pope
Po6-7-1 William Pope,
Po6-7-2 Andrew Pope ??m 29 Oct 1839 in Gerrard Co Ky Emily Dunn
Po6-7-3 Thomas Pope
Po6-7-4 Mary Pope b. Jun 15, 1807
Bl5 John Thomas/Thomas Pope Bland b 10 DEC 1791 in Lincoln Co Va Colony(=KY) d ABT JUN 1844 in Pike Co, Missouri
Burial: 1844 Pike County, Missouri
Bl5-2 Nancy Bland b 04 Jan 1793
Bl5-3 Sally Bland b 11 Oct 1794 d 05 Nov 1822, m Erasmus Wilmot b: 1790 d 18 Apr 1829
Bl5-3-1 Sally Wilmot, m. William H. Crow
Bl5-3-1-1 Benjamin F. Wilmot b 20 Sep 1818
Bl5-4 Mildred Bland b 01 May 1796, m 2 Jan 1825 in Gerrard Co Ky Thomas Austin
Bl5-5 Prudence Bland b 01 Oct 1797, m Robert Austin
Bl5-5-1 x/y Austin
.Bl5-5-2 Will Austin
Bl5-6 Benjamin Bland b 07 Mar 1799
Bl5-7 Mary Bland b 10 Sep 1800, m. James S. Alderson b 18 Jul 1798
Bl5-8 Elizabeth Bland b 21 Feb 1802
Bl5-9 John Bland b 21 Jul 1804 d 28 Feb 1858, m Cynthia Ann Cox
Bl5-10 Kisiah Bland b 12 Jan 1806 d 19 Feb 1860, m James Brown
Bl5-11 James Bland b 12 Jun 1808
Bl5-12 Julianne Bland b 17 Jan 1810, m Thomas A. Pope
Bl5-13 Charles Josiah Bland b: 05 Mar 1812 d about 1 Jul 1894
Bl5-14 Hiram Bland b 9 Feb 1814 d 18 Feb 1858
Bl5-15 Alemander/Alexander Bland b: 20 Oct 1817 d 04 Dec 1897, m 29 Aug 1840 in Gerrard Co Ky Margaret Bourne b 31 Aug 1819 d after 1897 and had issue
Po6-9-1. William Journey b. before 1795
Po6-9-2. Temperance Journey b. about 1798
Po6-9-3. John Journey b. about 1804
Po6-9-4. Mariah Jurney b. about 1808
Po6-9-5. Meredith Journey b. about 1810, d. 1833
Po6-9-6. Nimrod Journey b. about 1811
Po6-9-7. Ninian Edward Journey b. Oct 2, 1813, d. Feb 8, 1846
Po6-9-8. Wilson Jurney b. before 1816
Po6-9-9. Delilah Jurney b. before 1816
Po6-11-1. Helena Pope b. about 1808, d. about 1891
Po6-11-2. Thomas Worden Pope b. May 22, 1810, d. Jan 13, 1880
Po6-11-3. William L Pope
Po7-2 Col. William Pope b Pr William Co Va d Jefferson Co Ky
m in Fauquier Co Va Penelope Edwards dau of >
+1 Hayden Edwards of Fauquier Co. Va b 16 MAR 1715/16 in Stafford Co d Ky 13 JUL 1803 will probated Paris, Bourbon Co Ky
m Penelope Sanford b ABT 1725 in England
-b Benjamin Edwards b 12 AUG 1753 in Stafford Co Va m Margaret Beall b 1754 in Montgomery Co MD dau of Ninan Beall b 1724 in Montgomery Co Md and Ruth Hamilton b 1728 in Prince Georges Co MD
-b-1 Ninian Edwards , Governor b 17 MAR 1775 in Montgomery Co Md
-b-2 Mary 'Polly' Edwards b 14 MAR 1777 in Montgomery Co Md
-b-3 Presley Edwards b 7 OCT 1784 in Md m Hester Pope s.b.
-b-4 Rachel Edwards b ABT 1790 in Montgomery Co Maryland
-b-5 Lucretia Marie Edwards b 14 JAN 1792 in Montgomery Co Md
-b-6 Dr. Benjamin Franklin Edwards b 2 JUL 1797 in Montgomery Co M
+2 William Edwards of Lancaster Co Va grandfath of Gov Ninian Edwards of Illinois
Po7-2-1 Penelope Pope b 12 FEB 1769 d 16 SEP 1821 in Jefferson Co Ky,
m1 Lieutenant Colonel William Oldham d 4 Nov 1791 at St Clair's defeat son of Isaac Oldham bro of Samuel Oldham (Ol8), and were the ancestors of R.C. Ballard Thruston. Mr. Thruston was related to Mrs. George Nicholas (Ni3-5) on the Oldham line, as well as to George Nicholas Ni3-5 on the Thruston and Pope lines.
Po7-2-1-1 Abigail 'Abbey' Pope Oldham b 1 MAY 1789 in of Allegheny Co Pa
m1 Samuel Churchill b 10 JAN 1779 in Va son of Armistead Churchill b 25 NOV 1733 in Middlesex Co Va and Elizabeth Blackwell b: ABT 1741 in Virginia
Po7-2-1-1-1 Mary Eliza Churchill b 14 APR 1804 in Louisville, Ky d 9 FEB 1842 in Louisville
Charles William Thruston b ABT 1800 in Louisville
Po7-2-1-1-2 Armistead Ludwell Churchill b 27 OCT 1810 in Louisville Ky d MAY 1873 in Mo
m Rebecca Catlett b: ABT 1816 in Frederick Co., Va
-1 Letitia Churchill b: 30 DEC 1839 in Union Co., Ky
m 14 Oct 1858 Charles Peter Buck b: 17 AUG 1835 in Montgomery Co Tn
Po7-2-1-1-3 Abigail 'Abby' Prather Churchill b: 9 MAR 1817 in Louisville, Ky
m 9 JAN 1834 Meriwether Lewis Clark b: 10 JAN 1809 in St. Louis Mo son of William Clark , Governor & Explorer b: 1 AUG 1770 in Caroline Co Va
Mother: Judith 'Julia' Hancock b: 21 NOV 1791 in Fincastle, Botetourt Co Va,
-1 Meriwether Lewis 'Lutie' Clark b: 27 JAN 1846 in Louisville Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. (Jan 27, 1846 - April 22, 1899) was the founder of the Louisville Jockey Club and the builder of Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is run.
m1 30 DEC 1865 in Louisville Julia Davidson b 18 JAN 1846 in New Orleans, Louisiana
m2 Mary Martin Anderson b: 18 SEP 1852 in Ky
Po7-2-1-1-4 John Pope Rowan Churchill b: 20 MAR 1819 in Louisville, Ky d 21 MAR 1897 in Louisville
m1 2 MAR 1858 Selena Ormsby Gray b: 1830 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky
m2 11 NOV 1890 Emma or Ermina 'Tina' Nicholas b: 8 APR 1854 in Ky d 1896 in Louisville dau of George Nicholas Ni4 b: 13 AUG 1831 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky and Emma Hawes b ABT 1836 in Kentucky
-1 John Pope Rowan Churchill b: 19 SEP 1891 in Louisville,
Maj Gen Thomas James Churchill
Po7-2-1-1-5 Thomas James Churchill , Governor b: 10 MAR 1824 in Louisville, Ky d 14 MAY 1905 in Little Rock, Ark educated at St. Mary's College and studied law at Transylvania University.
m 13 Jul 1849 Anna 'Annie' M. Sevier b: MAR 1830 in Little Rock
He served during the Mexican-American War and rose to the rank of lieutenant in a regiment of mounted infantry. He was captured by the Mexican Army and remained a prisoner of war until near the end of the conflict. In 1848, he moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, Major General CSA At the start of the Civil War, Churchill offered his services to the state and was elected colonel of the 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles. His first combat took place at the Battle of Wilson's Creek near Springfield, Missouri. On March 4, 1862, he was promoted to brigadier general and soon thereafter took part in Maj. Gen. Kirby Smith's Kentucky Campaign. Churchill played an important role in the victory at Richmond, Kentucky, leading his men along a ravine that became known as "Churchill's Draw" to deliver a surprise and successful flanking attack. On February 17, 1864, Churchill was cited as one of three officers to receive special recognition in a Thanks of Confederate Congress resolution for his actions at Richmond. In the latter part of 1862, Churchill was transferred back to Arkansas and placed in charge of the fortifications at Arkansas Post. In January 1863, the Post was attacked and seized in the Battle of Fort Hindman by an overwhelming Union force under Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand. After his exchange, Churchill served in the District of Arkansas of the Trans-Mississippi Department and commanded a division during the Red River Campaign. He played a major role in the Battle of Jenkins Ferry and was promoted to major general on March 17, 1865. After the war, Churchill was Arkansas State Treasurer from 1874 to 1880 and Governor of Arkansas from 1881 to 1883. Churchill died in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is buried there at historic Mount Holly Cemetery.
m2 29 DEC 1792 in Ky Henry 'Harry' Churchill b: 1768
Po7-2-1-2 Worden Pope Churchill b: 16 JUN 1804 in Louisville Ky d 3 JUL 1830 in Louisville
m 22 APR 1829 Mary Jane Prather b: 11 AUG 1809 in Louisville Ky dau of Thomas Prather b: 2 DEC 1770 in Md and Matilda Fontaine b: 18 SEP 1782 in Va
Po7-2-1-2-1 Worden Pope Churchill b 27 JAN 1830 in Louisville Ky d 6 APR 1916 in Louisville
m Sarah 'Sally' Barbour Harrison b 1835 in Henderson Co Ky d after 1860 dau of James Barbour Harrison b 20 SEP 1798 in Kentucky and Matilda Williams b ABT 1808
Po7-2-2 John Pope b 1770 Pr William Co Va, d 12 Jul 1845 Gov Ter Arkansas 1829-37, US Sen. Married ?= m Ann Henry Christian -1 Nathaniel Pope US Fed Judge in Illinois
-1-1 Maj Gen John Pope
Po7-2-3 Alexander Pope b ABT 1776 in Va d before 1850 in Louisville Ky
m 4 OCT 1806 in Jefferson Co Martha Fontaine b 14 MAR 1785 in Va
Aaron Fontaine b 30 NOV 1753 in Charles City Co Va
m Barbara Overton Terrell b 3 SEP 1756 in Virginia
Po7-2-3-1 Penelope E. Pope b ABT 1815 in Louisville Ky
m William Prather Pr5-2 b 9 FEB 1804 in Louisville
Po7-2-4 Judge Nathaniel Pope b 5 JAN 1784 in Louisville, Jefferson Co Ky
m 1820 Lucretia Bachus b 7 JAN 1787 in New London Conn
-1 Gen John Pope b 18 MAR 1822/3 in Louisville, Jefferson Co Ky d 23 SEP 1892 in Ohio Soldier's Home, Sandusky Oh
m 15 Sep 1859 Clara Pomeroy Horton b 18 SEP 1834 in Pomeroy, Meigs Co, Ohio
Po7-2-5 Jane Pope b c 1786 m Maj Abner Field -1 Nathan Field of Jeffersonville In
-2 Col Alexander Pope FIELD
Po7-2-6 Hester Pope b ABT 1788 in Russellville Logan Co Ky d there aft 1860
m Presley Edwards b 7 OCT 1784 in Md son of Benjamin Edwards and Margaret Beall
Po7-2-7 Elizabeth Pope b ABT 1772 in Fauquier Co Va d AFT NOV 1815 in Missouri
m Gen. George Trotter b ABT 1772
Po7-3 Jean/Jane Pope b about 1740 d 21 MAY 1816 in Hardin Co Ky
m 17 APR 1760 in Westmoreland Co Va Thomas Helm b 14 SEP 1731 in Prince William Co Va In recognition of his service during the revolutionary war, Thomas Helm was granted a parcel of 1000 acres on Beargrass Creek near the Falls of the Ohio. He moved his family to this location in the fall of 1779, but after several children and Negroes died of spotted fever, he decided to move his family to the south. The Helm family migrated to Severns Valley in the spring of 1780.
Po7-3-2 ANN ELIZABETH HELM ?= Betsy Helm b 1775 d 1815 m Howard Finley b 1767 d 1840
Po7-3-9 John L. Helm b 29 NOV 1761 in Prince William Co Va, d 3 APR 1840 in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Kentucky
m Sarah 'Sally' Brown b 22 MAR 1773 in Pennsylvania/?Elizabeth Andrews
m 22 MAR 1787 in Nelson Co Ky d 19 JAN 1853 in Hardin Co Ky
Po7-3-9-1 Jane Helm b: 26 DEC 1793 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky
m Andrew Avitt b: 24 OCT 1785 in Perry Co., Indiana Married: 3 FEB 1812 in Kentucky
Po7-3-9-1-1 Sarah Jane Avitt b 22 MAR 1817 in Breckinridge Co Ky d 3 MAY 1879 in Breckinridge Co Ky
m 21 SEP 1837 in Breckinridge Co Samuel S. Brashear b 21 SEP 1808 in Ky son of Joseph Brashear b 26 SEP 1770 in Brownsville, Fayette Co Pa and Elizabeth 'Betty' Cummings b ABT 1771, and grandson of William Brashear b 1742 in Prince Georges Co Md and Sarah Ann Ray b 1750 in Prince Georges Co Md
Po7-3-9-2 John Brown Helm b 28 OCT 1797 in Breckinridge Co Ky d 1 JUN 1872 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri Occupation: Attorney
m1 20 JUL 1824 in Hardin Co Maria Jane Pope Helm b: 29 MAR 1806 in Hardin Co Ky + 3 ch
m2 after 1840 Mary Ann Crump b 14 MAR 1812 in Ky + 2 ch
Po7-3-9-2-1 Matilda Helm b about 1839
Po7-3-9-2-2 Benjamin Helm b about 1840
Po7-3-9-2-3 Sallie C. Helm b about 1842
Po7-3-1-2-4 Beverly E. Helm, b about 1846
Po7-3-1-2-5 Mary A. Helm b about 1849
Po7-3-10 Benjamin 'Ben' Helm b: 8 MAY 1767 in Fauquier Co Va , Death: 24 FEB 1858 in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co Ky bur Helm Family Cemetery, Hardin Co Ky
m 17 MAY 1803 in Bardstown, Nelson Co Mary 'Polly' Edwards b 14 MAR 1777 in Montgomery Co Md d 1871 dau of Benjamin Edwards b 12 AUG 1753 in Stafford Co VA and Margaret Beall b 1754 in Montgomery Co MD
Po7-3-2-1 Maria Jane Pope Helm b 29 MAR 1806 in Hardin Co., Kentucky Death: 14 JAN 1840 in Hardin Co Kentucky , m John Brown Helm b: 28 OCT 1797 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky Married: 20 JUL 1824 in Hardin Co., Kentucky
Po7-3-11 George Helm b 7 APR 1773 in Fauquier Co Va d 1 Sep 1822
m 14 MAY 1801 in Hardin Co Ky Rebecca LaRue b: 1 MAY 1784 in Virginia
-1 John LaRue Helm, Governor b 4 JUL 1802 in Hardin Co Ky m 1830 in Kentucky Lucinda Barbour Hardin b 2 FEB 1809 in Ky dau of Benjamin Hardin and Elizabeth Pendleton Barbour of Bardstown
-2 Dr. William D. Helm , b 6 NOV 1807 in Hardin Co m Phoebe Lucretia Caldwell b 30 JUL 1816 in Adair Co Ky
-1-1 Gen Benjamin 'Ben' Hardin Helm b 2 JUN 1831 in Bardstown, Nelson Co Ky k Chickamauga 20 Sep 1863, CSA m 20 MAR 1856 Emilie P. Todd b 11 NOV 1838 in Lexington, Fayette Co Ky half-sister of Mary Todd m Pres. Lincoln
-1-1-1 Elodie 'Ella' Helm b 7 MAR 1859 in Kentucky or Alabama m 5 Oct 1899 Hardin Co Waller H. Lewis b: 13 MAR 1845 in Franklin Co Kentucky
Po7-3-12+ CHARLES HELM, b Jul 1777 Va d. 1831 m SALLIE CRUTCHER; b. Abt. 1780.
SARAH HELM, b. 27 Apr 1782, Virginia; d. 1843 m ISAAC CRUTCHER
Po7-4 John Pope trustee of the town of Dumfries 1786 mem of Va Assembly 1798/9
Po8-7 Jean/Jane Pope b 1699/1715 d Apr. 1732 m Overwarton Parish, Stafford Co Va George Williams d 12 Feb 1748/49 in Va (shown by -1 Nathaniel Williams, b 5 Oct 1730 Overwharton Stafford Co VA d 26 JUN 1786 in Charles Co Md m Elizabeth Hudson b 1731 in Charles Co Md dau of Thomas Hudson b: 1705 in Northumberland County, Virginia and Elizabeth Philbert b BEF 1712 in Charles Co
-2 Margaret Williams b 17 Apr 1732 Stafford d after 12 Sep 1763 Co Va d after 12 Sep 1763 m John Ralls Jr. son of John Ralls and Lidia Read Beck (dau of Edward Beck and Ann Quinnery Pullin
-3 Benjamin Williams b 14 JUN 1734 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-4 George Williams Jr, b 21 Aug 1736, Stafford Co VA m Nancy Edwards in 1775 in VA.
-5 John Pope Williams b 27 Sep 1739 Stafford Co d 18 Sep 1809 in Pendleton Co Ky m 19 Jul 1773 Fauquier Co Hanna Settle Minter b about 1750 dau of William Settle Minter b about 1725 and Sarah x
-6 Jesse Williams b 21 DEC 1741 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-7 Charles Williams, b May 01, 1745, Stafford Co VA d date unknown.
-8 William Waller Williams, b 26 Jan 1747/48, Stafford Co VA
-1-1 Davis Williams b AFT 1750
-1-2 Hudson Williams b AFT 1751 d 23 Jul 1787 Charles Co m Ann x
-1-3 Drusilla Williams b ABT 1757 in Charles Co Md d about 1802 m Warren Rye son of John Rye and Elizabeth Wheeler Evans
-1-4 Winifred Williams b 22 DEC 1759 in Charles Co Md m George Hudson b 1763 Charles Co
-1-5 Mary Magdalen Williams b ABT 1761 in Charles Co m about 1778 Thomas Nelson b about 1752 Durham par Charles Co son of Thomas Nelson b: ABT 1720 in Charles County, Maryland and Magdalen Hudson b ABT 1732 in Charles Co
-2-1 John Ralls b 20 Mar 1748 Stafford Co d about 1782 Stafford Co m Achsah x
-2-2 Lydia Beck Ralls b: 9 OCT 1749 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va d Harrison Co Ky m 7 Feb 1764 in Culpeper Co Va George Calvert b 6 FEB 1743/44 in Prince William Co Va
-2-3 George Ralls b: 9 OCT 1751 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Va
-2-4 Hezheba Ralls b 1 JUL 1753 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va
-2-5 Nathaniel William Ralls b: 26 JAN 1754 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va
-2-6 William Ralls b: ABT 1756 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Va
-2-7 Charles Ralls b: 13 FEB 1758 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va
-2-8 Amelia Ralls b: ABT 1759 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va
-2-9 Louisa Anne Ralls b: ABT 1761 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
-4-1 Sanford Williams,
-5-1 Nancy Williams b 1782 VA d 1854 d 17 Dec 1854 Harrison Co KY m 18 Sep 1797 in Fauquier Co Va Wiseman Hitch
-5-2 Hannah Williams m Archibald Duncan, b Overwarton Parish, Stafford Co VA.
-5-3 Elizabeth Williams, b Overwarton Parish, Stafford Co VA, m y Gill
-5-4 Jane Williams, b 9 Feb, 1789, Fauquier Co VA d 1861, LaBelle, Lewis Co Mo m 8 Oct 1810 in Harrison Co George C Hinson son of George Hinson and Susannah Settle

-2-2-1 Ralls Calvert b 9 OCT 1767 in Culpeper Co Va m Mary Wade Strother b: ABT 1774 in Culpeper Co
-2-2-2 Margaret Calvert b 25 APR 1770 in Culpeper Co Va
-2-2-3 Anne Beck Calvert b 6 SEP 1773 in Culpeper Co Va
-2-2-4 John Calvert b 17 MAY 1775 in Culpeper
-5-1-1 Walter* Hitch+
-5-1-2 Harriet Hitch+
-5-1-3 Archibald Duncan Hitch+
-5-1-4 Benjamin Franklin Hitch+
-5-1-5 Stephen* Hitch+
-5-1-6 William Henry Hitch+
-5-1-7 Sophrona Hitch+
-5-4-1 Amanda Hinson b Harrison Co, KY m y Staples,
-5-4-2 Sarah Hinson, b Harrison Co, KY d. date unknown.
-5-4-3 Ann Elizabeth Hinson, b., Harrison Co, KY
-5-4-4 William S Hinson, b March 1812, Harrison Co, KY d 20 Feb, 1890, LaBelle, Lewis Co MO.
-5-4-5 Judith Hinson, b July 16, 1814, Harrison Co, KY d 23 Mar 1885 LaBelle Lewis Co MO.
-5-4-6 George E. Hinson, b 22 Jun, 1822, KY d 12 Jan 1892 Lewis Co MO m 13 Mar 1849 in Lewis Co MO Henrietta Bourne dau of Morton Bourne and Tabitha White.
-5-4-6-1 Amanda Hinson, b 1849, Lewis Co, MO

-2-2-1-1 George Calvert b: 20 OCT 1795 in Culpeper Co
-5-4-6-2 Demaris Hinson, b 1853, Lewis Co, MO d date unknown.
-5-4-6-3 William Pope Hinson, b October 03, 1853, LaBelle, Lewis Co, MO d. January 08, 1910, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO81.
-5-4-6-4 Morton Hinson, b 1854, Lewis Co., Mo
-5-4-6-5 Rebecca Hinson, b 1858, Lewis Co, Mo
-5-4-6-6 Alma Hinson, b April 12, 1860, Lewis Co, MO
-5-4-6-7 Annie L Hinson, b 1862, Lewis Co, Mo
-5-4-6-8 Beauregard Hinson, b 1864, Lewis Co, MO
-5-4-6-9 Charles Hinson, b.1867, Lewis Co, MO
?Po8-8 Ann Pope
m y Wright
Po8-9 Elizabeth Pope b about 1695
m Bowen/Bourn Price of Kg George Co Va
-1 Ann Price b about 1715 ???= Elizabeth/Ann Price b 1707 Goochland Co Va d there 3 Sep 1758 m1 John Curd b charles Parish York Co d May 1752 Goochland Co Va m2 Richard oglesby
-2 John Price
-3 William Price
-1-1 John L Curd b 14 Apr 1726 Albemarle Va d 1800 Mercer Co Ky m Lucy Brent b 25 Nov 1735 Lancaster Co d 23 Jul 1815 Mercer Co KY
-1-2 William Curd b about 1730 d about 1798.
-1-3 Joseph Curd b about 1732 d about 1811
-1-4 Mary Curd b about 1733.
-1-5 Charles Curd b about 1734 d before 1788.[Notes]
-1-6 James Curd b about 1735 d about 1792.
-1-7 Elizabeth Curd b about 1738.
-1-9 Ann Curd b about 1750
-1-1-1 James Curd b 24 Jun 1763 Goochland Co d 11 Aug 1822 Stokes NC m Abigail Stewart b 1760 dau of Col David Stewart b 1728 Sussex DE d Dec 1807 Stokes NC and Abigail Harrison b 1729 Stokes NC d there 1802
-1-1-2 John Curd was born on 23 Nov bap 22 May 1762 in Goochland Va m Ann/Nancy Williams b 11 Jul 1762
-1-1-4 Nannie Curd b 5 Mar 1764.
-1-1-5 Catherine Curd b 29 Jan 1766.
-1-1-6 Newton Curd b 21 Nov 1767 d on 25 Aug 1822.
-1-1-7 Mary Curd b 10 Sep 1769 d on 30 Jun 1833.
-1-1-8 Price Curd b 14 Aug 1771 d on 7 Feb 1814.
-1-1-9 Daniel Curd b 14 Oct 1773 d on 18 Apr 1843
-1-1-10 Woodford Curd b 15 Dec 1775 d about 1822/1823.
-1-1-11 Merryman B. Curd b 12 May 1780 Lincoln, Ky d 2 Oct 1841 Trimble, Ky
-1-1-1-1 Ezekiel Curd b 1776 NC d 1860 Johnson TN m Mary Potter b 1790 Surry NC d 1860 Stokes NC dau of John Potter b 1763 Rowan NC d 18 Mar 1807 Roane TN (son of Thomas Potter and Five More Greene) Lydia Stewart b 1759 s.l.
-1-1-1-2 m Mary Potter b 1790 Surry NC d 1860 Stokes NC dau of John Potter b 1763 Rowan NC d 18 Mar 1807 Roane TN (son of Thomas Potter and Five More Greene) Lydia Stewart b 1759
-1-1-1-1/2-1 Abraham Franklin Curd b 1811 Mountain City Johnson TN d 23 APR 1855 Roane TN m Leah May Brooks/Brock b 1813 Mountain City d 1857 Roane TN dau of Reuben Brooks/Brock and Mary Smithpeter
-1-1-1-1/2-1-1 Ezekiel M Curd b Oct 1835 Mountain City TN d c 1909 Carter TN m Polly M Hammonds b 1835 TN d before1900 Johnson TN
Po8-10 Nathaniel Pope d 1737
m Margaret x she m2 Daniel Higdon
?9-3 possibly of this generation Sarah Pope b c 1680 but more likely Gylbert Pope descendants
m Daniel McCarty b 19 MAR 1678/79 in Westmoreland Co Virginia d 4 MAY 1724 in Westmoreland Co Va and had
Anna Barbara McCarty b 30 NOV 1702 in Westmoreland Co Va d 12 DEC 1737 in Stafford Co Va
m 5 Dec 1715 Maj John Fitzhugh b ABT 1691 in Stafford Co Va d 21 JAN 1733/34 in Stafford Co Va
?Po10-6 Claimed tobe of this generation Humphrey Pope 1645 in Westmoreland Va but actually Po11-5-1 see above
m 1670 Elizabeth Hawkins b about 1650 d 1717 Westmoreland Va dau of Richard Hawkins and Katherine Elizabeth Drake

Tucker Pedigree

Captain William Tucker b: 6 APR 1589 in England, living with his wife at Bass's Choise, Va. in Feb. 1623, Death: 1643
m before 1623 Mary Elizabeth Thompson b: 21 JAN 1597/98, Death: 1640. Since no other Thompsons were in virginia in 1623, we may assume she immigrated.
Tu10 John Tucker b: 8 SEP 1626 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia, Death: 5 MAY 1671 in Virginia
m Rose ?Gerrard b ABT 1630 in England, d 1712 in Westmoreland Co., Va, dau of Sir Dr. Thomas Gerrard, b 10 DEC 1608 in Lancashire, England, d 15 DEC 1673 in will probated St. Mary's Co Md Roman Catholic bur St. Clements Manor, Md Physician-surgeon of the colony ) and Susanna Snow b ABT 1614 in England, d ABT 1666 in St. Mary's Co Md bur St. Clements Manor, Md. His wife is also reputed to have been Rose Allerton b 1633 Carlton Manor Yorkshire Engl d Westmoreland Co Va, who might have been a first cousin of Isaac allerton whom married Elizabeth Willoughby
Tu9-1 Rose Tucker, ABT 1648 in Westmoreland Co Va d 1712 in Westmoreland Co Virginia bur Virginia, married her grandfather
m Sir Dr. Thomas Gerrard , b: 10 DEC 1608 in Lancashire, England
Tu9 Sarah Tucker, Birth: 2 AUG 1663 in Westmoreland Co Va d ABT 1715 in Virginia
m1 William Fitzhugh b: 10 JAN 1650/51 in Bedford, England Married: 1 MAY 1674 in Virginia, Death: 21 OCT 1701 in Stafford Co., Virginia, son of Henry Fitzhugh b: DEC 1614 in Bedford, England and Mary King b: ABT 1616 in England, and grandson of William Fitzhugh b: 15 JUN 1570 in England and Margaret Smith b: 26 AUG 1588 in England, and great grandson of John Fitzhugh b: ABT 1520 in England and Amy Negus b: ABT 1548, and 2nd gr. grandson of Thomas Fitzhugh b: 1450 in England and Christine Maidbury b: ABT 1452 in England, 3rd gr. grandson of Henry 6th Baron Fitzhugh b: ABT 1429 in Ravensworth Castle, England and Alice Neville b: ABT 1430 in Salisbury, Wiltshire Co., England
1 William Fitzhugh b: 1676 in King William Co Va.
2 Rosamond Fitzhugh b: 1680 in Stafford Co., Virginia
3 Henry Fitzhugh , Honorable b: 15 JAN 1686/87 in King George Co., Virginia
4 Thomas Fitzhugh b: 1689 in Stafford Co. , Virginia
5 George Fitzhugh b: 1690 in Virginia
6 John Fitzhugh b: ABT 1691 in Stafford Co., Virginia
m2 Henry Netherton Ne9 b: ABT 1660 Married: AFT 1701
Ne8 Hester Netherton b: ABT 1715 in Virginia
Tu10-2 Samuel Tucker b: ABT 1630 in Virginia, Death: BEF 1670
m Jane Larcome b: 29 NOV 1638 in Curles, Henrico Co., Virginia, Death: ABT 1708 in Henrico Co., Virginia . She married 2nd 24 NOV 1670 in Virginia John Pleasants b: 27 FEB 1643/44 in England and had 1 John Pleasants b: 12 SEP 1671 in Henrico Co., Virginia, 2 Joseph Pleasants b: 1674 in Henrico Co., Virginia, 3 Elizabeth Pleasants b: 1676 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Tu10-2-1 Mary Tucker b 1657, Death: 24 SEP 1709 John Woodson b: 1655 Children Mary Jane Woodson b: 1686 in Henrico, Virginia, married Joseph Woodson b: 1664 in Henrico, Virginia and had Tucker Woodson b: 1720
Tu10-3 Sarah Tucker b 1635 in Henrico, Virginia
m John Woodson b: 1632 in Henrico, Virginia, Death: 1684, son of In 1654 Dr. John Woodson , b: 1586 in England and Sarah Winston b: ABT 1590 in England and brother of Robert Woodson b: 1634 in Henrico, Virginia, who married Elizabeth Ferris b: 1638 Married: 1656 in Henrico Co., Virginia Children 1 John Woodson b: 1658 in Henrico, Virginia, 2 Richard Woodson b: 1662 in Henrico, Virginia, 3 Joseph Woodson b: 1664 in Henrico, Virginia, 4 Sarah Woodson b: 1665 in Henrico Co., Virginia, 5 Benjamin Woodson b: 21 AUG 1666 in Henrico, Virginia, 6 Mary Woodson b: 1678 in Henrico, Virginia
Tu10-3 John Woodson, Birth: 1655 Death: 1698
Tu10-3-1 Mary Jane Woodson b: 1686 in Henrico, Virginia,
m Joseph Woodson b: 1664 in Henrico, Virginia
Tu10-3-1 Tucker Woodson b: 1720, Death: 1795
m Sarah Hughes b: 1724 Married: 23 MAR 1739/40
Tu10-3-1-1 Jane Woodson b: 1742 in Goochland Co., Virginia
m Robert Lewis b: 29 MAY 1739 in Goochland Co., Virginia Married: 20 FEB 1760 in Goochland Co., Virginia
Tu10-3-1-1-1 Elizabeth Jane Woodson Lewis b: 1782 in Albemarle Co., Virginia Death: APR 1809 in Livingston Co., Kentucky
m Lilburne Lewis b: ABT 1773 in Virginia Married: 2 SEP 1797
Tu10-3-1-1-1-1 Jane Woodson Lewis b: ABT 1800 in Albemarle Co., Virginia Death: AFT 1860 in Albemarle Co., Virginia
m Peter Field Jefferson b: ABT 1785 in Albemarle Co., Viriginia Married: 21 NOV 1819 in Fluvanna, Virginia
Tu10-3-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Jefferson b: 1825
Tu10-4 Rose Tucker Birth: ABT 1648 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia d 1712 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia, Burial: Virginia, She may have been married to an Allerton, or her maiden name is Allerton who married a Tucker as I'm not real clear on her history. Married Thomas (Sir) Gerrard , Dr. b: 10 DEC 1608 in Lancashire, England, apparently her grandfather if she was not widow Allerton.

William Pope (Po7-2) was one of the original trustees appointed by the Virginia Legislature to establish the town of Louisville in May, 1780; he made the survey of the town to carry out the plan of dividing the forfeited Connolly land into lots to be sold at $30 an acre; he was a justice of the peace in 1785. William Pope was a veteran of the Revolution, as was his brother, Benjamin, and in 1780 was made Lieutenant Colonel of the Louisville militia, to become Colonel of the same organization in April, 1784. William Pope and his family settled an the Bardstown road not far from the city limits, the house standing on what is now the country place of Mrs. Harry Bishop.

??Martha Pope

FROM Westmoreland county, Virginia, and down the Ohio to the settlement at the mouth of Beargrass, three members of the Pope family journeyed in late 1779, or in the first month of 1780. William Pope and Benjamin Pope and their sister, Jane Pope, the wife of Thomas Helm, the founder of the Kentucky family of that name. They were three of the four children of Worden Pope and Hester Netherton, John Pope, the fourth, remaining in Virginia. Worden Pope represented the fourth generation of Popes in America, before him being three Nathaniel Popes. Nathaniel Pope, I., of England, settled in Maryland prior to 1637, and was a member of the Maryland General Assembly in 1648. He moved to Virginia in 1650, and part of his estate was "The Cliffs," which passed from the Popes to one Thomas Ley, ancestor of Robert E. Lee, the name of the estate changing to "Stratford." The bricks of which "Stratford" was built are said to have been a gift from Queen Anne. Ann Pope, daughter of the first Nathaniel Pope, married John Washington, who emigrated from England and was the great-grandmother of George Washington.

Of the three Popes who came to Louisville only one, William Pope, remained. Benjamin Pope removed to Bullitt county; Jane Pope Helm and her husband stayed only a year and then settled in Elizabethtown, establishing "Helm Place," which remained in the possession of the family until a few years ago.
It is recounted that in the year which the Helms spent in Louisville, then a most unhealthy place, they lost three small children by disease. William Pope had married in Virginia, Penelope Edwards, a daughter of Hayden Edwards, of Farquier county, who removed to Bourbon county, Ky., to found a large and wealthy family. William and Penelope Pope had eight children, four sons and four daughters, and there are a number of descendants in Louisville. One daughter, Penelope, was the heroine of an interesting pioneer romance, and she was also one of three generations of Penelopes who were married very young, two at the age of 14, who were mothers at 15, and one married at 13, the mother of two children at 15. Coming down the Ohio river on their way to the falls of the Ohio, Col. William Pope and his family encountered a young soldier of the Revolution, Lieut. Col. William Oldham, and a warm friendship sprang up between Col. Pope and Oldham, who made part of the trip with the Pope family.

Lieut. Col. Oldham was much attracted to Penelope, the young daughter of his friend, and announced his intention of coming back to claim her for his bride, which he did three years later. Oldham was killed by Indians at St. Clair's defeat in 1791. The marriage of Penelope Pope Oldham, a widow, to Henry Churchill, and of her daughter, Abigail Oldham, to Samuel Churchill, brother of Henry, was recounted in the sketch of the Churchill family. The incident of mother and daughter marrying brothers had occurred before in the Pope family, for Hesterton Netherton Pope, after the death of Worden Pope, married Lynaugh Helm, a brother of Thomas Helm, who married her daughter, Jane Pope.

The old Pope cemetery was on this farm, and a handsome monument stands there to mark the graves of William Pope, Jr., and his wife, Cynthia Sturgess.
In the East End there are three parallel streets, William, H and Pope streets, which make a lasting tribute to the memory of Col. Pope as an early surveyor of the town.
William Pope, Jr., and his wife, Cynthia Sturgess, had a large family, their sons and daughters marrying into families of prominence and social position, but there are few of their descendants left in Louisville. Henrietta Pope married Thomas Prather Jacob, and their home was for many years on the northeast corner of Fourth and Breckinridge. They have two sons living, Donald Jacob, who married Hallie Louise Burge, and John I. Jacob, of Louisville and Paris. Another son, the late Rev. Thomas Prather Jacob, has two children, Etta Pope Jacob and James Baird Jacob, who live with their mother, who was Martha Baird. Henry Pope, who married Alice Miller, has a daughter, Anna, Mrs. E. C. Newbold, who makes Louisville her home. Alexander Pope married Martha Fontaine and had five children, two sons, Henry and Fontaine, who were never married, and both were killed in duels; three daughters, Penelope Pope, who married her cousin, William

Martha Pope, who married her cousin, Charles Pope, son of William and Cynthia Pope, and after his death married the Rev. Edward P. Humphrey (her only child was Judge Alexander Pope Humphrey), and Maria Pope, who married Allen P. Elston. The Elstons had a daughter, Fanny, who married Edward Payson Quigley, the mother of Eliza Quigley, Mrs. Bethel B. Veech, and of three other children who do not live in Louisville.
The numerous descendants of Penelope Pope, and William Prather were mentioned in the sketch of the Prather family.
The home of Alexander Pope, member of the Kentucky Legislature, prominent lawyer and man of affairs, stood on the south side of Jefferson street, between Sixth and Seventh, with a frontage of about 200 feet and extending back to Green street. Alexander Pope bought the property in 1806, and Judge Alexander Pope Humphrey inherited it from his mother, who was Martha Pope. Judge Humphrey was born in the old Pope home and still owns a piece of property on the block, a part of which was the lawn on the Sixth-street side of the house, retaining it for its association, and oddly enough the windows of his law office in the Inter-Southern overlook the site of the Pope house, on which is now built a row of shops.

The Pope men were antagonists of Henry Clay and strong supporters of Andrew Jackson, and a tradition of the Popes tells of the caucus held in Alexander Pope's law office, which stood in the side yard of his home on Jefferson street, at which Andrew Jackson was brought forward as a candidate for the Presidency in 1824. When President Jackson visited Louisville he was delightfully entertained by the Pope families.
Penelope Pope, one of the four daughters of William and Penelope Pope, is the only one who has descendants here. By her first marriage to Col. William Oldham she had three children, Judge John Pope Oldham, of the Louisville Circuit Court, long prominent here; Major Richard Oldham, of the United States Army, and Abigail Oldham, who married Samuel Churchill. Judge John Pope Oldham married Malinda Talbot; their daughter, Susan Oldham, married Horace Hill, and was the mother of several children. Lily Hill married William Paca Lee and was the mother of Linda Lee, now Mrs. Thomas, and of Jouett Lee, Mrs. William Wallace, of Boston, who so frequently visits here.
Major Richard Oldham married Eliza Martin, daughter of Major Thomas Martin,
U. S. A., having a son, George Oldham, who married Harriet Josephine Miller, daughter of John Adam Miller. Alfred Violett Oldham, for many years

Clerk of the City Court, is the only descendant of Major Oldham in the city.
From the marriage of Penelope Pope Oldham to Henry Churchill and from the marriage of her daughter, Abigail Oldham, to Samuel Churchill, several of Louisville's most influential families trace their lineage, the Ballards, the Humphreys, the Churchills, the Jungbluths, the Peters and others, all mentioned in the Churchill sketch.
Two sons of William and Penelope Pope, prominent men of their day, were John Pope and Nathaniel Pope. but they have no descendants in Louisville.
While Benjamin Pope and his wife, Beheathland Foote, settled in Bullitt county, near Shepherdsville, Benjamin Pope, a captain in the Revolution, was active in the shaping of the city's history. He was an ensign in Capt. James Patton's militia, and assisted in the building of Fort Nelson. He was one of Louisville trustees in 1783. Among the trustees of Louisville elected in 1809 were Benjamin Pope's son, Worden, and William Pope's son, Alexander Pope.
Worden Pope was one of three sons of Benjamin and Beheathland Pope. George and Benjamin Pope continued their residence in Bullitt county, while Worden Pope became a prominent citizen in Louisville. He was County Clerk for many years and was succeeded by his son, Edmund Pendleton Pope, and later by his son, Curran Pope, the clerkship remaining in the Pope family for over sixty years.
Elizabeth Taylor Thruston, daughter of Col. John Thruston, was the wife of Worden Pope, and there were thirteen children of this marriage. However, only three sons of the family are forefathers of Louisville people: Patrick Henry Pope, who married Sarah Lawrence Brown; Edmund Pendleton Pope, who married Nancy Johnson, daughter of Col. James Johnson; Col. Curran Pope, of the Union army, a West Point graduate, killed at the Battle of Perryville, who married Matilda Prather Jacob, daughter of John I. Jacob and Ann Overton Fontaine.
Patrick Henry Pope was the father of Edmonia Pope, who married Dr. William H. Galt, the mother of Misses Urith and Ellen Galt; and of Ellen E. Pope, who married Dr. John Thruston, the mother of Mrs. Sarah Thruston Hughes, and of Mary Anna Pope, who married George Nicholas, whose offspring is set down in the sketch of the Prather family. There were two other children who have no descendants here.
Edmund Pendleton Pope was the father of Judge Alfred Thruston Pope, legislator and jurist, who married his cousin, Mary Tyler Pope, daughter of Col. Curran Pope. Dr. Curran Pope

and Alfred Thruston Pope are the only children of Judge Alfred Thruston and Mary Tyler Pope, and live in their parents' old residence on Walnut street. Another son of Edmund Pendleton Pope is Brig. Gen. J. Worden Pope, U, S. A., retired, whose home is in Denver. Gen. Pope was at one time quartermaster general of the army, and was for a time commandant of the disciplinary barracks at Ft. Leavenworth. His son, Worden Pope, spent the autumn in Louisville at Camp Taylor in the F. A. R. D., and was a candidate officer in the artillery school when the armistice was signed.
Mary Tyler Pope, the mother of Dr. Curran Pope and Alfred Thruston Pope, was the only child of Cal. Curran Pope, with descendants here.


Subject: Re: Worden POPE & Hester NETHERTON's children.
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 17:44:07 -0400 (EDT)

Nathaniel Pope, alias Bridges, was the son of Nathaniel and Mary Lisson Pope,. . . .
Gave gift of land to his son, Worden, Jan 27, 1719. Will probated 29 Aug 1749, Legacy: To children Benjamin, Jean, William and the child my wife goes with, all estate; wife Hester 1/3 estate. Executors, Augusta Washington and Benjamin Weeks. (child mentioned was John Pope). John was trustee of town of Dumfries, 1786; member of Virginia Assembly, 1798-99.
Benjamin b. ca 1740, married Behetherton Foote (marriage bond in Faquier Co., VA, dated 11 Dec 1766) and resided in Jefferson Co., whence he removed to
Bullett Co., KY.
(R)25E Benjamin Pope (1740-1860) born Fauquier Co., VA, died KY, married 1766
Behetherton Foote, died 1808. Daughter, Susanna Pope (1778-1815) married
Jermiah Yewell (1782-1862). (Vol 130 p. 177)

(R)33A Know all men by these presents that we, Benjamin Pope, son and heir of
Warden Pope, late of Westmoreland Co., dec'd, and Thomas Helm of Prince
William Co., (who intermarried with Jane Pope, the Daughter of Worden Pope)
send greeting. Whereas said Worden Pope in and by his Last Will and Testament
duly executed proved and recorded amongst the Records of the Co. of
Westmoreland aforesaid which of greater certainty is referred to and by his
said will give unto his Widow and Relict of Warden Pope, now Wife of Lynaugh
Helm of Co. of Prince William gent. and the mother of said Benjamin and Jane,
during her natural life a very considerable part of his real and personal
estate as her dower...... (Lynaugh Helm paid Benjamin and Jane for land left
to them and their heirs by Warden Pope. Benjamin and Jane released all future
claims to said dower....).
Dated 7th of August 1764. (There is a full page of narrative regarding this
Letter of Attorney.)

(R)55B Jean Pope, daughter of Worden and Hester Pope, married Thomas Helm, of
Prince William Co., VA, who moved to the Falls of the Ohio in 1778. He was
born 14 Sep 1731.

(R)33A Lynaugh Helm put and bound unto Henry Darne of the County of Fairfax
in the Parish of Truro Joiner, William Pope an Orphan Boy of the age of 14
as an apprentice carpenter until the full age of 21....At a Court continued
and held for Prince William Co., the 25th day of March 1761, William Pope
Orphan of Warden Pope, dec'd and agreed to signing of the indenture.

(R)25E William Pope: Appointed Col in 1781 of Jefferson Co., KY. Laid out the
town of Louisville, KY and held many important offices there. Born
Westmoreland Co., VA, died Louisville, KY. Married 1765 Penelope Edwards
(1748-1825); (1) daughter, Jane Pope, born 1772, died 1852, married 1793
Abner Field (1752-1831); (2) daughter, Elizabeth Pope married 2nd, Nathaniel
Hall; (3) son Nathaniel Pope (1784-1850), married 1809 Lucretia Backus
(1787-1867) (Nathaniel & Lucretia had a daughter, Cynthia Pope (1836-1855);
(4) daughter Penelope Pope, married Henry Churchill, Henry & Penelope had a
son, Alexander Pope Churchill). (Vol 122 p. 216.)

(R)55BWilliam Pope (son of Worden and Hester) in early life lived in Prince
William Co., VA, and moved thence to Jefferson Co. KY; trustee Jefferson
Courthouse 1784; afterward trustee Louisville, KY. He served as captain in
the Revolution, and afterwards as colonel in the Kentucky Militia.
He married (circa 1765) Penelope Edwards, daughter of Hayden Edwards, of
Faquier Co., VA. Hayden Edwards was second son of William Edwards, of
Lancaster Co., VA and is mentioned by Kennedy in "The Life of William Wirt".
He was grandfather of Governor Ninian Edwards, of Illinois.
The children of William and Penelope (Edwards) Pope, as far as we have
ascertained, were (1) Penelope (born in Prince William Co., VA, Feb.12, 1769;
married July 24, 1783, Lieut.-Col. William Oldham, who was killed, Nov. 4,
1791, commanding Kentucky Militia at St. Clair's defeat. Col. Oldham is
believed to have been the eldest son of Isaac Oldham, formerly of
Westmoreland Co., PA, who died in 1822, in Ohio Co., VA., leaving a will, in
which thirteen children are named.
(2) John, born in born in Prince William Co., VA, 1770, lost an arm by an
accident when a boy, removed to KY, was United States Senator, served
(1829-1837) as territorial governor of Arkansas, died at Springfield, KY,
July 12, 1845. He had son Nathainiel, who was United States Federal Judge in
Illinois, and father of Maj.-Gen. John Pope, U.S.A. (3) Jane, married Maj.
Abner Field, father of Nathan Field, of Jeffersonville, Indiana. (pg.
In addition to the three children of William and Penelope (Edwards) Pope
previously named, viz., Penelope, John and Jane, the compiler is able to give
five others, as follows:
(4) William, second son, born January, 1775; died May 29, 1844; was a
prosperous farmer in Jefferson Co., near Louisville, KY. He married January
23, 1800, Cynthia Sturgess, by whome he had a large family. His children, who
lived to be married were John, William H., Robert, Godfrey, Charles and Ann.
(5) Alexander, third son, prominent lawyer of Louisville, KY; married Oct 4,
1806, Martha M. Fontaine, daughter of Aaron Fontaine, of Louisville, by whom he had two sons and three daughters, viz: Henry, Fontaine, Maria, Martha and Penelope.
(6) Nathan, fourth son, lawyer and jurist; settled at Kaskaskia; appointed by President Monroe United States Judge for the district of Illinois. He married Lucretia Backus, and had two two sons and four daughters: William, John, Penelope, Elizabeth, Lucretia and Cynthia. It was his second son, John, who was a Major-General in the United States Army. (This Nathaniel Pope, erroneously stated in several published sketches as the son of John Pope, M.C. from Kentucky, in 1811-1812, was so improperly set down in the first installment of these notes.)
(7) Elizabeth, third daughter, married (1) Gen. George Trotter, of Lexington KY., by whom she had two sons-John and James. She m2 the Rev. Nathan H. Hall, a Presbyteran clergyman, and removed to Missouri. They had two children-William and Florida.
(8) Hester, fourth daughter, married her first cousin, Presley Edwards, a distinguished lawyer of Russellville, KY and had two children-George T. and
Of this group of children of William and Penelope Pope, the daughter Penelope who married Col. Oldham, had by him four children, viz: William (died young),
John P., Richard A., and Abigail. She married (2) Henry Churchill (Jan 2, 1793), and died Sep 16, 1821. She had by the second marriage five children:
Armistead, Henry, Lucy Gordon, Worden Pope, Eliza Ann, and Alexander Pope. (3) The second daughter, Jane, who married Abner Fields (license dated Oct
17, 1793) had seven sons and five daughters, viz: Gabriel, William, Abner, Alexander, Nathaniel, John, Charles, Judith, Penelope, Eleanor, Esther and
Elizabeth. (Reference on page 159 appears to be in error, it shows the second daughter to be Elizabeth, NOTE: I have inserted Jane to replace Elizabeth

(R)33A 6 Aug 1770 William Pope "leased for life" land from Lynaugh Helm for William and wife Penelope and dau. Penelope. (appears this was the period William turned 21.)

(R)25E. Lineage Book, Daughters of the American Revolutions (many volumes). Copy @ Bradley Memorial Library, Columbus, GA
929.3 Daughters

(R)33A Virginia Co., Court Records, Deed Abstracts of Prince William Co., VA, 1763-1768, P. 39., Prince William Co.,VA Deed Book Q 1763-1768, Part 1, pg. 142-143, and Deed Abstracts of Prince William Co., VA 1745-1770, Court Records. Edited & published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1320 Mayflower Dr.,
McLean, VA 22101-3402,(C) 1989. Copy @ Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston,TX, VA GEN 975.5 S736.

(R)55B Genealogies of Virginia Families, pg. 155-161. "Col. Nathaniel Pope and His Descendents", by Rev. G. W. Beale, D. D. B., from the William & Mary
College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. IV. Neville-Terrill, Indexed by Judith McGhan. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore MD, Published 1982.
Copy @ Clayton Library, Houston, TX, VA GEN 975.5 C466

John Pope (1770–1845)

John Pope served variously from 1798 to 1842 as a U.S. senator and congressional representative from Kentucky, secretary of state for Kentucky, and the third territorial governor of Arkansas. Initially affiliated with the Democratic-Republican Party, he joined the Whig Party in the 1830s. During his tenure as territorial governor, he worked to establish a legislative program to promote migration and economic development and to rid the region of its reputation as a violent and politically unstable frontier.

John Pope was born in February 1770 (exact date not known) in Prince William County, Virginia, the eldest son of Colonel William and Penelope Edwards Pope. The Pope family moved near Louisville, Kentucky, in 1779 at the height of the American Revolution. After an accident on his family’s farm necessitated the amputation of Pope’s arm, his father sent him to a private school in Bardstown, Kentucky, where he received a classical education. After graduating from William and Mary College, Pope studied law in Lexington and established a practice in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

In 1798, Pope began a nearly fifty-year political career with his election as a representative for Shelby County in the Kentucky General Assembly. He quickly established himself as a significant figure in Kentucky politics and proved a worthy rival of Henry Clay, the leading political figure in Kentucky and a rising star on the national political stage. Throughout his career, Pope earned a reputation for a careful study of issues and for holding steadfast to his stated positions regardless of potential political fallout. For example, his opposition to the United States’ entry into the War of 1812 (a conflict advocated by Henry Clay, a leading congressional “War Hawk”) factored into his unsuccessful reelection bid after serving a single term in the U.S. Senate from 1807 to 1813, during which time he also held the office of president pro tempore.

Despite his sometimes controversial beliefs and uncompromising sense of ethics, Pope also knew how to gain important political contacts. He became a political ally of Andrew Jackson in 1819 and enthusiastically supported the frontier hero’s presidential candidacy in 1828. After Jackson’s election as president of the United States, he appointed Pope as the territorial governor of Arkansas in the spring of 1829.

Early in his first term, he expressed his vision for Arkansas: that it might become “by a wise and just course of policy, the enterprise, public spirit, intelligence, and elevated character of the people, a bright star in the political constellation.” Almost immediately, Pope introduced policies designed to turn this vision into a reality.

Pope used census figures to determine that the number of representatives in the legislature should be increased and distributed in a more equitable fashion; accordingly, he raised the number of representatives from nine to twenty-three and devised a plan for their distribution. To improve the efficiency of the territorial mail service, Pope recommended a weekly steamboat river route between the cities of Little Rock (Pulaski County); Memphis, Tennessee; and New Orleans, Louisiana. The legislature chose a slightly altered plan, using the newly constructed Military Road as a weekly overland route between Little Rock and Memphis. Influenced by his adherence to the Jacksonian principle of expansive democracy, Pope made many of the territory’s offices elected rather than appointed. These policies formed the framework of Pope’s desire to increase migration to the territory and diminish its reputation as a place of violence and corruption that was unsuitable for settlement by virtuous families. Pope demonstrated his commitment to this ideal by becoming the first territorial governor of Arkansas to move his family to the raucous territory when he arrived on May 31, 1829.

Pope married three times. His first wife, Ann Henry died on March 1, 1806; this marriage produced no children. Eliza Pope, whom he married in Lexington on February 11, 1810, was the sister-in-law of future President John Quincy Adams. This marriage produced two daughters, Elizabeth and Florida; Florida Pope died young. Following the death of Eliza on April 24, 1818, he married the widow Francis Walton Pope on May 1, 1820 in Washington County, Kentucky.

Pope’s most persistent and belligerent opponent during his tenure in Arkansas was Robert Crittenden, another former Kentuckian who led the territory for more than a year due to the delayed arrival of Governor James Miller. Fortunately for Pope, he gained the powerful allegiance of Colonel Ambrose Sevier and the Arkansas Gazette; both shared his vision of Arkansas as a land ripe for positive improvements. These allies proved valuable during the peak of Crittenden’s opposition, as the encounters with the Crittenden faction were at the center of most of Pope’s difficulties in office. Pope’s earlier rivalry with Henry Clay had been one of honest ideological difference expressed with anger and passion, but also respect, by men of intelligence and eloquence who happened to differ on policy issues. The rivalry with Crittenden, by contrast, was founded on spite and jealousy and fought by way of bitterly partisan journalism rather than open and direct debate. The Crittenden faction’s purpose was to discredit and embarrass Pope in the eyes of his supporters; however, it had little, if any, effect on Pope’s popular reputation.

The Pope-Crittenden rivalry became particularly heated during the creation of the territory’s capitol building. In 1831, Crittenden and his followers in the state legislature proposed an exchange of his home for the lands being sold to finance the capital’s construction. Pope vetoed the bill in question, recognizing the measure as a profiteering manipulation. Pope continued the program of land sales and selected the site for construction of a magnificent Greek Revival structure. Completed in 1842, the Old State House (as the structure is now known) still stands and is the oldest surviving state capitol building west of the Mississippi River.

Pope’s tenure in Arkansas ended sooner than he would have liked. By 1834, his political convictions were increasingly at odds with the anti-bank, anti-tariff policies of the Jackson administration. After he made these differences known to Jackson in a private letter, Jackson did not appoint Pope to a third term as territorial governor in 1835 but instead replaced him with William S. Fulton. Although Pope was not governor when Arkansas entered the Union as the twenty-fifth state in 1836, his vision of organization and reform, and the policies that gave shape to that vision, clearly set the stage for statehood. Pope County was named in his honor to recognize his role in the state’s development.

At the end of his tenure in Arkansas, Pope returned to Kentucky and won election to the U.S. House of Representatives. He served in that capacity from 1837 to 1843 and died on July 12, 1845, at the age of seventy-five. He is buried on Cemetery Hill in Springfield, Kentucky.

For additional information:
Baylor, Orval. John Pope, Kentuckian: His Life and Times, 1770–1845. Cynthiana, KY: The Hobson Press, 1943.

Blakey, George T. “Rendezvous with Republicanism: John T. Pope vs. Henry Clay in 1816.” Indiana Magazine of History 62 (September 1966): 233–50.

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The following text is a partially corrected scan of the genealogical sketch published at



3 1833 01419 4861



Of JefferbfhVJiUc, Iml.

XoVK^IIU R Till, {^"i^

JlFFEh-'^'^VIlLK JWj

John Pope was appointed Governor of the Territory of Arkansas in the year of 1830, by Andrew Jackson.
He was twice married, had one child by his first wife whom he called Florida. She married a Mr. Cocke, by whom she had one child, a daughter. This branch of the Pope family is now entirely extinct. His second wife was the widow of' General Walton, of Springfield, Kentucky, an elderly lady of talent and culture. These three distinguished citizens of Washington county died manv years ago, and are buried in the Cemetery at vSuringfield, a fine monument marking the place where they repose.


The second son of the old pioneer, was a wealthy farmer in the vicinity of Louisville, a man of splendid business talents and great industry, by the Judicious employment of which he amassed a considerable fortune. He was a man of sterling integrity and a high sense of honor in all his dealings and transactions with his fellow man. He married Cynthia Sturgus, by whom he had eight sons and one daughter — John, William, Nathaniel, Minor, James, Robert, Godfrey, Charles and Ann. Ann married Larz Anderson, ."Oil of Col. Richard C. Anderson, of Jefferson county, of Revolutionary memory. She lived but a few years and died, leaving one son, who was named Richard C. Anderson, in honor of his grandfather. Richard died in 1878. His wife was Miss Agnes Thompson, by whom he had four children, three living, Kate, Sallie and Richard. John Pope, the eldest son, married Miss Maria Preston, daughter of Major Preston, and sister of General Wm. Preston. She was noted for dignity, and oo!aman<Ung appearance. Her husband regarded her, and justly, too, as one of the smartest women in Kentucky, She was remarkable for wit and the[)ness and severity of her rejiartees. Her father was one of the finest looking men in the State, a giant in size. When mounted upon his large and splendid steed it seemed as if the very earth trembled beneath his stately tread.

- [3] John
lived but a few years afier marriage, leaving one child that died in infancy. He was' a graduate of Harvard University, studied law, but was unfortunately cut down in tlie morning of life, with consumption, a hereditary disease in his mother's family.

William H. Pope, second son of the wealthy farmer, married Miss Mary Wilson, daughter of Dr. Daniel Wilson, of Louisville, an amiable lady, well qualified to be the maternal head of a large family with which she was blessed. She had twelve children of the Pope lineage — Cynthia, Ann, Wallace, Tiiumas, Henrietta, Minor, Mary, Lucinda;, Kate, William, Henry and Charles. Cynthia married Richard Atkinson, by whom she had three sons, William, Richard and Clifton. Wallace married Theresa Steele, of Oldham county, and they have six children living: WilIiam, Arinie, Wallace, Samuel, Theresa and Rich and Henrietta married T. P. Jacob, of Louisville, and has had ten children; of whom five are living — John, Thomas, Charles, Donald and Lucy. Her iiusband is tlie descendant of one of the old and wealthy families of Louisville, always lionor d and respected for their public spirit and integrity. Lucinda married Nicholas Smith and died, leavi-ig but one child, a daughter, who survived her but a short time- Henry married twice. His first wife was Alice Miller, by whom he had one child, a daughter, Anna. His second wife, Anna, daughter of W\ Brooks, who bore him a posthumous child named Henry. But five of William H. Pope's children married, and but three are now living, Henrietta, Wallace and Minir. The la^i a bachelor.

Godfrey, another son of the wealthy farmer, married Miss Fannie Mirior, of Nelson county, Kentucky, by whom he had three children, Mary, Anna and Sarah. Mary died at the age of fourteen, Sarah died in infancy; Anna married James W'. Bowles, c.-f Louisville, and has four children living, Joshua, Nannie, Grace and Julia,

Robert Pope, another son of the old farmer, died recently, an old bachelor. The rest of the sons, Nathaniel. Minor, James and Charles, died leaving no children. Godfrey died during the war with Mexico. So of this naturally prolific branch of the Pope family but four descendants, all in the line of Wallace, survive to perpetuate the name.


The third son of Colonel William Pope, was one of the original lawyers of the Louisville bar. He was a man of considerable ability, equal to any of his contemporaries in the legal profession. By his practice he made a competency for his family, and died at the age of about fifty, leaving his family in good circumstances. His wife was Patsey Fontaine one of the daughters of Captain Fontaine, well known to the old inhabitants of Louisville as one of tne most respectable men of that day. They had five children, two sons and three daughters, Henry, Fountain, Maria, Martha and Penelope. Henry and Fountain never married, and -were both killed in duels; the first near Jeffersonville, by a young man by the name of Gray, of Louisville, and the second by young Noland, of Little Rock, Arkansas. Maria married Dr, Allen P. Elston; Martha married Charles Pope, and after his death she married Edward P. Humphrey, a distinguished Presbyterian clergyman, by whom she has but one child, a son, Aleyander Pope Humphrey, now 32 years old, who is spoken of as being a man of superior talents, and one of tlie best lawyers of his age at the Louisville bar. He recently married a daughter of Alexaiider Pope Churchill,

Penelope Pope, the third daughter of Alexander Pope the old lawyer, married William Prather, son of Thomas Prather, one of the many wealthy merchants of Louisville. She died, leaving seven daughters, Kate, Julia, Susan, Matilda, Murgaret. Penelope and Martlia. Kate married Orville Winsted, of Covington, Ky.; Susan married John Zanor.e, of Louisville; Matilda married Goldborough Robinson, of Louisville; Juiia and Martha died young, and Margaret and Penelope are unmarried.


Thus it will be seen that the name of Pope has long since ceased in Alexander Pope's branch of the family. By the false and irrational ideal, of southern chivalry the male members of the family lost their lives.

NATHANIEL POPE, The fourth son ol Colonel William Pope, was an eminent lawyer, studied the French language when young, and located, in the beginning of this century, in the old French town of Kaskaskia, Illinois. He soon became one of the most popular lawyers of the new Territory, so much so that he wais appointed a District Judge of the United States Court by Pres Monroe, which ofiice he held for many years. He died at an advanced age. He had two sons and four daughters, William, John, Penelope, Elizabeth, Lucretia and Cynthia. William married Elija Douglas, of St. Louis, and died in 1835, leaving live children, Nathaniel, Douglass, John, Cornelia and Lucretia. Nathaniel is Superintendent of Indian Affairs for New Mexico; Douglass is Secretary of the Galena
and Springfield Railroad, Illinois, and John is Lieutenant in the United States Army. Cornelia married William Brown, of Springfield, Illinois, and Lucretia is unmarried.

John Pope, second son of Nathaniel Pope, the United States Judge, is a General of the United States Army, widely known in military circles, having a national reputation as a thoroughly educated officer of the regular army, brave and patriotic. At this writing he is in command of the Department of the West, with his hemi jua-tei's at Leavenworth, Kansas. He married a daughter of the Hon, V. B. Horton, of Ohio, in the year, 1859. by whom he h-is three chil>dren, Korton, John and Lucretia.

Penelope, llrst daughter of .Judge Pope, mai-ried Beverly Allen, of St. L-mi^, who died leaving her in afiluence witli four chiUiren, Lucretia, Anne Celesta, Penelope and Beverly. Lu(>r..'ti^ married George D. Hall, of St. Louis; Anno Ceh,'.^ta o.arried Hon. J. H. Sturgeon, of St. Louis, ufid Penelope married J. C.


Oirick, a lawyer of St. Louis. Beverly re^^ides in St. Loui-, and is an enterprising and highly respectable business gentleman. Mi^. Peneiope Allen still resides in the vicinity of St. Louis, and is a lady of strong mind and high socia! position, and is an honor to her distinguished ancestry.

Elizabeth, second daughter of Judge Pope, married Dr. Thomas D. Pope, of Alton, Illinois. The Doctor has but one child giown.

Lucretia, third daughter of Judge Pupe, married Thomas Yeatman, a lawyer, now rcsiding in 2sewH liven, Connecticut.

Cynthia, the fourth and last daughter of Judge Pope, married James E. Veatman, of St. Louis. She died in 1S5-1, leaving only one child, a son, who was named for his grandfather, Nathaniel Pope Yeatman.
It will be seen from this branch of the genealogy there are six descendants of the Hon, Nat Pope, of Kaskaskia, still living to perpetuate his name.


First daughter of Colonel William Pope, was married twice. Her first husband was Colonel Oldham, of Kentucky, who was killed in St. Clair's defeat on the 4ih of November, 1791. By Colonel Oldham she had two sons and one daughter, John, Richard and Abbey.

John P. Oldham, her first son, married Miss Malinda Talbot, of Louisville.. Alabama, by whom he had two sons and two daughters, William, Talbot.
Sophia and Susan, William and Talbot died with- out having married; Sophia married the lion. AVm. F. Bullock, of Louisville, and Susan married Horace Hill, one of the old and prominent merchants of Louisville, John P, Oldham was one of the lawyers of the Louisville bar, and for several years Judge of the Circuit Court. His brother, Richard Oldham, was a noble-hearted and generous man; was for many years an offcer in tlie United States Army, and in his last days served as Jailor of Jefferson county, and died in Louisville, leaving several children, who, with


their widowed mother, removed to New Orleans.
Abbey, the only daughter of Col. Oldham, Married Samuel Chnrchlll, an accomplished gentleman and wealthy farmer in tlie neighborhood of Louisville.
The second husband of Penelope Pope was Henry Churchill, a wealthy farmer near Louisville. By him she had three sons and two daughters, Armstead, Worden, Alexander, Lucy and Eliza. Armstead is a lawyer and an old resident of Elizabethtown, Ky., and was once Judge of the Circuit Court, He is far advanced in life, but in good circumstances. Worden married Miss Mary Prather, a daughter of an old and retired merchant of Louisville, of considerable wealth and high respectability. He died wliile quite young, leaving one child, a son. Alexander married a daughter of ex-Judge McKinley, of the U. S. Court, by whom he had several children. Lucy never married. Eiiza married a Mr. Payne, of Fayette county, Ky., by whom she had one son and two daughters, James, Elizabeth and Mary. After the death of Mr. Payne she married a Mr. Kinney, and located in Elizabethto'vn, Ky., where she still resides, well in years.


Second daughter of Col. William Pope, married Major Abner Field, who was also a very early settler of the State, and one of its first Representatives in the Virginia House of Burgesses, by whom she had seven sons and five daughters, Gabriel, William, Abner, Alexander, Nathaniel, John. Charles, .Judith, Penelope, Eleanor, Hester and Eiizabeth. Gabriel was a Lieutenant in the U. S. Regular Army, and died at Council Bluffs, in 1822, aged 28 vears. William married Miss Mildred Banks, of Spottsylvania countv, Va., by whom he had one son and four daughters, Benjamin, Ann, Jane, Ellen and Mary Frances. Benjamin i.s not married. Ann married Charles Kaiev, a merchant of Little Rock, Ark. Jane, married Gov. Henry Rector, of that State.
Ellen married a .Mr. Duval, a lawyer of Ft. Smith,

[8] •' '. .

and Mary Frances married a Mr. Lewis, of Texas.
Their father was once Sheriff of Jetlerson coanty, Ky., and emigrated to Arkans.i.; in 1830, haying received tb.e appointment from General Jackson of Clerk of the United States Court for that territory. He died in Little Rock in 1864.

Abner Field, second son of Major Abner Field, went to Illinois in 1819, and was appointed Clerk of Union connty. He was elected Treasurer of State, and after his term of service expired he was elected Clerk of Joe Davis county, and died at Galena about the year 1832, He was married in 1823 to Miss Maria James, daughter of Judge James, of Missouri. He never had but one child, whom he named Jane. She married a Dr. Edmondson, of Missouri, by whom she had several cliildren. She and Dr. Edmondson are both dead. Her mother preceded to tlie grave several years,

Alexander, the fourth son of Major Abner Field, studied law with Judge Nat Pope, of Kaskaskia, 111., located at Jonesboro, county seat of Union, in 182'J, was elected to the Legislature in 1823; was subse- quently elected Secretary of State, and in 1841 was appointed by John Tyler Secretary of Wisconsin; practiced law over twenty years in New Orleans; was elected Attorney General of the State, which office he held at the time of his death, August 19, LSTo, in the 77th year of his age. He was married three times. His first ^vit'e was Miss Elizabeth Kalfus, daughter of an old and reputable farmer of Jefferson county, Kentucky. By her he had one child, a daughter, Eleanor, who is still living but not married. His second wife was Miss Eliza Owings, of St. Louis, daughter of Colonel Owings of that city, by whom he had fuor children, Alexander, Eugene, Alice and Julia. Alexander died young and was never married. Eugene is married and resides i;-: St. Louis. Alice married a Mr, Snilth, and Julia a, Mr. Dutcher, who also reside in vSt. Louis, all business men, officially connected with iuiportnnt railroad:.!.

The third wife was Minnie E. Miller, of Ohio, by whom he had no ch.ildren.

Dr. Nathaniel Field, fifth son of Maj. Abner Field. married Miss Sarah Ann Lawes, of Jefferson connty, Ky., daughter of Tuptnas Lawes, an old settler of Kentucky, and one of the tnost benevolent men that ever lived. This old couple have lived together ftfiy- two years, and have five living children, four sons and one daughter, Natiianiel, Worden, Davis, .John and Penelope. Nathaniel married Miss Mollie Armstrong, of Jeffersonville, daughter of Hon. Wrn. G. Armstrong, ex-member of the State Senate, and first President of the .JetFersonviile and Indianapolis Railroad. She died recently, leaving three children, William, Robert and PenoLpe. Worden married Miss Laura BottortT, resides in Indianapolis, and has three children, two .sons and one dangiiter, Sallie, Jolin and Worden. Davis married Miss Alice M. Taggart, daugliterof Dr. James Taggart, of Charlestown, Ind. He has two children, iNtarcu.s and Maud. John is not married. Penelope married Dr. Wra. Morrow, of Jefferson"ilie, by whom she has two living children, Nathaniel and Fannie, who married James S. Van Natta, of Shelby ville, Ky.

John Field, sixth son of Major Abner Field, studied law with his uncle William Pope, while Governor of
Arkansas, located at VV''a.shington, Hemstead county,
in that State, was soon made .Judge of the Circuit
Court, and died in the fnll tide of professional prosperity. He married Mi'^s Hilary Mitchel, of that
.State, a lady of tine intellectual culture and high so-
cial position. He left one .son and tv/o daugther8,
William, Mollie and Louisa. Mollie married Dr-
Walkcr, of Washington, Ark., and Louisa married a
Mr. Grin.stead of Charitan county, },fo. They are
both talented women, eminently worthy of their

Charles Field, the seventh son of Maj. Abner Field,
died very y(»ung.

Judith, the eidtst daughter, \Ta3 never married, but
died in the 22d year of her age.

^ [10]

Penelope, the second daughter, ninrn'ed James Le-
ma-^ter, of JetTer.<oii coanty, Ky.. and is sti]l living
in the neigliborhood of Memphis. She has but two
living children, Ann and Xathai^iel- Her son William married and died leaving -fjftrchihlren. Margaret married a Mr. Guion, and died leaving i'^son^ Her husband, Mr. Lema~ter, died a few year? ago ai an advanced age, Ife v.a.s a noble man, generous and brave, scrn}»«*Joi;.'']y honest and honorable in hi^ busines-s transactions

Eleanor, the third daughter of Major Abner Field, married Wm. II. Vance, ex-Mayor of Louisville, and son of a popular Frefbyterian clergyman in his day, and a superintendent of a pri-. ate Academy where nearly hll the young men of Jefferson county were educated. She died at Columbtis, Ky., leaving but two living children, Anna and Elba. Anna married a Mr. Ford, of Columbus, who died soon afterv,'ards with consumption. She then married a Mr. Brown. Ella married a Mr. Custar, and lives at Humboldt. Tenn.

Hester, the fourth daughter of Major Abner Field, married Arnold Wisotzki, a gentleman of Polnish extraction but a native of Maryland. They have four living children, Nathaniel, John, Jame.s and Nannie.

Elizabeth, the tifth daughter, never married. She has been dead several years


The third daughter of Colonel William Pope, married General George Trotter, of Lexington, Ky , by whom she had two child'-en. both .^ons, John and Tames, John married, but died wldle young, leaving no children. James never married, and also died voung. Many year? after the deatii of G-en. Trot er, . his widow married Nathan U. Hall, a distinguished Presbyterian clergyman, then pa.stor of a church at Lexington, Ky.' She had one or two cliildren by Mr. Hall, wiio settled in MisMv.sri, to which State he he had a call to preach, and where he and his wife both died.

' ? • : . LH] •?.-?,•?

HESTER POPE, The fourth dnughter of Colonel William Pope, married Preasly Edwards, a lawyer of Russellville. Ky,, and brother of Ninan Edwards, either the first or second Governor of Illinois, They had several children, but only two lived to adult age — a son and a daughter, Mary, who married a Jolm Slaughter, and died soon afterwards, leaving no children, George T. Edwards, the only survivor of the family, is an attorney at law, and resides in the vicinity of Russellville, is married, has four cfiildren, two sons and two daughters, George, James, Hettie and Bettie. Ilettie married Dr John G.Sinclair, and Bettie married Amos B. Duncan. Both of these gentlemen reside in Nashville. He is a man of high standing,
having tlie confidence of every one who knows him.
At the last State election he was chosen State Senator
from Logan county.


One of the brothers of Colonel William Pope, had
three sons, Benjamin, George and Worden. He also
had several daughters who died young. If they
were married or left any children it is unknown to
any of the survivors of that branch of the family.

Benjamin Pope turned his attention to agriculture.
George was early appointed Clerk of Bullitt countys
and Worden Clerk of Jefferson county, which office,
they held during life, and no two men were ever
more useful and popular than they were. After the
death of Worden, tlie duties of the office were divided
between the circuit and County Court;-, and as a tes-
timonial of the iuuHi appreciation of the services and
integrity of the father the County Court conferred
the offices on two of his sons, Curran and Pendle-
ton. The former was made Clerk of the County
Court, and the latter of the Circuit Court.

The old clerk, mairied Elizabethi Thruston, daughter
of John Thruston, who represented Kentucky in the

- Li2J

Virginia Legislature before it became a state. He
had twelve children, but at the time of his death
there were but four living— Patrick H., Edmund P.,"
Curran snd Hamilton.

Patirick married Miss Sarah Brown, daughter of
James Brown, a wealthy and influential farmer of
Jeflerson connty. He wa.s a young iawer of fine tal-
ents and great promise; was elected to Congress about
the year 1837. and died in the midst of prosperity,
leaving five children, Elizabeth, Urath, Ellen, Mary
Anna and Worden. Elizabeth married Dr. W. R.
Galt; Urath, J. Fry Lawience; Ellen, Dr. John
Thruston, and Mary Anna, George Nicholas, all of
Louisville. AVorden unfortunately enlisted under
General William Walker, the notorious fillibuster.
and was killed in Sicaragua. Many other .unsus-
pecting young men shared the same fate under the •
"gray-eyed man ot destiny," who finally paid the
penalty of his own folly in Honduras.

Edmund P. married Nancy Johnson, daughter of
Colonel James Johnson, of Kentucky, a survivor of
the battle of Tippacanoe, and member of Congress.
Edmund P., or Pendleton as he was generally called,
had seven children, Edward, Aima, Sally, Alfred,
"Worden, Elizabeth ami Hamllton. Pendleton died
in the meredian of life, leaving a wife and these
seven children to battle with the world. Edward
died of consumption unmarried. Aima married L',
P. Douglass, of (/urydon. Ind., and died of the -anie
disease. Elizabeth married a son of e.K-Guvernor
Kobinson, of Kentucky, and also died of c("!:sumi'-
tion. All these victims o/ that terriole disease in-
lierited it from their mother. Alt'red is living, atid
i.^ Vice Chancellor of the LouisvilleCiiancery Court,
and married the d.-^ughter of Curran Pope. Worden
graduated at West P()int, and is nov/ in the C'nited
States Army, and fi Might under General Milfs in .-ov-
eral of his Indian battles. H.ifailLojj. tureatene<!
with consummation, v.ent to Colorado, where is doing
well a. a farmer, an'l is a rising ma.T.

Curran Pope married Matilda P. Jacob, daughter

? - [ lo ]

of Jolm J. Jacob, a prominent citizen and generally
known as a wealthy wholesale merchant of Louisville.
He graduated at West Point, and on the breaking
out of the late civil war, he took the side of the gov-
ernment, raised a regiment, the Fifteenth Kentucky,
which fought bravely at Perryville, standing the
brunt of the battle. His Lieutenant Colonel George
W. Jouett, and Major Campbell, fell by his Ade; he
himself was wounded, and died at the house of Dr.
Edward P. Humphrey, at Danville. He had just
-recovered from an attack of typhoid fever, and was
advised to remain at Louisville until his health was
fully restored,- but in his great anxiety to do his duty
he disregarded the advice of his friends and headed
his regiment in the advance of the army under Br.el!
against tlie Confederate Generai Bragg. The excite-
ment of the battlefield, his feeble health, and severe
wound were too much for his physicial strength.
No braver and more patriotic soldier ever gave his
lifefor his country than Colonel Curran Pope. He
had three children, John Jacob, Patrick and Mary:
but at the time of his death Mary was the only one
living. She married Alfred T. Pope.

Hamilton Pope is now the only living child of
Worden Pope, the old popular and primeval clerk.
He is an eminent lawyer of the Louisville Bar, and
though not much of a politician, he has, neverthe-
less, represented Jefferson county in the Legislature.
He married a daughter of the late Major W. B- J^do-
ker, of Washington county. He has no children, but
qiuite a number- of namesakes, given to their sons by
relatives and friends, as a testimonial of their great
regard for him. For he is a noble man, a son of one
of the most popular and honorable men that ever
lived in Louisville. The name of Worden Pope was
a household word in Jefferson and adjoining comi-
ties. His name was a synonym of humility and be-
nevolence. He died in a good old age, laden with
the honor and esteem of all who knew him. His fu-
neral was the largest ever seen in Louisville, it was
an outpouring of all classes of people to do honor to
a great and good man.

[14] -

Wife of Colonel William Pope, had two brothers and
three sisters, George, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Nancy
aiul Mary. Benjamin came to Kentucky at an early
age, and located in the Green River country. He
was the father of l're,s;=ily Edwards, of Russellviile,
and of Ninian Edwards, either the first or second
Governor of Illinois, and for whom the town of Ed-,
wardsville in that State was named. One of hertlMi.!**
%«*; married Benjamin Helm, of Virginia, who also
came to Keutucky and seitled in the vicinity of
Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She was the grandmother
of the Hon. Benj. Helm Bristow late Secretary of the

With regard to George Edwards and the two sisters
of Penelope Edwards, nothing is known by the writer.
The probability is that they remained in Virginia
where they were born.

From a careful view of the foregoing genealogy it
will be perceived that the Pope family have in-
creased but very little since their settlement in Ken-
tncky. It is now just 100 years since Colonel Wil-
liara Pope arrived at the Falls of the Ohio, himself
and four sons composing the male members of the
family. The increase on the basis of these five pro-
genitors in one hundred years ought to have been at
least 100 males. But instead of that they only num-
ber nine. The male progeny of Benjamin Pope is
still less, only five. This is remarkable, and can only
be accounted for on the principle of Injudicious in-
termarriages with weakly or consumptive families,
neglecting marriage altogether or deferring it until
far advanced in life. It is wonderful how rapidly
the posterity of the old patriarch Jacob multiplied
under all the hardships of Egyptian slavery. \
family blessed with health and strong athletic physi-
cal constitutions never ought to become extinct or
degenorate. They ought to multiply and replenish
thc earth with their name and offspring. The Pope
family have been apparently iiuiitlerei^t to self-pre-


servation. Many of them have died of consumption;
some have fought in duels in the morning of life, and
others hav'e died bachelors. In one way or another
they have failed to transmit to the present time their
name, and the genius of a once great and influen-
tial family. In the lapse of a century, had they ini-
proved the gifts and the natural blessings, so bounti-
fully bestowed upon them, they might have filled the
country with great and useful men.



i-o fiS tUt4yf

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