Po21 William de la Pole

    William de la Pole was the eldest son of Owen ap Griffith de la Pole (Po22, alias Owain ap Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn and was therefore the great-grandson of Gwenwynwyn ab Owain the last ruling Tywysog of the Welsh princely realm of Powys Wenwynwyn.
    Born:  in exile in 1275 in Yorkshire
    Married: Elena Rotenheryng
    Died: about 1329.

    Sir William de la Pole  had several younger brothers including 
    Lewis de la Pole, 
    Owen de la Pole and 
    Griffin de la Pole, any of which could claim to be the de jure Prince of Powys Wenwynwyn. Sir William (the elder) died 

    William de la Pole
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    William de la Pole is the name of several prominent Englishmen in the 14th century, all from the same family.

    [edit] Sir William de la Pole (The Elder Po21)
    Sir William de la Pole (the elder) was a merchant in Kingston-upon-Hull and Ravenser Odd. 

    The ruling family of Powys-Wenwynwyn appeared to change their name after they were dispossessed by Llywelyn Fawr in 1212. For a period both the names "Ap Gwenwynwyn" and "de la Pole" (the latter simply means, 'Of Poole') are interchangeable. Why the family did this remains obscure, but Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn married Hawise le Strange (the daughter of John le Strange - a prominent Anglo-Norman) and Gruffydd's children and grandchildren may have wished to adopt some of these Anglo-Norman customs themselves. These were the twilight years of Welsh independence, and being Welsh was not particularly fashionable in English society - nor safe.

    Sir William's grandfather Gruffydd was involved in the Welsh Wars and was instrumental in killing Llywelyn ap Gruffydd in 1282. He died himself in 1289. Sir William's father Owen ap Griffith de la Pole who accompanied Gruffydd died shortly afterwards in 1292.


    Sir William and Elena Rotenheryng had issue: 
    (Po20) Sir William de la Pole
    (Po20-2) Sir Richard de la Pole