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Anjou : Counts of Anjou, Counts of Gatinais, Kings of Jerusalem, Counts of Vendome
was possibly the father of ..
An36 Tertulle, Count of Anjou a 821
m Petronilla of France b 825, dau of Hugues, Abbott in St. Quentin
An35 Ingelger, Count of Anjou b c845, d c888
m Adelais Rescinde d'Amboise b c844, niece of Adalhard, Bishop of Tours
An34 Fulk I 'the Red', Count of Anjou, Viscount of Tours b 888, d 941/2
m before 05.07.905 Roscilla de Loches b c874, dau of Warenrus/Garnier, Sn de Loche
An33 Fulk 'the Good', Count of Anjou b c920, d 11.11.958, 3rd son
m1. 937 Gerberga de Maine b c913, d by 952
An32-1 Geoffrey I 'Greymantle', Count of Anjou b c939, d 21.07.987
m1. c965 Adele de Donzy or Vermandois b c950, d 974, dau of Robert de Vermandois, Count of Meaux et Troyes
An31 Fulk III 'the Black', Count of Anjou b c956, d 21.06.1040
m1. c965 Elisabeth de Vendome b after 958, d 1000, dau of Bouchard, Count of Vendome below
An30-1 Adele, Countess of Vendome
m Bodon Eudes, Count of Nevers et Vendome d c1017 or 1023
An30-2 Adelaide of Anjou
m Giraud le Bon, Sire de Montreuil
m2. after 1000 Hildegard b c964, d 01.04.1046, of Metz ?
An30-3 Geoffrey II 'Martel', Count of Anjou b 1006, dsp 1067
m1. 1032, div 1049/52 Agnes of Bourgogne b c995, d 1068, dau of Otho Guillaume, Count of Burgundy
m2. before 15.08.1052, div Grace widow of Berlay de Montreuil
m3. before 22.05.1060 Adelheid 'le Teutonne' d after 1062
An30 Ermengarde 'Blanche' of Anjou b c1018, d 18.03.1076
m1. c1035 Geoffroy II Ferreol, Count de Gatinais, Count of Chateau-Landon b c1000, d 01.04.1046 see below
m2. c1048 Robert I, Duke of Burgundy b 1011, d 31.03.1076
An30-5 Blanche of Anjou d c1035
An30-2 Ermengard of Anjou b c952, d after 982
m 973 Conon I 'le Tort', Count de Rennes, Duke of Brittany d 992
An30-3 Gerberge of Anjou b c962/978
m William II, Count of Angouleme b c978, d 06.04.1028
An30-4 Adele of Anjou d c1029
m William IV, Count of Provence d 1037
m2. 03.979 Adelaide de Vermandois b 934, d by 982, dau of Giselbert, Duke of Burgundy
E Maurice d 1012
An32 Bouchard, Count of Vendome d 1007
m Elisabeth widow of Hamon, Count de Corbeil
An31-1 Renaud, Count of Vendome, Bishop of Paris d 1020
An31-2 Bouchard, Count of Vendome d 1012
An31 Elisabeth of Vendome b after 958, d 1000
m by 989 Fulk III 'the Black', Count of Anjou An31 b c956, d 21.06.1040above
An32-3 Adelaid of Anjou 'Blanche' b c942, d 1026
m1. Etienne, Count de Gevaudan d 979
m2. 982, div 984 Louis V 'le Faineant', King of the West Franks, Emperor b 967, d 987
m3. 984/6 William I, Count of Arles b c955, d by 998
m4. before 1016 Othin Guillaume, Count de Macon et de Nevers d 1026
An32-4 Arsinde of Anjou
m c975 Guillaume III 'Taillefer', Count of Toulouse d 1037
An32-5+ other issue - Guy d by 995, Bishop of Le Puy, Drogon d by 998, Bishop of Le Puy, Humbert a 957
m2. after 952 ?? widow of Alain, Duke of Brittany
An33-2+ other issue - Ingelger d c927, Guy d c970, Bishop of Soissons
An34-2 Adele b after 909
m Gautier I de Vexin de Valois b c925, d 987
GenEU suggests that the father of Geoffroy who married Ermengarde of Anjou was called Bouchard but most other sources we've seen identify him as ...
Pl31 Geoffroy I, Count of Gastinois d c1000
m Beatrix of Macon dau of Alberic, Count of Macon
Pl30 Geoffroy II Ferreol, Count of Gastinois , Count of Chateau-Landon b c1000, d 01.04.1046
m c1035 Ermengarde of Anjou 'Blanche' of Anjou An30 b c1018, d 18.03.1076, dau of Fulk III 'the Black', Count of Anjou see above
Pl29-1 Geoffroy III 'le Harbu', Count of Anjou b c1040, d 1096/7
m before 1060 Julienne de Langeais d after 07.08.1067
Pl29 Fulk IV 'le Rechin', Count of Anjou b 1043, d 14.04.1109
m1. Hildegard de Baugency d by 1070
Pl28-1 Ermengarde of Anjou b c1068, d 1146
m1. 1089, div 1090 William IX, Duke of Aquitaine d 1126/7
m2. c1093 Alain IV Fergent, Duke of Brittany d 1119
m2. 1070, div Ermengarde de Bourbon
Pl28-2 Geoffroy IV Martel b c1073, d 1106
m3. 1076, div 1080 Ermengarde de Chatel-Aillon
m4. div ? de Brienne dau of Gauthier I, Count de Brienne
m5. 1089, div c1092 Bertrade de Montfort b c1059, d 14.02.1117, dau of Simon I de Montfort
Pl28 Fulk V 'the Younger', Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem b 1092, d 1143/4
m1. 11.07.1110 Eremburge, Countess de Maine b c1096, d 1126, dau of Helie de la Fleche, Count of Maine
Pl27 Geoffrey V "Plantagenet", Count of Anjou, Duke of Normany b 23.08.1113, d 07.09.1151
m Matilda or Maud, 'The Empress', Queen of England b 1102, d 10.09.1167/69, dau of Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England
Pl27-2 Helie, Count of Maine d 1151
m Philippe du Perche
1 Beatrix de Maine
m Jean I de Ponthieu, Count of Alancon d 1191
Pl27-3 Mahaut of Anjou, Abbess of Fontevrault d 1154
m 1119 William, Duke of Normandy b 1102, d 1120
Pl27-4 Sibylle of Anjou b 1112, d 1165
m1. 1123, div 1124 William Clito of Normandy, Count of Flanders b 1101, d 1128
m2. 1134 Thierry I of Lorraine, Count of Flanders b c1100, d 17.01.1168
m2. 02.06.1129 Melisende de Rethel, Queen of Jerusalem b c1101, d 11.09.1161, dau of Baldwin du Bourcq, King of Jerusalem
Pl27-5 Baldwin III, King of Jerusalem b 1131, d 1163
m 1158 Theodora Kalusine Komnene
Pl27-6 Amaury I, King of Jerusalem b 1136, d 11.07.1174
m1. c1158, div 1162 Agnes de Courtenay d after 1181
1 Baldwin IV 'le Lepreux', King of Jerusalem b 1161, d 1185
2 Sibylle, Queen of Jerusalem b 1150/c1160, d 1190
m1. 1176 Guillaume de Montferrat, Count of Jaffa and Askalon b c1150, d 1177
m2. 04.1180 Guy of Lusignan, Count of Jaffa, King of Jerusalem, King of Cyprus b c1160, d 18.07.1194
m2. 29.08.1167 Maria Komnenos b 1154, d by 1217
3 Isabella, Queen of Jerusalem b 1172, d by 05.1206
m1. 1183, div 1190 Onfroi IV de Thoron
m2. 1190 Conrad I de Montferrat d 1192
m3. 1192 Henry II, Count de Champagne et de Brie, 'King of Jerusalem' b 29.07.1166, d 10.09.1197
m4. 1198 Amaury II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem d 01.04.1205
Pl29-3 Hidlegarde de Chateau-Laudun b c1032, d after 1060
m c1060 Josceline I de Courtenay b c1034, d after 1065
Pl30-2 Letaud a 1026 ancestor of Viscounts of Fessard

Sources: GenEU Anjou1, 2, RoyalData.
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