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    Pa24 Frethesant Paynell

    daughter of William Paynel of Irnham and Hooton Paynel Pa25
    Married: 1st Sir Geoffrey de Lutterell Lu24 before 26 Feb 1203/4
    2nd Henry de Newmarch - 1239
    3rd Roger de Thrybergh
    and had issue: Lu23 Sir Andrew de Lutterell

    Paynell Pedigree

    : Paynel of Drax, Paynel of Dudley, Paynel of Hambye, Paynel of Hooton Paynell, Paynel of Moutiers-Hubert, Paynel of West Rasen
    Pa28 William Paynel or Paganel of Les Moutiers-Hubert and Hambye d c1081
    Pa27 Pa26-1 Ralph Paynel of Les Moutiers-Hubert and Hambye, Sheriff of Yorkshire d before 1124 or 1128-9, 2nd son
    'Early Yorkshire Chapters' suggests that Ralph's 1st wife may have a daughter or sister of Ibert de Lasey but TCP suggests that she was ...
    m1. Emma of Dolton dau of Baldwin FitzGilbert, Sn de Meules and Sap, lord of Okehampton
    Pa26-1-1 William Paynel of Les Moutiers-Hubert, Hambye and Drax d before 1148
    m1. ?? d'Avranches dau of William d'Avranches
    Pa26-1-1-1 Hugh Paynel of Les Moutiers-Hubert d 1180
    m Nichole
    a. Pierre Paynel of Les Moutiers-Hubert and West Rasen d 1184
    1 Hugh Paynel of Drax and West Rasen b c1181, d 1244
    m1. ??
    A William Paynel dvp
    m Joan
    i William Paynel of Drax and West Rasen dsp 1269
    m2. Lettice bur 20.02.1221/2, widow of William de Keynes
    B John Paynel of Drax and West Rasen d by 28.12.1275
    m Katherine de Periton d by 04.11.1296, dau of Adam de Periton of Rampsham and Faxton
    i John Paynel of Drax and West Rasen b 15.07.1263, dsp 10.07.1287
    m Amabel d 1349
    ii Philip Paynel of Drax and West Rasen b 10.08.1269, d 10.05.1299
    m Elizabeth d 16.11.1344
    a John Paynel of Drax and West Rasen b 1296, d 1325
    m Juliana d 1333
    1 Elizabeth Paynel b 1318, d 1373
    m1. Richard de Gascrik
    m2. John de Barton
    m3. Thomas de Fulnetby
    2 Margery Paynel b 1320, d 1349
    m John Poucher d 1349
    A John Poucher of West Rasen and Drax b 1334 had issue
    iii Hugh Paynel rector of Chilton
    2 William Paynel of West Rasen a 1205
    Pa26-1-1-2 Fulk Paynel of Hambye, Brehal and Drax
    m Lescline of Grippon dau of Hasculf de Subligny
    a. Fulk Paynel of Hambye d before 1230
    m1. Cecily dau of Jordan Tessan
    m2. Agatha du Hommet dau of William de Hommet, widow of William de Fougeres
    1 Fulk Paynel of Hambye d before 1256
    A William Paynel of Hambye a 1272 had issue
    2 William Paynel d before 1254
    m Patrnel de Tesson dau of Ralph de Tesson
    A Ralph de Tesson
    3 Lucy Paynel
    m Andrew de Vitre
    4+ other issue - John of Marcey, John a 1248, archdeacon of Coutances
    b. Hasculf Paynel prebendary of York
    Possibly son of Fulk was ...
    c. Thomas Paynel a 1207
    TCP makes it clear that the following connection is not secure but suggests that Thomas was possibly father of ...
    1 William Paynel a 1253
    m Maud Husee dau of Henry Husee, son of Henry
    A Sir Thomas Paynel dsp c03.1314
    B Sir William Paynel of Trotton, Lord b c1254, dsp 01.04.1317
    m1. c1298 Margaret de Gatesden d before 04.01.1310/1, dau of John de Gatesden
    m2. before 06.11.1314 Eve Dawtry d 16.08.1354, dau of John Dawtry
    C John Paynel, Lord d 28.03.1319
    m after 14.12.1286 Iseult de Boughton b 1263/4, d 08.01.1323/4, dau of Stephen de Boughton of Boughton Aluph
    i Maud Paynel
    m Nicholas de Upton or Optone
    Pa26-1-1-3.+ other issue - Thomas a 1158,Pa26-1-1-4 John a 1158,Pa26-1-1-5 Gertrude a 1205
    m2. Avice Meschin dau of William de Meschines of Copeland
    Pa26-1-1-6 Alice Paynel
    m1. Richard de Curcy
    m2. by 1153 Robert de Gant d c1193
    m2. Maud probably dau of Richard de Surdeval
    Pa26-2 Pa26-2 Jordan Paynel of Hooton Paynel dsp after 1147
    m Gertrude Fossard
    Pa26 Alexander Paynel of Hooton Paynel youngest son
    m Agnes Fossard dau of Robert Fossard son of Nigel
    Pa25 William Paynel of Irnham and Hooton Paynel
    Pa24-1 Pa24-1 Alexander Paynel dvpsp
    Pa24 Frethesant Paynel
    m1. before 26.02.1203/4 Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Gamston and Bridgeford d 1216/7
    m2 1217, sp? Henry de Newmarch d 1239
    m3. Roger de Thrybergh
    Pa24-3 Pa24-1 Isabel Paynel
    m William Bastard
    Pa25-2 Pa25-2 Hugh Paynel
    Pa25-3 Pa25-3 Jordan Paynel
    m Agnes de Houghton dau of Swain de Houghton, son of Edwin
    a. Pa25-3-1 Adam Paynel
    Pa25-4 Pa25-4 daughter
    m Robert de Busci
    Pa26-4 Hugh Paynel
    Pa26-5 daughter
    i. William de Mundeville
    Some web sites suggest that Sheriff Ralph had another son called Ralph whose son Reginald was 'de Worthe' and was progenitor of the Worth family. As far as we could see, 'Early Yorkshire Chapters' makes no mention of this at all.
    Pa27-2 Fulk Paynel or Paganel 4th son
    m Beatrix dau of William FitzAnsculph of Dudley
    A. Ralph Paynel or Paganel of Dudley and Greenham d by 1153
    Some web sites name Ralph's wife as a Ferrers, some naming her as Felice and some showing her as a daughter of Robert Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby. 'Early Yorkshire Chapters' reports that, whilst it is possible that she was a Ferrers, it is also possible that her family was merely a tenant of a Ferrers and that there is no evidence to support a direct connection to an Earl of Derby.
    i. Gervase Paynel of Dudley d before 25.12.1194
    m after 08.1153 Isabelle de Beaumont d after 1188, dau of Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester
    a. Robert Paynel dvp
    ii. Hawise Paynel d 1209
    m1 John de Somery
    m2 Roger de Berkeley d before 05.1221
    Pa27-3. Hugh a 1090
    Pa27-4. Adam a 1103, 1129