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Ogle 2: Ogle of Cawsey Park, Ogle of Kirkley, Ogle of Ogle
Og Robert Ogle b c 1406 Ogle Castle, Whalton, Northumberland d 1 Nov 1469 in Whalton, Northumberland, England
m Isabel Kirkby Also Known As: "Elizabeth" b c 1401 Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire d 5 Jan 1478 in Chipcase, Collerton, Northumberland
+1 Sir Alexander Kirkby
m Isabel Tunstall b c 1388 Thurland Castle d Irkby Ireleth Lancashire
+2 Sir Thomas Tunstall
m Isabella
Og18-1 Sir Robert Ogle, Kt.
Og18 Owen Ogle, 2nd Baron Ogle b c 1440 Ogle Castle, Whalton, Northumberland, d 1 Sep 1486 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
m Eleanor Hilton b 1450 Hilton, County Durham d 1 Juli, 1513 in Bothal Redesdale, Northumberland
+1 William Hilton, Baron
m Mary Stapleton b 1417 Eden Hall Cumberland d 31 Dec 1478 Great Musgrave Westmoreland she m2 Richad Musgrave
+2 Sir William Stapleton b c 1385 Edenhall Cumberland d 26 Aug 1458
Og Og17 Ralph Ogle, 3rd Lord b 07.11.1468, d 16.01.1512/3 continued below
m Margaret Gascoigne a 07.1515, dau of
+1 Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
Og18-3 Isabel Ogle m y Widdrington
Og18-4 Thomas Ogle
- - - - - -
Og17 Ralph Ogle, 3rd Lord b 07.11.1468, d 16.01.1512/3 continued from above
m Margaret Gascoigne a 07.1515, dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
Og16-1. Robert Ogle, 4th Lord b c 1490, d before 26.01.1531/2
m before 28.12.1515 Anne Lumley dau of Thomas Lumley
Og16-1-1 Robert Ogle, 5th Lord d after Penielheugh / Ancrum Moor 06.03.1544/5
m1 c1526/7 Dorothy Widdrington dau of Sir Henry Widdrington of Widdrington
i. Robert Ogle, 6th Lord b 30.05.1529, dsp 01.08.1562
m Joan Mauleverer d 15.01.1594/5, dau of Sir Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton Mauleverer
ii. Margery Ogle
m Gregory Ogle
m2 after 08.07.1537 Jane Ratcliffe dau of Sir Cuthbert Ratcliffe of Dilston
iii. Cuthbert Ogle, 7th Lord b c1540, d 20.11.1597
m c1565 Catherine Carnaby d 10.01.1622/3, dau of Sir Reynold or Reginald Carnaby of Halton
a. Jane Ogle, Baroness Ogle d 12.1625
m 11.12.1583 Edward Talbot, 8th Earl of Shrewsbury bpt 25.02.1561, dsps 08.02.1617
b. Catherine Ogle, Baroness Ogle b c1570, d 18.04.1629
m 11.07.1591 Sir Charles Cavendish of Stoke and Welbeck Abbey b c1553, d 04.04.1617
The barony of Ogle passed into the Cavendish family.
iv. Thomas Ogle dsps
m Isabella Grey dau of Sir Thomas Grey of Horton
v. Jane Ogle
vi. Margaret Ogle
m Robert Widdrington d before 20.01.1599
Og16-1-2+ 2 sons
Og16-2 Sir William Ogle 'of Cawsey Park'
m Margaret Delaval dau of John Delaval
Og16-2-1 James Ogle of Cawsey Park
Og16-2-2 John Ogle of Bedayde
Og16-2-3 Eleanor Ogle probably of this generation
m Christopher Selby of Biddleston
Og16-3 John Ogle
m Sibyll Heron dau of Sir John Heron
The connection from John & Sibyll to Ralph of Kirkley who married Martha Thompson comes from except for the insertion of Mark who is mentioned by BLG1886 Ogle of Kirkley Hall as having bought Kirkley in the beginning of the 17th century but does not appear in that site's genealogy. [The Mark who bought Kirkley is the only ancestor mentioned by BLG1886 as connecting the above John and Ralph.] This omission gives rise to concern that one or both of these sources is wrong so the following descent should be viewed as not fully proven. Example. The web site shows the Nathaniel who we show as having died in 1736, per BLG1886, as having died in 1708. After Ralph of Kirkley, the information is taken from BLG1886 and, for the baronets' families, BP1934.
Og16-3-1 Henry Ogle d 1580/1
i. Cuthbert Ogle d 1655
m Dorothy Fenwick dau of Roger Fenwick presumed parents of ...
a. Mark Ogle, 1st of Kirkley presumed father of ...
1 John Ogle b 1617
A Ralph Ogle of Kirkley
m Martha Thompson dau of J. Thompson
i Nathaniel Ogle of Kirkley d 1736
m 27.04.1708 Elizabeth Newton d 1751, dau of Jonathan Newton of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
a Nathaniel Ogle of Kirkley b 1715, d unm 1762
b Ralph Ogle d young
c Newton Ogle of Kirkley, Dean of Winchester, Prebendary of Durham b 1726, d 1804
m Susanna Thomas dau of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester
1 Nathaniel Ogle of Kirkley b 07.10.1765, d unm 05.1813
2 John Savile Ogle of Kirkley Hall b 24.08.1767, d 01.04.1838, Canon of Durham had issue
m 14.10.1794 Catherine Hannah Sneyd dau of Edward Sneyd of Dublin
3 Henry Bertram Ogle
m 1802 Anna Maria Raphael dau of Edward Raphael of Madras
4 Elizabeth Catherine Ogle d 24.06.1801
m 06.1792 Henry Streatfield of Chiddingstone
5 Anne Ogle
m Harry Scott d 07.1832
6 Esther Jane Ogle d 27.10.1817
m 27.04.1795 Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan
7+ other issue - Richard Newton d 1794, captain, Susanna d unm 1823, Isabella d unm
d Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Bart b 1726, d 27.08.1816, Admiral
m Hester Thomas dau of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester
1+ 2 sons dvp unm - George Chaloner, Edward Henry
3 Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Bart of Worthy b 24.05.1775, d 16.06.1858, Admiral had issue
m1 22.04.1802 Charlotte Margaret Gage d 09.1814, dau of Hon. Thomas Gage, CIC
m2 04.09.1820 Letitia Burroughs d 13.11.1832, dau of Sir William Burroughs, Bart
m3. 10.04.1834 Mary Anne Cary dsp 04.02.1842, dau of George Cary of Tor Abbey
4 James Ogle b 1778, d 19.05.1833, vicar of Crondall had issue
m 21.12.1807 Elizabeth Poulter d 27.10.1855, dau of Edmund Poulter, prebendary of Winchester
5 Arabella Ogle d 29.10.1855
m1 20.12.1785 Hon. Edward Bouverie b 20.09.1760, d 30.12.1824
m2 07.10.1828 Hon. Robert Talbot dsp 17.03.1843
6 Barbarina Ogle d 17.05.1854
m1 Valentine Henry Wilmot of Farnborough
m2 04.12.1819 Thomas Brand, 20th Lord Dacre dsp 21.03.1851
7 Jane Hester Ogle dsp 1796
m Richard Streatfeild of The Rocks
8 Sophia Jemima Ogle d 1824
m 28.08.1790 Sir Charles Asgill, 2nd Bart dsp 1823, General
9+ other issue - Thomas d 1801, Isabella d unm, Susannah d unm
e Isabella Ogle d 09.12.1761
m1 1737 Sir Chaloner Ogle dsp 1751, Admiral, cousin
m2 07.1751 James King, 4th Lord Kingston b 1693, d 26.12.1761
f Elizabeth Ogle b 1714
m George Grey of Southwick b 1713, d 1746
g Martha Ogle
m Sigismund, Baron de Starck
Og16-4. Anne Ogle
m1 Humphrey Lisle son of Sir William
m2 Sir John Delaval
Og16 Dorothy Ogle
m1 Sir Thomas Forster d 1526
m2 Sir Thomas Grey of Horton d 1570
Og16-6. Margery Ogle
m by 20 Aug 1424 in Kirkley Northumberland George Harbottle
-1 Bertram Harbottle m Joan Lumley -1-1 Ralph HARBOTTLE m Margaret Percy -1-1-1 Guiscard HARBOTTLE b 6 Jan 1485 d 9 Sep 1513 Battle of Flodden Branxton Northumberland m Jane Willoughby dau of Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton and Margaret Markham
-1-1-2 Alison HARBOTTLE
-1-1-3 Eleanor HARBOTTLE
-1-1-4 Isabel HARBOTTLE
-1-1-5 Anne HARBOTTLE
-1-1-1-1. Eleanor HARBOTTLE b. 1504, Beamish, England - d. 18 May 1566 m1 Sir Thomas Percy m2 Richard Holland
-1-1-1-2 George HARBOTTLE b c 1504 - d 20 Jan 1527/8 m Margaret Ogle dau of Ralph 3rd Baron Ogle and Margaret Gascoigne
-1-1-1-3 Mary HARBOTTLE m1 Edward Fitton m2 Richard Holland

1 TCP Ogle, BE1883 Ogle
2 BLG1886 Ogle of Kirkley Hall, BP1934 Ogle
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