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Ogle 1: Ogle of Ogle
Humphrey de Ogle a 1166
1. Gilbert de Ogle a 1166 presumed father of ...
A. Gilbert de Ogle d by 1220
m Agnes
Gilbert was succeeded by ...
i. Sir Thomas de Ogle a 1220, d by 1272
a. Sir John de Ogle d before 03.07.1323
m Annabella reported by BE1883 to be dau of Sir Walter Selby
1 Robert de Ogle a 1324
BE1883 identifies his wife as Margaret Gubium, daughter and heir of Sir Hugh Gubium. TCP reports the suggestion that she was Margaret, daughter of Sir Hugh Gubiun, Sheriff of Northumberland, but reported that none of Sir Hugh's daughters were named Margaret and suggests that the Shilvington estate came to the Ogle family by purchase rather than by marriage.
A Sir Robert de Ogle d 16.06.1362
BE1883 reports only Robert's marriage to Joan Hepphale but TCP reports that his first wife, and mother of Robert, was ...
m1 Isabel de Fernielaw sister of John de Fernielaw
i Robert de Ogle dvp Berwick 11.1355
m Ellen Bertram dau of Sir Robert Bertram of Bothal Castle
a Sir Robert Ogle bpt 08.12.1353, d 31.10.1409/10
m before 06.09.1372 Joan de Heton d 12.10.1416, dau of Sir Alan de Heton of Chillingham
1 Sir Robert Ogle d 12/3.08.1436
m by 21.05.1399 Maud Grey a 08.1451, dau of Sir Thomas Grey of Werke
A Sir Robert Ogle, Sheriff of Northumberland, 1st Lord b c1406, d 01.11.1469
m before 1423/4 Isabel Kirkby d before 02.1477/8, dau/heir of Alexander Kirkby, son/heir of Sir Richard of Kirkby Ireleth by Isabel, dau of Sir Thomas Tunstall
i Sir Robert Ogle dvpsp before 20.10.1465
m Joan Eure d 13.10.1507, dau of Sir William Eure of Witton
ii Thomas Ogle dvpsp ?
iii Owen Ogle, 2nd Lord b c1440, d 01.09.1486
m by 26.05.1467 Eleanor Hilton a 07.1513, dau of Sir William Hilton of Hilton Castle by Mary Stapelton, m2/3. Sir George Percy, m3/2. Henry Raynfforth
a Ralph Ogle, 3rd Lord b 07.11.1468, d 16.01.1512/3
m Margaret Gascoigne a 07.1515, dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
b daughter probably of this generation
m James Carre of Thornton a 1515
iv Isabel Ogle
m1 Sir John Heron of Chipchase
m2 John Widrington
B Margaret Ogle
m Sir Robert Harbottle
C Anne Ogle
m Sir William Heron of Ford
d Constance Ogle
m John Mitford d 06.05.1457
E Joane Ogle
BE1883 reports that she married "_ Maners". Given that in BP1934 Rutland his wife is reported as Joane Ogle, daughter of Sir Robert Ogle, it is assumed that Joane's husband was ...
m Sir Robert Manners of Etal a 1450
F+ other issue - Sir John, Sir William, 4 daughters
2 John Ogle, later Bertram of Bothal
3 Alexander Ogle of Hepple d before 10.1416
4 Margery or Margaret Ogle
m Robert de Raymes
5 Elizabeth Ogle
m2 by 10.05.1231 Joan Heppale d 19.03.1364/5, dau of Sir Robert Heppale
ii Joan Ogle d c1364 apparently of this marriage
m Sir William de Swinburne of Capheaton d before 15.03.1363
2+ other issue - John, Isabel

Sources: TCP Ogle, BE1883 Ogle
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