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Norse/Norman Pedigree The early generations of this pedigree were assemble long ago when word-of-mouth legend was put to scripture and may be more mythical than correct and subject to revision pending new archeological and DNA findings.
These names were initially passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. If the dates are to be believed, there appear to be a few gaps.
No50 Jokull Fortasson (b c240)
No49 Snaer (Svaer) Jokulsson, King of Kvenland (b c275)
No48 Thorri Snaersson, King of Kvenland (b c320)
No47 Gorr Thorasson (b c365)
No46 Heytir Gorrsson (b c425)
father (more likely great-great-grandfather ?) of ...
No42 Svidri Heytsson (b 600) - continued below
No42 Svidri Heytsson (b c600) - continued above
No41 Sveidi 'the Sea King' Sviadrasson (b c650) father (more likely grandfather ?) of ...
No39 Halfden 'the Aged' (b c700, d 800) father (more likely grandfather ?) of ...
No37 Ivar, Jarl of the Uplands (b after 770)
m. daughter of Eystein 'Glumra' Hognasson
No36 Einstein or Eystein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More
m. (c846) Ascriba (dau of Rognvald Olafsson of Westfold/Agder)
No35 Ragnvald I 'the Wise', Jarl of More (b c830 , d c890/4)
m. Ragnhild (b c848, dau of Rolf Nefia)
No34-1 Ivar (d c972)
No34 Rollo (Hrolf) 'the Ganger' Ragnvaldsson, Duke of Normandy (b c860 in Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway, d c932 in Notre Dame, Rouen, Normandy, France)
m1. Papia (Poppa) of Senlis b about 0872, lived in Evreux, Nuestria (daughter of Pepin II Quentin, Count de Vermandois, Senlis et Peronne)
m2. (912) Giselle of France (daughter of Charles III 'the Simple', Emperor)
No34-3 Thori 'the Silent', Jarl of More
m. (c994) Alof Arbat 'Seasons Bettering' (dau of Harald I 'Fairhaired', King of Norway)
(i) Bergliot
m. Sigurd Hakonsson, Jarl of Ladir
p. Groa
No34-4 Hallad, Jarl of Orkney
No34-5 Turf-Einar, Jarl of Orkney
(i) Arnkel, Jarl of Orkney
(ii) Erland, Jarl of Orkney
(iii) Thorfin 'Skull-splitter', Jarl of Orkney (b c890, d after 977)
m. (914) Grelod (b c898, dau of Duncan, Mormaer of Caithness)
(a) Arnfinn, Earl of Orkney (dsp)
m. (954) Ragnhild of Norway (dau of Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway)
(b) Havard 'Season-prosperous', Earl of Orkney (dsp)
m. Ragnhild of Norway (dau of Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway)
(c) Hlodvir, Earl of Orkney (d c988)
m. Audna (dau of Kiarval, King in Ireland)
((1)) Sigurd 'the Stout', Earl of Orkney (d 23.04.1014)
m. (1005) daughter of Malcolm II, King of Scotland
((2)) Svanlaug
m. (990) Gilli, Earl of the Hebrides
((3)) daughter (d 988)
m. Havard, Steward of Caithness
(d) Ljot, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (dsp)
m. Ragnhild of Norway (dau of Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway)
(e) Skuli, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (dsp)
(f) daughter
m. ??
((1)) Einar Klining ('Butter bread')
(g) daughter
m. ??
((1)) Einar Hardchaft ('Hard jaw')
No34 Hrollaug of Iceland (b c854)
Author's more than seven fold ancestor: No33 Rollo Thurstan Brico b c 885
m Gerlotte de Blois dau of Theobald de Tours
No32 =Bi34 =33 =32 =31
Ansfred I 'the Dane', Count of Hiermer (b c937, d after 973
m c 962 Helloe de Beulac dau of Godfrey de Beulac
Bi33 =32 =31 =30
Av32 =31
Ansfred II le Goz b c 963
Bi32 =31 =30 =29
Av31 =30
Toustien or Thurstan le Goz b c 989
m. Judith de Montalier
Av30 =29 Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches b 1025, d 1066
m Emma de Conteville dau of Herluin, Viscount de Conteville
Bi31 =30 =29 =28 Robert le Bigot (b c1015, d 1071)
Bi31-3 Humphrey
Bi32-2 Beatrix le Goz b c 990
m Fulk Courcy d'Aunou b c 985 Aunou Orne Normandy d 1007 in Y, Somme, Picardie
-1 Elisie de Tillieres b 1028 m William Malet Graville
-2 Pagan Aunou d'Aunou
No32 Rollo Rollosson b c 945
Pe32=No31 Mainfred de Percy (b c980)
Pe31 Geoffrey de Percy (b c1005)
m. Margaret
Pe30-1 Serlo de Percy, abbot of Whitby (b c1033)
Pe30 William de Percy (b c1034, d c1096)
m. Emma de Port (dau of Hugh de Port of Basing)
Pe30-3 Picot de Percy (b c1050, d after 1125)
No33-2 Hallbera Hrollaugsdottir literally named Rollo's daughter
m. Asbiorn Hrafunkelsson
No35-2 Sigurd I Riki ('the Mighty / Powerful'), Jarl of Orkney (b c832, d 874/892)
(A) Guthorm, Jarl of Orkney
No35 Haldrich / Malahule of More (b c845, d c890)
No34-1 Richard of Saint Sauveur (d c933)
No34-2 Ranulph, Count of Bayeux (b c895)
(i) Balso d'Espaine (Espagne ?), Count of Bayeux (b c930)
m. Poppa of Sulzbach (b c930, dau of Berengar of Sulzbach)
(ii) Walter d'Espaine (Espagne ?)
(iii) Anschitel de Toesni, Lord of Isle de la March (b c926) (see note below)
Although Anschitel above is sometimes identified as a possible ancestor of the de Toeni family, a more widely reported alternative is ....
No34=To33 Hugo de Cavalcamp (b c890)
No35-4 Swanhilda (b c850)
m. Harald I 'Fairhaired', King of Norway (b c850/8, d 933-4)

Sources: 'RoyalData', 'Mathematical'.
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