Ni7-2 John Nicholas

    John Nicholas was the son of Dr. George Nicholas Ni8  and Elizabeth Carter Ct8, (daughter of Robert "King" Carter Ct9)
    Born: about 1727 in Virginia
    Married:  Elizabeth/Martha Fry, daughter of Colonel Joshua Fry of Williamsburg, b 1699 in Crewkerne, Somerset, Engl. d 31 May 1754 Cumberland, Allegany Md.. and granddaughter of Joseph Fry b 1673 in Crewkerne Somerset
    Died: 6 Dec 1814 in , Va

    He was clerk of Albemarle 1749-1815, Burgess 1756 -58, and of the Conventions of 1774-75, of Buckingham Co.
    John Nicholas of Seven Islands was the great-grandtfather of Mrs. Willie Harrison Nicholas, who married Philip Barbour Ambler. Her letters.

     This John Nicholas is possibly the progenitor of the Nicholas family of Wayne Co. Ky.
    He was know to and mentioned in the memoirs of Col Joshua Fry.
    Dr. Geo. Gilmer in a letter to Col. W T m. Cabell, Sr. ; as I (learn from Mr. Alex. Brown), dated June 5, 1790, says : " Col. Jno. Nicholas carried me in his chariot to 7 Islands, to see his father confined with a severe fit of the gout."
    John Nicholas and Elizabeth Fry had children:

    Ni7-2-1 Colonel John C Nicholas b about 1750 member of the Buckinghem Co., Va., Committee of Safety, 1775; Burgess 1774; member of the Convention 1775, married Louise Carter
    Ni7-2-2 Elizabeth Nicholas
    Ni7-2-3 George Nicholas, married Nannie Scott and had issue.
    Ni7-2-4 Robert Carter Nicholas married Martha, widow of Daniel Scott
    Ni7-2-5 Margaret Nicholas, married ? Rose, had issue: Robert Rose Ni7-2-5-1 viz. (Ni6-4), John Rose Ni7-2-5-2 and others.
    (Ni7-2-6) Martha Nicholas, married Edward Scott of Mannintown, had issue: 
    Ni7-2-6-1 John Scott (Ni7-2-6-2) Martha Scott married Dr. Royster.
    ?Ni7-2-?7 possibly here Ann Nicholas married Sp8-3-1-2-1 Allen Beall born 1728 and died before 1776 shows a daughter, 
    ?Ni7-2-8 Leannah Nichols b 1750 Pr. William Co. Va. d 1770

    m Warrenton King Spiller b 1737 Prince William Co. Va d 1770 Robertson Tn and had Nancy Spiller b 1769 Robertson Tn d 1835 Williamson Ill m Abraham Tippy and had;
    John Tippy b 17 Dec. 1992 Davidson Tn d 1850 Williamson Ill m Louis Lois Lee and had
    Edwrad H Tippey b 2 Oct 1818 in Ill d Apr 1870
    Ni7-7 Joshua Fry Nicholas moved to Kentucky, and one of his daughters m a Brown, another m a Morton, and a third m Winn, and Mrs. Lizzie Simpson Winn in or near Winchester, Ky., is the only representative of their family known to the writer.

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    John Nicholas     Compact Disc #98     Pin #344030
     Sex: M
     Birth:  1725  Place:   , , Virginia, United States
     Death:  1790  Place:
    Father:  George Nicholas Dr.     Disc #98     Pin #344026
    Mother:  Elizabeth Carter     Disc #98     Pin #344027
     Spouse:  Martha Fry     Disc #98     Pin #344032
     Marriage:  1758  Place:  , , Virginia, United States
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